Angel Arrested After IOMC Feels Threatened

September 22, 2014

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Jeffery S. Fisse of Versailles, Indiana was arrested this weekend and charged with pointing a firearm and criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon after a chance encounter August 17 with members of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club. Both charges are felonies.

The complainant in the case is a woman who was driving a chase car behind a pack of Iron Order riders headed for Madison, Indiana on the Ohio River. She told police Fisse cut her off near the intersection of State Road 46 and Highway 421 in Greensburg, Indiana southeast of Indianapolis. The woman told police that when she “instinctively” blew her horn Fisse pointed a pistol at her with his left hand before accelerating away from her toward the Iron Order pack. She called police and reported that the man who pointed the gun at her was wearing a white motorcycle helmet and a Hells Angels Motorcycle Club patch

An Iron Order member told police that riders in the pack saw Fisse at several points during their ride but that he seemed to disappear near Madison.


After the chase car driver called police, a state trooper stopped Fisse near Olean which is about 25 miles from Madison. The trooper reported that Fisse seemed agitated when he was stopped. He was detained, cuffed and found to be legally carrying a loaded .45 caliber pistol, two knives and a collapsible baton.

Fisse denied pointing a gun at anybody. He told the trooper who detained him that he thought he had angered the Iron Order pack when he passed them and that the Iron Order had only called the police because they were afraid of Hells Angels.

Police eventually decided to press charges anyway and a warrant was issued for Fisse’ arrest earlier this month.

Fisse has been jailed without bond.

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82 Responses to “Angel Arrested After IOMC Feels Threatened”

  1. RtC Says:

    AND for this douche to say that 1%er’s aren’t down with the Constitution?
    What a fuckin’ MORON! There is not a segment of people with more patriotism
    than BIKER’s, fuckwad! Why do you think the fuckin’ FED is trying to wipe us all
    out?! Go back to your fucking X-BOX BOY, & leave real MEN out of your ignorance!
    I figure this was “it’s” purpose in coming here with that stupidity.
    “I wil not feed these fuckin’ TROLLS, I will NOT feed these fuckin’ TROLLS!”

    RESPECTS to all but the moronic TROLLS, corrupt gang of politicians & the faggot
    Urine Odor wannabes!

  2. The Kraut Says:

    @TX_Biker, a real Rakkasan wouldn’t run his trap such as example ‘A’…rickshawrounder…silly fuck likely cant tell the difference ‘tween sucking dick or eating spaghetti.

    Respects to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut

  3. Tooj Says:

    rakkasanraider, I guess I’d never been shown the light by someone as experienced and knowledgeable as you. For fuck’s sake, I’m selling my bike! I just didn’t know what I was getting myself into…

    BLAHAAHAAAAAA! You big retard. Nobody who reads or posts here cares what you think. Nobody who reads or posts here cares how you feel. Nobody cares who you do or don’t approve of. Get it, sweet pants?

  4. Phuquehed Says:

    Aaaaand another dumbshit from the Pasture of Fucktards wanders aimlessly, brain-dead and with opinions that have no basis on any kind of experience on its part, into Rebel’s land, spewing its stupidity and pussy rankness where the air is normally clean and fresh. It even has some kind of name it calls itself, something like ‘rakkasanraider’ or some such pathetic dog shit.

    Hey, rakkasanraider…do the planet a favor and test the warning label on a plastic bag…two, just for good measure.

  5. TX_Biker Says:

    I seriously doubt he was a member of the 187th, some of my brothers were, tough sons of bitches…probably some pimply faced kid who’s closest combat experience comes from video games and getting shot down by fat chicks…..

  6. rollinnorth Says:

    Ah, yes, trolls don’t go away, new year or not. This one needs an “umbrella for falling” down the stairs to the basement at Mom’s.

    Respect, to those…

  7. Shovelhead Says:

    Don’t like 1%ers? Who gives a fuck. Don’t think anyone’s going to lose any sleep over it!!

  8. Bone Head Says:

    rakkasanraider Says:

    “… in my mind. 1 percent clubs are simply organized criminal organizations, offering the promise of time in prison or an early grave for those involved. The whole MC scene sucks…”

    So, I take it u won’t be probating for anyone then? 2016 WILL be a good year!

