Imaginary Crimes And Organic Chemistry

October 2, 2014

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The press releases that announce the apprehension and prosecution of biker gangsters usually read like fiction – bad fiction – or the ravings of a drug addled lunatic.

Four cases spring immediately to mind: The Zach Tipton murder in Jacksonville Beach in June after which the confessed shooter was set free because his motorcycle club has branded itself as “law abiding;” the Georgia Outlaws case in which three men were indicted, for all practical purposes, because they refused to be entrapped; the recent murder conviction of a strange and pathetic man named Caius Veoivis – who did not own a motorcycle and who probably couldn’t fit a helmet over his skull implants – but who prosecutors said murdered in hopes of becoming a Hells Angel; and another Angels fiasco called “Operation Red Harvest” in which 34 people were hit with 226 criminal complaints that eventually turned out to be almost entirely imaginary.

That is not mention the limitless racketeering prosecution of the Mongols Motorcycle Club, many of whose members were convicted of “crimes” such as being a club officer, legally possessing ammunition or posing with a gun in a photograph that was reproduced in a book. Or the never ending questions of prospective jurors in biker cases about whether those good citizens understand that the television show Sons of Anarchy is a work of fiction.

So in that context it might be realistic to wonder how the United States Department of Justice intends to twist the strange tale of Keith Ditmore’s very bad day into a predicate offense in some future prosecution of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club.


Ditmore, the owner of a motorcycle shop in Alto, New Mexico was arrested Monday and charged with aggravated burglary, aggravated assault, shooting from a moving vehicle and possession of a controlled substance after defending himself against an unknown number of imaginary Bandidos.

Ditmore told police that the Bandidos were dressed like Swat.

His strange ordeal began about four Monday afternoon when he noticed people dressed like Swat members on his property and called police. Lincoln County Sheriffs responded but were unable to find the intruders.

Ditmore Tries To Escape

Five hours later Ditmore saw two more Swat intruders with assault rifles standing outside his door. He confronted the two men who refused to answer him. So, Ditmore loaded his AK-47 and killed a Swat Bandido in his garage then shot at a woman who seemed to be accompanying Diotmore’s tormenters.

In a panic, he tried to escape, crashed his truck into a ditch and shot at a Swat Bandido perched on his rear fender before running to the nearest house. “He gained entry claiming the Bandidos were after him,” Lincoln County Sheriff Robert Shepperd said in a report. “He shot six times inside the residence while the home owner and daughter had retreated into a bathroom and locked the door. After a brief standoff he was talked out of the house and taken into custody and transported to jail.”

After being convinced to leave the house, Ditmore told Sheriffs that Bandidos were on the roof of the house and wanted to kill him. Sheriffs found the engine of Ditmore’s truck still running with a bullet hole in the rear fender. Additional bullet holes were found in the rear of the house in which Ditmore had sought refuge.

According to the Sheriff’s statement, Ditmore admitted injecting methamphetamine and taking six Xanax before he realized he was being attacked.

Ditmore was later released on $71,000 bond.


40 Responses to “Imaginary Crimes And Organic Chemistry”

  1. Whitepride Says:

    Here in New England we don’t have that much meth around but unfortunately heroin is a big problem in the area. Lost a brother to that nasty shit and hope it never happens again.

  2. Tooj Says:

    This isn’t about big pharma or any of that fucking bullshit. This is about how people treat people. Fuck all that other shit.

  3. Tooj Says:

    Had a couple minor strokes from ‘prescribed’ drugs. Did my own research and stuff. Today I’m living as a result. Well, I DO take a Vitamin D supplement.

    I totally understand how the fellows today lose it after leaving the suck. They’re being prescribed this very garbage along with atypical antipsychotics, antidepressants, etc ad nauseum. None of it to help, only to mask. Make you more acceptable to ‘them’. Be ‘less’ what you are because we really don’t know how to handle you now.

    Yeah, we sent you there. Feel real bad too. Take some of this shit so we don’t have to be reminded, please? We just don’t want to know.

  4. Meh Says:

    “Interesting stories about Xanax, the VA prescribes it to me to take 3X a day!! I just smoke weed instead.”

    Weed is damn useful for the nausea I get from pain meds. It’s funny. I used to smoke for fun. Now I’m old and smoke to get some fucking sleep. Insomnia meds have the reverse effect. Tried many, they either didn’t work or were vile and trippy in a bad way.

