Smith Trial Day Three

September 17, 2014

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The trial of Paul Wayne “Dog” Smith is an example of what Yogi Berra called ‘‘déjà vu all over again.” He is the fourth defendant to be tried for the same alleged crime – the murder of three men who rode with the Warlocks Motorcycle Club and the attempted murder of two more.

The men who died were Harold “Lil Dave” Liddle, Peter “Hormone” Schlette and Dave “Dresser” Jakiela. The men Smith is accused of trying to kill are Brad Dyess and Ronnie “Whiteboy” Mitchell.

The other three men who have been tried are David “Tin Man” Maloney, Robert William “Willy” Eckert and Victor Manuel “Pancho” Amaro. Maloney, who didn’t actually shoot anybody, was acquitted of most of the charges against him. Prosecutors may or may not punish the public with a sixth trial to try to convict Maloney of something. Eckert didn’t shoot anybody either but he was found guilty of multiple charges and sentenced to 27 years in prison. Amaro killed Liddle and Jakiela, was tried twice and is now serving life in prison. There is absolutely no question that Smith killed Schlette. He shot Schlette in the arm while the dead man sat on his motorcycle and knocked him down. Schlette rose, said something to the effect of “Motherfucker! You just shot me!” Then Smith shot Schlette in the eye.


Mitchell took the stand today, as he has in previous trials, to testify against Smith. John  Boudreau, who was national President of the larger and more important of America’s two Warlocks Motorcycle Clubs at the time of the murder, testified today that he was aware that the poker run at which five of his club brothers were killed or wounded was sponsored by the smaller and less important of America’s two Warlocks Motorcycle Clubs. “Don’t take anyone. Don’t send anyone. Don’t go. It’s a bad idea,” Boudreau swore he said.

America’s two Warlocks Motorcycle Clubs, headquartered in Orlando and in Philadelphia, managed to coexist for about 40 decades but a few years into the new millennium some Philly Warlocks began to say things like “those poseurs in Florida stole our name in 1967.” Smith, like Maloney and then Philly Warlocks Southeastern States Boss Ed “Nightmare” Glowitz, were all former members of the Florida Warlocks with grudges against their former club. After the shooting, Glowitz commented on Schlette’s death “He was a Poseur. Now he’s worm dirt.” It isn’t yet clear whether Glowitz, who also answers to “Chester Freddie,” will testify in this trial or what he will say.

Former Orlando chapter president Thomas “Contender” McGarry, who was in the Orlando clubhouse at the time of the shooting, testified that he had instructed all his club brothers there not to go. McGarry told the jury he had yelled, “‘We ain’t going, man. Just sit tight.’ The ones who went up there, they just went up there when, why, I don’t know,” McGarry explained. “Not everybody listens.”

Unique Lawyer

Despite the warnings, the five men rode over to the poker run carrying an $800 contribution anyway – inexplicably and tragically. They seem to have arrived mere moments after the police surveilling the event inexplicably and tragically drove away. This is the fifth jury to hear this story.

The novelty in this trial is Smith’s lawyer, a confident and shameless blonde named Debra Ferwerda, who seems to have previously specialized in divorce cases and who in this case has relentlessly blamed the victims. Yesterday she told the jury Schlette had threatened to rape Smith’s wife. Today she described him as “a scary, violent, crazy guy” who approached her client demonstrating “tough guy” body language. Borrowing a page from the Sons of Anarchy story bible, Ferwerda told the jury Schlette already had a blood alcohol level of 0.075 at 10:45 a.m. and that his lifeless body had also tested positive for marijuana. The implication was that Schlette, like Gemma Morrow, was in the throws of homicidal reefer madness.

Ferwerda has also suggested several times that someone shot at Smith and grazed his face after he shot Schlette the first time. So the shot to Schlette’s eye was really a desperate act of self defense by a man who thought he was about to die.


