Smith Not Guilty

September 23, 2014

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After deliberating for four and a half hours tonight, a six person jury in Sanford, Florida found Paul Wayne “Dog” Smith innocent of charges of second degree murder and attempted first degree murder. Smith had been accused of murdering Peter “Hormone” Schlette,  Harold “Lil Dave” Liddle and Dave “Dresser” Jakiela. He was accused of trying to kill Brad Dyess and Ronnie “Whiteboy” Mitchell who were wounded.

All five victims were members of the Warlocks Motorcycle Club. Smith was a former Warlock and a member of a separate and distinct Warlocks Motorcycle Club. The gunfight in which Schlette, Liddle and Jakiela died was the climax of an interclub dispute. The men died shortly after arriving at the assembly point for a charity poker run on September 30,  2012. Smith’s club sponsored the event.

Self Defense

Smith was one of four men charged in the homicides. David “Tin Man” Maloney was found not guilty on the same charges on April 11. Maloney fired three shots during an extended exchange of gunfire with Dyess and Mitchell but hit no one. Robert William “Willy” Eckert, who also shot no one during the exchange, was found guilty of manslaughter and other charges and was sentenced to 27 years in prison on May 1. Victor Manuel “Pancho” Amaro who shot and killed Liddle and Jakiela was sentenced to life in prison last May 29. Smith shot Schlette in the arm and face and killed him. All four defendants had claimed they acted in self defense.

Smith’s lawyer, Debra Ferwerda, convinced jurors that the dead men had come to hurt her client and that he had reasonably feared for his life. She told the jury that Smith had been badly beaten on February 5, 2011 after he ran for club president and lost. She argued that Schlette was “a scary, violent, crazy guy” who had threatened to rape Smith’s wife and who swaggered like a “tough guy” just before he was shot and that the dead men were actually trying to ambush Smith.

Smith Testimony

Smith may have saved his freedom today when he took the witness stand in his own defense. Smith testified that he thought he was going to die when he was beaten. “I really thought it was 10 to 15 people,” he said. “I was being stomped.” He said he had been threatened by Warlocks on multiple occasions.

He testified that he had been warned in advance that the Warlocks were coming to kill him and the other defendants and he testified that Schlette had dropped his motorcycle to the ground and charged him. “When he started coming up to come after me, I shot him in the arm. He looked up and said, ‘You shot me motherfucker!’ He was still coming after me. It didn’t stop him.” Smith said that after wounding Schlette in the arm, “Something hit me in the face, and I turned and fired my gun. There was bullets coming from everywhere.”

Smith told jurors he does not own or like guns and had borrowed the gun he used to kill Schlette from a friend.

Smith remains in custody on a drug charge. His current bail is $6,000.

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13 Responses to “Smith Not Guilty”

  1. anon Says:


    It sounds like you are referring to the PA Warlocks and whatever issues may exists between chapters. I only know what I’ve read on here from Rebel. Maybe I am mixing up details, but I think you are referring to the Chester, PA, chapter owning the copyright/trademark to the harpy Warlocks.

    I don’t want to speak for the poster above you, so I won’t use his name. However, my understanding is that he is referring to some of the harpy Warlocks in Florida being previous members of the phoenix Warlocks who are out bad from the phoenix Warlocks and then started a chapter of the harpy Warlocks in Florida.

    You seem to be referring to an alleged dispute within the harpy Warlocks when you mention public records and whether or not some are “out bad.”

    Hope this helps clarify any confusion.

    (Rebel, I’m the same “anon” from before but posting from a new location.)

  2. chromedome Says:

    A lil off topic but I looked to the right side of the page where you have youtube videos posted and noticed you have the video for struggle w/yelawolf “outlaw shit”. I just wanna say thanks for puttin that song up. That song means alot to me personally. Struggle is from nashville tn and the grandson of waylon jennings and is currently servin out a 57 month vacation in the mountains of east tn I believe. Ive met the guy a few times through the underground music scene in nashville and used to live close to where that video was filmed at. Seeing him and shooter jennings performing that song together in downtown nashville before he got locked up was amazing at the least. That song and alot more of struggles music helped me survive through some dark days. I know alot of people aernt into “rap” but I dont give a flyin fuck. Its real and from the heart and that is what matters to me. Just wanted to say thanks rebel


  3. UnaffiliatedObserver Says:

    Well now…

    That’s a pretty impressive showing for a divorce attorney.

    She somehow managed to convince a dozen people that unarmed men riding into a heavily armed group lying in wait were attempting ambush their killers.

    Perhaps the jury was unfamiliar with the term ‘ambush’.

    Truth is stranger than fiction.

  4. panamaa Says:


    I agree wholeheartedly. Strange days indeed… I live in Fl. and these days you walk light and carry a big gun to defend yourself against these cowboys that think their living in the wild, wild west…

    I posted a case on the Iron Order Alibi thread where here in Florida a guy shot his unarmed buddy in the back multiple times as he was walking away and walked…

    It’s strange, strange times here in the sunshine state… Thinking about moving back to the island……


  5. BMW Says:

    Hard to believe that a killer of an unarmed man could claim successfully claim self defense, I have to wonder if there was ex-parte communication involved here. The score seems to be dumbasses zero, police informers two. The informers walk, but the followers rot in prison. Just like the Zach Tipton murder, the killers who “laid-in-wait” walk free. I would hate to face Florida “just-us “! All I can figure is that the jurypool hates the Florida Warlocks for some reason. This is one of a long line of cases where the murderers of Warlocks walk free. Very bizarre results for the case.
    Wordless, BMW

  6. Nobody Says:

    Just for the record… The “Philly” Warlocks were NOT out bad. I’m not sure where anyone gathered creditable evidence to back such a statement but when an organization owns the legal corporation, trademark, fictious name, as well as all assets, then I would have to say that the organization has the legal rights to “advertise” their product where ever they deem fit. I won’t go any deeper into this argument because I don’t need to prove the truth. It can easily be proven by records available to the public. I just don’t understand why anyone would publish bad info based on an individual’s word without first looking into whether or not that individual was telling the truth or not. Just because you may know someone for a long time or from years back, doesn’t mean he’s telling you the truth.

  7. choker Says:

    Im not a fan of either side, but I must say I have a hard time believing the florida warlocks went to that event NOT knowing who was sponsoring it or not looking for trouble. Their own brothers testified everyone was told to NOT go.

    As tragic as this all seems, they took action by their own accord and went of their own free will, against their bosses orders and their blood is on their own hands.

    Just because the deceased happen to be of the more liked or popular warlocks shouldnt change the fact that they had no business being at that event.

    I apologize if I am ranting here, but I learn alot from your reporting and this site Rebel and I have a hard time understanding why most are against the philly guys.

    Yes I do get they were out bad and that they probably had no business flying those colors in the established florida warlocks area, but stuff like that happens all the time. Clubs expand and encroach on others territory with we can do what we want and no ones going to tell us what we can and cannot do mentality. The stronger prevail and the weaker learn a hard life lesson.

    Thanks again for your time and efforts Rebel. Clicking ads for the cause.

  8. CN Says:

    He did it again. Unreal.

  9. CN Says:

    He did it again. Unbelieveable.

  10. Rusty Says:


  11. East Coast Maniac Says:

    The Truth Shall Set You Free!!

    Paul The Dog = Not Guilty!

    Free the Philthy Four. . .

    Glad to see that our Justice System does work when its supposed to.

  12. Red Bear Says:

    Philthy Florida Forever!!!

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