    The death toll from legal drugs is enormous, yet Big Pharma protects them and fights legal weed.

  5. RtC Says:

    I just feel thankful that I’m not the type to get strung out. The
    Navy had me on at least 40 mgs. of Valium every 4 hours for about 2
    mths. then took me off of it. For 4 days I knew I’d never get myself
    in that fix again. Feel sorry for the lost ones.I guess it’s true that
    only the strong survive.
    RESPECTS for the REAL

  6. Freeman Says:

    @ PH

    Thx man, you’re right and i know this, its just reading the stories from others brought up something i (thought) i had buried deep for a long time.

    Its not all black, brought back a lot of funny shit too, lots of crazy shit, Marc where ever you are, ya stupid fuck, i still love ya man.

    Hope your still rolling that drum stick around your middle finger.

    And yeah VAGO 1% the white drugs ARE EVIL SHIT, i remember getting scared of it, partied the night before and had a bit more than half a gram left was with a buddy did 2 lines, my bud was like whoa man keep some for later, told him you don’t understand there is not gonna be a later as far as that shit goes, i felt an addiction coming didn’t want any part of it, it scared me, did tons of adrenaline pumping shit in my life on a bike and off, but that stuff is the only thing that scared me, shook me down to my foundations.

    Unfortunately some are more reckless than others as far as that goes.


  7. Phuquehed Says:

    @RVN69 – You got that right man. Those are the kinds of friends everyone wishes they could have…and forever. I’m actually still in contact with one of them. The others have wandered their own ways, mostly toward being stuckup assholes, except for one who all me and the last friend I’m still in contact with know isn’t doing too well monetarily, and possibly been into drugs himself, but no one we’ve tried to contact really knows anything much, unfortunately. He was a good man, not very bright, but always a good heart on him. I still do searches now and then in hopes of finding something out.

    @springerman – Figure it this way…I was the only long-hair out in the waters and every time I went out I literally had to fight two or three of those assholes to make them leave me be so I could surf. I was probably real similar to the crew in the movie ‘Big Wednesday’. Never could figure out why none of us got ate by sharks after all the friggin’ blood in the water from busted noses and gashes on the heads from surfboards. We could literally look down and 10 feet below us see sharks or dolphins swimming by as we waited for a wave.

    @Freeman – Not a damn thing wrong with missing a friend who was that close. There’s no ‘wrong’ thing you can do to mourn his passing and the melancholly the memory brings. All you can do is remember too thought the good times so you can always get a little sidewways smile while lettin’ the tears roll at the same time (hope that makes sense). No one is always able to ‘notice’, especially when the one *everyone* thought was doing well *doesn’t* want anyone to notice.

  8. Freeman Says:

    Only thread to ever make me shed a tear, Marc wasn’t a brother, he was a close friend, he was a drummer, every week end we’d jam, me on guitar him on drums and who ever was around that could play, talked to him about the shit he was on about a month before he decided to end it.

    I can tell you guys this, since then on he looked sober, more fucking sober than any of us, but looking back we would see less of him, last time i saw him was a week before he pulled the plug on himself.

    Asked him how ya doing man,everything ok? he was fine new job new ol lady, new car, everything seemed wrapped up, i didn’t see the shit storm coming,then i get a call from my ex about a week later, did you hear about Marc? went to a park and cried for an hour, to this day i still cant forgive myself for not noticing it

  9. rookery Says:

    We banned that shit 15 years back, Out bad if you are caught touching it, Bro’s argued and cried at the time but its proved the correct choice. Every major fuck up and crisis in our clubs long history can be traced back to members doing that crap. VAGO has it correct,The white drugs are EVIL SHIT..

  10. VAGO 1%er Says:

    The white drugs are EVIL SHIT

  11. 7of9 Says:

    Reading these stories is heartbreaking and reminds me how lucky I’ve had it. I grew up watching the entire generation before my parents struggle with alcholism and, while I have my vices, none include drugs or alcohol because of what I saw growing up. I know all too well, though, how easy it is for good people to slip down that slope and become lost and ensnared.

