Overblown Bust In Plaquemines Parish

October 3, 2014

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A strange case is unfolding in Belle Chasse, Louisiana, a little southeast of New Orleans, that reads like the plot of a Coen brothers film and has attracted much more attention than it would have if the headlines didn’t say Bandidos Motorcycle Club.

The connection to the Bandidos is minimal. Two and possibly three of six people arrested on a variety of charges are members of a Red and Gold club called the LA Riders. And when the case was made public a Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesman named Eric Becnel said details had been withheld about the case because his department was sharing “information on the Bandidos” with state and federal agencies.


The merde tempête began when the unnamed nephew of LA Riders Plaquemines Parish chapter president Gregory Blanchard was helping a man David Bruce, who may or may not ride with the club, work on a car. Bruce confronted the kid about being high on Mojo, which some older readers might not know is a synthetic cannabanoid. When Bruce told the unnamed nephew he was going to tell his uncle Gregory about it, the intoxicated teenager called the police. Bruce, Blanchard and chapter sergeant at arms Michael Hahn returned before police arrived, escorted the kid to a barn and slapped him around.

When sheriff’s deputies did arrive Bruce told them they must have the wrong address. Reportedly, the three men were dismayed that the nephew was not only stoned but had called police. According to the police statement, “After the deputies left, Mr. Bruce went back to the barn where the victim was tied up in a chair with a rope, and Mr. Bruce actually strangled the victim, allegedly until he passed out.”

But of course the deputies were aware the men belonged to a motorcycle club so they decided to investigate further. When one entered the barn, according to Becnel, “The three suspects informed the deputy that he had actually suffered a seizure from the drug intoxication.”

Clandestine Drug Lab

The deputies then searched the house shared by Blanchard, his wife Amanda, Hahn, Lyndsey Fannin and another teenager named Brandon Franklin.

Police found small amounts of the ingredients – including one cold pack and one gallon of Coleman Camp Fuel – used to produce small amounts of methamphetamine implementing the so called “shake n’ bake method.” Police and the press in New Orleans have characterized the ingredients as a “clandestine drug lab.”

The Sheriff’s Office press release said, “Agents also seized four firearms, which included two pistols and two assault rifles, one of which was sawed-off.” The weapons might be more accurately described as an automatic pistol, a small caliber revolver, an M 16 carbine and a lever action rifle with a slightly shortened barrel. The release did not elaborate on the identity of the “agents.” Agents and deputies also seized LA Riders indicia.

Blanchard and Hahn were charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment, second-degree battery, operating a clandestine methamphetamine lab and possession of a firearm with a controlled dangerous substance. Hahn was also charged with possession of a sawed-off shotgun. Bruce was charged with second-degree battery. Fannin was charged with operating a clandestine meth lab and possession of drug paraphernalia. Franklin and Mrs. Blanchard were charged with operating a clandestine meth lab.

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  1. RtC Says:

    Just saw this in a book I’m reading: Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum.
    “Let Justice Be Done.” Too bad the fuckin’ PIGS don’t understand that.
    ALL of this kinda shit is going to bite them in the ass eventually. My
    hope is that it’s sooner than later. Seems the sheeple are being given
    fuckin’ sleeping pills in their koolade.
    Best of luck to the unjustly charged. My thoughts are with ya’ll.
    RESPECTS for the REAL
    Redwolf the Conchoman

  2. Sieg Says:

    Tommy, the guy was, apparently, charged with possession of an SBR-a short-barreled rifle, for having a liver-action carbine with the barrel shortened. It’s only a $5 tax stamp and some paperwork to legally own one, but a nice felony to have one without the right tax stamp.



  3. StrategyIsZen Says:


    Yes, thank you – reading. I think the actual Reveres should read that, then think about Facebook. I use too many words. I think someone in another thread summarized IO like this (it was not me): “things will now just happen.”

    Karma is a bitch. I will shut up now for a few days or weeks.


    I memorized this for some strange reason. Here is a more “friendly” translation (that below is Ch. 5) http://acc6.its.brooklyn.cuny.edu/~phalsall/texts/taote-v3.html

    heaven and earth are ruthless; they see the 10,000 things as straw dogs
    the sage is ruthless; he sees the people as straw dogs
    heaven and earth are like a bellows
    the shape changes, but not the form
    the more it moves, the more it yields
    more words count less
    hold fast to the center

    Much Respect. House Arrest is Karma.


