Shedden Massacre Appeals Sought

September 24, 2014

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Five of the six men convicted of the loony and tragic Shedden Massacre in Ontario in April 2006 have filed appeals to have their convictions overturned. The men were found guilty of eight murders on October 29, 2009. Mass media in North America have frequently called the murders “The Bandidos Massacre.”

The five convicted men are named Wayne Kellestine, Frank Mather, Brett Gardiner, Dwight Mushey and Marcello Aravena. A sixth man, Michael Sandham filed an appeal shortly after his conviction but has since dropped it.

The men were part of the only Bandidos Motorcycle Club chapter in Canada. They called themselves the No Surrender Crew. The chapter began when about a dozen members of the Loners Motorcycle Club in Ontario patched over to the Bandidos. About the same time, most Loners in Canada patched over to the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.

Worst Chapter Ever

The Canadian Bandidos never appeared to integrate themselves into the big club and were often unresponsive to correspondence from national club officers. They were also dysfunctional as a chapter. Some of them did not own motorcycles. They just all really liked the idea of being Bandidos. One of the victims of the massacre was a former prize fighter named Giovanni “John” “Boxer” Muscedere, who eventually became Canadian National Presidente. One of the killers was a truly deranged piece of work named Wayne “Weiner” Kellestine.

On his own, Muscadere decided to start a chapter in Winnipeg and the big club’s national officers seemed to be the last to know. The big club threatened to expel the No Surrender Crew. In 2005, Bill Sartelle, the Secretario of Bandidos World, wrote to the chapter, “Well there is no easy way to put this, but I have been instructed to contact someone in Canada and find out why we have been getting no contact. Canada has not been meeting the requirements of belonging to this club, under the United States. I want to know how this can be remedied immediately. If I am wrong then explain. There are many criteria involved with Club Membership. One is monthly contact and mail sent to USA National Chapter.”

Two months later Muscedere sent Sartelle a Christmas card. Sartelle replied, “For the past year or more we, BMC USA, have attempted to make connections with Canada…. Up until now there has been no visit from the proper person. It has been decided that due to lack of participation, Canada’s Charter is being pulled. Effective immediately: Return all Bandido patches and property….”

One theory of the crime is that Kellestine tried to save the chapter’s charter by killing Muscedere and the members loyal to him.

The Murders

The eight men were killed over a lingering five hours at a Friday night club meeting at Kellestine’s barn in the country outside Shedden, Ontario.

There have been three books written about the Shedden Massacre. The worst is The Fat Mexican: The Bloody Rise of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club written by the reptilian, professional informant Alex Caine. Toronto Star reporter Peter Edward’ 474 page The Bandidos Massacre: A True Story of Bikers, Brotherhood and Betrayal appeared the day aftert the men were convicted and is the most exhaustively researched. By far the most compassionate and insightful book about the murders is Bloody Justice by a Professor of Literature and Cultural Studies at Georgian College in Ontario named Anita Arvast.


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  1. RtC Says:

    @ Freeman, that’s fact as I met a Canadian Bandido & prospect in ’01 or
    ’02 at a Sons party here in Kansas. Asked if he happened to be headed to
    a friends house down LA. way & he said he was. This was way before these
    wack jobs from Shedden came on scene. I seriously doubt that they were
    ever sanctioned, just decided they were R&G material. WRONG. The fact that
    they never responded or contacted the Nat. kinda fits the fact they just
    thought they could be.
    RESPECTS for the REAL

  2. Woodstock Says:


    Tried posting this before but something seems to have happened and it didn’t come up. There was an article in Texas Monthly May 1979 by Dick Reavis about some Bandidos being killed in the Ft. Worth area. I think this is what you were referring to. If you can’t find it on the web let me know and I’ll get it to you.


  3. Woodstock Says:

    @Danish42 There was an article in Texas Monthly from May 1979 entitled Never Love A Bandido by Dick Reavis about some Bandidos being killed in that area. That what you were referring to? If it is and you can’t find it on the web let me know and I’ll send you a copy of the story.


  4. Jim666 Says:

    @ WMB thanks I had thought id read that somewhere, just couldnt remember where, I didn’t read that book but maybe an excerpt from it,
    Thanks again

  5. panamaa Says:

    Like HD, Sorry to hijack the thread but I wanted to respond..

