Georgia Outlaws Case Finally Over

September 30, 2014

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Last Thursday, a federal judge named Richard W. Story finally put an end to a ridiculous federal indictment filed against three men named Larry McDaniel, Howard Brown and Sean King.

Judge Story dismissed Counts One and Three of an indictment filed on April 24, 2013 that accused the men of “corruptedly obstructing, influencing and impeding an official proceeding.” The official proceeding was an undercover investigation and entrapment by the Federal Bureau of Investigation intended to catch members of the Black Pistons Motorcycle Club and the Outlaws Motorcycle Club doing something illegal. Count Two of the Indictment was dismissed May 19.

Official Proceedings

Count One accused the men of conspiring to obstruct an official proceeding. Count Two accused the men of aiding and abetting each other in the alleged obstruction. Count Three accused the men of obstructing “a federal grand jury investigation into criminal offenses investigated by the FBI, said FBI investigation involving D.B.S. acting as an undercover informant and Michael Griffin, a/k/a Griff,  a law enforcement officer, acting in an undercover capacity.”

The three accused men are now free until the FBI manufactures another bogus charge against them.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 13 months ago, on August 14, 2013, that FBI investigations are not court proceedings under the federal statute criminalizing obstruction of justice. That ruling applied to another motorcycle club case involving the Hells Angels. That case accused three men named Gary L. Ermoian, Stephen J. Johnson and David A. Swanson of obstructing justice by warning a fourth man that he was the subject of a federal investigation. The Supreme Court has not yet overturned that Ninth Circuit ruling so it has seemed clear for more than a year that the Georgia investigation was without legal standing. Nevertheless, United States Attorney Sally Quillian Yates continued to use the accusation to punish the men by forcing them to defend themselves.

Back Story

When the FBI began investigating presumed illegal activity by the Black Pistons, Outlaws and other clubs in Georgia, McDaniel was the Regional President of Outlaws chapters in Georgia and Alabama; King was an Outlaw from Gordon, Georgia and Brown was the Georgia President of the Black Pistons. The three men learned that a member of the Georgia Black Pistons, identified in public documents as D.B.S., was a paid confidential informant working for the FBI and that an undercover cop named Michael “Griff” Griffin had also infiltrated that club.

Consequently McDaniel told Brown and King to “shutdown” the Black Pistons’ Cleveland, Georgia chapter. They did and they also collected “all Black Pistons and Outlaw Motorcycle Club vests, known as ‘cuts,’ patches, belts, rings, t-shirts, and other paraphernalia identified with the Black Pistons and Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs from those present at the clubhouse.”

According to FBI case agent Mark Sewell, “My 15 years of FBI investigative experience has proven that individuals, whether sworn officers or law enforcement employees, are often referred to as inside sources…traditionally sworn and uniformed officers, often maintain close and unprofessional relationships with members of outlaw motorcycle gangs. This is an unexplained phenomenon and continually comprises (sic) OMG investigations across America. With the popularity of current television programs that glamorize the OMG culture, the desire for some law enforcement officials to maintain close, unprofessional and sometimes criminal relationships with OMG members will not easily disappear. As an example, this investigation has previously uncovered three law enforcement officials that are maintaining close, unprofessional relationships with subjects of this referenced North Georgia OMG investigation. It is through these close and unprofessional relationships that OMG members often gain information that is obstructive to FBI investigations and dangerous to the safety of FBI Informants.”

Hello Larry

After the chapter was shutdown a conversation between McDaniel and one of the paid snitches in the case went like this:

Larry McDaniel: Hello.

Informant: Hey man.

McDaniel: What’s up?

Informant: What’s going on.

McDaniel: Well, we had information given us, given to us that is pretty much telling us to close that down and information saying…. You know anybody named Mark Sewell?

Informant: No! I don’t! Who….

McDaniel: Huh?

Informant: Who is that?

McDaniel: I have no idea. It’s saying…that’s a name that…that you have something to do with the Feds and that’s your contact name.”

Affiant’s Name

Subsequently case agent Sewell formally complained to a judge: “McDaniel is in possession of your affiant’s name. Furthermore… the Outlaws Motorcycle Club is in possession of CI-1’s real name and the information that he is, in fact, a FBI Informant. It is clear to your affiant that the OMC has shared the identity of CI-1 with McDaniel…. Furthermore, it is clear that the OMC has shared with McDaniel the name of your affiant to validate their accusation to McDaniel that ‘…there is a Fed in the Black Pistons house ….’ Your affiant’s 15 years of FBI investigative experience, which includes having achieved successful prosecutions in 2 public corruption investigations, leads your affiant to affirm that this investigation has a public corruption leak that is relaying sensitive information to the OMC. Furthermore, this leak is obstructing the FBI’s formal investigation into the OMC by hindering the ability of CI-1 to safely assist the FBI in the investigation of the Outlaws and the criminal activities of their members. Your affiant’s experience indicates that the name of your affiant, who is also one of two Contact Agents for the CI and the name of the CI are closely held secrets within the FBI. Only via direct contact with FBI agents or FBI documents can a public corruption leak gain the names of the Contact Agent and/or the CI. While the name of the Contact Agent may occasionally be used in non-sensitive FBI documents, the real name of the CI is closely guarded and can only be accessed by people with direct FBI computer access or direct access/overhear to FBI employees. All of the facts listed in this paragraph serve to strengthen your affiant’s allegation that there is a public corruption leak that is effectively obstructing this investigation.”

