Mexican Cops Killed Yager’s Wife

October 20, 2014

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There was a romantic and tragic twist to the apprehension of Randy Michael “Mad” Yager, a federal fugitive from Gary, Indiana who at one time was the regional boss of the American Outlaws Association in the upper Midwest.

The United States Marshalls Service confirmed this morning that Margie Jelovcic, Yager’s common law wife and his companion during his seventeen-year-long run died last Friday night shortly after he was captured. According to Marshalls’ spokeswoman Nikki Cedric-Barrett, Jelovic fled in a car when Mexican police arrested Yager in Rosarito, in northern Baja California near the U.S. border. She led police on a high speed chase, crashed, rolled the car and died. “When he was taken into custody, at the time we found out he was under arrest, we learned he was with a woman,. We just didn’t know who she was,” Cedric-Barrett said.


Jelovcic’s life resonated with irony and tragedy. She was a newlywed and a violinist with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra when her husband of six months died in a car crash. She quit music and moved back home to Crown Point, Indiana to manage her mother’s bar, a place called Milan’s 51st Tap on a street called Broadway in Gary. That’s where she met Yager in March 1997 and fell in love.

Three months later Yager took her to Las Vegas where he learned he had been indicted for racketeering in a case titled United States of America v. Kevin P. “Spike” O’Neill, et al. Yager immediately disappeared. Of the 17 men who were indicted, Yager was the only one to avoid prison.

Jelovcic returned home at the beginning of July 1997, stayed for two months, liquidated all of Yager’s assets – but not her own – then disappeared again. She was officially listed as a missing person. The mystery of her disappearance became fodder for reality television programs like Unsolved Mysteries. In some tellings of her story she had either been murdered by Yager or sold into sex slavery. In 2010, Marshalls finally collected her fingerprints from an accordion her sister Nadine had kept. In 2012 a Marshall said, “We don’t know if she’s helping Yager out and assisting him in any way. At this time, she’s not charged with anything, but we’re not ruling out anything.”

Last week the Marshalls Service announced it had located Yager in Rosarito and alerted Mexican police but did not elaborate on how the Service found Yager.

Jelovcic’s body was identified by her sister over the weekend.


46 Responses to “Mexican Cops Killed Yager’s Wife”

  1. Lynda Rendell Says:

    Sorry. For girls family as for him if he’s turned his life around good. Will be good if he gets out of jail. Alone but good. She must of made him be good. Parole will take that in and now his brother murdered. And family suspects Randy with death calls. Did he ever change or just stopped while with the girl.

  2. Knowthetruth Says:

    Margie didn’t know the real person she was with. “Mad” Yager lost the love of his life? Now he knows how it feels. I hope he hurts for the rest of his life. He destroyed many peoples lives before he took off and ran like a chicken shit. Why would anyone feel sorry for him? You may have known him for who he wanted you to know but many of us knew him in real life. He should have been the one to die.

  3. Rock G Says:

    You ever been to Mexico? I have been there several times. Mexico is not the sort of place you can expect respectful fair treatment from the local or even federal police unless your standing in the middle of some posh American tourist resort in a major tourist destination where international eyes are witnesses. Outside the tourist resorts it’s a third world country rife with corruption, rape, murder and rampant criminal activity from the police and criminals alike. We will never know what really happened in that car. Did she run? Was she scared? Was she pissed? She took that information to the grave. I just hope she’s up there smiling, having a beer and waiting on Randy. R.I.P darling!

  4. Paladin Says:

    Dear Rebel,

    I have it from a reliable source that God does not correct its mistakes. Dr Croswell’s prayers will go unanswered.

    Long May You Ride,


  5. Rebel Says:

    Dear Dr. Croswell,

    You are an idiot. She was executed. They were a nice couple that everyone, including the local police, loved. Her mindset was that she wanted to be left alone to grow old with her husband. You are a heartless, stupid, ignorant, self righteous person. You should pray that someday God might make you a real human being.


  6. Dr Croswell Says:

    Funny how if you don’t break the law, the police tend to leave you alone. She made a conscious decision to evade law enforcement and lost her life as a result. The biggest tragedy here is that the mindset that led to her death is still prevalent.

