Kristopher Stone Not Charged

November 7, 2014

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State Attorney Angela Corey announced at a press conference this afternoon in Jacksonville that neither Kristopher Stone, the Iron Order Motorcycle Club prospect who killed Black Piston Zachariah “Nas T” Tipton outside Nippers Beach Grille last June 26, nor his fellow prospect Timothy White will be charged “with any crime.”

Corey corroborated that Stone was an Army National Guard medic who was stationed at Camp Blanding, Florida and who lived in Middleburg, Florida.

Jacksonville Beach Police Chief Patrick K. Dooley and Assistant State Attorney Brian Brady also spoke at the conference which featured video surveillance footage of events immediately before and after the fatal incident. According to both Brady and Corey the video of the actual shooting cannot be made public without the consent of Tipton’s family. Corey said they refused to give that permission when they saw the video for the first time this morning.

The Fight

According to authorities and the just released video, Tipton was killed in a confrontation between three Black Pistons and the two Iron Order prospects. The prospects were outside the restaurant guarding the motorcycles of the Iron Order members inside. According to Brady, four other Black Pistons were in the area of Nippers at the time of the shooting. Witnesses have previously stated that at least eight Iron Order members were inside the restaurant at the same time. Brady also said that one member of the American Outlaws Association was at Nippers that night.

The video shows the two prospects were approached by the three Black Pistons in the parking spaces on the side of Hopson Road closest to the restaurant. According to police one Black Piston knocked a cup of water out of one prospect’s hand and Tipton punched Stone in the back of the head. Stone then began to fight Tipton and a second Black Piston while the remaining prospect and the third Black Piston fought. The fight ended when Stone pulled an automatic pistol out of his vest and emptied it at Tipton.

Corey said Stone acted in reasonable fear of his life because he had sustained a serious injury, a broken nose, and because he was so terrified he wet his pants. Both Corey and Brady mentioned the accidental urination multiple times. After the shooting, the other Black Pistons left the scene. Corey said Tipton’s “friends left him there to die.”

Coordinated Attack

Officials said one of the Black Pistons returned four minutes later and retrieved something from Tipton’s body. Police implied he was collecting a gun. According to police, Tipton was carrying two nine millimeter ammunition clips, was wearing an empty gun holster and might have been in possession of brass knuckles. According to police, Tipton was also carrying three knives.

Brady characterized the fight as “a coordinated attack on Stone” and quoted an unnamed witness as saying that the Iron Order prospect was “getting worked really hard.” He said that when he drew his gun and fired, Stone was “being pounded by two individuals on the ground.”

The Assistant State Attorney also said that Stone was in legal possession of his pistol because he was not inside Nippers and because he had not consumed alcohol. “He was a prospect and he wasn’t allowed to drink that night,” Brady said

Brady also said that Tipton was wearing a mouth guard when he was shot and that the other Black Pistons might have been as well. The implication was that the Black Pistons anticipated a fight when they approached the two prospects.

All three speakers at the conference said the attack by the three Black Pistons on the two Iron Order prospects was motivated by extortion. According to Brady, the Outlaws wanted to tax the Iron Order and the Iron Order refused to be taxed. And the Black Pistons were “acting as a fist for the Outlaws.”

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23 Responses to “Kristopher Stone Not Charged”

  1. Rusty Says:

    RtC…I been wrong before lol

    Respect to the deserving.

  2. RtC Says:

    @ Rusty, I have doubts about your percentage statement, otherwise, they
    would have already started that. ALL of these UrineOdor FUCKS want the
    easy way to “lengendary status” a true Patch Holder has & NOW they are
    wanting to jump into the REAL 1% WORLD with another DIAMOND! So now they
    think they are either totally faggots in the white-man world OR they are
    now Native Americans where 2 ear-rings were occasionally worn?
    What a confused bunch of douche-bags!Whitemen wanting to wear 2 ear-rings?
    UNHEARD OF! But so is the existence of the UrineOdor!
    When TSHTF UO will no longer breath.

    RESPECTS for the REAL

  3. Rusty Says:

    If the rumors of the uo putting on the 1% ♢are true,,, I’m sure there will be a mass exodus of more than leo or military…I’m sure there must be a certain percentage of the membership who can/could cut it in a real club.
    However, there are many many more who out of fear of the unknown, simply want no part of it, won’t even try.

    Respect to the deserving.

  4. read the whole report Says:

    “He told the Black Piston members he would not leave after which they knocked the water he was drinking out of his hand and he and the Black Piston began to fight. They fight until they hear several cracks and the guy he is fighting lets him go.”

  5. swampy Says:

    Snake, okay, you’ve stated an obvious point…..*from* the video. You’ve asked a obvious question, again, from the video. You said: “Zach’s brothers ran and left him high and dry.” Did NOT the other io “recruit”, Tim White, leave Stone “high and dry?” My question(from my above post) stands: What was Tim White doing for ten seconds? Watching the show?