McDaniel, Brown and King actually went on trial on the charges last Tuesday and the trial continued for two days before the case was dismissed.

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31 Responses to “Georgia Outlaws Case Finally Over”

  1. American Eagle Says:

    I really know nothing of the 2013 case, and don’t doubt a little bit bit that government corruption was involved. I came searching for information on a motorcycle club called “Georgia Outlaws”. I really just wanted to know what kind of “club” it was, and what they stood for. My interest was sparked as I sat in traffic this afternoon and watched a lard ass on a motorcycle break traffic law about twenty times in three miles. I’m almost certain that he also disregards other laws of our land. That makes him a part of our country’s problem, not a part of any solution. He proudly displayed his “Georgia Outlaws” affiliation on his jacket. Our country needs less people like him.

  2. Ol'Goat Says:

    Congrats to AOA.
    I’m no attorney, but isn’t there something illegal about using the courts and bogus charges to punish folks?

  3. Not Surprised Says:

    This is maybe the sixth story on AR I’ve read in the past three months about charges not being upheld in a curt of law against MC’s. Looks like scraping the bottom of the barrel to me, and again, BATF has pretty much been de-nutted where MC’s are concerned in favor of FBI or OHS.

    Truth be told, the vast majority of cases are “fabricated crimes” anyway and it just may be that some Judges are waking the fuck up.

    it is NOT obstruction to disrupt IN-Justice.

  4. Dirty Dingus McGee Says:

    @ Glenn S

    “Can there be any circumstances where shining a light on the truth and thus preventing crime and violence be illegal?”

    Only when the crimes are being committed by those in power apparently.

    The feds have a huge group of “law enforcement” who all have to stay employed to keep us safe. Lord knows they can’t go after street gangs because “that be racist”. Likewise with terrorist organizations, illegal immigration and the like. So because white bikers in motorcycle clubs have been portrayed as Visigoths and Huns for years on end, they make a good target for these alphabet cops. The general population drinks it up and cheers the feds on(just read the comments on any media coverage), because “them bikers are scary”. It will continue until one side finally gives up.

    As long as I can get my leg over the seat, I ain’t giving up.

  5. Glenn S. Says:


    What if someone was fully aware that grand jury proceedings and law enforcement investigations were taking place, and that an undercover pig and his pet rat had infiltrated a group of his friends and/or associates. Maybe this hypothetical person came by this information by overhearing a conversation in a bar, maybe he came by it some other way. And then, what if he told all of his friends and associates that their fake friends/associates were a pig and a rat. What if he revealed this out of concern that the pig and the rat would entice others to commit crimes they would not otherwise commit, provoke violence that would have otherwise been avoided, and otherwise create chaos amongst his circle of friends, associates, and family.

    Undercover police operations are provably notorious for the chaos, violence, and crime the operations themselves create. Can there be any circumstances where shining a light on the truth and thus preventing crime and violence be illegal?

    I’m happy the accused were exonerated, but shouldn’t this have been a no-brainer that shouldn’t have gotten past the cursory examination needed to issue warrants?

  6. Mag Says:

    @Paladin – “Obstruction is a willful and deliberate act. It is not possible to obstruct what you’re unaware of.”

    It is not about justice, it is about the insatiable nature of the Leviathan.

  7. JimmyJoe Says:

    Great news. Congrats to the AOA and the BP!

  8. mouse Says:

    I thought all judges were assholes. Wrong again.

  9. Meh Says:

    Too bad the ordinary citizens who benefit from outlaw biker resistance to tyranny rarely see stories like this.

    Victories like this one strike a blow for every American.

  10. cwb_j0ker Says:

    First want sy congratulations to the AOA.
    Been in on paper charge when that circus show started completely fabricated by our government henchmen we pay our taxs to .was completely destroying lives and disrupting familys.with pure smell of vengance cause the dumbass suits just watch black n white have a good time been brothers.they had to make shit up when there dirty fuckin rat shit started finally smelling up the nice clean air of georgia.

    Was glad as hell to see this story last weekend.

