Framing David Martinez

November 3, 2014

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The Aging Rebel has been told significant details about the incident in which Pomona Swat Officer Shaun Diamond died and about the conditions under which his accused killer, a Mongol Motorcycle Club member named David Martinez, is now being held. This page believes it is likely that members of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department have deliberately misled reporters who have attempted to cover the story.

Diamond was shot in the back of the head during a dynamic entry Swat raid carried out on Martinez’ home at four last Tuesday morning. The raid was one of seven simultaneous raids and was supposedly intended to serve a search warrant. The warrant was issued by a judge named Maral Injejikian on October 23. Injejikian sealed the warrants because the affidavit that supports them is based on information supplied by a confidential informant. The warrants were issued as part of an ongoing investigation of the Mongols Motorcycle Club by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Knock Notice

Dynamic entry Swat raids are home invasions in which a dozen or more militarized police break into a home in order to shock the occupants into immediate compliance. Police used a Swat team to serve the search warrant on Martinez’ home because police officially consider members of motorcycle clubs to be unusually violent. The ATF has carried out a long and calculated public relations campaign to brand the Mongols as “America’s most violent outlaw motorcycle gang.”

No member of the Mongols has ever been convicted of assaulting a police officer. At the time the warrant was served, Martinez home was also occupied by Martinez’ mother, father, wife, his two children and his mentally challenged sister.

Dynamic entry Swat raids can be classified as either “no knock” or “knock notice.” The point of serving a search warrant without knocking is to use the element of surprise in order to prevent the destruction or concealment of evidence of a crime. Under certain conditions, the “no knock” execution of a search warrant may be authorized by a federal judge. However the warrant which allowed the search of Martinez’ home was signed by a retired state judge and “no knock” warrants are illegal in California.

Before a state search warrant can be served in California police must knock on the door, announce that they are law enforcement officers, inform the occupant that the police are servicing a search warrant and give the occupant a reasonable length of time to open his door. A Sheriff’s Department spokesman named Eddie Hernandez has explicitly stated these conditions were met in the execution of the warrant on Martinez’ home. This page has been told they were not. Police simply attacked Martinez’ door with a battering ram and then deployed at least one flashbang grenade. Flashbang grenades are explosive devices that are intended to disorient and terrify home occupants.

I’m So Sorry Man

Police have stated that Martinez Shot Officer Diamond with a shotgun while standing behind his mother and father. Martinez’ father was wounded in the arm by that blast, police have said. Police have also alleged that the round somehow missed the officer standing directly in front of Martinez’ parents and struck Diamond, who was standing on the porch outside the home. Diamond was shot in the back of the head so he would have had to have been blocking the entry of the rest of the 14-man Swat team when he was shot. That round, allegedly fired by Martinez, penetrated Diamond’s Kevlar helmet and killed him.

In fact Martinez was disoriented by the flash bang grenade and it is unclear whether he ever fired a round or not. Police have withheld information about the kind of ammunition that killed Diamond other than to identify it as a “shotgun” round. It is customary for some Swat officers to load their shotguns with one 12 gauge slug, which can be used to knock down fortified doors. Additional rounds usually contain bean bags or shot.

The raid ceased immediately after the flash bang grenade exploded. The Aging Rebel has been told that Diamond did not, in fact, have his back turned to Martinez’ front door when the flash bang exploded but was, instead, facing the door as was every other member of the team. A shotgun was fired simultaneously with the grenade explosion. Official statements allege that shotgun was fired by Martinez. Immediately after Diamond was shot the Swat officer standing directly behind the fatally wounded man was heard to exclaim, “I’m so sorry man! I’m so sorry man! I’m so sorry man!”

The Swat team immediately turned its attention to Officer Diamond and did not return to the service of the search warrant for at least another minute.

Martinez was immediately arrested and has been held under coercive conditions in Los Angeles’ Twin Towers jail ever since. Martinez is being held in a cage instead of a cell and he has been almost continuously handcuffed since last Tuesday. He has been fed once in the last week. Sheriff’s Deputies have repeatedly taunted him food, laying meals just outside his reach, then taking them away under the pretext that he has refused them. He is clothed in a very short pullover garment that leaves his genitals exposed.