  12. springerman Says:

    back in the 80’s my best bud and I would do crank daily, smoked a lot of dope and cigarettes too. We thought it made us more productive and it did to a point. Did bodywork and painted a lot of cars. Whatever we did the crank was there and we would just do more and more, because it was there(we kept doing it more and more because it made us more productive) We did less bodywork and painted less cars(We did more and more so we could be more productive) I don’t remember the last bodywork or paint we did, but I remember the last lines we did(never shot, saw people do it and made me want to vomit, I couldn’t understand why anyone would do that!!!) We were up on a roof of the place we used to do bodywork and we got into a fight while fixing said roof. My best Bud almost threw me off the roof, he was bigger than me and always strong as a bull. A couple hours later he came back to the shop and we talked it out and we realized what was fucking us up. We knew it was the crank and we vowed that we were done. So we came up with a plan to quit using it…..we decided that the best way to quit was to snort every thing we had and end our crank days together. How fucked up was that. But it did work, I can’t say we never did it again but that was pretty much the end of it. Last time for me was about ten years ago, never again. @ Phuquehed, I never pictured you as a surfer. I am glad your Buds cared for you.

  13. panamaa Says:

    I too have lost a lot of friends to this fucked up drug. I myself never got into it, my preference was the other end of the spectrum but a drug is a drug when it has you by the balls.

    Meh, as others have stated, is a fucked up drug made with things no one in their right mind would ever introduce into their bodies. The friends I had that got off into it changed from people I respected and loved into people I dreaded coming to my door. It was hard to turn them away but I had giving them every chance in the world and all they ever did, after they got off on that shit, was try to fuck me in every way they could just to get money to buy that shit and the ones that finally got off of it were never the same…

    Not a day goes by that I don’t think about the brothers and sisters I lost to that shit….

    Respects to thoses….

  14. RVN69 Says:

    @stroker, Sorry for your loss, I know how you feel, lost a brother to crack and booze.

    @Phuquehed, glad you had the kind of friends who would do you a solid.

    Interesting stories about Xanax, the VA prescribes it to me to take 3X a day!! I just smoke weed instead.


  15. rollinnorth Says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this has been reported to the local fusion center.
    “No works” is the rule in my house.


  16. RLG Says:

    “Drug misuse is not a disease, it is a decision, like
    the decision to step out in front of a moving car.
    You would call that not a disease but an error in
    When a bunch of people begin to do it, it is a social
    error,a life-style. In this particular life-style the
    motto is “Be happy now because tomorrow you are dying,” but
    the dying begins almost at once, and the happiness is
    a memory.
    It is, then, only a speeding up, an intensifying, of
    the ordinary human existence. It is not different from
    your life-style, it is only faster. It all takes place
    in days or weeks or months instead of years. “Take the
    cash and let the credit go,” as Villon said in 1460. But
    that is a mistake if the cash is a penny and the credit
    a whole lifetime.There is no moral in this novel; it is
    not bourgeois; it does not say they were wrong to play
    when they should have toiled;it just tells what the
    consequences were. In Greek drama they were beginning,
    as a society, to discover science, which means causal
    law. Here in this novel there is Nemesis: not fate,
    because any one of us could have chosen to stop playing
    in the street, but, as I narrate from the deepest part
    of my life and heart, a dreadful Nemesis for those who
    kept on playing. I myself,I am not a character in this
    novel; I am the novel. So, though, was our entire nation
    at this time. This novel is about more people than I knew
    personally. Some we all read about in the newspapers.
    It was, this sitting around with our buddies and
    bullshitting while making tape recordings, the bad
    decision of the decade, the sixties, both in and out
    of the establishment. And nature cracked down on us.
    We were forced to stop by things dreadful.
    If there was any “sin,” it was that these people wanted
    to keep on having a good time forever, and were punished
    for that, but, as I say, I feel that, if so, the
    punishment was far too great, and I prefer to think of
    it only in a Greek or morally neutral way, as mere science,
    as deterministic impartial cause-and-effect.
    I loved them all.

    — Philip K. Dick _A Scanner Darkly_

  17. Jim666 Says:

    @ Stroker, Condolences on the loss of your friend, Over the years Ive lost quite a few myself, It seems to me that a lot of good cats have been taken out by bad drugs.
    May they all R.I.P.

    And RTC your rite nothing is the same today as it was back then,
    everything changes, the people, the drugs, the places, the names of the people the places and the drugs,,,,,,,,,, shit.
    I guess thats life.

  18. StrategyIsZen Says:


    Someone I may know who is not me used to work as a bar bouncer in the Mojave desert in a town I can’t name. Maybe it was in the 1980’s before that someone went back to college.

    That someone used to drink entire six packs, to sleep after a three day run.

    That someone once took a 36 inch oak wood axe handle and nearly beat a man to death for one single word.

    Yes, agreed.

