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October 8, 2014

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Print and electronic media throughout New York state have been pounding the drums the last two days about a month-old double murder in suburban Buffalo. And, considering the officials who are publically identified with the case it is not hard to connect the dots.

About three in the morning on September 6, two members of the Kingsmen Motorcycle Club named Daniel “DJ” Szymanski, and Paul Maue were shot outside the Kingsmen’s North Tonawanda chapter clubhouse. Reporters crawled all over the crime scene the next dawn so some details of the murder and the events that may have led to them made it into the public record.

A woman named Jessica Willard who lives next door to the clubhouse told WIVB, “I was outside when I heard the shots and I come out front and I seen a bunch of people run.”

“There was arguing,” she said. “There was extremely loud arguing and then right after the arguing there was the two gunshots and then it didn’t take the police long to get here.”


The Buffalo News reported two days ago that a month before he died Szymanski told friends,  “We had some problems down in Jamestown. Another club was trying to take over our Jamestown clubhouse.” The News also reported that Szymanski was the third ranking member of the Kingsmen in New York. Police have said the two men were both shot in the back of their heads “execution style” while sitting in the front seat of a car.

Police have also speculated semi-publically that the men may have been killed as part of a territorial dispute between two factions within the Kingsmen or as the result of a territorial dispute with some other club. Steve Cook, who describes himself as an “Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Expert and Documentary Television Personality,” thinks another club may be trying to patch over Kingsmen and the murder may have something to do with that.

The Feds

So far police are officially stumped which explains the press blitz.  The headline in the Houston Chronicle read “Cops: No cooperation in slayings of 2 bikers.” The Buffalo News screamed “Kingsmen Won’t Help,” and the New York Daily News said “Upstate bikers remain tight-lipped.”

William J. Hochul, Jr., who is the United States Attorney for the Western District of New York, told WGRZ that the ATF and the FBI were both investigating the murders. “We are working with our law enforcement partners to try and assist the local police department in identifying those who killed those two members of the Kingsmen,” Hochul told the television station. “The case is being investigated right now by North Tonawanda police, but certainly the FBI and ATF have resources and experience in these kinds of cases.”

It seems unlikely that the authorities won’t eventually find somebody to blame.

This isn’t the first time Hochul (photo above) has tried to slap a Buffalo motorcycle club with a federal indictment. In March 2009 he brought a racketeering indictment against the Chosen Few Motorcycle Club which has had a strained relationship with the Kingsmen since at least 1997. That indictment was dismissed in December 2011.

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18 Responses to “Cops Stumped”

  1. honest ed Says:

    The truth of this whole thing stems from the government wanting to strip our first amendment rights from us. Regardless if you belong to a club or simply ride a bike, your considered a threat. Worst yet, the government classifies bike organizations and clubs as domestic terrorists. Are you kidding me. Bikers are one of the most patriotic groups in the country, and the last true free indidivuals. Its blatantly obvious that the government cant afford to have that, especially when this country is on a brink of economic shutdown and social turmoil. So instead of doing the right thing and going after Isis terrorist cells and herion dealers peddilng drugs to our kids, which by the way run rampid throughout Buffalo, the DA has seen it fit to target local motorcycles clubs which have existed in the area for nearly 3-4 decades. Much of this we can agree, based on the similarities of past cases, is motivated by political aspirations. Dont think for a minute its about the two members that were murdered. Though unfortunate, that incident gave the feds more leverage to spend more tax payer money to pursue a rico conspiracy case on the club. Its true that tens of thousands of dollars have been spent on law enforcement overtime, just with interviewing members, ex members, associates and families none of whom know any details of the incident, other than whats been publiscized by the media. Furthermore its public knowledge that the key accompliss who was paid ten grand of tax payer money for his immunity and should rightly be in jail for his involvement in the case, is still walking the streets and probably living his unsavory lifestyle. The raid in Sept 2015, which cost the tax payers of western ny, nearly 1.5 million dollars, turned up exactly what the federalas were told in the begining, “nothing”. The club operates strictly on donations, not illegal enterprises. Any seized ledgers or books will clearly identify that. Interesting how there was no media coverage or press release detailing the aftermath results of the raids. No tables strewn with an aresenol of weapons, mounds of drugs, totes of money and other illegal items. Again, because there was nothing. All the cardboard boxes seen being taken out of the clubhouses contained liquor bottles, t-shirts, photos, patches, signs, and club memorials. Word on the street was some of the memorial urns were opened and the ashes removed for lab testing as the feds assumed the contents were drugs. Unbelievable. The informant, to save face, and protect the government investment, fed the feds a line of false information about the club, all though truth be told what he was actually doing was telling his true life biography of his unsavory lifestyle which is why he was extradited from the club in the first place. As i understand, he was a pain pill drug addict, never was gainfully employed for more than a few weeks, had a violent and unstable personality, was mentally abusive to his girlfriends, was decietful and stole from the very people who gave him the shirt off there backs. But, these are the kinds of people the law will bend over backwards to protect and pay. He’s not the only paid informant running the streets, there are several others. Some of whom are violent offenders who have weapons charges. Yet, the feds waist no time, or revenue harassing individuals who work, have families and no criminal records. In my opinion someone should lose there job over this one. How embarassing to spend millions of tax payers dollars, when western ny is financially depressed to begin with. This information needs to be made public on a national level. Bikers and clubs need to unify and leverage resources in order to stop this scrutanny and unorthodox stripping of our first amendment rights.

