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October 15, 2014

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The feel good motorcycle club story of the week is the news that three members of the No Surrender Motorcycle Club will not be prosecuted by the Dutch government for going to Syria and joining a Kurdish army called the Peshmerga to fight the medieval demons who call themselves the Islamic State. The three patch holders are all former Dutch Marines and until now it was a crime for a Dutch citizen to leave the country to fight in another army, like for example the French Foreign Legion.

“Joining a foreign armed force was previously punishable. Now it’s no longer forbidden,” a spokesman for the Dutch Public Prosecution Service named Wim de Bruin told the Agence France Presse Tuesday. “You just can’t join a fight against the Netherlands.”


This is an easy story if you look at it superficially but it has more lose threads than an old sweater. Some of the details that impede the narrative are the fact that the Kurdish ethnic minority in Northern Iraq and Syria has been involved in a war of independence from NATO ally Turkey for the last three decades. Yesterday the Turks bombed Kurdish forces after apparently promising our President they would bomb the guerilla army that calls itself the Islamic State.

There is a growing consensus in the print media to call that guerilla army “Islamic State.” Television journalists are more likely to call it “ISIS” which is an acronym for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. President Obama, demonstrating the kind of fatuous pedanticism that makes even his fans gag, insists on calling the group “ISIL” which stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Whatever you call them, they are the bag of nuts who have beheaded four Americans and Brits on YouTube, in whose name a French tourist was beheaded in Algeria and who publish a slick, weekly webzine called the Islamic State Report. This week’s issue includes a long article explaining how the Koran compels true believers to sell captured women and children into sex slavery.

Most people in the west agree, hoorah for the three No Surrender patch holders. Here’s wishing them good luck. What was the name of that club again?


The enlistment of the three patch holders was announced by No Surrender president Klaas Otto who has previously demonstrated a talent for public relations. Sometimes Otto calls himself “General.”

No Surrender is an offshoot of another Dutch motorcycle club called the Satudarah Motorcycle Club. No Surrender’s mother chapter clubhouse is a former Satudarah clubhouse in a town called Zundert. Both clubs are growing very fast. No Surrender was founded in late 2012 and now has 33 chapters in Holland, Germany, Spain and Belgium. According to published reports No Surrender has 160 members in Spain alone.

Satudarah was founded by Dutch-Indonesians in 1990. It has 44 chapters in Holland and has chapters in Belgium, Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Norway. Satudarah also claims eleven support clubs including a club in England. When it was founded, No Surrender patched over at least 100 members of Satudarah. Satudarah still has at least 800 members in Holland.

Law Abiding And Multicultural

Dutch police and Otto have both accused Satudarah of being criminals. In an interview last year, Otto said, “For me Satudarah and the Angels are not so different. They are both traditional clubs with generally older bikers.”

Otto told a Dutch newspaper, “I have a club in mind that is open to motorcycle enthusiasts from all cultures. Whether it is for Turks, Moroccans, football hooligans, Gypsys or Antilleans, everyone is welcome. That gives No Surrender an obviously huge attraction which explains how we have grown so fast.”

Both clubs are “multicultural.” Satudarah’s members are mostly Dutch or an Indonesian minority called Ambonese but the club also has patched in Surinamese, Dutch Antilleans, Moroccans and Turks. Last year the Italian magazine Panorama reported that a No Surrender party included “halal food, ‘out of respect for our Muslim brothers,’ and a belly dancer.” Panorama also reported that No Surrender had “150 prospects” who were “Turks and Moroccans.” About 70,000 Kurds live in Holland.

So far, neither Satudarah nor No Surrender have announced plans to expand to the United States.

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20 Responses to “Oh Brave New World”

  1. Ripley Says:

    Re JEFF posting
    check your facts
    Willem van Boxtel was not President of HA Amsterdam until 2004For around 6 years Stam was the Pres
    There are a few more anomalies in the post you may want to correct

  2. Ripley Says:

    I think some things need a little clarification.

    “JEFF” has stated that Willem Van Boxtel was the club president of Amsterdam 81 until 2004/

    Not the case,For around 6 years Stam was club president.
    He was also along with Flipper ,Stanley and Kees one of the founding mebers of the fledgling Hells Angels Amsterdam. The claim that without Van Boxtel there would be no Dutch MC is laughable .Re publicity ,yes you may be right there, self proclamation was always his thing .Just to put the record straight, In fact on a parallel there would appear to be another rampant egomaniac in charge of the White House currently. in memory Larry,Jack.Robbie,Francie.Kees.Sooy.and most of all Stam

  3. satadurasupport Says:

    satudara willnbe in the usa very soon. a new chapter will be in new york state by 3/17.
    there will be a support club also that will have at least 3 chapters as of 3/17

  4. Jeff Says:

    I guess they crrosed the ocean


  5. Jeff Says:

    Unfortunately Ron, the No Surrender member that was filmed in Syria last year is no longer with us.
    As most dutch ex-servicemen he kept his last name from the press, so that his family would be safe from terrorist revenge

    He returned to the Netherlands safely, but died in an accident yesterday.
    He was driving his motorcycle.