    DesertH-D, I’m fortunate enough to get over to Frisco once a year. I always take the time to drive down the coast to Monterey ( it’s a Steinbeck thing I think)… I have thought of going North but the calling always seems to draw me South… Hope you make it back one day…


  6. WheresMyBoots Says:

    One more thing on ‘Bloody Justice’: the author also states Toronto had no idea what Winnipeg was up to, and the US members couldn’t get across the border at the time, and when they (U.S. chapters) didn’t get sufficient answers about what was gong on up there told them to close up shop -I wanted to clarify that: no disrespect to anyone in the actual club; all that info is from a book.

  7. DesertH-D Says:

    Panamaa – I love the entire California coast, border to border. I have a particular fondness for the 5 Cities (Pismo Beach) area, including Avila. But my favorite stretch is from Los Osos / Morro Bay up to Monterey. I cannot count the number of rides I have put on that stretch of Hwy 1.

    Unfortunately, it is all in CALIFORNIA. I can now barely get myself to visit there, and I fear I shall never be able to live there again.

    Sorry to hijack the thread, I’d just love to read a ride memoir from Rebel from that part of the world.

  8. WheresMyBoots Says:

    According to the writer of ‘Bloody Justice’, the Winnipeg bunch (those convicted, except of course the snitch), had their ‘patches’ locally made and one guy’s mom sewed them on. Also only 2 had bikes.
    Much Respect,

  9. panamaa Says:


    I’ve never been to SLO but I’ve been down Monterey way.. Beautiful lands and seas, just like you described. The mornings always seemed foggy and I would wake up early just for that…. Fine, fine lands… Easy feelings…

  10. Jim666 Says:

    I read somewhere on the net around the time this was big in the news,
    that the Patches these guys had, were not real, and they had them made up by a local embroidery shop . How much truth to that there is,
    I have no idea,
    Ive also looked for the article where I read that, but cant seem to locate it anymore.
    Has anyone else seen the article im referring too ?

    Respects to the regulars


  11. Glenn S. Says:

    Rebel, what are the grounds for appeal?

  12. panamaa Says:

    Dear Rebel,
    I know you have a standing dislike for the fuckers, we all do, but fuck’em..

    Your coverage of their bullshit has been outstanding but you do have a life to live and your journalistic endeavors towards them are a very small part of why most people come here..

    BTW, welcome home.. ( I think?)


  13. DesertH-D Says:

    Dear Rebel,
    I graduated from college in SLO, just a few moons ago. Best mind-clearing ride, possibly in the world in my experience, go out through Los Osos to Montana de Oro. Go to the outer trails. Hike down a cliff to a little ledge, take a seat and hear the surf pound the rocks from a few feet away. Feel the salt spray. If you’re of a mind, eat a shroom. Or just enjoy. Either way, things change. Always for the better in my experience. Then ride the back way to Morro Bay. Through the tidal streams, around and through the golf course, past the Inn. If it’s foggy, that’s the best. The fog horn in the distance, or maybe it’s close, you can’t tell. The mist on the road makes you pay just enough attention… Have some fish&chips or clam chowder (or both) on the wharf. Talk to some fishermen. Back in to SLO on Hwy 1. Maybe a pit stop at Madonna Inn, take a piss in “that” john. Have some pie, it’s always good. Man, I miss that place. I envy you right now… And I’d like to hear YOUR story of it.

  14. Rebel Says:

    Dear Bill,



  15. ElleElle Says:

    Dear Rebel,

    Did you get as far North as Santa Cruz? I always thought Highway 17 was a beautiful drive. How was the weather? Any adventures of the open road?

    Do tell us.

  16. Bill Says:

    Rebel: Santa Cruz?

  17. Corrd Says:

    Don’t let them rent space in your head, Rebel.

    Here in the Show-Me, the only time I actually remember they exist is when I read your site. They’re a total non-factor.

    (and yes, still prospecting)

  18. Tooj Says:


  19. Rebel Says:

    Dear panamaa,

    Actually, I’ve been up on the Central Coast for a few days trying to forget their is something called the Iron Order. I failed. I’ll write something new tomorrow.


  20. panamaa Says:


    Rebel hasn’t done anything in a few days. I’m guessing he’s onto something very good…. Looking forward to it…

  21. panamaa Says:

    Kranky Klaus,

    I’m with you on the ebook thing. It don’t seem like reading if there’s not a book in your hand. The feel and smell of the paper just goes along with the story, to me anyway….