34 Responses to “Smith Trial Day Three”

  1. Casual Observer Says:

    You sound so republican WES{??} Blah Blah Blah Bengazi Blah Blah Blah Bengazi except you have a IOMC Fag interest in Big John Blah Blah Blah Big John Blah Blah Blah Big John

  2. Wes Says:

    casual observer or I mean big john, the only one running there cock sucker is you. specially for the one that has been working with LEO for the past 20 years plus you have been getting paid also. So the only rat out there is you big john. your club is nothing but rats, cops and pedophiles. Your training in Quantico was really good and they taught you much about the laws of the land so you could keep your distance as always, just like Spanky. So now you send out an e-mail weeks earlier making the run the Philly guys are putting on mandatory, then you have a state meeting on sat the day before there run, and its all about shutting down the Philly guys and taking Maloney and Smith out. Then you don’t even show up to your own mandatory run, all while you and your suck ass philz are so conveniently out fishing.THE BLOOD OF YOUR OWN BROTHERS IS ON YOUR HANDS BIG JOHN. Then as a good piggy you take the stand for the state, and your not a cop? your a disgrace to all 1% clubs and you are no different then the iron order. the 1% world will see and hear this very soon. No more fooling your brothers anymore.

  3. Rusty Says:

    Sad fucking day when a murdering piece of shit has any supporters.
    Murder in cold blood of unarmed men should receive no support what so ever. Ain’t no honor in that, not something a MAN would do.

  4. Casual Observer Says:

    oops excuse the repeating my statement

  5. Casual Observer Says:

    Well the way you explain it i guess Ratting On Rats is a push But!!! as previously stated Florida Law dictates that in capital or infamous crimes witnesses and or victims who refuse to testify can and sometimes are held accountable for those crimes as an adjunct defendant ,So i cannot hold blame on any club member whos forced to taking a stand against someone who killed their brothers in cold blood so as not to take the weight instead of the punk bitches that committed the crime

  6. Casual Observer Says:

    Well the way you explain it i geuss Ratting On Rats is a push also as previously stated Florida Law dictates that in capital or infamous crimes witnesses and or victims who refuse to testify can and sometimes are held accountable for those crimes as an adjunct defendant ,So i cannot hold blame on any club member whos forced to taking a stand against someone who killed their brothers in cold blood so as not to take the weight instead of the punk bitches that committed the crime

  7. Nobody Says:

    Just an FYI… There is a difference between testifying for the prosecution and testifying for the defense. Testifying for the defense means that person is attempting to aid another in “avoiding” prosecution. Testifying for the prosecution, on the other hand, is aiding the District Attorney in the “prosecution and incarceration” of another. SEE THE DIFFERENCE?!? Helping a buddy get off and helping the “government” in LOCKING another up. Helping to lock someone up means that they are RATTING?? Big John = Rat!!, Whiteboy = Rat!!, Dice = Rat!!

    Facts are facts!! I agree, the Florida Warlocks need a serious refresher course in how to be a respectable 1%er or the need to hand their 1%er patches the fuck in!!

  8. Casual Observer Says:

    Ed Glowitz is the Best witness the prosecution had Him and the Rats that Paul the Rat dog was bunking with in lock up ,Start packing Tin”Snitch”man your vacation may be starting soon ,Word on the street up in 96 SC is pauls ol lady been running her cocksucker that her ol man has an exit strategy just in case ,not much for second hand story’s but that sounds like the Rat Dogs Modius Operendi

  9. Gay Edgar Says:

    Ed Glowitz is neat.

  10. Freeman Says:

    So you take a specialized in divorce lawyer that makes you look like a bunch of fucking pussies ”years of terror and violence” ”september 30 th was just the first page of a long book of violence” ”he was terrified”

    I mean for Christ’s sake’s, balls like the head of turtle, now you see em now you don’t.

  11. Rusty Says:

    The real tragedy here is 3 people were murdered.
    Actions like what happened in this case need to be condemned by any and all men….. regardless of affiliation.

    Respect to the deserving

  12. BMW Says:

    @Paladin: in many clubs, the members can overrule the decision of the president, and many 1%ers do what they want anyway. In my club, we don’t usually override the president, but it happens regularly.