  6. snake Says:

    Just a terrible tragedy all around. However, I think the video shows us a few things. Zachs brothers ran and left him high and dry. Seems all this talk about “Im my brothers keeper” and “take a bullet for my brother” is just all bullshit. A real brother would not have left a fallen brothers side. His brothers ran for their lives and didnt seem to give 2 shits about zachs well being.
    The other point, which many if not all will not admit, is that its pretty apparent zach and the bp’s where looking for the fight and their may have been some truth to the io claims all along. Sad as it makes me to say that. I am no fan of the io or any cop club.
    Third, who walks into a bar with their helmet still on?
    I feel bad a life was lost and others possibly ruined. Its also sad to see men running like they did in the video. Yeah live to fight another day, but I see no heart whatsoever in those that ran.
    Florida clubs just dont seem to have the intestinal fortitude northern or western states have. Maybe the north or west clubs will start closing down io chapters, but I sincerely doubt anything will happen to io even if they put on the 1% patch. They dont make men like they used too, thats for sure. Sandy Alexander, Sonny, Big Vinny, Taco, Big Jim Nolan, Gorilla, etc etc. those where real men of character.

  7. John Deaux Says:

    Glenn S.
    I agree, we would have seen a totally different story if the roles were reversed.
    Oh by the way, congratulations on your status. Best wishes.
    ACAB. FTio

  8. Glenn S., Prospect Says:

    I wonder (not really, I’m pretty sure) how the report would have read had the roles been reversed. Would Mr. Tipton have been allowed to go home that night, or would he have been charged with murder and would his bike and personal effects been confiscated as “evidence”, his cut waved around at the press conferences (plural) the very next day? Would the video have been kept secret or would it have been played over and over again on the news as a very different official story was repeated by a righteously indignant reporter?

    Best case scenario, IMHO, he would have stood trial after a year or two in jail (punitive segregation, for sure, and no bail), defense witnesses would be threatened with unrelated criminal charges (maybe DUI on their way home that very night), the prosecutor would have focused on his club rather than the specific incident, the broken nose would have been characterized as a minor injury that probably happened someplace else, and if he was exonerated, he and his family would be broke, unemployed, and forever in debt to the lawyers.

  9. panamaa Says:


    Valid point. I hadn’t thought of that…

  10. popeye Says:

    I believe 3 IO members verified the piss by tasting it.

  11. swampy Says:

    @ LOS, I believe Stone did piss his pants. Although, I’m inclined to think he did it on purpose as part of his defense – “in fear for his life” sort of thing. Here is my two questions: 1. Why was the weapon handled by an io member after Zach Tipton had been shot by Stone? 2. What in the fuck was the other io prospect, Tim White, doing while Stone was being approached, punched and on the ground for ten seconds?

  12. Gumby Says:

    When you get kicked in the Kidneys hard you can pee iron your self

  13. LOS Says:

    Did it occur to the investigators that the wet pants may have been due to the water they said was knocked from the prospects hands? Maybe that water made its way to Stone’s pants..and not that he was so terrified of the outlaw bikers that he pissed.?? Would that have changed the narrative any? They point out the “piss” as an indication that he was in fear and justified to shoot. Just wondering.

  14. Meh Says:

    Linked video sucked, and there’s no reason for the shots to be edited out when every second is relevant.

    Is there a non-shit higher res video than that copy?

  15. Viking 1%er Says:

    Respects and condolences to the family and brothers of Zach Tipton. It’s being said in the so called “haters” Facebook pages that now the decision has been made public the IO is gone expel all LEO members and put on the 1% diamond. If there is any fact to these rumors the rules are gonna change for whoever puts that particular diamond on that’s for damn sure.

  16. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    One more time, FUCK THE URINE ODOR!

    Wow I guess maybe Izod and Cgar you dumbass’s should have thought things out a little better and had some class and alot more respect for others and done shit the right way. It blows my mind that your punk ass bitch aka prospect piss pants can’t take a ass whooping and had pull a pistol. All you turds have no allies your RC is a ghost, implode fuckers.

    One thing I know is them there motorsickles are dangerous machines keep your eyes open out there.

    Peace to the Tipton family the BP’s and AOA.

    Viva Los Vagos

  17. T Hell Says:

    Time for the mouthy little fucks to come out, pound their chests and be brave around here again.

    As expected the entire premeditation aspect on the part of the IO was ignored, can’t say I am shocked or surprised. This is exactly why dealing with anyone in law enforcement is a waste of fucking words, they have all the facts and only use those that suit their agenda.

    Now instead of just clear and present danger it seems Florida has added an entire new element into the courtroom just for the IO “the piss your pants defense”.

    To the Tipton family I am again sorry for your loss, may you one day find peace.

  18. Freeman Says:

    Sorry looks like a ”real” journalist fucked up (gee thats a first!) news jax should get their shit together.

  19. Freeman Says:


    Corey said based on the surveillance video, it appears to have been a planned confrontation on another biker at the restaurant. That biker, Kristopher Stone, was a member of the Outlaws. – See more at:

  20. Bystander Says:

    Very well reported. RIP to Mr. Tipton. Hopefully all involved parties can now put this unfortunate incident behind them.

  21. UnaffiliatedObserver Says:

    The official story is neat and tidy.

    Did they have any explanation, beyond the election, of four month’s delay?

    It seems this narrative could have been released within a week.

  22. Blast Says:

    Wow Rebel, you reported something without defaming the IO. Are you g getting soft in your old age?

  23. Erin go Braugh Says:

    GOD Speed to Zachariah “Nas T” Tipton & his Family…..

    the fan breathing
    we assume the positions
    of warriors

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