Iron Order Charitable Ride

October 13, 2014

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The Jeffersonville, Indiana News and Tribune and television stations WHAS and WLKY in Louisville have reported that 30 members of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club held a fund-raising ride for a homeless, 12-year-old seventh grader named Ray Etheridge who was murdered by a homeless 21-year-old named Joseph Cambron on September 30.

The News and Tribune reported that Terri Collins, a family friend of the Etheridges, was surprised to learn about the ride. “I don’t know how it got started. I had no idea,” she said.


R.J. Slaymaker, an Iron Order spokesman, told WHAS, “It was a tragic death that happened and we wanted to do something to pay respects to the child, to the family, and also bring awareness to this for future instances that child abuse and stuff like that. There’s always people willing to come together and maybe make the public more aware of when situations like this arise.”

Iron Order patch holder Greg Robinson, rode with a photo of the dead boy attached to his windshield. “It’s an important cause,” Robinson explained. “It never should have happened. Sure, it’s the same as it happens everywhere around the world, but it happened here. We’re coming out for the family.”

Slaymaker told the paper that the ride raised “more than $3,100.” He didn’t say how the ride raised the money and he didn’t know what the club would do with it. The paper reported “they might donate the money to a charity in Etheridge’s name.”

Braving The Elements

The weather was cloudy in Louisville Saturday. Jerod Clapp, who reported the event for the News and Tribune led with “Gray skies threatened to pour all day, but no matter the weather, the Iron Order wasn’t going to park their bikes and postpone their ride for Ray Etheridge.”

“We were going to do this rain or shine,” Slaymaker told the paper. “We rode (Friday) to plan the route and it rained the whole time.”

The ride began at a Louisville bar and restaurant called The Monkey Wrench and ended at restaurant called the 19th Green in Jeffersonville. Google suggests three routes for the ride between those two locations. The rides range from 8.6 to 9.7 miles in length. Google estimates the rides should take between 14 and 19 minutes to complete.


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  4. Kanye Diggit Says:

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  5. RtC Says:

    @ Phuquehed, you left out AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN &…..
    Next they’ll use some other cause without notification & go on a 15 MILE
    run! (That’s a 2 day rally for UO!)
    RESPECTS for the REAL

  6. Phuquehed Says:

    @panamaa – Brilcreem…no wait, I remember now…those fucktard urine odor buffoons and how they fucked up…again.

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    Ain’t trying to be nasty.I’m mostly a lurker here.when I hear smart people talking I stfu and listen.But this guy sIz is drowning so deep in his own self-pity,referring to himself in the third person and waxing poetic about his trials and tribulations he’s not even noticing that no ones even responding to his 2 Cents(if that’s not the understatement of the century I don’t know what is).Right on to RtC
    for calling him on it… peace and hairgrease.

  12. hated and proud Says:

    Fuck em, theyll probably use the money to buy another weapon to murder somone else and get away with it again

  13. RtC Says:

    Oh well. It’s fuckin’ TECHNOLOGY!

  14. RtC Says:

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  15. Austin Says:

    @FF good to know-welcome back- I’m sorta off the razor’s edge myself. @Base LOL-Right?! Great point, man.

    My impression of DCG, which no-one asked about, is… the posts read like Budweiser returns after a semester abroad. A little smoother, a little less agit-prop, but with the same bitter aftertaste of smugness, superiority, and sleaze. No Thank You.

  16. RtC Says:

    10-Pin’s RIGHT. No matter the ride length. BUT, these douche-bags
    still did this for PR. Looks like “little too late” BS. I’m wondering
    if Obozo didn’t authorize the Urine Odor! Look at the other shit this,
    supposedly, HALF nigger, has done.
    Now, we got this fuckin’ AFREEKAN Ebola!Ain’t it a “special World”!
    I hope everybody will rise up & vote, THEN cap a politician!
    RESPECTS for the REAL

    @BMW, BIAS MY ASS! That’s common sense.

  17. Base Says:

    One mans hop, skip & a jump is anothers epic 9 mile journey into the unknown, through wind & rain filled with lions & tigers & bears,

    Oh my!

  18. ORDVET Says:

    30 people show up and it makes the news? Maybe because it was cloudy and “threatening” to rain? I’m sure that would have completely fucked up their whole 9 mile ride!

    We just road from Chicago to St Louis for a 2 hour meeting – where’s my medal???

  19. RtC Says:

    @ POS GREY! Are you clicking the ads, douchebag, or just wasting Rebel’s
    bandwidth with your drivel?


  20. BMW Says:

    First, I have a bias. I do not think that the Urine Odor is a real motorcycle club. I think that the organization is a deliberately crafted fake, but for what purpose, I don’t claim to know.

    The Urine Odor is outstanding at achieving media attention for their pr stunts. Real motorcycle clubs could take lessons from the UO. Undoubtedly, they lean on their law enforcement contacts, but they get good publicity for those stunts.

    The usual message for fundraising runs, is “Big Bikers with Big Hearts” but in this case, the message gets destroyed by the statement that they don’t know what they are going to do with the money.