    In any case, the first riders into the parking lot were unarmed — which is NOT the way a club goes in to start trouble. If the real Warlocks had been trying to start a fight, the first guys in would have been wearing bullet proof vests. They would also be armed with large caliber weapons. The two members who were armed had only.380 pistols, which no one would take to a gunfight. A .380 is a self defense weapon, not a good choice for an expected gunfight….

    L,H&R to all 1% riders!!!
    Justice for the three murdered men and their families!!!!


  13. FTIO Says:

    I also think the phrase “less important” isn’t far off in terms of the impact that club has on the scene as a whole with their history.

    …can’t we all just get along and stop fueling SOA?

  14. FTIO Says:

    As a uninvolved observer…

    I just find it hard to believe that the Florida Warbird Warlocks went there with a donation or not expecting trouble all things considered. In this day and age it’s perfectly reasonable for anyone to carry a gun for self defense ( well, in any day and age really, maybe we just hear more reported gun violence due to the media in this era?) Maybe the Philly warlocks shot them for no reason other then no backbone or paranoia? Maybe there were threats that presented a reasonable fear to doing so? I don’t know. It’s bad business for everyone involved and presents a huge black eye for all involved, especially testifying in court which both clubs have been a party to. I still see both clubs flying free in the state and i read another shooting took place on I-95 this year whete a philly warlock was shot, so the violence is only going to continue.

  15. Reality Rider Says:

    @Grumpy: Far Out! Actually, I don’t smoke dope or anything else for that matter. I also don’t believe sworn enemies donate money to each other’s causes. Beware of Greeks bareing gifts, that sort of thing. However, given what we are given to know, this is not a case of self defense, it’s most likely an ambush with law enforcement involvement and there’s much more to all this than meets the eye. Having known the three men who were killed and of those who did the killing I’m certain there are no clean hands in this. My hope is that justice is done and I’ll confess I have no use for the Courts to carry ouy that mission.

  16. Grumpy Says:

    P.S- Reality Rider,did ya do a couple bong hits for me ?

  17. Grumpy Says:

    ……….O.K.,5 guys pull into a parking lot,as they slow/stop DOGSHIT steps out and shoots the first guy(Hormone) in the arm an he says ‘you shot me motherfucker”,then DOGSHIT shoots same guy in the eye,while standing over his dropped M/C, kills him.Now DOGSHIT claims “self-defense” ? That ain’t how it works down here you fuckin moron !
    Note:Be careful on the road,red bug,LOL.

  18. Rebel Says:

    Dear Red Bear,

    It’s a fact. It is also a fact that at least some members of the Harpy Warlocks have delusions of grandeur. Like you.


  19. Casual Observer Says:

    How about calling them as fair and balanced as a club that should be called Recycle MC for membership drives of other more reputable clubs trash and throw aways deserves ,Having two confirmed snitches and paid law enforcement stool pigeons as presidents of chapters is pretty sound business practices of Recycle MC and a crew of misfits modeled after the Iron Oder way for taking care of business,including riding with no patches to places and putting them on AFTER the destination gets a full walk thru ,threatening family’s and taking shots at peoples kids is real 1% of you as well .All this shit could have been avoided with a knuckle up but i guess your guys employers weren’t good with that not enough media horror for them and too much exposure to their involvement and a last point as far as the holier than thous with the 1%er don’t testify that keeps getting thrown out here by recycles troll squad and those not knowing Florida law ,Florida Law dictates that in capital or infamous crimes witnesses and or victims who refuse to testify can and sometimes are held accountable for those crimes as an adjunct defendant ,So i cannot hold blame on any club member whos forced to taking a stand against someone who killed their brothers in cold blood so as not to take the weight instead of the punk bitches that committed the crime ,Unlike Tin Squealman and Paul the Rat Dog who sold people out to stay out of prison for shit they were involved with that they owned .Bet Tinmans sleeping great at nights hoping Paul the Rat Dog skates on those cases cause he sure knows if paul gets the guilty hes taking tinman with him

  20. panamaa Says:

    @Red Bear..

