Lakeport Fight Still In Legal Limbo

October 6, 2014

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In early June 2011, a guy named James Bauman who at the time was the Public Information Officer for the Lake County, California Sheriff’s Office, issued a press release that began:

“A member of the Vagos outlaw motorcycle gang has been brutally beaten by a group of full-patched members of the Hells Angels outlaw motorcycle gang during a tattoo conference at the Konocti Vista Resort and Casino.

“On Saturday, June 4th at approximately 1:20 pm, sheriff’s deputies responded to the Konocti Vista Casino after security reported that four to five Hells Angels were involved in a physical fight. Deputies arrived within minutes of the call and stopped a group of fully patched Hells Angels who were walking out of the resort’s conference center.

“As the group of Hells Angels were telling deputies that they knew nothing about a fight, resort security personnel alerted deputies to a green SUV leaving the resort that was reportedly occupied by the victim. The green SUV was stopped by deputies a short distance from the resort. The passenger in the SUV, identified as 39-year-old Michael Anthony Burns of Lakeport, was bleeding about the head and face, his face was swollen and he had a laceration under his right eye. Burns however, denied being involved in any altercation and alleged that his injuries occurred as the result of a ‘fall.’

“Although Burns was a known validated member of the Vagos motorcycle gang, a rival club of the Hells Angels, he was released from further detention since he adamantly denied being assaulted. The group of Hells Angels also left the resort.”

The Prosecution

Nevertheless, because the alleged incident involved members of two brand name motorcycle clubs various law enforcement agencies were eager to make a case. “Deputies,” Baumann said, “reviewed footage from the resort’s security surveillance system” and “worked into the night” to find something for which they could arrest somebody.

In Baumann’s version, the motive for all this dedicated police work was public safety. Although no member of the general public ever seemed to be in danger, Baumann “reminded” the world “that the Hells Angels and the Vagos have a documented history of extreme violence and retaliation. Based on that history, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office expects retaliation and further acts of violence.”

The release included photographs of Vagos and Angels and Baumann told those whom he had pledged to protect and serve that “the patches depicted in the pictures are typical of these gangs. Individuals wearing these patches are members of these outlaw motorcycle gangs and should be considered dangerous.” Interestingly, the photograph of Hells Angels Baumann chose to include with his release depicted members of the club in Germany – which is very far from California.

The Story Continues

Eventually the FBI joined the investigation. Three alleged members of the Hells Angels Sonoma charter named Timothy R. Bianchi, Nicholas F. Carrillo and Josh L. Johnson were arrested and charged with battery and fighting in public and a grand drama ensued.

Superstar outlaw biker authority Jorge Gil-Blanco was booked to testify at trial. Prosecutors, as is the custom in biker cases, hid potentially exculpatory evidence from defense attorneys. One of the facts prosecutors hid was that the Lake County Sheriff at the time of the fight, Frank Rivero, had a documented history of lying under oath. Defenders raised the possibility that the incident had been provoked by a Vago who was working as an informant for the local sheriff. The charges against the defendants were amended to include a felony charge of assault with a deadly weapon which made possible a “gang enhancement.”

Eventually the case became politically toxic. The original judge in the case, Stephen Hedstrom recused himself because, he said, he had discussed the case with someone outside the court. Because of what is practically inbreeding between judges and cops in Lake County, a judge named Andrew Blum felt compelled to quit the case in 2013. Then a judge named Richard Martin refused to hear the case when his son, Brian Martin, ran for Lake County Sheriff. Last week a fourth judge named Robert L. Crone quit the case citing his “long term friendship” with Judge Martin.

But the case continues. The three defendants are still charged with feloniously attacking a man who refused to file charges against them. They are still stuck with a gang enhancement. There may yet be a trial. Gil-Blanco may yet testify.

The obvious question would seem to be why.


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35 Responses to “Lakeport Fight Still In Legal Limbo”

  1. RtC Says:

    Latigo Morgan, AND??? Tain’t good ta leave us hangin’, man. lol
    I got a pretty good imagination, but I’d like to know if my
    imagination fell along the real lines. hehehe


  2. Latigo Morgan Says:

    Had some good times at Clear Lake and Lakeport and Konocti in the 80’s. There were these four chicks from Alaska, partying their way through the lower 48, and….

  3. Ricky Redneck Says:

    Ah yes; a beer run in a MRAP. Reminds me of many years ago in the National Guard when we sent an M48A5 tank to a package store at the edge of the base on a beer run. Those were the days.