  9. RtC Says:

    Ain’t that the truth! Well said Base.


  10. Base Says:


    You should have just kept your opinion to your self. But alas, like so many closed minded, lacking real world knowledge, spoon feed, gullible and easily duped type your not down with common sense!

  11. rakkasanraider Says:

    I checked the IO, to determine their validity. I support our inherent right to wear whatever we want to wear on our jacket. This is what millions have fought and died for, and MOST 1 percent types aren’t down with the Constitution (unless it gets them out of jail). Additionally, 1 percenters are simply people looking for an excuse to act like retards….and they play that role well, I might add. The whole MC club mindset has gone from one extreme to the other. Either cops are pretending to be bad guys, meth dealers are pretending to be bikers (1 percenters), and the public-dominated perception of emulates character-portrayals in film and television. I do not like 1 percenters, or the police-clubs that try to pass off that image. It degrades the image of cops, in my mind. 1 percent clubs are simply organized criminal organizations, offering the promise of time in prison or an early grave for those involved. The whole MC scene sucks and is not remotely reminiscent of the beginnings of MCs in the United States.

  12. Hoodlum Says:

    I rode with IO and was a patched member… They preached about how they werent a cop club and they don’t associate themselves with cops.. One day i got into a bar fight and dropped the guy.. Another IO member told me ” we need to call the cops and press charges” FOR WHAT!!! “Because that’s what we do!” I was told.. I dropped my colors immediately!! I wouldnt even give the respect of calling the URINE ODER patches “colors”. IOMC is a fuckin PIG club!!! They have sworn pigs in the club and try to pound “we need to call 911 if threatened, we need to prosecute ” into every members head!! … The club is full of snitching pig bastards !! Their colors should be taken and pissed on!


  13. I/OSUXDICK Says:

    Them I/O guys are a bunch of pussies! You cant pretend to be something you are not and plan on not getting your ass handed to you. I cant believe they can jail someone only on a he says she says bullshit charge. The only thing I can come up with is since they have a mail order Patch system and they recruit as many cops as possible, the cops are saying its true so it has to be true. This is bullshit! If they want to take it to court, fine, but prove it beyond reasonable doubt. If any I/O is reading this, understand a few things for me. The right to wear a patch is earned! This is number 1, number 2 recruiting is for pussies if someone wants it, they will earn it. Being a man is about earning your way. With that being said I have just one thing to say to I/O, how does it feel to be half a man?

  14. Creeper Says:

    Damn,wtf is with the IO,bunch of fukn douche canoes! You fukn sad bunch of pathetic ass wipes,seems like you fuks like to talk tough but when the hammer falls you cum catching bitches run ! Well, you little helmet wearing homos better start understanding your fukn place ! As far as your fukd up attempt to be a bunch of hard asses,wearing a shirt that state’s “Be aggressive,and shoot them in the face !”you morons pretty much have intensified the situation,you fukn Romper Room rejects just don’t get it do you ? Honestly I am not to surprised ! Seems like your Iron Maiden dykes have bigger shlongs then any of you ass grabbing bottom boys can muster , well one thing is certain,bitches will be just that “BITCHES !”In closing remember this you IO fuktards, Respect or EXPECT ! Disclaimer:The above is my sole opinion,and not necessarily that of others !

  15. butthead Says:

    IO screwing with 81? Are they crazy?

  16. Oldskewl Says:

    Those IO bitches are fucking homely assbags. I wouldn’t fuck any of them.


  17. Stevo Says:


    You’re right, that sums it up perfectly.


  18. Panhead Says:

    7of9 sez……What people miss is that by taking shortcuts to an end result, you actually end up at a different destination. The process that these guys are skipping is the very process that would make them become the people they are pretending to be, rather than simply dressed like them. They would have learned and grown through that process or washed out, but the end result would have been members of a real MC, not people simply dressed as such and pretending to be something they are not.

    You nailed it.