  4. Mag Says:

    @SIZ – I get stopped sometimes by hard looking and angry men who once-over my vest and simply grind out, “Three percent?” and nod.

    “There’s more of us than they think.”

    “You’re God-damn right.”


    I’d read the above.

    I suspect that those overly infatuated with the organs of State power (yes, entendre intended) do not believe that there is a flood behind the dam.

    How quaint and precious a sentiment of self-assuredness.

    They really have no idea of how it works. There are some things you shouldn’t provoke. And then mistake forbearance for incapacity.

    The most dangerous weapon of the enemy is his natural intelligence. Marry intelligence to an abandonment of rules, fueled by provocation, and intensified by rage at injustice and you’ll be on the shuddering spine of a charismatic megafauna before you hear the first shovel hit the dirt of a ditch prepared just for you.

    But they aren’t ready for that type of thinking. There are many Americans who have thought about this longer than the span of individual State careers, and are careful enough to stay off the metadata analysis. There’s a simple way to do it when you need to.

  5. StrategyIsZen Says:


    This is intense.

    A recent one I got from someone in another state was:

    “Learn the recipes of your parents.”

    People ask me what I am doing these day, and I am like “eating better,” “going to church more,” “walking dogs,” “not talking as much.”

    Very simple things have large effects. Once systems starts to spin in certain directions, basically “nothing” works better than “something.”

    Someone just brought over some food because people in my hole know I am under house arrest. I pay a few bucks for a home cooked meal, and am grateful for it. Little things make me grateful now. But they are not little, and I guess that is one of the points.

    Much Deep Respect. Seeing things here is good stuff. The people who read it have nightmares about it. I do not wish nightmares on any good person. Now going to eat some home-cooked lasagna and take a nap.

    That’s my exciting day. I need to learn the recipe, next time I see her, BTW. It’s like that thing where no matter how tough someone thinks they are, there is always someone tougher. No matter how smart someone thinks they are, there is someone wiser.

    Re: “III” – I met Mike V. once. Short guy. Real intense. Likes hats with funny sayings. I like him. I used to not like him until I figured out what he was doing. He has love in his heart.


  6. Mag Says:

    @SIZ – “There are no messiahs” is correct. Here are a few more for you:

    “All hardened weapon systems have soft pink centers.”

    “Militarized police are not prepared to operate on an even-force basis.”

    “Miracles do not cluster.”

    “After the first one, the rest are free.”

    “Human history is littered with the corpses of those who did nothing wrong and had nothing to hide.”

    “A pillar of the community makes a nice stationary target.”

    “If you can see it, you can hit it. If you can hit it, you can kill it.”

    “When a system doesn’t have a floor, if it breaks you just keep falling.”

    “They have a plan to ride the tiger. That is not the same as riding the tiger.”

    “Instill uncertainty into the minds of the people, so they will always be unsure if they are going to break the ‘law’. Raise their anxiety level so they will strive to rid themselves of all forbidden thoughts.”

    “Reality is what’s still there when the power goes down.”

    And one that I am sure you will recognize:

    “To renew applies when we are fighting with the enemy, and an entangled spirit arises where there is no possible resolution. We must abandon our efforts, think of the situation in a fresh spirit then win in the new rhythm. To renew, when we are deadlocked with the enemy, means that without changing our circumstance we change our spirit and win through a different technique.”

    “Everything can collapse. Houses, bodies, and enemies collapse when their rhythm becomes deranged.”

    SIZ, there’s a whole body of knowledge that’s rotting and dripping off the vines of the Tree of Liberty and spattering on the upturned arrogant faces of the tyrants. They think tigers are mounts, designed for thoughtless usage and then discarded.

    Karma’s a bitch, and 4GW’s a meaner bitch with hot barrels and lots of responding cries of “No fair!” that simply mean it’s working.

    III% | 4GW

  7. tommy Says:

    Im confused…..The gun description does not mention a shotgun but the guy was charged for having a sawed off shotgun?