  4. Tooj Says:

    I’m reading this and pickng up quotes from cops as reported:

    “a group of full-patched members of the Hells Angels”

    “Deputies arrived within minutes of the call and stopped a group of fully patched Hells Angels”

    “the Hells Angels and the Vagos have a documented history of extreme violence and retaliation”

    Here is a quote from Tooj: “What is THIS fucking bullshit?”

    Full-patched as opposed to fully patched? What, no hyphen? Is there ‘partially patched’? (Hyphens be damned!) Documented what? Cato Institute has cops covered hands down, so I say again, “What is this fucking bullshit?”

    Kettle meet pot meet black…at least if these guys tangled it is a fairer deal than CHP beating a woman in the median of the highway (pick the myriad examples, if you will). What most would call a typical ‘traffic stop’.

  5. Meh Says:

    While the US goverment doesn’t surplus AFVs to the public because it puppeteers want to exterminate the used market, other countries (including the very staid UK) will sell demilled main battle tanks.

    A surplus APC or tank in club colors would be a fine parade vehicle.

  6. Base Says:

    An MRAP owned by a 1% MC rolling into town for beer.

    Now that would be a Kodak moment!!!

  7. popeye Says:

    corrupt cops make the other 10% look bad

  8. Grumbler Says:

    Our pack had a hearty breakfast at Renee’s Cafe in Lakeport after riding 105 miles west from Gridley back in June 2005. That was the only joint open in town that day.

    Well, guess what, a couple of cops were there. We indulged inna bit o’ eye fucking that morning. Figured they weren’t biker friendly. Cool town, but the cops are assholes. Who knows, maybe they’re trying to justify getting a MRAP vehicle by going after patch holders.

    We took Main St both ways from the 29/175 jct. Might be wise to use 11th Street btw Main and CA-29 if headin’ to town.

    BTW, wouldn’t they crap in their pants if a MRAP owned by a 1%er MC rumbled into town to pick up a few cases of beer? =8^)

  9. VAGO 1%er Says:

    @ 10Gauge
    A load of law enforcement we must control, control, control, horseshit as always.

  10. 10Gauge Says:

    Yes it is a small rural community and it seems to me that nobody wants to have to be the one to sort out the shenanigans that is so typical of these places…don’t forget the timeline

    Sheriff Rivero is the same guy who so dutifully left his son’s baseball game (which was in itself apparently news worthy enough to make the local paper) to come to “downtown” Lakeport and assist in a mutual aid request along with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, the California Highway Patrol, the Clearlake Police Department, the Lake County District Attorney’s Office and California State Parks. They shut down Main Street, trampled rights, and screwed the local businesses out of much needed revenue especially during the down turned economy….all because some Vagos were visiting for a private event.

    It also turned out they had FBI helicopters in the air and were determined to turn away anyone associated with the Hells Angels away from ” their” city to protect ” THEIR” citizens.

    From reading this it certainly seems the HA members have a good attorney who has not forgotten this timeline and has been very diligent to bring up ALLunderlying factors.

    Good Article Rebel…as usual

    Local article

  11. Mag Says:

    @SIZ – Agree on setting boundaries and reaching understandings in private with the sheriff ahead of time on 2A work. I recall interesting situations where the municipality was all exercised and wet-pantied over events, putting snipers on the rooftops and photo surveillance vans… even though we had the county sheriff as a speaker at our events.

    A little ridiculous. But there you have it.

    You know the expression that you should “never watch laws or sausages being made”? Well, it’s quite true.

    Sausages are made from ground up offal. Disgusting to watch.

    Laws are made from ground up freedoms. Sickening and enraging to watch.


  12. Clutch Says:

    This doesn’t pass the smell test – beside the fact that, technically, there is no “victim” and the cops continue to pursue, clearly based on the patch by those allegedly involved.

    I don’t find it necessarily earth-shattering for a judge to excuse themselves from a case whenever they have some sort of ties to either side. But this many? And the judge who bailed because his kid is running for sheriff…wouldn’t he then have to refuse all cases? Then the next refuses the case because he’s pals with the last one who refused the case? Say what! Aren’t they all golf buddies?

    I can’t put my finger on it, and I’m far from any legal expert, but something deeper is unfolding here.

    Good stuff, Rebel.