    My favorite part of this story ,

    Samuel said that the government built its case on testimony that Outlaws, as a general rule, hate informants and that club members know more about the criminal justice system than most lawyers or judges. The government also argued that because Outlaws “are obsessed with the criminal justice system … they know grand juries are the inevitable result of an informant; they know undercover activity means that a grand jury session is in progress, and that our client had to know that firing the informant was obstruction,” he said.

    But what makes obstruction a crime, and what was missing from the federal charges, Samuel explained, was some kind of illegal conduct, such as encouraging a witness to lie or withholding evidence, that accompanied the closure of the Cleveland club.

    Closing down a clubhouse and firing the club leader are legal activities, not crimes, he said. “You are allowed to hate snitches; you are allowed to hate Obama; you are allowed to hate the federal government” without fearing arrest, he added. In addition, Samuel argued that not a single witness provided information that McDaniel, King or Brown were ever tipped to the ongoing confidential grand jury investigation. No club members or any records associated with either members or the club had been subpoenaed.

    “I kept arguing, ‘What happens if I find out my secretary is an informant? Can I tell Ed [law partner Ed Garland]? Can I fire her? What can I do? No matter what I do it’s obstruction.

    “The government,” he continued, “never answered that question. They never said what you are supposed to do when you find out there is an informant in your company or your law firm or the judge’s chambers. You can’t do anything.”

    Samuel said that when Story issued the judgment of acquittal, members of the Outlaws who were attending the trial erupted in cheers and applause. “Gentlemen,” the judge said as he left the bench, “This is not a baseball game.”

  11. Paladin Says:

    “Samuel said that when Story issued the judgment of acquittal, members of the Outlaws who were attending the trial erupted in cheers and applause. “Gentlemen,” the judge said as he left the bench, “This is not a baseball game.”

    I am of the opinion that the American “just-us” system would actually have some integrity if it were run as a baseball game. Under the rules of baseball, the visiting team (Feds.) would be governed and forced to play by the rules of sportsmanship and therefore would not be allowed to bend, subvert, change, or make up new rules as the game progressed.

    If this case had been governed by the rules of football, the team representing the Government would have been penalized yardage to the point of having to scrimmage from the courthouse parking lot and beyond.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  12. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Great news! Very good to know there is at least one judge who sees these “investigations” for what they really are.

    I remain saddened that the two clubs had to sacrifice so much for this victory, and remain hopeful it wasn’t in vain.

  13. Big Bry Says:

    Congrats to the AOA and BP! As others have said, hopefully this case can be used in the future to help others jammed up by the feds.

    Big Bry

  14. BMW Says:

    Once again, we offer congratulations to innocent men for walking free. What should be a quick and simple decision has taken months from the lives of these men and many thousands of dollars from them and their families and friends. I expect that the corrupt federal officials spent millions of dollars setting up these men. That’s money out of the pockets of other Americans. The corrupt officials walk free and continue to set up other Americans. The now-free innocent bikers try to rebuild their lives shattered lives. The rest of us try to raise defense money for the next anti-biker fabricated federal entrapment program.

    I am positive that there WILL be another anti-biker fabricated federal entrapment program. After all, the Black Panthers can’t be blamed for the destruction of the American Middle Class. There are not enough of them left to blame them. The “Islamic Terrorists”, the “Jews”, and the “Communists” don’t make credible threats. So there will be more anti-biker fabricated federal entrapment programs. I welcome the return of the innocent men back into our community, but I don’t think this will be the end.

    L,H&R TO ALL 1% RIDERS!!!!

  15. 10GAUGE Says:

    He’s just pissed off he won’t be able to write the “inside story” book like the rest of these liars….when a man gets wind of an agent provacator and calls him on the phone man to man and asks him about it….and then decides to protect everybody and shut down the chapter it really debunks the whole billy queen/ jay dobyn’s “living day to day in fear of losing their very lives” myth….Nobody got “disappeared” or even a fucking ass kicking…I agree WTF WERE THEY SUPPOSED TO DO….we now live in a country were you will be charged for obstructing federally fabricated crimes….this shit can’t sit well even with civilians…especially with the way politics are going in this country.

    Can you thread a needle?
    Can you shoot the moon?
    Walk the silver screen
    To your judgement at High Noon

  16. Panhead Says:

    The TSA is a fucking train wreck. Homeland security is staffed by little fat double chinned motherfuckers wearing bloused fatigue pants. If they only realized how fucking stupid they looked. The other alphabet agencies have run amok. It’s government excess at it’s worst. The secret service can’t stop perp’s from accessing the Whitehouse and we can’t secure our borders. But! What we can do is bring bogus charges against motorcycle clubs and incarcerate innocent men. Just when I think it can get no worse, I read the AOA has triumphed in the GA. case against them. Thanks’ AOA for standing in there. It’s a victory for all of us.