    How about; “smaller and less “accepted” of America’s two Warlocks Motorcycle Clubs”. Come on man, it’s a matter of semantics…

    Good reporting Rebel, Respects…

  21. Red Bear Says:

    I wouldn’t call your words “smaller and less important of America’s two Warlocks Motorcycle Clubs” fair and balanced.

  22. Rebel Says:

    Dear Red Bear,

    I think my coverage of this case is fair and balanced, as is reflected in the reader comments. And I think you are a moron.


  23. Red Bear Says:

    Who donates $800 to the people they threw out of their club? Really??? Come on Whiteboy no one believes that. Florida lock Slob Rob even testified he called Philly the night before and told them there was a mandatory planned attack by Florida ordered by BJ. Florida locks went their to start a fight and got their asses handed to them, now they cry like bitch and testify FOR THE COPS! And where was BJ during all this? Conveniently offshore sailing… The blood from those 3 bodies belong on BJ and Contenders hands!

  24. choker Says:

    Wtf is it with all these 1% warlocks taking the stand and opening their flaps like that. Throwing their brothers under the bus. None of this helps any. Get your story straight and stick to it.
    Big John and Contender are saying they gave orders NOT to go and these 5 went anyways with $800 of personal or most likely club money? It doesnt add up.
    My condolences to the deceased but this is not a club I would want to have anything to do with. 1% my freakin ass.

  25. Mike 184 Says:

    Reefer madness…. Ha, this lady…. Only thing I have ever seen pot make someone kill is a bag of Doritos.

  26. WheresMyBoots Says:

    Let’s see…don’t use ‘tough guy body language’, don’t pull up anywhere on your scoot, don’t punch some dick who starts shit, and avoid those maniac, weed- smoking ‘hopheads’. Oh and join your local bridge club. Got it…
    I have to go lay down…

  27. Iceman Says:

    Five guys go to a charity function carrying a sizable donation and are ambushed .Three unarmed men are murdered , two others protect themselves because they were legally carrying guns…The shooters/murderers/cowards are armed beyond belief and wearing bulletproof vests , so who was planning a gunfight….. Paul the Rat and Tinman were kicked out because they were assholes , not great Warlocks…I’m wondering if they checked Paul the Rat for drugs , I mean come on , they checked an unarmed victim !!! Smith’s taped interview was less than believable….Making up shit as he spoke…Hormone was really comical guy…And obviously a real man to stand up to a punk ass with a gun…These guys didn’t deserve to be murdered execution style…Beware….you may have just awakened the sleeping giant………Real bikers don’t start shit……….They finish it..