  13. Base Says:

    Regardless of cameras being present , if either party involved in anything chooses not to press charges souptards should stay out of it. But the mentality of these hero’s in the name of public safety they are moving ahead and filing charges any way. This goes to the fact they are stripping away more & more of our rights. Souptards have to punish someone, make someone pay!

    This thing is so toxic their own Judges are bailing out left & right.

  14. Rusty Says:

    @Sieg, I get it, just haven’t developed the ability yet to throw out common sense when looking at a situation. I’m gettin’ there by being here..

    Holding out the hope that one day soon men will TCB in less public places
    And stop feeding the morons.

    Respect to all living or trying to live the life.

  15. mouse Says:

    C’mon guys there are cameras in casinos. A little discretion maybe. Just sayen. Respect to all.

  16. VAGO 1%er Says:

    What fight?

  17. Fast Eddy Says:

    I read Rebel’s thoughts here often and appreciate the level of straight-forward reporting in the writings. Many articles have made me feel compelled to leave a reply, but ultimately my thoughts get expressed in several of the responding comments. I tend to enjoy them as much as the original piece. This ‘case’ is another strong argument proving the misguided efforts of the alphabet ‘agencies’. Outright lynch mob mentality and the sheep lap it up like animals. Palm, meet face…

    Respects, Fast Eddy

  18. panamaa Says:

    Sieg Says:

    “Hopefully the defense will be able to get this dumped, but however it plays, people are going to be ruined financially, and they will never get their lives back the way they were.”


    I truly believe that is their goal in most of these type cases…. If they can’t fuck you one way, they will find another…


  19. Sieg Says:

    Rusty, once the piggers get their hooves on something, say a surveillance video, THEY press the charges. Doesn’t matter whether or not anyone else wants to, give ’em a sniff of a PH involved, or insert the “evil criminal” du jour, say, “White Supremacist”, “gang-member”, “Black Panther”, whatever, and they just naturally go hog-wild.

    Hopefully the defense will be able to get this dumped, but however it plays, people are going to be ruined financially, and they will never get their lives back the way they were.

    Fedtards, oh yeah.


  20. p-live Says:

    maybe the casino owner or the little old ladies gambling their ss checks have rights too.if you want to be left alone stop fighting in front of citizens.

  21. Paladin Says:

    This case is a textbook exercise in the fight against common sense and the theory of mind over matter.

    If the alleged victim won’t testify because he doesn’t mind, then there’s no case, so it doesn’t matter. By there actions, the four previous judges seem to agree.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the next judge recuses him or herself due to having had to stop for gas in Lake County, at some point after getting their driver license.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  22. StrategyIsZen Says:


    “the nightmare never ends”

    I used to get REALLY HIGH to this song, back in the 1970’s.

    “Frank Zappa – The Torture Never Stops”

    I will shut up now. I hate this stuff, as people may have figured out. I started going back to church because my head was going to explode, just scheming on how to make it stop.

    Every day, I pray now.

    I do think Sunlight has effects on cockroaches. As does Unity.


  23. CN Says:

    Four Judges have found ways to recuse themselves from this case. They now seek a 5th Judge from another County at considerable expense to hear this case. At what point do they hit the maximum amount of Judges and cut bait? Imagine your ass is on the line, your freedom, your everything and they can’t even get a local Judge to hear this case but the nightmare never ends. Amazing.

  24. StrategyIsZen Says:

    Someone I know posted this on Facebook a few weeks ago. She put it this way:

    “There is MORE actual violence in a tiny one half square mile section of my town, than among the *entire* biker community in this ENTIRE state. But the violence here does not get headlines. So people don’t care.”


    It’s like the dynamic with Kim Kardashian, and I hate to use that comparison – but basically, if she farts – it’s a front page headline. Yet millions of people fart every day, and they do not get headlines. So people focus on Kim’s every move. Right now the big deal is that she does not like pumping her own gas.

    We have people dying of hunger where I live, and people care more about some tart with a rectal problem.

    Media has done this. It’s done to scare people into supporting more prisons, more LE, more taxes, politicians, etc. . .

    People who read main media increasingly fear things that just should not be feared. This is deliberate. It’s a way of controlling the population of this country. It’s literally G4W stuff – AGAINST the people.


    etc. . all media created fears – used to drive policy and grow the power of the state.

    Just two cents. Much Respect.


  25. Base Says:

    Alphabet souptards ,Fedtards!

    PH I am going to remember those.

    These people pretty much think they can do what they want, regardless.