  8. StrategyIsZen Says:


    Thank you.

    Here is another one of my stupid autistic thoughts – “there are no messiahs.” When someone raises them-self up and says “follow me” – they are 100 percent of the time going to:

    1) Make money from you.

    2) Use you politically.

    3) Lead you off a fucking cliff.

    Fuck ALL this shit! I kind of got in some trouble partially for drinking a lot and carrying a gun, and some other stupid shit – and partially for saying “there are no leaders.”

    The government HATES that stuff. When there is “a leader,” they can attack “the leader.” When there is no leader, and it’s just millions of people leading, they can’t do shit.

    The entire IDEA scares them.

    Much respect.


  9. Mag Says:

    @SIZ – 10-4.

  10. StrategyIsZen Says:

    To get back on topic. My intuition is that the government is not stupid. They know that there are around 120 gun owners to every LE. They know that the military won’t shoot civilians, and they know that DHS will just walk off job.

    I think IO was an attempt to disrupt potential opposition.

    I also think that maybe some *smarter* people in government are thinking “gee, when stuff pops off around these places, wouldn’t it be nice to have folks around who like things to be orderly, and who actually LOVE AMERICA.”

    Just strange theories I have. I am not in a club. I should probably be in a loony bin, but I keep pointing out that I have been tested and have a “sane” stamp of approval. I just don’t like bullshit. Never have. In a free country, I can say it.

    Much respect to all. If people do not start standing up for what is right, there won’t be anything that “is” right. And standing means doing positive things, and speaking positive things.

    Seeing that 22 year old girl have her head splattered all over her headliner in her little car that she probably worked super hard to buy, has really fucked with my head. And crap like that is the result of many broken things in this country. Broken families, broken minds, broken economies, broken morals, broken hearts, broken systems, broken everything. But what is broken can be repaired. I will shut up now. House arrest is a bitch. So is ADD. I sometimes just don’t give a shit anymore about anything.

    I go to church for a reason.

    Much Deep Respect to All.


  11. StrategyIsZen Says:



    Re: ADD

    For years and years, my motto was “don’t die / don’t go to jail.”

    I was once in a gunfight here in this urban hole that I love. I was not a participant, I just happened to be on the wrong place. It was some street shit that I stay out of (people here KEEP me out of it to protect me.)

    Anyways, I was wearing “hospital socks” because I had a recent surgery to my butt. The surgery was from a ride out to Bundy Ranch (not the standoff, but the week after with the BBQ and Madison Rising.)

    Someone here said SIZ, “you fucking idiot, get behind a telephone pole, that’s how we do it here.”

    I was like “doh!”

    The whole time me and my brother back here were hitting on a bottle of 1800, watching it play out. This was back when I was still drinking.

    Someone died, and I only know what is in media, and I have cried over this. She did not deserve to die. Few people deserve to go out like she did. But at that exact moment, I was thinking, “damn – this is what life is all about.”

    Some people know I used to do 2A stuff, and I have a strange view about guns now. Just seeing things. It takes me a long time to explain it, and it’s really boring. And I am nobody and want to stay that way. The ADD stuff caused me to just have the most strange life. So strange now I can’t even talk about it too specifically. It just seems surreal. Even to me.

    Much Respect,


  12. StrategyIsZen Says:

    One of those Western states has some water issues: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-10-05/nobody-has-any-idea-how-disastrous-its-going-be-warns-california-water-expert

    I picked a fine time to quit drinking, BTW.

    Much Respect.


  13. panamaa Says:


    Back in the day, water was a BIG deal as far as land goes and as far as I’m concerned it still is… As Mark Twain said;

    “Whiskey for drinking.. Waters for fight’in over…”

  14. StrategyIsZen Says:


    As you know, gun control just *ended.*

    That $1200 CNC that DD makes over in Texas, sold out in 24 hours. Basically, anyone with $1200 can now manufacture as many untraceable AR15’s as they want.

    I think DD is calling it Ghost Gunner in homage to a politician in a Western state. The mere fact this just happened, is total G4W stuff to begin with.

    People will not fight wars they will lose. That is why our Government is backing down. Think about Bundy. Ferguson, etc. . .