  7. Theresa Says:

    I know Margie’s mother very well , her heart is broken . all you haters need to think of her poor mother who has been crying for many years ! Very sad ending for her .

  8. sad friend Says:

    to Margie’s family…I am sooo sorry for this tragedy in your family. I can see it would be a real heart breaker. I hope me telling you that she was so happy and so in love with Steve, it will help with your burden. Steve treated Margie like a queen, they both doted on every word that came from each others mouths. This for sure is a tragic love story.
    I can’t stress enough how kind, gentle, honest hard-working people they BOTH were. The man I know as Steve was NOT Randy. They were both loved by all that knew them.
    I was told they were from Michigan, lived in the same neighborhood.
    It is true, they were huge dog lovers. They did have a bunch & yes, when one was very old, Steve made a bed in the back of his SUV with food and water and took her everywhere. He was afraid she was going to die when they weren’t home and he wanted her last days and hours to be comfortable.
    Every single time I went to my beach house, Steve and Margie would see my car and come over. I was always greeted with a hug and kiss by both (coming and going). I would cook dinner and we would drink Margie’s favorite, Coors lite. We would sit out on my patio until the wee hours and just talk and laugh.
    Honestly, I’m sure Margie had regrets about not seeing her family, but I know she was down there by her own accord. They adored each other and were of the very few lucky ones in this world to have found true soul mates. We should all be so blessed. Praying for peace in your hearts

  9. Justsayin Says:

    Hey Steve, I’ve known Margie and “Steve” (Randy) for about 15 years. They used to do work on my house in Rosarito. Their dogs were their children and they loved them a lot. They took in stray dogs that they would find wandering in the hills of Rosarito. Once one of their dogs was sick, so they made a bed for her in their truck and brought her to work with them in the Campo. Someone said they had 8 dogs when this all went down. Those poor dogs. What happened to them? I hope one of their friends Is taking care of them. There aren’t many resources in Rosarito for abandoned dogs. If Margie’s family wants her dogs, it wouldn’t be hard to get them across the border.
    Soon after I met Margie we had a conversation about where she was from (she said Michigan, I think), she mentioned her sister, and I know she missed her family. But it was very clear that she and “Steve” had something special together and I can’t imagine her being happy without him. Margie was definitely not a prisoner, and in fact, before 9/11 they often crossed the border into San Diego to go to Home Depot.
    I’m so sorry for her mother and sister who finally found her after 17 years, only to discover that they missed getting to see her alive again by just a few days! Tragic!! Once they’ve had time to wrap their heads around the fact that Margie was gone by choice, maybe they can get some comfort knowing that she had a pretty darn good life, lots of friends, meaningful work, and she seemed quite happy and fulfilled.

    I just wish I could have heard her play the violin!

  10. Steve Says:

    I have known the family for over 40 years , very sad for all her friends there but very tragic for her mother who cried every year for 17 years ! No answers for her now , did she have children , did she miss her family here , was she happy ? She has left behind a dear mother with a shattered heart !

  11. sad friend Says:

    I also knew well the couple known as Steve (Randy) & Margie. I consider them friends…the best friends I ever had in Mexico. They are wonderful, hardworking, honest people. They did SO much for me (I used to own a house on the beach). I know it is hard to believe, but it’s all true. They worked hard, partied hard & mostly loved hard. They had a love & respect for each other that I have never witnessed before. Margie was exactly where she wanted to be, at Steve’s side. I am so sorry it had to end like this, I will remember and love you both forever. I am blessed for having known you both. Rest in heavenly peace, my friend

  12. baja mike Says:

    we new steve,randy and marge .they were the best people on earth honest and hard workers .rip marge,we will always love you and randy,and for whoever ratted on them we wish you and your scum family death espically your wife and children.

  13. RtC Says:

    Mr. ODVIOUS, what a dick! You can’t even spell the word you were trying to use as your “handle”. You should have used another D, you fucking know-not fuck! ALL of you lame ass douche-bags are low intelligent,bullied, wish I was, Pieces Of Shit! You wouldn’t be a fly pimple if you didn’t have a fucking GUN! Guess what! A LOT of US that don’t use the BADGE as security have GUNS, too! Not me, tho.I GOT BIG DOGS! Ya shoot them, Ya get the neighbors ta deal with!Strangers stay out of our neighborhood with my dogs! I DO have lots of friends who ride the many roadways of this state who are legal & will be looking for these shirts as incentive.
    Yer CHOICE! Stay the fuck away! And stay healthy.