  28. Reality Rider Says:

    “I told everybody not to go but they went anyway without my knowledge” (plausable deniability established, sincerity isn’t but it lets the Club off the hook for a conspiracy charge). They arrived with $800.00 but how do you establish beyond a reasonable doubt that the funds were for a donation as generous of a gesture as that might have been. Certainly the Chapter President who “told EVERYBODY not to go” wouldn’t have authorized an $800.00 donation to be made by people he just told not to go besides decisions like that are usualy made at Church before the event not on the spur of the moment unless the tip jar at the Clubhouse suddenly went AWOL or vanished right in front of the President’s eyes and that was one Hell of a tip jar unless everybody who drinks there tips with hundred dollar bills (Fun Fact: The tips in a Clubhouse tip jar usually don’t go to the Probates, FP Members of OL’s working behind the bar, they usually go into the Chapter treasury or to the Brothers Behind Bars/Legal Defense Fund) Resposibility for funds collected by a Chapter or Charter are kept secure by the Secretary/Treasurer and not left out where any FP Member might help himself to them with a sign that says, “Take As Needed” so, while they very well may have been transporting $800.00 to be donated to the VFW or in this case the Faux Philly Warlocks from Chester who the generous participants also have an on going battle with as a peace gesture……naw I don’t think so either. And, there was the matter of an alleged OL of one of the FP AWOL Members already being there and calling in intel S.A.L.U.T.E. before the wayward Members went boots & saddles unarmed except for the two bringing up the rear. Don’t get me wrong, everything points to Smith being the 1st Shooter of the 3 unarmed men although how he would have known they were unarmed has as of yet to be addressed, still you just don’t go shooting people in a public venue unless of course you ride with the Iron Order who shoot first and answer (to nobody) questions later but I digress. Three very good men got murdered that day, from all the evidense this was a planned ambush with law enforcement overtones. At one point Maloney was asked “When you first found out the Warlocks had arrived, why didn’t you dial 911”? His answer was something like, “I wanted to see what was going on”. Brilliant testimony like that got him acquited by the best Jury system in the Land, Florida’s! I do agree with the prior comment that stated that Amaro and Eckert seem to have been used as fall guys but a guilty verdict against Smith blows that theory all to shit. I also am stunned by Members of the Florida Warlocks taking the stand at all except for the two that were involved in the shooting. Back in the not to distant past we were always told, you do not testify or cooperate with a legal proceeding regardless yet Florida Warlocks & the other white meat seem to have and continue to be lining up to do so, so,,,,,,when did that time tested cultural norm among us change? A while back a FP Member of Leather & Lace MC got married to a FP Mongol and the Florida Warlocks who had a very real connection for being there didn’t show up out of both respect for the ceremony as well as the possible disturbance that might have caused if they had but maybe that was when the Chapter President’s word was the end of the topic of discussion. Maybe that’s changed too. The sudden lack of LE presence to tail some unrealted Bikers and not leaving behind so much a surveilance camera to catch whatever might happen once they split is curious and neglegent to say the least (somewhere there still might be a very clear DVD of everything that happened or else we believe the Cops who said that the TWO officers they had assigned to what they themselves told to Maloney and his Mommy was a very dangerous situation didn’t require they miss their lunch breaks (The Faux Hapry Philly Chester MC P still lives with his Mother?) thought 2 was plenty. And, on top of all this amazingly rareified bullshit Smith who is a convicted Felon but who never served a day before this most recent trick bag has yet to be charged with “Felon in poseccion of a firearm”? And, 86’ed his 1st Attorney for a buxom blond divorce lawyer with a vivid imagination or an obsession with SOA Seasons 1-6., but was actually correct about one thing namely that this was the result of a long series of incidents however she failed to mention that most of them were started by Maloney & Smith! The Jury may very well return a verdict of “Deadlocked” because there’s enough of this crap to prove just about everyone involved either wrong, inocent, complicent, lying or just plain stupid. The real MC with any claim to clout in that State and good old Charlie who watches their backs must be laughing so hard their ribs hurt by now. I wonder if the VFW ever got that $800.00, after both Clubs chased away all their participants it would have shown class to at least make sure the Veterans of Foreign Wars got at least that to cover expences. I think maybe it’s time for Charlie to pay the War Bird Phoenix a visit and give a refresher course of 1%’er MC protocol at public events before these clowns bring the heat down on everybody. Also, a reminder that under no circumstances do 1%’ers willingly testify in a court of law or cooperate with law enforcement much less rely upon them to get them justice. I doubt this retarded shit would have happened when Taco was riding free.

  29. Red Bear Says:

    This is the worst one-sided article the AR has ever written. So much for a non biased media. How much is Fat John paying you to cover his ass and slander the Original Red & White Warlocks? By the way Ed Glowitz ain’t their state boss you misinformed troll. Go back to watching SOA and commenting on the IO.

  30. Rusty Says:

    @Paladin….I cant speak to actual fact but my guess is that the VFW there does many benefits, as do many VFW post all over the nation,the donation may have been collected, put together, whatever, before it was known “who” was involved with the benefit other than the VFW. The decision was then made over the objection of the chapter P to go anyway.
    Just my guess on that much.

  31. Paladin Says:

    I’m still trying to figure out where the $800.00 donation came from that the FL. