Shaun Diamond Memorial

November 7, 2014

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Shaun Diamond, the 45-year-old Swat officer who was somehow shot in the back of his head by a Mongol named David Martinez was memorialized yesterday in a ceremony grander than those that used to be reserved for dead presidents. Not even dead presidents get escorted to their graves by a convoy of Bearcat armored vehicles. What symbolism are the American people supposed to draw from that?

Yesterday, all the dents of Shaun Diamond’s life and his death were rubbed out and painted over and polished until they gleamed in an 11,000 seat auditorium in Ontario, California called Citizens’ Bank Arena.

California Attorney General Kamala Harris, who has been lauded by President Obama as “by far the best-looking attorney general” called Diamond’s death “a very tragic time for our state.” She called him “a mentor both within the department and the greater Pomona community.” She told his parents “the state of California is forever grateful for his service.”

Harris, who is the chief law enforcement officer in what is by far – with more than 38 million residents – America’s most populated state, betrayed her true feelings about the place of militarized police in a democracy by insisting, “We must all never forget that our law enforcement officers go to work at all hours of the day and night prepared each day to give their lives. They put service above self and they do so without any expectation of award or reward.” She said “Diamond’s service and sacrifices will live on in the noble work that is performed each and everyday.”

Pomona Police Chief Paul Capraro told Diamond’s children, “Your father was an incredibly strong man,” and might have been accused of bragging when he announced that “law enforcement is a noble profession” and “no one exemplified that more than Shaun.”


So much police “nobility” and “sacrifice.” So little “right to be let alone.” Not a hint that “a man’s home is his castle.”

It would be cynical to observe that the transformation of Diamond’s death from a very personal tragedy into a very public one is a form of propaganda. Only a couple of decades ago, journalists were expected to be cynical but nobody in Los Angeles now seems willing to take a cynical look at the circumstances of Diamond’s death. As American police and the American military become inexorably woven into one cloth it has become close to treason to question what militarized police, like Diamond, were really up to when they broke in Martinez door at four o’clock in the morning. Or why they threw explosives in his front door. Or if Diamond might still be alive if the warrant hadn’t been served by Swat.

Or how it was that Diamond got shot in the back of the head by a man standing in front of him. The latest version of that is that Diamond was bending over with his head between his legs trying to pry open Martinez’ door when he was shot.

For the time being this remains a story about “outlaw motorcycle gangs.” This is not yet a story about Swat.


20 Responses to “Shaun Diamond Memorial”

  1. The Great One Says:

    Wonder how it would look if a very large contingent of the Mongol Nation were to ride into Pomona in protest of this travesty?

  2. RtC Says:

    What DAZED said, plus AND MANY MORE!

  3. WARTHOG Says:

    “The latest version of that is that Diamond was bending over with his head between his legs trying to”…kiss his ass goodbye!




  4. charlie Says:

    Interesting article in Mother Jones about the SWAT.s rush too acquire and use surplus military firepower. Always love your reads Reb. As to the sons of Malarkey… Why da ya reckon the sunburned fella from AZ would spend all those years talking us up as “clubs” and then throw us under the bus with fictional gangbanging ? I mean, whats the little blonde tykes headcount over 7 years,as “Lenny, the Pimp’s” cast an eye across it all, and cashes the cheque?

  5. BMW Says:

    Shawn Diamond’s kids bear the brunt of his murder, and somebody owes them. But the victim will eventually pay the price, not the perpetrator. By shifting the blame to the victim of the home invasion, the city, ATF and SWAT avoid paying any sort of blood price for killing their father.

    Corrupt politicians and corrupt LEO are very experienced in shifting blame from the perpetrator to the victim. The formal setting, the Kalifornia AG, all the pomp and circumstance, is specifically designed to shift blame from a minor personage in the power structure to a person with no ties to the power structure. The fact that the Kalifornia AG felt the need to appear at the funeral tells me a lot. It tells me that there is certainly a cover-up, and that the politicians are aware of the cover-up and are taking part in the cover-up.

    Make no mistake, the corrupt politicians and corrupt LEO are covering their own asses — they don’t do this to protect the cop who shot Shawn Diamond in the back. The corrupt politicians depend on the corrupt LEO to do their bidding. They don’t want anyone looking too closely at the underlying crime, which is a premeditated home invasion, involving several agencies and the courts.

    The victim of the home invasion will be convicted, unless a juror has the spine to refuse to convict. I don’t hold out any hope for that. In a case of this significance, a holdout juror would bear the brunt of the full force of media, LEO and politicians. The pomp and circumstance surrounding the funeral places any citizen on notice. If the confusion was such that one of the home invader gang could be killed by one of his co-conspirators, a mistaken house number on the warrant could also be expected. The victim of the home invasion, now charged with murder of one of his assailants, could have been any of those citizens picked for a jury or any of us reading about the crime on the site…but that probably will never be said at the trial…

    L,H&R TO ALL 1% RIDERS!!!

  6. T-Bone Says:

    Until cops homes start getting raided by the fed up citizens who pay them and their pensions, things will only get worse. If one of the cops had killed the unarmed subject as he was sleeping, the worst that would happen to him would have been PAID administrative leave. I always associated militarized police with third world countries. Welcome to the “New AmeriKa” FTP

  7. Meh Says:

    Funerals are distractions for the living.

    What should matter is which projective is a spectrometric match to which other ammunition at the incident, where are all the fired projectiles, and what were their trajectories?

    What was the chain of custody of all the duty weapons and ammo at the incident?

  8. The Kraut Says:

    Funerals…pretty much for the living, as the dead provide the reason to hold one.