  14. RtC Says:

    I hear ya Panhead! Something has got to come to a head! The fuckin’
    PIGS need to be reined in, OR there is gonna be open season. Fuckin’ SAD
    the law-keepers are the law-breakers! FUCK all punk PIGS!Low IQ mother-

    RESPECTS for the REAL

  15. liveshere Says:


    No matter how you want to try to spin it, the fact is it happened on the main street of Rosarito. There were too many witnesses of the actual event to change how it went down much. I have personally spoken to 3 people who saw it happen. Including someone who was in the bar at the moment all of it went down. Additionally, where Margie ended up crashing was directly across the street from where they were drinking.

    Margie wasn’t forced into anything.. She went out in a blaze of glory, end of story. I, like Natali know them personally.. for many years I know Natali as well.. she used to be my neighbor.

    What you read in the story is about as real as it gets.

  16. Natali Says:

    O Margie… she was in unconditional love with Steve. I respect them both. They was good hard workers. I observe them frequently.. ( I have beach home in Rosarito where they were working). people liked them. They always helped when you ask. Margie.. I can not believe.. I am confuse.. i didn’t
    sow front of me kriminals.. I sow two persons in big love between them. Working hard by the sunset..sometimes after sunset. We laugh together.. tried to remember how speak in polish. Margy, with her violinist hands was painting and fixing houses and always looks happy and friendly. But how now feel Steve.. I think it can not be more terrible..Now I am real confuse. From one site it is judgment, but they was working daily and hardly and were happy one with other… What is good, what is bad? I am crying about Margie..

  17. swampy Says:

    @Mr. Odorous, Ol’Goat, liveshere:
    Even after reading Rebel’s latest article(10/22/14)of this incident, I still don’t find this story title misleading at all. I’ve been “led” on a high speed car chase before. Here, let me rephrase that: I was *forced* into a high speed chase by a plain clothed, shit bag cop, in an unmarked cop car. And after he shot at me with his side-arm I wasn’t about to slow down – cop or not. Turned out that he had busted me early in ’76, at the age of 17, on a bullshit simple pot possession charge. After having an attorney keep me out of the parish pea-farm(yes, I live in the prison state of Louisiana) for six months, he recognized me and another hand driving along in a car and decided to give chase. After a good 23 miles, the worst v-8 ever produced by GM at the time, a 307 cu. in., over heated and quit…so he had me. After being slammed on the car hood, he jammed his .357 hard into my side cracking two ribs. I swear that cocksucker was fixing to pull the trigger *again*, however, a State Trooper arrived and he realized there was another witness still in the car. What got me out of that one was him keeping my “legal size” buck knife that was in my pocket; he had taken it home for himself, the same attorney, and the fact that he had discharged his weapon without identifying himself. One would not be so lucky in this day and age. A .25 semi-auto?…that sounds like the perfect little plant gun to me. Sincerest condolences to Mr. Yager and the friends and family of Ms. Jelovcic.

  18. Ol'Goat Says:

    I’m a car guy as well as a bike guy, race SCCA events when I have the time. I guess I just see someone that loses control as someone who loses control, nothing more nothing less. Those guys on the track chase me to no end, but if I hit the barrier/wall & wreck my car, which I have done, its noone else’s fault but mine.
    My condolences to the family and widower as well. Hate that this young lady lost her life and hate that a once free Yager is jammed up and no longer free.

  19. liveshere Says:

    The title is inaccurate however.. Margie shot herself, after the car flipped and crashed and came to a grinding halt on its top as police approached. A .25 caliber handgun was found in her hand. Also, nobody covered it up.. It was in the mexican news, complete with gnarly photos, however I imagine the sake of the family, the state dept verified her identity prior to notifying anyone.

  20. Jim666 Says:


  21. liveshere Says:

    For the record.. I live here, I have known them both for years.. nobody here had a clue.. they were a well liked well respected couple in the community for nearly 2 decades. The story above is amazingly accurate.. down to the last detail including the car chase and the ending. I personally spoke to both the bartender and one person who was there. The tree or bush or whatever it was she took out with the car is a painful reminder every day when I drive past it.