    FTio FTP

  19. popeye Says:

    At first glance I would tend to agree with you . How could it be the IO since so few have actually seen them out riding and pretty much the only eveidence of their existence is grab ass photos takin in their clubhouse’s (treeforts). But after reading the entire article there is a quote from an actual member saying they were there under the protection of their women. It must have been terifying to be caught out there when 1 member of another club drove by. Way to man up IO. You failed that mudcheck miserable

  20. Wiscokid 1%er Says:

    I’ve been following this iron order cops and queers shit and I just can’t wait till these bitches start dropping one by one. Never in all my years of brotherhood have I seen something so pathetic and so wrong. These cowards are a God damn embarrassment to any and everyone on two wheels.

  21. muler Says:

    Seems like the Hells angel was cooperating with LE and the IO probably didn’t see his patch till he passed them. What a bunch of pussies.

  22. erkman69 Says:

    Just shows these i.o. cheerleaders cant think for themselves. Just keep repeating what their told like”it wasn’t i.o” and “we are law abiding”. Respects to all.not i.o.

  23. Tomo Says:

    michael, “…An Iron Order member told police that riders in the pack saw Fisse at several points during their ride but that he seemed to disappear near Madison…”

    I don’t get how an IO member telling a police officer that he was there, means that the IO weren’t there.

    Also, michael, if you genuinely know who was there and wanted to expose the truth (like all good LE are sworn to do), you’d say something like:
    “Hey Rebel, I believe the club that was involved in this incident was not the IO, but the ‘Cunting Buggernauts MC’. I’ll email you some details I’ve got so you can check them out.”

    But you’ve not. I’ll admit that you managed to use multi-syllable words; that’s about as clever as you’ve managed to be with your comment. Disappointing.

  24. michael Says:

    Did anyone actually look into this? No members of the Iron Order were on this ride, it was a completely unrelated LE Club. Gotta love creditable journalisim. Sure is alot of attacks on this iron order club with unreliable and incorrect information from mr. Rebel. If you wanna hit them, show the public the real facts that stuck opposed to useless assumptions that are making your credibility all but dissapear. Its not helping your cause.

  25. Tooj Says:

    If this is the link, then it doesn’t appear to have been manufactured for them, just is in exceptionally poor taste.

  26. panamaa Says:


    These pieces of shit astound me with their arrogant bullshit… I truly think, they think, their smarter than everyone else..

    Fucking astounding…


  27. Glenn S. Says:

    How convenient for the po-lice. Sympathetic, and no doubt photogenic, witness/victim. He said, she said is never beyond a reasonable doubt, but most juries fall for it in the name of believing and identifying with whoever wears sheep’s clothing.

  28. panamaa Says:

    Rebel says; “Now why don’t you sorry, lying fucks tell your motherfucking Jacksonville chapter to cool it with the “Be Aggressive And Shoot’em In The Face” tee shirts.”

    Please tell me that ain’t so… I haven’t seen those yet. In fact, I’ve never seem an IO flying colors in Jacksonville.. For Christ fucking sake, how can these fuckers live with themselves… I can tell you this, if they wear that shit around this town, in public,,, there’s more than likely an ass whipping coming from someone. Even the “normal” folks around town that know little of the facts and know nothing of the culture are astounded these fuckers are aloud to exist…. The last thing the Tipton family needs is to see that shit.

    Fuck the iron Order and all that have anything to do with them….

  29. Meh Says:

    Pics of those shirts would be interesting, or better yet a sample.
    They are likely getting them screen printed somewhere local.

  30. Bruka Says:

    @Panamaa – “maybe he just knows more than you fucking do …”

    Yup !

    It’s like watching someone repeatedly slapping a bengal tiger that is paralysed with rage, eventually the tiger’s going to snap out of it …

  31. Tomo Says:

    Someone’s got t-shirts saying that? Jesus fcking buddha.

    Have those been seen in public or behind the picket fence at an IO BBQ?

    Either way, badges and guns won’t save them if that’s true.

  32. Painfully Weeping Says:

    Does nobody ever take this advise from the Supreme Court?

    “one of the Fifth Amendment’s basic functions . . . is to protect innocent men . . . who otherwise might be ensnared by ambiguous circumstances….. truthful responses of an innocent witness, as well as those of a wrongdoer, may provide the government with incriminating evidence from the speaker’s own mouth”.

    He has placed himself at the alleged site of the crime. Your lawyer will NEVER tell you; “man, I sure am glad you told the cops that”.
    Don’t talk to the cops….. Ever!

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