    He spent many years hating himself for such things. There were more. They generally involved violence. It fucked with both body, mind, and soul. Just that short period of maybe two years of doing that.

    Much respect,


  19. Phuquehed Says:

    Dunno about no xanax, but fucking crank will do it all by itself.

    I was living in Leucadia, back in ’84 or ’85. Had a ’65 Chevy van to my name. Got a job working as a fucking dishwasher in a fucking vegetarian restaurant (little bitty joint).

    Got to park the van out back and run an extension cord to a heater and light in the van.

    Somehow or another met up with a dude whose dad was a big-time bathtub chemist. Making crank hand over fist. Any batch that didn’t turn out nice and white for whatever reason, he gave to his kid and me and him would snort this shit up day after day because basically we had as much as we wanted.

    We literally never went a day without going through at least an eightball. I never noticed I was changing and doing dumber and dumber things. For example, this one I do remember…on my day off, I snorted up at least a gram or two before heading out to go surfing. Stopped at this little thing like a roach-coach that sold mexican food. Stood in line until my turn and then made my order. He told me how much it was and I reach into my pocket and pull out what I knew was a twenty and set it on the counter for him. Next thing I know a bunch of people are laughing and having a good time and I couldn’t figure out why until I looked at the money I threw down and it was still rolled up into a snorting tube. Fucking DUH!

    Anyway, 4 months later I’m washing dishes and the restaurant is closed up. Suddenly, like I mean *instantaneously*, it felt like the roof fell on me and I find myself sitting on the floor trying to catch my breath and crying like a baby! My mind is going a million miles an hour wondering what the fuck is going on?

    A few minutes later and I’m okay and I stand up and shake my head and giggle nervously and shake it off and go back to cleaning the dishes.

    Five minutes later it happens again! This time I run out the back door trying to get fresh air. I don’t remember too much other than somehow calling another buddy of mine who also worked there and getting him to come take over for me.

    He told me a year later that after he was done cleaning up, he came out to the van to see how I was and opened the side door and I was crawled up in a back corner as tight as I could get and repeatedly cocking and pulling the trigger on my black-powder pistol I’d owned for quite a few years…the barrel in my mouth. Truns out the caps I had on the cylider were all crappy and didn’t fire.

    Somehow some buds back home in Vegas got me back there and I got my shit together. I’m one of the lucky ones.

    Anyway, sorry for that long shit story, but like other who have mentioned it, I sure hope the fedtards don’t fuck with a club now just because of some dumbshit speedballer.

  20. StrategyIsZen Says:


    “This” is “the G4W” stuff that I think that IO was trying to do using their “club,” connections to LE, social media, and some main media.

    They were literally trying to rebrand bikers into “terrorists” like an American form of “ISIS.”

    I honestly think that’s part of what they were trying to do, and is why the word “terrorist” appears now in some things coming in from LE. I do not think IO was the only moving part of this, but I do think it’s part of “a media strategy” somewhere.

    Media just basically brainwashes people into seeing “bogeymen” everywhere. That can and will be exploited by the state.

    On the other hand, I also think that some people in government think tanks are maybe kind of rethinking the whole thing and realizing that if things pop off here in America, that it might be a “good thing” to have a lot of people who really love America, kind of just “around” – especially in urban areas.

    So, as with all things, it always appears to be “both.”


    Here is how powerful “memetics” are (memetics are basically “how media brainwashes people.”)

    I live in a tiny little urban hole. Maybe 1/2 mile square. There is only one way in, and one way out. I like my hole. I feel safe here and I love my neighbors, and they love me. There’s a place for everyone in this world, and I guess I found my little place.

    I never actually want to leave here, even if I get rich again.

    There’s a big choke-point up at the top of the neighborhood, and people coming here, HAVE to pass through that choke-point – and people I may or may not know, like to hang out there and do whatever they do. I never ask. Ain’t my biz.

    I go there too sometimes, when I get get out of the house (I have permission sometimes from the court,) and we just swap bullshit stories about cars, women, and crap like that.

    Anyways – the rest of this town is *FUCKING TERRIFIED* to come here.

    And there is some risk, but it’s intensely personal. In other words, it is entirely possible to get really jacked up here, and I have seen it happen. BUT – people basically have to “ask” for it.

    The point is that the TERROR IS MOSTLY IN HEADS AND IS NOT REAL. Media did this. Local newspapers, generally. Some TV, some rap videos, some rumors, mostly main media did this to where I live.