    Sham funerals are nothing new…Feldmarschall Erwin Rommel was forced to take his own life and the Nazis made his services into a circus.

    We with honesty can see the sham and call it for what it is.

    Those with badges traded their honesty (if they had any to start with) when they accepted the badge.

    Diamonds children are half orphaned thanks to a mistake by one of his own kind…a mistake that will never officially be noted until enough time passes to make the truth little more than a footnote.

    Respect to those who warrant respect


  9. Phuquehed Says:

    Sieg nailed it on the head with a 20 pound sledge.

    Fuck those asshole pigs and their showboating bullshit funeral. It’s nothing but over-acting to hopefully draw peoples’ attention away from their own fucking mistake of killing one of their own and breaking into American citizens’ homes without warrants.

    Fuck that shit-hole Diamond and fuck all the pigs at the funeral, may the gods deem them next to step into graves.

  10. Sieg Says:

    An armored column at the funeral. How fitting.

    Welcome to amerika, kids. Start resisting, or start getting ready for the camps.

    Oh, and the pig? Fuck him, and the horse he rode in on. You play, you pay.


  11. Dazed Says:

    Good fuckin riddance Pos…

  12. Just Bob Says:

    Oh, that explains it. I thought they were raiding the 11,000 seat auditorium in Ontario, California called Citizens’ Bank Arena the other day.

    I wonder if Diamond’s buddy/killer was in attendance.

    BTW ya’ think Obama’s bangin’ Kamala?

  13. CN Says:

    Those of us who no longer reside in California are somewhat confused. When last I was there, stationed at Camp Pendleton then back for a year in Mission Beach for my first marital experiment recall a very conservative populous and a Governor named Ronald Reagan who’s errant daughter fell in love with a Hells Angel which made Daddy enact draconian laws against Motorcycle Clubs and quite obviously one in particular. Then from afar we watched as Governor Moon Beam somehow took over which astounded those of us who watch the political farce as I imagine one watches “professional wrestling” (the wrestling is fake but the money is real). Thus one would logically conclude that in the Obama Era the liberal mind set would go more gently but they only seem to be getting worse and worse than Reagan is really saying something. So the question vexed is, “When did California go from a Conservative Police State into a Liberal Police State”? It appears as if we’ve gone from where they wait in the darkness of night to shoot us, to infiltrating and entrapment to both and under allegedly juxtaposed political cultures, polar opposites if you will. Then, as if to add insult to injury, they enact “the castle doctrine” where everyone has the right, nay the duty, to shoot everyone who appears to be at all dangerous to life, limb and property except in the case of the Police who regularly do home invasions of the exact same sort that it’s perfectly lawful to shoot anybody else who does just not the Police. Further, if the Police screw it up and shoot one of their own in the commission of said invasion, the victim gets the blame even when the laws of physics dictate the impossibility of the victim’s guilt. I realize it’s called “The Wild West” for a reason but I was under the impression that, that particular mind set went the way of John Wesley Hardin, “apparently not” would be the logical deduction. Have the masses who still inhabit the Golden State been so mesmerized that they can no longer see the obvious? The popular imagination is transfixed on the Southern States as a place of lawlessness among law enforcement but the evidence would indicate that the further West one travels the more militant the Police State mentality has become. Imagine, if you can, that a SWAT Team member gets quite obviously shot to death by his own SWAT Team and the immediate conclusion is that the homeowner is the shooter because that obviously is what an arena full of fine upstanding citizens demonstrated at the funeral in question.

    The truth of the matter is that even back in the Reagan Era, the Police State (which by the way is nationwide and not centered in any particular part of the nation) was nowhere near what we now contend with. And, with the militarization of our Homeland Security mind set & NSA spy net either Americans will continue to allow, give tacit approval for and fear their government or they will one day rise up and tame the beast but from the look of things, the pitch forks and torches are a long way off.

  14. Johb Deaux Says:

    It’s sad a man, father, husband lost his life but when you run around breaking into houses to steal and rob shit happens
    He was no hero or role model, he was part of an invading army and got what he deserved. Killed by his fellow invaders only makes for.justice.
    Best wishes for Mongol Martinez in getting the truth to the jury.

  15. popeye Says:

    My condolences to the children of officer Diamond and his untimely death at the hands of his brothers. If he were my father I would start my own investigation into how my fathers friends and brothers would hide the truth to further their own careers. You are owed that much

  16. popeye Says:

    My condolences to the children of officer Diamond and his untimely death at the hands of his brothers. If he were my father I would start my own investigation into how my fathers friends and brothers would hide the truth to further their own careers. You are owed that much

  17. joey. Says:

    The dog in the assult must have been a trained attack dog.what a bunch of no good shit bag motherfuckers,i hope they get what they deserve some day.and cops wonder why very few people have any use for them anymore.

  18. Red&Gold Says:


    A’ight my friend….I’ve got, “Out Bad”, learned me whole bunches of points to yabber on, so hows-about something…short and quick first… like on the ol’ interwebs here, and then, something longer down the road, on the militarization of the police, the loss of a man (or persons) right to be secure in their possessions and their home , etc… Some thing I can use to inflame the masses…

    Claire Wolfe once famously wrote “America is at that awkward stage: It’s too late to work with in the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.”…I must ask: Claire, is it time yet?

  19. Big Jim, Whittier Says:

    Let’s not forget it was a Pomona Swat team that raid this house. They had LASD medic back up. All other houses were raid by full LASD teams. This is a big deal. Pomona swat is made up by patrol members. LASD swat members are full time. And my CI who is a none sworn member of LASD said there swat team would step over the fallen member and kill all they see. Also my CI still doesn’t know why PPD was even there. Fuck the IO, Fear no one

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