  22. WheresMyBoots Says:

    @Kranky Klaus: almost forgot -John Hall’s ‘Riding On the Edge’ abut his years with the Pagan’s is real good stuff too; fine read, though it sticks mainly to the 60’s and maybe 70’s. Good stuff though. Respects, -WMB

  23. WheresMyBoots Says:

    @Kranky Klaus: forgive me for butting in here, but per Rebel’s suggestion above read Bloody Justice by Anita Arvast in three days -that’s real time reading probably around eight hours -it was exactly as Rebel had described, really enjoyed it.
    As far as Edwards’ book, yeah, the Lorne Campbell book was great, but this one is, well, so far it’s DETAILED starting from the birth of the club and every detail on about them. I don’t know *when* the book gets around to the Shedden deal: the book is in two parts (2 books).The whole Shedden thing seems a lot less about the club and bikers than a bunch of whackos, but interesting tale nonetheless.
    Yves Lavigne appears to have some serious kind of psychological problems based on the one book I read of his, and yeah, as you said, Caine is a piece of shit and obviously a blatant liar.
    Rebel’s books naturally recommended big time. Others I enjoyed: Sonny Bargers, Phil Cross’ ‘Gypsy Joker To A Hells Angel’ was fantastic. ‘Lucifer’s ‘Memoirs of a Mongol’ was great, and he admits up front he’s not a writer or an English major. Scott Ereckson’s ‘The Unknown Mongol’ is a great read, and the title is funny since ‘Billy Slow Brain’ Queen showed a picture of Ereckson and a few other Mongols in his book, and named everybody BUT Ereckson as ‘unknown Mongol.’ How Slow Brain didn’t know who that man was is…well, pretty fucked up.
    By the way, in Lucifer’s book he tears Queen’s book up and even cites page numbers and blows specific parts apart -that was enjoyable, and also Lucifer ran into the ‘Pops’ snitch who worked with Dobyns -very interesting stuff there.
    Anyway, yeah, with the Shedden deal go with the chick’s book by a long shot. She gets some club/biker stuff wrong I think, but nothing that would do more than raise an eyebrow or two.


    @Rebel: can you write some more books please. Thank you much.

  24. cwb_j0ker Says:

    Outlaws acquitted in georgia supreme court fucking great news. Great last words .Rebel where you at? Got to get that out on biker news.suprised yall didnt have it up

  25. panamaa Says:

    Kranky Klaus I’m with you on the paper thing.. I read a lot and could never get ino ebooks… I like the touch and smell of paper…

  26. Kranky Klaus Says:

    HI Rebel

    I have sort of a LONG question for you: would you personally recommend Peter Edwards’ book The Bandidos Massacre: A True Story of Bikers, Brotherhood and Betrayal?

    You see, I rather enjoyed his book about Lorne Campbell as it was quite readable. But when you say his Bandidos book is exhaustively researched, it makes me think of Yves Lavigne’s behemoth “Hells Angels At War” which was so well researched that I felt like I was just reading bullet points; I didn’t find it very “readable.” You also mentioned that it came out the day after the convictions, which means it was done and off to the publisher way before the trial ended. This makes be question its breadth.

    Alex Caine is such a piece of shit and I will never read another word of his drivel, and Arvast’s book is either A) expensive as a hard copy or B) only available as an eBook. I hate ebooks. I can only read things that are on paper.

    Jesus this message makes me sound like a fussy bitch.

    Thanks for readin!

  27. Danish42 Says:

    Just wondering as an outsider. There was a Bandidos massacre in the late 70’s in Ft Worth, Tx when I was attending school near there where the national president of BMC was murdered along with others. Never heard who was responsible for that. Thanks

  28. Freeman Says:

    Dear Rebel

    Ontario’s chapter wasn’t the only Canadian chapter, Montreal’s Rock Machine mc patched in to the Bandidos november 2000, loners did patch to hells angels, so did Paradice and Satan’s choice mc.

    The angels didnt want the same shit that happened in QC to repeat itself in Ontario.

    Thanks for all you do.
    Respect, Freeman.

  29. Big Jim, Whittier Says:

    Don’t know to much about the inside of the Loners MC, But I will thank them for a outstanding party at the Screaming Chicken out in Devore last weekend. That’s a Biker Bar for sure I have been there a few times and have always had a great time. Warning first timers there, mind yourself or have back up. Now let me reread this to make sure I didn’t forget any word’s. Fear No One

  30. Woodstock Says:

    New prospects for iomc coming up.

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