    How about this souptards.


    Clean up your own house first before you go messing up others!

  26. Rusty Says:

    No one to testify against the accused and there is STILL a case????

  27. StrategyIsZen Says:



    When I moved to a certain rural county for a minute, I made it a point to meet with the local Sheriff, and reminded him that he sits in an ELECTED position.

    That was back when I was doing 2A stuff, and “that” put a big target on me as a “high value” target. That one meeting put the target back on him, politically. We were cordial about it, but we both know why we met. It was to establish boundaries. They do their thing. I do my thing. The two should never cross.

    Re: my recent escapades, I think the reason I got house arrest, instead of two years in County – “is” that dynamic. They had originally tried to railroad me, then I sent some emails to a friend of the Governor of this State. I pointed out that you really don’t want SIZ organizing inside a prison. I also pointed out that civil rights lawyers, even ones down on their luck, tend to know other civil rights lawyers, and have long memories about who plays nice.

    Politicians are sensitive to such things. They have laundry. Now I am nobody, and want to stay that way. I like my little hole I live in here in this anonymous town.

    The general message is that “law enforcement” is entirely political. It has very little to do with actual things like public safety. It has much to do with political power, media, elections, etc. . .

    Much respect. Just personal experience.


  28. 7of9 Says:

    If the “victim” of an alleged crime does not want to press charges, I really don’t understand how the alleged attackers can be charged with anything.

    It reminds me of some VERY stupid sex laws in some states that can get people in trouble for engaging in activities that everyone involved with was completely and enthusiastically on board with. In those states, when a party is busted up, the police can haul away whoever they please, even if the “victim” is arguing vehemently that they asked for what they were given and begging for the cops NOT to haul away their partner(s).

    It’s idiotic. If both sides wish to work out their differences in their own way, whether it’s fucking in ways that are slightly unconventional or using their fists on each other, they should be left to do it without interference from outsiders.

    Anything else is a violation of personal freedom and a waste of tax money.

  29. RLG Says:

    The iron order motorcycle club should pay close attention to the 3rd & 4th paragraphs of this news report.

  30. Paladin Says:

    Lake County is a quite, peaceful place, where its inhabitants (for the most part) are law abiding. As such, not much of anything really happens in Lake County. The words “quite”, “peaceful” and “law abiding”, when used in the same sentence are to law enforcement what a cross, garlic and a mirror are to vampires.

    In order to combat the budgetary dangers of trying to survive in a quite and peaceful environment where nothing much happens, it is sometimes helpful to remind the populace of their dependence and need for law enforcement’s protection by making something happen. As a result, the four prior judges involved with this case have made their opinions known by “making” their way to the exit.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  31. RtC Says:

    IRREGARDLESS, I’ll state again, FUCK THE FEDS, I SUPPORT almost ALL
    1%er MOTORCYCLE CLUBS. Thats stamped in metal.
    RESPECTS for the REAL
    SYL R&G B&W R&B &GreenMachine

  32. rollinnorth Says:

    Some times I am glad I live in a place, “which is very far from California.”
    Rebel, thanks for all your work.
    “Don’t give up the fight.”


  33. popeye Says:

    This case is so full of shit they can get a judge to sit for it.

  34. Phuquehed Says:

    The utter stupidity of pigs and alphabet souptards can only be described as astounding.

    They’ll suck each other off if they think it’ll help them each figure out some other charge to bring against persons who are *SUPPOSED* to be innocent until proven guilty.

    It’s easy as shit to stand way back and look at a timeline sorta like thing. Imagine seeing the 1920’s and following that timeline up to now.

    The 20’s had some motherfuckers that *NEEDED* getting dead by the pigs, yet even then the pigs and feds didn’t resort to breaking the law to burn those gangsters then…if they had, then the gangsters wouldn’t have lasted as long as they did.

    Now follow how the pigs’ and fedtards’ behavior has changed over the decades. Now you see the pigs and fedtards breaking every law known to man just to *make up* charges to burn someone so they can preen themselves in front of cameras and their ungrateful, dumbshit wives that couldn’t care less anyhow.

    If there isn’t a pig or fedtard that can actually not see that, then their eyes are too close together and mongoloidism runs in their family.

  35. popeye Says:

    This case is so full of shit they can’t even get a judge to sit for it. So if Burns takes the stand and says he was not in a fight would he be guilty of perjury? Maybe they can cop a plea to loitering. Only in Amerika

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