    It actually USED to be pretty scary here, but is now generally calm. But the media does not report on “that change.” Hence, the rest of town kind of shudders when they merely *hear* the name of my neighborhood.

    Totally true and weird.

    I was in DUI class last week, and the counselor is from this end of town, and knows where I live. The topic came up, and he asked me to say where I live. I said it – and the class basically gasped. I was like “what?”

    It was kind of funny, but I guess people had to be there. “Media” is what does this.

    Much respect. Just two cents.


  21. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    I’m gonna go out on a limb and say any fabricated case begins… and ends… if there is no dead “Bandido” in the garage.

    One can only hope, anyway.

    My middle daughter’s longtime boyfriend is now drinking with Xanax as his poison of choice. She moved out (she’s a smart cookie). I’m guessing it won’t be long before he’s dead if something doesn’t wake him up (literally) very, very soon. So sad and unneccessary.

  22. chromedome Says:

    I know yur pain all to well.

    Lost some good brothers on that shit. And yur right once they get gone they never come back the same. In my most private and alone moments I remember some solid m’fkers backs against the wall shoulders against the world , but when the throttle is wide open and the brakes arent even connected the only way to stop is to crash and burn.


  23. Sieg Says:

    Stroker, I hear ya. By this stage of the game, I’ve lost most of my Brothers to dope, war, keller-cagers, you name it. Most of them went in the late seventies/early eighties, behind heroin, cocaine, and crank.

    RIP Chuck, GBNF

    “As long as the fame of a dead man’s deeds live on, he hasn’t died”.


  24. WheresMyBoots Says:

    @stroker: I’m sorry man. RIP Chuck, Fly Free. Respects to you Both.

    @RtC: only time I nearly offed myself was on ‘antidepressants’. Nearly lost it, told the doc he shoulda gave me 714’s, he said, “what’s that?” Respects.

    Apologies to Red and Gold -hope those morons don’t use this loony tale to cause a pain in the ass -Respects.

  25. RtC Says:

    Sure glad I’m still on Morphine & not that fuckin’ Xanax! Too many horror
    stories about it & I’m surprised it isn’t in a TV commercial about BAD
    DRUG lawyers wanting to sue the MFG.! About 30 yrs ago, crank wasn’t
    made from “under the sink counter chemicals” like today! Nothing today
    is the same. Just fuckin’ SAD it’s all going to shit. More prescription
    drugs are killing more people than anything else I can think of, & the
    GOVERNMENT is behind it all.That & GMO foods by Monsanto!!! Population
    control is in effect.

  26. stroker Says:

    Jumping in to add my own tail of woe behind “misuse of drugs.”
    Lost my long time riding buddy Chuck to crank.
    He went paranoid delusional in 1985, and died in 2001.
    Chuck and I rode all over the west in the 70’s on our panheads. he was my wingman, and I was his. We lived the easyrider lifestyle just as it was depicted in the film. We roamed the western states and Canada, back when you could easily smuggle 2 lids across the border and not think twice about it.
    In the early eighties we settled in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Chuck got a job driving big rigs. Sand trucks. Transfers. as many trips as he could stand in a day. Big money. Did a little crank to help him through the day.
    Then he did a little more.
    Pretty soon he was doing it for 3 days, and sleeping for 2 days after.
    Pretty soon he was making excuses and not going to work.
    Pretty soon he lost his truck, then his house, then his wife.
    He saw things.
    He remembered things that didn’t happen.
    He would remind me of the time we got in a bar fight, and some guy shot him in the head, but the bullet just went around his head.
    He reminded me of the time in the desert when we rode through a 20 foot boulder.
    He heard voices.
    One day he told us he was going to blow his brains out, and could he borrow my gun.
    His wife and I got him committed to a program.
    Long term deal. 6 months minimum. Expensive.
    He went through the program. He came out. He didn’t do speed anymore, but the damage was done.
    He still heard voices.
    He couldn’t concentrate on any one thing too long.
    He smoked cigarettes and drank beer, until 1997 when his liver and kidneys began to shut down, so he quit drinking, then smoked until 2001 when he died of emphysema.
    He was a good man.
    He was my buddy.
    His son is my Godson.

    I miss him every day.

  27. 10GAUGE Says:

    I know a motherfucker who did a similar thing after taking some Xanax he was told was Valium. Wound up under the house with his dear rifle shooting up everything. He wound up doing time over it. His old lady was almost shot as well.