The conditions under which he is incarcerated seem deliberately intended to convince Martinez to confess to a crime he did not commit.

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75 Responses to “Framing David Martinez”

  1. Rebel Says:

    Dear Mickey,

    He has changed lawyers and is awaiting trial. When I can say more I will.


  2. Mickey Says:

    Still no word, where is David?

  3. mICKEY Says:

    Any word on the Martinez case?

  4. FF Says:

    Lying is the gateway drug of rape and murder. Those who bare false witness will be consumed in the fire THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU

  5. Cy Says:

    1/28/2016 Today in court the detective made himself unavailable to be questioned about said search warrant. The DA has yet to turn over the full and complete discovery. No autopsy. Nothing!
    Next court date 3/15/2016.

  6. Apache (Eochaidh) WarDance Says:

    If you look at it seriously, it was all a mistake by the police. It so obviously was not Mr. Martinez’s fault, that either some of the charges against him will be reduced or dropped. No disrespect to the police officer who was killed. For Mr. Martinez I hope this is little more than a wipe out on his bike – serious, maybe taking a little time to recover, but only briefly, before he rights his bike and gets back in the saddle again.

  7. Eochaidh MacDhalaigh OghaChruithne Says:

    This song (“Confrontation” by Otep) is dedicated to David Martinez and the Mongols. I envy you bikers — the freedom, the women — FREE DAVID MARTINEZ, get him back on his bike with his old lady.

  8. shirley Says:

    Please support David Martinez get justice!
    Make your donations at:
    Thank you for your support!

  9. Priscilla Martinez Says:

    I am the niece of Mr.Martinez and I am saddened to see how these people who are supposed to be protecting us are covering up this whole thing amd blaming it all on an innocent person. My grandfather was shot in the arm and it was supposedly by a shotgun. If he would’ve been shot by a shotgun in the arm, his arm would’ve been blown off.. They mistreated my aunt who has down syndrome and I think thats is wrong! She couldn’t have possibly been a threat to anyone so why did they hold her down to the ground and arrest her and speak to her with such foul language!? My family is trying to do everything we can to get the money we need for our attorney.. We already got $17,000 in but we are short $42,000. We dont know what else to do but pray and hope these people open their eyes and see what cowards these officers are!

  10. Indian Andy Says:

    He should be able to beat this. He just needs to keep his mouth shut and let his mouthpiece do the talking. I went through all of this with raids years ago, when I wore a patch. Stand strong, brother. He has to be strong, or he never would’ve gotten that patch.

  11. Dirk Diggler Says:

    By the way, where’s the video? These fuckers have more cameras than a bus load of Japanese tourists! No investigation? No hearing? No inquisition. The real shooter doesn’t get charged? For what? A cover up so they don’t look like the bungling fools they really are. Shitting on the name of one of their own ‘heroes’ to frame an innocent man. Yeah, showing what real cops have for integrity. Fucking Cowards.

  12. popeye Says:

    @Vago 1%er
    I live 3000 miles away but maybe someone local might know of an alternative news source or a mainstream journalist who would be interested in this story. I sent everything I could find out to 2 different journalists who had initialy reported on the raid. 1 I got no answer and the other asked for more info which I provided but he dropped the ball after that.
    Does anyone have a legit connection to someone who can get this information out to the public?

  13. MIKE Says:

    this is eye opening and makes alot of sense. usually criminals defend actions and have elaborate bullshit tales. But this is 100% a frame job. if the suspects would have just been holdign a gun, the cops who cant wait for the day they can discharge thier weapon for real would have blown him away. This will im sure make a bunch of people like me wanna buy a harley and join up for the guys that are being f’d by the police. i could understand them stroming a clubhouse, i guess. but a family residence? bikers dont even ambush thier enemies at a family house im sure. RESPECT is earned, pd has no respect.

  14. To the public Says:

    @Par09..I was using the terms that the police used in there incident report of the recent shootings to make my point,slowdown tough guy you dont know who I am,unless your a Brother its not your concern..And if you think that you gave us some inside info that cops never do the right thing..Guess what…We all kbow that!!..Does that mean we should throw in the towel..No!!..Gotta keep the fight going..L/R TO THE MONGOLS MC.