  22. 10GAUGE Says:

    MR obvious

    I showed up at the clubhouse for a function many moons ago and two men I trust my life and my family’s life to just happened to be coming back from the store for a last minute run for hot dog buns. On the way there in a brother’s van, they stopped off to smoke a joint. While smoking said joint, in an alley way, in a small town, next to some bigger towns, a car came jamming by….not fast enough for them to stop what they were doing to be concerned, but fast enough that they both looked up to notice a man and a women in the car and that car was running on flats….soon after they saw and heard the cops…they then were very surprised by what they saw next. The car wrecked trying to take a corner and the cops which were lead by some un marked cars ran up to the crashed car and fired multiple times into the car.
    At this point they got the fuck out of there. When I got to the clubhouse we locked the doors and turned on the news. It turned out this guy had been involved in a small time robbery and they were not sure who the women was…weather he had taken her hostage or if she was actually helping…SOUND FAMILIAR??? The fact remained however, that she was in the car when they ran up and opened fire. She was also wounded…and because I don’t know her who knows if she lived, or was retarded, or died, or had massive complications….she was collateral damage…she was judged as guilty in the streets by people who are paid to protect her. Men who took an oath to protect and serve her.
    None of this made the news however…just a blurb about one man who was involved in a robbery, chase, crashed the car and then supposedly got out and fired at the pursuing officers who bravely PUT THAT MOTHERFUCKER DOWN.
    Of course they called it before we ever put the news on…because we’ve been around the block once or twice…and cops kill people everyday in this Country…especially if you don’t live in those little pink houses they so graciously made for you and me.
    I know many similair stories, and in fact have been beat down by the cops myself.

    Go on take the money and run

  23. panamaa Says:


    Seems like there’s one of these challenging fuckers on every post…


  24. RVN69 Says:

    @mr. odvious, Experience you fucktard.

    Condolences to Outlaw Mad 1%er, and to the family and friends of Margie Jelovcic.

    Respect to the AOA.

  25. popeye Says:

    A high speed chase of someone who hasnt been charged , suspected or convicted of a crime to the point of causing death would be considered a bit excessive by most people. Taking 4 days to admit to it might also be thought of as trying to cover it up.

  26. Glenn S. Says:

    Ol goat said: “Seems to me that the trauma inflicted upon her during the car wreck when she lost control, rolled the car and died as a result is what killed her, but maybe I’m missing something here. Am I?”

    My guess is that if I chased somebody in my car (in Mexico or the US), and the driver of the car I was chasing wrecked and dies as a result, I would be held legally and morally accountable.

    Since it was a pig, I’m sure it’s all legal, but calling something the law don’t make it right. Condolences to the loved ones of this lady.

  27. Bill Says:

    Ol’Goat: I think someone dying as a result of a high speed car chase by police, when at that point their only offense was running from the police, could reasonably be interpreted as their having been killed by the police. It may seem a bit of a stretch, sure, but if the police hadn’t chased her, she certainly wouldn’t have died that way. Of course, the police would see it otherwise.

  28. Ol'Goat Says:

    No disrespect intended, but the title of the story is “Mexican Cops Kill Yagers Wife”, but the body of the story says: “She led police on a high speed chase, crashed, rolled the car and died.”
    Seems to me that the trauma inflicted upon her during the car wreck when she lost control, rolled the car and died as a result is what killed her, but maybe I’m missing something here. Am I?

  29. MR ODVIOUS Says:

    Yeah all of you were there right? You all seen the Mexican federale kill her. Stop whining already. We don’t know the whole story of how she died, why do ya’ll assume she was murdered

  30. Panhead Says:

    Condolences to AOA and Margie’s family.

  31. Panhead Says:

    They just keep killing us. Your wife is not safe nor are your kids. Your dog will be killed too.



  32. JMacK Says:

    Condolences to Mad 1%er, the Family of the deceased and The AOA.

    Tragic and fucked right up describes this situation


  33. ChongRRMC Says:

    My very sincere condolences to her family and friends ! She sounds like the kinda girl ALL patch holders wish they had !!! Damn….17 years to have it end like that….IF…it did indeed end like that.