    Yeah then it comes to be the soothing light at the end of the tunnel,
    Is just a freight train coming your way.

  28. WheresMyBoots Says:

    Former brotherinlaw, real button-down type, ran nekkid through a mall in a big Californy city and collapsed. Xanax & vodka. Said he was mugged then chased by ‘thugs’. No one else saw the ‘thugs’. Add crystal to that stew and coulda been ninja biker turtles on big wheels. Panamaa you cracked me up.
    If they make a ‘biker case’ out of this sad tale they will just embarass themselves.

  29. Freeman Says:

    What ever sells copies,

    Head of press: meth head goes delusional with an ak-47 and keeps cops on their toes for hours, put that on page 6 miscellaneous judicial.

    Reporter: But he claims the BANDIDOS dressed in swat attire shot at him.


    On an other note lost two friends twice because of that shit, once when they really sank in it, twice when they ended on the wrong end of the rope because they couldn’t see a way out.

    Any kids reading this STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM THAT SHIT!

  30. RVN69 Says:

    If I wasn’t sure some Federal gestapo wannabe wasn’t going to cause heartburn for the Bandido Nation, this would be a funny story about a fucked up tweeker freaking out.

    Respect to the Red & Gold


  31. RtC Says:

    All these tweeked out deluded mofo’s that just throw out a MC’s name
    as the cause of there problems…It’s just getting old & tired to me.
    Why don’t they say it was ms13 or the bloods or crips??!! BUT, even
    those GANGS wouldn’t be caught dead in swat gear! If it weren’t for
    the facts that have been brought up about future use by the fed to
    go after the Bandidos MC later on, do you know how many R&G would be
    rolling on the floor laughing?! BANDIDOS in fuckin’ SWAT GEAR?! Not
    in a million fucking years!!! At least this is a “heads up” for them.
    RESPECTS for the REAL

    FUCK THE FEDS! I support almost ALL 1%er Motorcycle Clubs

  32. Base Says:

    Wonder how many no knock warrants will be issue from this “creditable source”?

    Because when you think about many of the case’s & charges made against MC’s the Fed’s & local’s authorities pull out of their asses or thin air!

    So now they have drug induced delusional ranting maniac. Then when it all falls apart and they have destroyed some more lives and everyone walks they can blame it on the toxic mix and they’ll still have this ass hole to through into prison.

    Right now some hero in a cheap suit sitting behind a desk is thinking:

    This is a win, win!

  33. popeye Says:

    I’d be willing to bet the bullet hole in his fender was from his own gun. 10,000 meth heads with paranoid delusions about the feds trying to get them and no one takes notice but 1 has a Bandidos delusion and its front page news. This could all be avoided by wearing a tin foil hat.

  34. Jim666 Says:

    Xanax is a motherfucker,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lmao

  35. Mojoman Says:

    Meth and Xanax has this exact effect. It makes the user delusional and paranoid to the extreme. When they are acting this way, there is no talking them out of it. Every little noise is someone sneaking around in their minds. Rational thought goes entirely out the window. But to the point rebel makes, which is how is this latest item going to be used to construe some sort of charges against the Bandidos? It’s a good question to ask, but we probably don’t want to hear the answer. If they questioned this man under the influence, there may be all kinds of wild eyed tales about them, and no doubt the police will prompt him to answer a certain way while he is on camera as they direct from behind the camera. The police are going to milk this tweeker for all he is worth – which in reality is nothing, but if they can pin the mere suspicion of some crime based on the tweeker’s rant, then we will see arrests inside of the next month in that area.

  36. Baddad Says:

    Good question , and how bout the bullet hola in the car , entry or exit holes ?
    Respect to those who earned it

  37. 7of9 Says:

    A bit confused perhaps…did they find the bodies he claimed to have killed or wounded (the one masked man in his garage and the woman mentioned)?

  38. Oldskewl Says:

    I’ve witnessed many good men ruin their lives with the bag. About the time you start shooting at ghosts it’s time to clean up and find another substance to abuse.

    Crystal will send you to hell, one way or another.

  39. panamaa Says:

    Gezzzzz, that what Xanax and meth will do for ya.

    I’m surprised the Angels weren’t chilling in the refrigerator and the Mongols weren’t hiding in the tub…

  40. Nihilist Says:

    Patch holders dressed as/pretending to be SWAT? No, no, no, Ditmore, you dumb ass! It’s the other way around!

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