  6. Jeff Says:

    Great story rebel.
    No Surrender is an interesting MC.
    Their president National president for Spain, was, until recently, their president of the Amsterdam chapter.
    His name is Willem van Boxtel better known as Big Will and he is the original dutch biker. People regarded him as the dutch Sonny Barger.
    He started a youth movement called Kreidler Ploeg Oost, because they all rode Kreidlers.
    In the early seventies, when they were old enough to ride bikes they renamed themselves Hells Angels Amsterdam. Which ofcourse led to a few conversations with real 81 from the States and Great Britain.
    They persisted in their goal though and became a prospect chapter.
    In 1978 they became the first chapter of HA Holland.
    Willem Van Boxtel was their first president and remained in that position until 2004.
    Then, in a bizarre incident he went “out bad”.
    Dutch 81 issued a statement through their lawyer claiming Van Boxtel was involved in a plot to kill Willem Holleeder, a famous dutch criminal, notorious for the kidnapping of Alfred Heineken (of brewery fame). The plot involved planting a bomb at Angel Place.
    Both Willems remain friends though and Holleeder even briefly joined No Surrender.
    After that Big Willem seemed to have vanished until 2012. When Klaas Otto started No Surrender he immediately asked Big Willem to become president of the Amsterdam Chapter. After initial hesitation Big Willem agreed. I think Klaas Otto asked him partly because of his talent for publicity, but also as a genuine tribute to a man a lot of dutch bikers have always kept in high esteem. Without Big Willem there would have been no MC culture in The Netherlands

  7. Ol'Goat Says:

    In time, the Night Wolves will certainly come to regret crawling into bed with their ruling class, probably about the time they decide to crawl out of that bed and find someone new and the ruling classes feelings get hurt and decide to ………. well, i think you all know the rest of the story.

  8. RtC Says:

    I commend the Dutch R&G NO SURRENDER MC for doing this. Takes some
    “balls” AND some World Pride.These fuckin’ “retard religious fucks” need
    to be sent back to hell! Mohammed was an INSANE bastard that had SYPHILIS
    when he spouted his “vision” of heaven. Look at “it’s” followers.
    Fuck the 1st MUD-SLIME to come to my door. Too bad my dogs don’t eat
    shit. I wouldn’t have to buy food for em!

    RESPECT for the REAL

  9. Bruka Says:

    @Tomo – can’t surprise you that it was bullshit being printed in the Mail, i wouldn’t use that rag to house break my puppy. Over here bikers don’t get the same sort of sensationalist headlines every time someone sneezes, that’s not to say that it doesn’t happen but it is usually only when something is in your face and cannot be ignored such as the fight at brum airport. The police over here operate slightly differently, we are on a small island and they know every time someone farts. The difference is they rarely go to the press with anything, the press usually have no idea what is going on in the MC world unless it is shoved in their face in the form of a raid, a public fight or a funeral procession (they love to put videos on their websites).

  10. Mad Matt Says:

    More power to ’em. Nothing wrong with fighting for the right side.

  11. Tomo Says:

    Don’t know if anyone other than Rebel and those from the UK read the Daily Mail, but this story:


    Was the main article for a few hours yesterday. First thing the lass I sit next to at work said out loud was ‘Hells Angels’ when she read the headline. We discussed this briefly and she had immediately thought the man being arrested was HA and it was a story about them. She wasn’t bothered enough to read the article, just the few lines under the main pictures (where she then found the fact the man wasn’t HA and the link with the HA was an allegation).
    Shows how effective the word play of a headline still is. Something I did note was how fast the story dropped down the reading list on the site. Apparently the mention of an mc in a headline doesn’t have the same effect as it seems to do in America.
    No disrespect meant to the 81.

  12. Tooj Says:

    That was the first article I caught. Was there some reason those last two sentences were there beyond the patently obvious?

    “Dutch citizens fighting on the Kurdish side would of course be liable to prosecution if they committed crimes such as torture or rape”, De Bruin said.

    “But this is also happening a long way away and so it’ll be very difficult to prove,” said De Bruin.

    They left out eating babies…

  13. stroker Says:

    Good job (as usual) reporting this Rebel.

    However, one of the headlines reporting this on Yahoo:


    goes (as usual) overboard in trying to sensationalize “biker gangs”, with a totally misleading picture showing hundreds of bikers, probably few of whom are club members, let alone “gang members”, on what was probably a file pic of a toy run. The public will only see the headline and the masses of “gang members” as if they are all going of to the crusades!

    Thank God we have Rebel!

  14. RVN69 Says:

    Read that some former US military have gone to Iraq to join the Peshmerga. Mixed feelings on doing it, but I can understand the motivation, the Peshmerga provided a safe haven for our Troops for R&R and have been long time US allies. Obama has made them a ton of promises on giving them the weapons necessary to fight ISIS and still hasn’t provided anything but MRE’s. It’s pretty hard to defeat a tank or knock out an artilliry piece with a lousy meal.


  15. CN Says:

    DANGER WILL ROBINSON! MC’s becoming involved in national or international politics of any kind can be hazardous to your MC’s health. Even more hazardous is involvement in religion of any kind. Seems like we got both here. (Excluding Military or Religious MMC’s / MM’s). The Night Wolves of Russia are both fans and defenders of Putin”s Government & The Russian Orthodox Church but this is the extreme case. Point being, once you get in bed with the Government you are saddled with whatever progeny or disease produced. Amen.

  16. Big Jim, Whittier Says:

    I’ve fought along side of some Dutch Marines, very hard core and some of the BEST knife fighters there are. And like they would say ” If your not Dutch your not much” Fear No One and piss on the IO

  17. Tooj Says:

    Dear Rebel,

    Thanks for writing a much better piece than I saw on this anywhere else.

  18. Vikingtrotter Says:

    That is pretty cool. My question is,,,,,Did they go Dutch?

    yeah yeah…bad joke…but I had too. :P

  19. RtC Says:

    I remember hearing from a BUNCH of VietNam Vets”Send US after BinLaden
    it’ll be done in 2 weeks!”

  20. RtC Says:

    Guess they got “free” soldiers?

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