    If a club wants to do a fundraiser, the first question anyone has is “Where is the money going?” A club wants the recipient at the run for several reasons: the charity will actually help with managing the event and getting a good turnout, they will also help with pr and advance publicity. By giving the charity an oversized check, the club AND the charity both get publicity. Turning over the actual money at the event also relieves the club of the responsibility for the money.

    Unlike the Urine Odor, real clubs are judged harshly by the media, so one or two members should be specifically delegated to interact with the media. Everyone else should keep their opinions to themselves. Each member that interacts with the media should have the purpose of the run memorized!

    L,H&R TO ALL 1% RIDERS!!!

  21. 7of9 Says:

    Where is the charity ride for Zach Tipton’s family? It looks like the IO considers some murder victims and their families more deserving of compassion than others, namely those victims that they didn’t create themselves.

  22. One Eye Says:

    If they raised $3100 for a 12 year old boy who got killed why would they donate the proceeds to a charity in his name; is he going to get a tax receipt? I assume someone buried him and incurred expenses, so maybe they should have apprised someone who actually had a relationship with this boy of this “run” so the money would be better spent.

    David Cole Grey: if your writings were orally spoken the only word that comes to mind is effluvium. Are you really that obtuse or do you save it for this board?

    The fact that those thieves call themselves The Sons of Malta is disgusting.

  23. Tooj Says:

    Let’s go Royals!

  24. Tooj Says:

    Did I tell y’all that a guy with ALS raised 200k this year? A kid saved by March of Dimes in KC is nine years old and raised over 50k this year alone?

    Guy with Lou Gehrig’s fucking disease raised 200k and donates a god-awful amount of his time. His name is Don Post.

    This IO shit is important how???

  25. Tooj Says:

    Sorry, I have been disrespectful as I didn’t read everything before writing this.

    I cannot and will not wax poetic about what is wrong about these people. I will say that there is something seriously fucking wrong with them and that’s about it.

    Me? I’ll contribute my time and efforts where I think necessary and as I said, I will know that it goes to help. Any questions? Look up the March of Dimes. Bikers for Babies, Kansas City. If I can help it, their shit is about to blow up in good ways beyond what it has.

    Fuck you IO opportunists, when you raise over a half mill for a verified cause, ‘runteldat’.

  26. Bystander Says:

    Gee, getting insults from a hater internet tough guy that goes by the appropiately chosen FuckHead moniker really makes me shiver.

    Get a life.

  27. Jim666 Says:

    I highley doubt this kids family gets a penny from these scum,
    you heat the nail on the head bro.

  28. Base Says:

    From the outside looking in this does all seem to be a little to convenient and a PR stunt.

    So many so called charity events are nothing more than a means for people with low moral character. Not saying all, but more than one would expect. As pointed out by Warthog, many are LE. Good to see you commenting Warthog.

    Hey, if I am wrong, OK. I am not above eating some crow. Unlike many of the IO talking heads who will not admit anything they do is wrong.

    And while on the topic of bobble heads. David the ends justify the means? You sure do type in a whole bunch of text that amounts to babble.

    The more you post the more you come off as an attention seeking moronic douche bag troll.

  29. tommy Says:

    This is just damage control PR for all the stupid shit they have done.

  30. Paladin Says:

    VAGO 1%er,

    One of those charities that got busted was the Red Cross. The scandal caused the Director’s resignation.

    Long May You Ride,


  31. VAGO 1%er Says:


    I recall this type of shit hitting the fan after 9/11. There were some huge charity organizations outed at that time. The fraud committed in the name of charity in this country is fucking amazing. Most are cash cows. Like many “foundations” There are very few worth trusting.

  32. IronBitches!! Says:

    @Any stupid fuck who even thinks the end justifies the means on this iron whore stunt..Number 1…They didnt ask permission from the family,that alone a real club would not do..That is extremely disrespectful and if the family didnt know that is because chance are there keeping the money.Number2…9miles is not considered a run..lmao!!..Thats called barhopping..Number 3.The fact every camera they could find and make aware they were stealing money under this poor kids death without the families conscent lets you know it was a publicity stunt..When a real club does charity work we dont tell anyone but who ever is going to participate and if the news finds out so be it other then that its strictly about the charity…Oh ya one more thing they dont even know what there going to do with the money and you still have dumbfucks like Mr.Grey thinking they did some good,well atleast they fooled one idiot..Mission Accomplished.

  33. Sieg Says:

    WARTHOG, they had to have multiple alternate routes in case there was a biker out on one of them.

    FTF / FTP

  34. sherides Says:

    Another step on the path of implosion… Seems like desperation is setting in.


    The Tipton family deserves justice!


  35. StrategyIsZen Says:


    Police commonly operate these sorts of charities. In return, you get “a supporter sticker” you put on your house and/or car. It’s literally a protection racket.

    In this anonymous town, the city budget is about 1 billion per year. The non-profits take in NINE BILLION per year. It’s pimping, just pimping. I hate it. The money flows outside of this city, into the pockets of people who basically hate and fear the people here.

    Everything is money. I notice this because I have no money now. Things that keep money IN communities, are therefore good things. Just two cents. Control the money, and one controls the politics. But it’s not about control to begin with. It’s literally about sharing.


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