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November 6, 2014

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Robert “Snap” Litzenberger (above), a former patch holder with the Enforcers Motorcycle Club, has finally gone on trial in Daytona for an aggravated assault that happened on March 13, 2011.

Litzenberger attacked a college student named Robert Kuehl in the parking lot outside the Pirates Cove Hotel in Daytona Beach Shores. Litzenberger, his friend Tyke Sealock and Litzenberger’s 26-year-old sister were trying to find a desk clerk so they could check in when they were accosted by at least six Enforcers.

When one of the Enforcers grabbed Kuehl’s sister and tried to kiss her, Kuehl told the men to stop, which is when they decided to teach him a lesson. As the sister, a local lifeguard, broke free and rushed into the hotel to seek help, the pack rushed Kuehl. “I woke up, both my eyes were closed, in an ambulance,” Kuehl testified yesterday.

As Kuehl testified, Litzenberger openly laughed, mugged and mocked his victim until Judge Leah R. Case told him to stop.

Under cross examination, Kuehl admitted he was intoxicated when the attack occurred.

Stand Your Ground

Surveillance video of the incident shows that Litzenberger walked up behind Kuehl, grabbed him by the shoulders and threw him to the ground. Litzenberger then took a long step and kicked Kuehl in the head. Simultaneously three other Enforcers threw Sealock threw a window, pulled him out and beat him. The kick cost Kuehl three teeth.

Defense Attorney W. Bryan Park II said his client and his club brothers were acting in self defense after Kuehl threatened to “blow his brains out and stick him.” Litzenberger has requested numerous continuances. He has twice filed for dismissal of the charge against him under Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law. A previous judge in the case, called it the “most continued case in world history.”

Richard “Rosco” Sessa, the founder and President of the Enforcers, told the Daytona Beach News-Journal that Kuehl and Sealock “were confrontational. They were cocky. They were intoxicated and like I said the video does not show everything.”

The Enforcers

On its website, the Enforcers describes itself as “a Law Enforcement and Military Motorcycle Club. As an LEMC, we consist of, but are not limited to members of the Law Enforcement, Military, and Public Safety professional backgrounds.” The club’s mother chapter “is based in the Palm Beach County Florida area. Currently there are a total of 34 chapters, spanning 13 States in the U.S. and one Provence (sic) in Canada.”

Sessa states he began motorcycling at the age of 8, “with a Honda 50 and has been riding since. As a teenager Rosco dreamed of belonging to a large motorcycle club. Influenced by his grandfather who had ridden his entire life, Rosco followed his dream.”

“At age 19 Rosco joined the largest club in the world, the police force. After 15 years of hard core ‘street level police work’ Rosco continued to pursue his dream and decided to form his own club, The Enforcers MC. Our Colors are taken from the ‘Swordsmen’ from the medieval days. They were the enforcers of the law then. Hence Enforcers MC, the Enforcers Motorcycle Club consists of, but is not limited to members of current and retired Law Enforcement Officers, Armed Forces Personnel, Public Safety personnel, and some good friends who complete the ‘Family’ of our club.”


14 Responses to “More Cop Club Crime”

  1. Phuquehed Says:

    @Red&Gold – Fuckin’ hit the nail on the head with a 20 ton weight! Good one!

  2. Red&Gold Says:

    In this case “the video doesn’t show everything”…elsewhere in Florida, the video DID “show everything”…even stuff that wasn’t in the video!…

  3. ts Says:

    i think Litzenberger and Kuehl’s names are switched in the 2nd paragraph. Not sure but it took me awhile to get what was going on bc of it. or not, i’m tired & cant tell.

  4. 7of9 Says:

    Of course a guy is going to try to stand up for his sister being accosted by strange men. These guys sound like animals. It’s a good thing he and his friend were there. Imagine what might have happened if this girl had been alone with these animals?

  5. Trip Says:

    Once again another faggot ass club, with pig bitches in it and their like! Always, takes place in Florida because there dominant lets them get away with all that bullshit! IMO all cop clubs need to be abolished!!! Period they play dress-up and cause bullshit everywhere they go. A good stomp to the head might help! A.C.A.B


  6. Shovelhead Says:

    Everytime I hear about Pig Club members getting busted for fighting, it’s always a half dozen or so Pigs against one college age kid.
    Big tough guys you are. enforcers my ass, bunch of scared little boys who only get brave when all their butt buddies are around.
    We have several 3 patch Oink Clubs in the Northeast. We laugh at them and giv em the finger when ever we see them. They do nothing. Funny, these assholes wear bandanas over their face like Outlaws. What are they hiding their face from…They are the Pigs!!

  7. Not Surprised Says:

    How does all this shit seem to take place in FL?

  8. Freeman Says:

    Public-safety-professionals… Nice term, suits them well doesn’t it?
    I get my anus massaged while i rape yours, yeah im being real fucking crude, you find a better definition.

  9. popeye Says:

    He wont be such a tough guy hiding in PC in jail.

  10. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Mocking his victim in Court. Stay classy, pigs.

  11. RtC Says:

    An armed society is a polite society. FUCK this MUD-SLIME led society!

  12. Phuquehed Says:

    It’s a shame Kuehl, his buddy and his sister *didn’t* have guns to protect themselves with and rid this country of four or five of the scummiest gang members known in America – pigs.

  13. Jim666 Says:


  14. skinny denny Says:

    Drunk punks. They’ll probably get away with it because they’re cops.

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