  15. VAGO 1%er Says:

    I spent a couple of hours sending Rebel’s article and this web site address to any journalist I could find yesterday.

    Not a single soul has responded. Disappointing but expected.

    Good luck Mr. Martinez.

  16. popeye Says:

    If Martinez had actually pulled the trigger that resulted in the cops death they would have been pulling bullet fragments out of everything within a couple hundred yards. Firing at a cop would have given every trigger happy “swat ” member an excuse to shhot up everyone and everything inside the home. Anyone too stupid to see that may just as well be part of the coverup. Name 1 time where a cop was shot and killed where the cops didnt return fire? Never happened. If john Q public refuses to see that or continues to turn a blind eye to this type of 3rd world police tactics this country is doomed. I see martail law as a way of life in our future.

  17. RtC Says:

    BEST of luck to MONGOL DINO1%er & his family AND the MONGOL NATION.
    Here’s hoping that with the change of Power comes REAL CHANGE. Not what
    that fuckin’ MUD-SLIME Obama had envisioned. Here’s to ousting all the
    fuckin’ criminals in power for the last 6 years!
    RESPECTS for the REAL

  18. Jim666 Says:

    Everyone knows as well as any pig that might be reading this as I’m certain a lot are ,have or will They as well as we all know that if this man shot the pig he would not have lived long enough to have cuffs put on him,
    neither would anyone standing in the vicinity of the house. It is a plane fact, the house would have been turned into toothpicks. Every pig knows that is fact. as do we all here seen it read it heard about it too many times for the same not to happen here.

    @ Hermis.
    Well said !

    As for Mr. Martinez not being fed or clothed, get in touch w/ cal. BOP and have them investigate not sure it will help but it,s a move closer, Also see if he can receive commissary more than likely he cannot but it`s worth asking, Good luck to all involved.


  19. Sohn Says:

    I believe as well that if Martinez fired a shot at the entry team that they would have at the very least, would have returned fire. I may be wrong but it seems that they haven’t charged him with any other crimes. So logically, the only people that should be charged with murder or manslaughter are 1. The officer that probably accidentally shot him by covering the trigger instead of leaving it outside of the trigger guard and 2. Anyone who mallacy purgered themselves to get the warrent to either promote their career, their freedom or their wallets!

  20. Par09 Says:

    To the above…….when dealing with pigs theres no such thing as doing the right thing ..its there way or no way……and the mongols have never been the victim ….any ph of that club would take offense to being called a victim

  21. To the public Says:

    These sheeple should be ambarassed that there so close minded the public refuses to believe the obvious,that this is a cover up!!Then they have the nerve to say there on the right side of the law!!..Anyone with a single brain cell can tell that officer Diamond was murdered by his own swat members..You fucks messed up raided someones house for no reason,since when did u start raiding houses for being victims,the Mongols were the ones being shot at,according to the paper.So they do the right thing and they still get punished and treated like criminals..The ATF is sitting back laughing at the public for swallowing this garbage..GOODLUCK TO THE TRUTH AND NOTHING ELSE.

  22. Par09 Says:

    My childhood friends dad was one of the main fbi agents for nor cal from 1970-1996 and he just read this and told me 100% its going to be covered up and he quit the fbi because how crooked they are and was thretened by other fbi for being honest …..and he said its known in le world that atf is even more crooked than fbi ….and hes seen agents lie there asses off on the stand and laugh about it right afterwards……when he asked his partner why he lied under oath he was told well I knew the guy was inacent but imagine how much hes gotten away with I had to make sure he paid for everything hed gotten away with in the past……fucken dirtbags

  23. Meh Says:

    Military equipment makes no-knock raids pointless.

    Pull up to house in MRAP in broad daylight, beep horn, hail occupants with speaker. That would remove any confusion of police with, ahem, ordinary criminals.

    Why isn’t anyone calling out militarized PDs on this? No variety of no-knock raid is safer than a track or MRAP visit unless there is a no-shit ATGM or serious EFP waiting to greet it.

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