  34. BMW Says:

    Condolences to club, friends and family. She sounds like a great, and particularly gifted lady.

    However, I don’t think for a second that she “had an accident” in Mexico! I firmly believe that the US LEO does murder friends and associates of people they want to capture or kill. In Mexico, she might have died “under questioning” by LEO. People DO die while being “waterboarded”.

    L,H%R TO ALL 1% RIDERS!!!

  35. Fast Eddy Says:

    Condolences to Mad 1%er, Margie’s family and friends.
    Sad chapter in the establishment’s effort to demonize people for their own gains.

    Fast Eddy

  36. Paul Says:

    Condolences to those left behind.

  37. panamaa Says:

    What a sad ending to a promising life… It’s not every Tom, Dick or Harry that get’s a seat on a Symphony Orchestra . The competition for a seat like that is unbelievable.. The training, practice, education and dedication more than likely consumed her entire childhood as well as most of her early adulthood… May she rest in peace….

    Fucking Mexico, they let the drug kingpins run free but give ‘em a couple of gringo’s with a price on their head and their all over that shit….

    My condolences to Outlaw MAD 1% and the family of Margie……


  38. CN Says:

    The S.O.P. is that we all put our women out there on the streets or dancing in the clubs anything but love and care for them. We get called anything but a child of God. Then they ask, why do good girls fall in love with bad men. Their disrespect is getting old.

    Someday indeed..

    RIP Margie
    Stay Strong Mad


  39. Ipsick Says:

    While Rosarito has large areas populated with Americans, I would have gone farther down into Baja than Rosarito Beach. Better yet, main land Mexico would have been better. I spend a lot of time in Baja and I can attest that a large man covered in tattoos with a beard and long hair sticks out.

    RIP Randy and Margie

  40. ElleElle Says:

    “The Kind of Day when Violins Play”
    by Rebecca Stansfield

    Clouds made up of sounds of violins, the white clouds that seldom move, if you stare for days.
    The birds that never seem to look angry, even as the crows, eat their own friendships.
    The kind of day when the sky, looks like a flying ocean, and you want to jump up into it, not realising that you cannot fly upside down.
    When the monsoon is barley a problem, because you like the look of the rain anyway, because it looks like sunrays, sunrays from the sky.
    The kind of day when the trees hardly seem to sway, even if there was a tornado, you’d refuse to run away.
    And the crickets that you hear, as you walk across a field, are not crickets on a field but,
    angles in a jungle.
    When the earth moves and makes you dizzy, when you lay on the ground, and a tear falls down your face, that tastes of sugar and not salt.
    The day when the hypocrites, never will seem right, because in your heart you know why, the storm that is supposed to look black, somehow to you today is looking bright.
    That day when the music that usually makes you cry, is sweetening up your day,
    because the tears are not stinging anymore, because they are happy- tasting-sweet.

    My condolences to all the family and friends. Somehow I see this lady-playing the violin….

  41. Sieg Says:

    Condolences to Outlaw Mad, 1%’er, and to the family and friends of his Lady, and to the American Outlaw Association.

    Words can’t express how fucked-up this whole thing is, from his indictment, right up through his Lady being murdered-and that’s what this was, have no doubt.


    With all respect.


  42. blacksmith Says:

    Condolences to the family.
    And I dont believe the police reports here in Merica, much less Mexico.
    I hope her family finds some answers.

  43. Phuquehed Says:

    Yeah…just how does the fucking U.S. marshall’s service know where a “fugitive” is in fucking mexico, and the mexican pigs have no clue about the guy at all? I guess we should put the fucktards in the marshall’s service on the border to catch all the fucking illegals, since none of the mexican pigs or mexican army can find them and no one else in our government can find them.

    Condolences to Randy Michael “Mad” Yager for the loss of his lady and to AOA. You gave ’em hell, Mad, right on!

  44. rollinnorth Says:

    Sad ending to the tale. Condolences to all who knew and loved her.
    “What a long, strange trip it’s been.”


  45. RtC Says:

    CONDOLENCES to Outlaw MAD1%er &the family of Margie Jelovcic-Yager.

    RESPECTS for the REAL

  46. John Deaux Says:

    Such a tragic ending.
    Rest in peace Margie
    FTF. FTP. FTW.

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