Devils Diciples Trial

October 17, 2014

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The lurid racketeering trial in Detroit of seven members of the Devils Diciples Motorcycle Club members entered its third day today.

Defendants include National President Jeff Garvin “Fat Dog” Smith, National Vice-President Paul “Pauli” Darrah, alleged National Warlord Cary “Gun Control” Vandiver, Vincent “Holiday” Witort, Patrick Michael “Magoo” McKeoun, Scott “Scotty Z” Sutherlan and David Randy “D” Drozdowski. Collectively, the men are charged with numerous  offenses that date back to the Clinton Adminstration. The seven men were among 41 people indicted in 2012 as a result of a ten-year-long, FBI fishing investigation

At the time the indictment was unsealed, an FBI press release read: “‘For years, according to the indictment, the Devils Diciples have spread fear in cities throughout Michigan and around the country,’ said Assistant Attorney General (Lanny) Breuer. ‘This violent criminal enterprise allegedly profits from drug trafficking and illegal gambling and uses intimidation and violence to silence its adversaries and maintain control over its members. Today’s arrests of the Devils Diciples’ top leaders and 39 of the gang’s members and associates are an important step in our efforts to dismantle violent criminal enterprises across the country.’”

Outlaw World

The trial might as well be called The Devils Ride. In his opening statement two days ago, Assistant United States Attorney Eric Strauss promised the jury an inside look into “the world of outlaw bikers.” Strauss hasn’t yet directly compared the Devils Diciples to the Islamic State but that may be coming.

In previous court documents, Strauss has claimed: “Women without protection from a member (of the Devils Diciples) are fair game for sexual assault…. Wives, girlfriends, and female associates are required to provide financial and other support for DDMC members – typically working in bars or strip clubs. They frequently are required to participate in the club’s illegal activities, including drug trafficking and obstruction of justice. The DDMC frequently use women as drug mules. Women can aspire to earn a ‘Property Of’ vestment to signify their relationship to a DDMC member.”

Strauss has accused Smith of ordering members to “brutally” torture “five DDMC members, including a Chapter President, and left four of them for dead in the Arizona desert as punishment for breaking club rules.” The incident apparently did occur in April 2003. The “torture” was a beating and it was hardly unprovoked. The beaten men had brutalized and raped the wife of a patch holder in another club. And even Strauss now concedes that the point of beating the men was to “avert an all-out war” with that other club.

Other Federal Crimes

One member of the Devils Diciples apparently cooked methamphetamine. Some members sold small amounts of marijuana, Vicodin and other drugs. One clubhouse had a couple of video poker machines so the club is accused of organized gambling.

Smith, Darah and Vandiver are accused of “Conspiracy to Suborn Perjury and Obstruct Justice,” “Subornation of Perjury” and “Obstruction of Justice” but those charges are more about making headlines than keeping the peace or preserving justice. All three of those charges stem from a single case in 2005. A club member had been accused of being a felon in possession of a .44 Mag. The actual possession was fleeting. The gun was found in a car. The men are specifically accused of asking another occupant of the car to claim ownership of the weapon.

Most of the charges seem like overblown excuses to contrive a prosecution. Since this is a racketeering case, all of the defendants face decades in prison if a jury finds them guilty.

The trial should continue for at least another two weeks.


13 Responses to “Devils Diciples Trial”

  1. Tiffany Castano Says:

    For over 2 years now I have waited for my husband to go to trial on charges he has already done time for. This entire indictment is a fucking joke. It took over 10years for them to build this case against them and now during the trial of the 1st group there still releasing over 10,000 pages a week of discovery trying to build there case. All they have is a bunch of snitches that got caught up doing shit on there own and now there testifying against the club to protect themselves. This entire case has been built on hear say there is no actual evidence supporting any of the aligations other then the he said she said bullshit. My husband has finally got his trial date but its messed up that he has been locked up this whole time waiting for it. Thats are great system for you your guilty til your found guilty…… FTW

  2. Craig Says:

    Too bad it is the last season, Assistant United States Attorney Eric Strauss seems suited for a job writing episodes of SOA.

  3. shellie Williams Says:

    You people have it all wrong u see only the bad made up things just to make yourself look good in the public eyes u don’t know jack about them. They do a lot of charities to help kids out. Fundraising runs for kids without a Xmas gifts

  4. Steel Says:

    Sounds like the DA watched the Gangland show on the DDMC. What a tool Strauss is.

  5. Paul Says:

    This reminds me of a story about ‘hazing’ I read about a couple years ago that occurred down in Lejeune.

    The folks involved, those it happened to and those that did it, by reading their remarks, did not seem to take issue with what occurred. But, someone from the outside decided it was not appropriate, so naturally action must be taken.

    I believe it lies in a factor of jealousy. Those in power realize there are some groups/things/organizations you have to earn the privilege of being a member of. You can’t just buy it, so they attack in whatever way they can.

  6. Rusty Says:

    “aspire to earn”…..lmmfao

  7. Phuquehed Says:

    @7of9 – The pigs/fedtards have to keep the MC world demonized and feeding the sheeple stories of women who are ‘property’ without actually explaining what it means, does the job. Just another psychological mark against the kind of person(s) who become pigs/fedtards/etc. One has got to be a real fucking sick fuck to want to be one.

  8. RtC Says:

    It’s ALL fuckin’ “propaganda” from TH’ MAN. They make up this shit & sell
    it to the sheeple. For example PBOL means Proud Bandidos Old Lady, NOT
    Property. The Property designation is a sign of RESPECT not derision.
    Like you said 7of9,wouldn’t be worn if not proud of it.FTF & their “fairy
    tales”. 1%er’s O-L’s are afforded pretty much the same respect.
    1% means MORE CLASS to me.
    Altho DDMC aren’t 1%, here’s hoping the juries are fuckin’
    AWAKE & off the kool-aid!
    RESPECTS for the REAL
    Redwolf the Conchoman

  9. 7of9 Says:

    If women did not like wearing a property patch, I doubt many would. People outside simply can’t accept that these women choose these kinds of relationships and actually like them…that patch means something to them and their men.

    Who are the ones trying to control them here? The men that they are in freely chosen relationships with or the ones that don’t want them wearing a property patch?

  10. popeye Says:

    You can go to office depot and buy pre-made legal forms for things like rental agreements and vehicle sales. I swear the feds have a pack of these and just pencil in the name of the club they want to persecute. The press releases and court documents all read like cookie cutters. I swear I’ve read that paragraph about how MC’s treat women a dozen times. Might be its all computerized now with drop down boxes you just scroll through to pick what bullshit charges you want so you look good on the news.

  11. rollinnorth Says:

    A vestment? Educated by the nuns, eh?


  12. Paladin Says:

    I hope the Defense has an expert that can refute Strauss’ asinine claims. Strauss missed his true calling. Strauss should have and be doing voice overs for grade B biker and horror films.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  13. RtC Says:

    WHEN will the fuckin’ sheeple wake up & clean house on the largest
    racketeers in our country?! FTG FTF FTP & BIG FTUOcunts
    RESPECTS for the REAL

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