    FTP – Fio – FTF

  17. VAGO 1%er Says:

    Congratulations to AOA and BP. Accolades to the legal team.

  18. John Deaux Says:

    Big congrats to the AOA.
    Much respect

  19. hated and proud Says:

    It is surprising the mark sewell didnt throw anything in the court room this time.
    Im a bit surprised he still has a job, even after this. Whos the real criminal here? The federal government and their wild employee.

    Congrats to these three outstanding men.

  20. Lil Monkey Says:


    It sounds to me like obstruction is when you beat the feds at their game.

    Congrats to the AOA, and hopefully this does become case law that will help someone in the future as AVAGOVFFV said. Time will tell, but when it comes to judges I sure will not be holding my breath.

    Respects to those who earned it,

  21. panamaa Says:

    As Sieg said,”Thanks for putting this up, Rebel. Sure as hell won’t find it from any regular “news” outlet!”

    Congratulations to the AOA and BP….

  22. Tomo Says:

    Nice one.

  23. CN Says:

    Well done Rebel as always. Congratulations to the AOA. Hope this helps those who the Feds will entrap in the future. MC’s would do well to file FOI and study the transcripts should such be available. Might make a good book eh?

  24. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    To the AOA,
    Congratulations on your success I’m personally glad to see that the AOA had the right judge at the right time and things went your way. Some may not understand but this will more than likely become case law and its a win for all MC’s down the road.

    Again congrats and well done.

    Viva Los Vagos

  25. VAGO 1%er Says:

    Congrats to AOA & BP and everyone else that beat this bullshit! Accolades to your legal team!

  26. Paladin Says:

    “What was he [McDaniel] supposed to do?,” Samuel said the judge asked. “In the government’s view, apparently, there was nothing he could do. He couldn’t tell anybody, because that would be obstruction; he couldn’t tell people at the clubhouse to stop committing crimes, because that would obstruct the grand jury’s continued investigation. It seems to me that shutting down the clubhouse was the best option available to him.”

    “Story announced from the bench that he could find no evidence that McDaniel or his codefendants knew any crimes were taking place at the clubhouse, said McDaniel’s attorney, Don Samuel. Samuel, a partner at Atlanta’s Garland, Samuel & Loeb who defended McDaniel with cocounsel Kristen Novay, said Story acquitted the trio after deciding that McDaniel’s decision to shutter the Cleveland club did not constitute a specific intent to illegally obstruct a federal grand jury that, at the time, was operating in secret and had not targeted McDaniel or his codefendants.”

    Obstruction is a willful and deliberate act. It is not possible to obstruct what you’re unaware of.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  27. RtC Says:

    RESPECTS for the REAL

  28. RVN69 Says:

    Congratulations to the AOA and BP for their victory against this particular example of select government persecution.

    Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but the clubs in question will not get back the money they were forced to spend to defend themselves, and most likely will not get back any property the Feds stole either.

    Respect and Honor

  29. Sieg Says:

    Thanks for putting this up, Rebel. Sure as hell won’t find it from any regular “news” outlet!

    And congrats to the AOA for standing tall and getting a win on this one.

    Pretty fucking amazing. The feds, by their own sworn statement, have a leak in their house, so what do they do…start an investigation? bust a piggy telling stories out of school?


    Bust members of a legally-organized club for NOT doing anything illegal.

    Fucking bizarre.

    Really, at this point in history, the only solution shy of revolution is to de-federalize. Get rid of ALL the oink-agencies the feds use to harass and victimize people who’s only “crime” is to be seen as somehow being outsiders.


  30. Phuquehed Says:

    Congrats to the AOA and Black Pistons for winning this case.

    It’s a shame that the people who are *supposed* to be representing *law and order* and who We the People are *supposed* to trust to be honest and upright, are in fact those who are the most corrupt, most criminal, most biased, most judgemental and most useless. Are you reading this, you stinking cunt Sally Quillian Yates? You’re just one of what I speak of.

    What’s even more a shame – the air-wasters I speak of will *still* continue to try this bullshit, even though they got bitch-slapped by a judge telling them they’re wrong in their ways. Makes one wonder what the fuck is taught in the schools these assholes went to. The judge should have burned every mother fucker who broke the law trying to bust people they were trying to make break the law. A little time in the slam for every one of those assholes and they’d come out and start doing the right thing, guarandamnteed.

  31. Dirty Dingus McGee Says:

    Thanks for the follow up. For a change a judge followed the LAW, instead of blindly swallowing the BS that the feds usually spew. Sadly tho, about 20 people caught jail time off the “crimes” that were entirely manufactured by the feds.

    And agent Sewell managed to avoid throwing anything in the courtroom this time.

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