  2. RtC Says:

    @ Sieg “While it was still being worn”


  3. RtC Says:

    Thanks popeye! I needed that! LMAO
    And “sugarplum”, just where is you, so’s I kin look ya up?!

    RESPECTS for the REAL

  4. popeye Says:

    Perhaps you are mistaken about who the “big boys” . For future reference the big boys are not the blue knights.

  5. Sieg Says:

    urine odor gays are “putting their time in”? As what? Feds? CO’s? Plain ol piggers? Or just chickenshit cocksuckers who don’t do shit without a badge n gun to back em up?!?!

    There may be some members who didn’t start off to be all that. Thing is, once it started sliding sideways, fast, like about the FIRST time one of them flashed a badge or called a pig, any decent, self-respecting scooter-trash would have picked the fuck up and used that rag to stop-up a toilet at the closest truckstop.

    FTF/ FTP

  6. Sugarbush Says:

    I don’t know anything about the Rebels mc and that was not what I was talking about. As far as I see with the big boys they are not going patch for patch. These guys have been putting there time in just like anyone else that I have seen.

  7. FTIO Says:

    So sugarbush the clubs are trading io patch for their own like rebels mc? Huh.

  8. Gay Edgar Says:

    I seen two Urine Odor punks riding east on S. Wood Ave in Linden NJ a few blocks from RT 1&9 at 5:30 Friday after work.


    Where is Eric Frein when you need the guy

  9. popeye Says:

    I have a hard time believing a legit MC would openly accept ex Io members and tradeing an earned patch for an unearned one aint gonna happen. I know there must be IO members that realize they fucked up and got out real quick but I wouldn’t welcome someone that gullible with open arms. I’d be real leery of who and what they are. I’m not saying it can’t happen just it would take a long time and history to change my mind.

  10. Sugarbush Says:

    I bet I have been around a lot fucking longer I have seen this go on for years. You want to dot my eye come find me and see how that works out. Quit being a cheerleader for the kingsmen and go off the article. I have no ill will for anyone in this article just stating a fact. Condolences to anyone that dies in this world.

  11. RtC Says:

    Sugarbush, IF what you say is fact, doesn’t that mean the ones leaving
    the UrineOdor “MIGHT” be men of substance?! Bet they aren’t just “PATCHING
    OVER” tho! I’ve been around a “minute or 2” so don’t try blowin’ smoke up
    my ass.You’ll get an eye dotted. Actually, I’m having real trouble with
    your statement on the believability factor.
    CONDOLENCES to the Kingsmen MC, friends & family.
    RESPECTS for the REAL

  12. Sugarbush Says:

    A lot of 1% clubs are patching in IOMC. They are finding out that they don’t belong around that shitty mc so don’t bash one club when you let the name out because all of them are doing it. Ask the big boys out there

  13. swampy Says:

    Of course that side-ways talkin’ cocksucker Steve Cook would have something to say about it; must be desperate for some speaking engagements….or attention. Condolences to the families and brothers.

  14. Rebel Says:

    Dear banana man,

    I am not fueling any fire. I stated the obvious. At the moment the police are stumped and they are shaking trees. The Kingsmen and The Chosen Few have a sometimes testy history. The Kingsmen came up in the Rico case against the Chosen Few that was still ongoing three years ago. The federal prosecutor that instigated that case is trying to make headlines with this case. I do not believe the Chosen Few blew away the two Kingsmen. I don’t think anybody who read what I wrote would come to the conclusion that the Chosen Few should be implicated in this case. I have heard the name of a club in connection with this. I have heard that club is even patching over members of the IOMC. I’ll run the name of that club when somebody, preferably the police, says it out loud. I don’t expcet anybody to say it loud. You sound informed so I am sure you have heard that speculation as well. I didn’t cover this story when it broke. Like most of these cases, I expect the crime to go unsolved.

    My sincere condolences to the Kingsmen and to the families of the two men.


  15. banana man Says:

    The few and the kingsmen have a good relationship in the buffalo’s bad enough the news media has to bring up old shit.but why did the rebel have to bring it up also.there is enough pressure on the chosen few by law enforcement,with out having the fire fueled here also.

  16. RtC Says:

    When it takes 4 of them to add their IQ scores up to get double digits,
    what do you expect?! And double digits start with 10! Yeah, they’re
    CORNFUSED alright. Bunch of fuckin’ IGITS!
    RESPECTS for the REAL

  17. VAGO 1%er Says:

    Send Mr Hochul down to FLA. to solve the Zach Tipton murder. FUCK THE IRON ORDER.

  18. Phuquehed Says:

    Funny how the fedtards and souptards got in on this faster than stink from goose shit spreads in a cardboard box, yet can’t have a thing to do with an execution in Fla. on Zach Tipton.

    Fucking air-wasting fucks, one and all. They might as well be urine odor members, they’re just as fucking worthless.

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