    Ruby Ridge

    I think it’s already won – and I think what happens now is that people start pushing certain directions, in peaceful ways.

    Much respect, just two cents,


  15. StrategyIsZen Says:


    “and the weapons used.”


    I was watching some documentaries about men who stare at goats and stuff. It was about the “1st Earth Army” concepts. They seem kind of loopy, but some of them are used right now. An example is “sound.”

    I do think there is much power in spiritual warfare. That aligns with my faith, so that’s the space I stay in now. They actually align with Lao Tzu as well. Kind of also with some Samurai concepts of total war. What that means is that you spiritually vanquish your opponent. But it’s not “you” doing it, if that makes sense.

    They lose before they start, basically. You obliterate their minds, and their bodies can’t function. But again, it’s not “you” that does it.

    It’s esoteric stuff. I know over in another state, in the Northern part, these trippy warfare concepts take root along the coast sometimes. I know that our Army, actually uses concepts learned as Esalen, for example.

    What is cool about these concepts, is that they can’t be opposed.

    Re: property – I like Bastiet.

    Much Respect, just two cents, I am not in a club,


  16. Paladin Says:


    Water is a resource of the land. You yourself stated, “I own property that has the only GOOD water well in the area & my wife wants to sell.”

    Long May You Ride,


  17. RtC Says:

    Hey, Paladin. How about the control of WATER?! Land means nothing without
    WATER. One needs to look into that. You can survive without food longer
    than you can without water. I own property that has the only GOOD water-
    well in the area & my wife wants to sell. I’m thinking more of NO! $100
    per month insurance may be a good investment.HELL, can always become a
    cannibel!(sp?) FUCK,can’t spell it, can’t be it!
    RESPECTS for the REAL

  18. Paladin Says:

    UnaffiliatedObserver Said:
    October 6th, 2014 at 7:06 am

    “I think that the more direct cause of modern wars has been control of the issuance of fiat currencies, which in turn necessitates control of resources to back those currencies.”

    The resources that back the fiat currencies you speak of are directly tied to the land. Those that control the land, control the resources that grown on are found under or in the land.

    The ability to wage war is directly tied to the availability of resources. When warships were constructed from wood, a lack of trees would limit the number of ships that could be put to sea, which would limit the ability to protect one’s shipping routes, jeopardizing the procurement of needed resources from other lands. The German’s attempt at isolating England by controlling the North Atlantic shipping lanes through the use of U-Boat Wolf Pacts was a perfect example of this.

    The Axis powers relied on a strategy of rapid expansion at the onset of the Second World War. Neither Japan nor Germany had the required natural resources to wage a protracted war. The rapid conquering of other lands was required to obtain war material. The resources of rubber, petroleum, ore, and the land needed to produce the food that would support their soldiers were not indigenous to their own lands.

    Everything that has and is happening in the ME is not about the need for sand it’s all about the needed resource that’s under the sand. Do you really think anyone would care about the ME, if it wasn’t for the oil?

    At the moment, there isn’t any more land being made. As the World’s population increases, the value of the land and its resources will continue to escalate. When you control the land, you control its resources.

    When you control the resources that others need or want, those resources have value. It’s the value or perceived value of those resources that backs a Country’s currency.

    Long May You Ride,


  19. RtC Says:

    7of9, Not denying the kid NEEDED slapped around, just pointing out that
    I’m taking “the guy involved”‘s word over what the pigs report & info
    Rebel was able to get, stated. If it hadn’t been for the fact that it’s a R&G Club, it wouldn’t have led to anything. Just as Rebel’s headline read,
    Overblown bullshit, plain & simple.
    Got ya’ll down south on my Good Thoughts List. Here’s hoping reality
    happens & not what that bunch of fucks with badges hope happens.
    RESPECTS for the REAL
    Redwolf the Conchoman

  20. 7of9 Says:

    If the kid did get slapped around, it sounded like he deserved it. It’s tough to know what really happened, but it definitely doesn’t sound like something that needed the authorities to intervene in either case. I think most of us are arguing that even IF the version of events that was reported was anywhere near true, it still shouldn’t have led to a search and witch hunt.

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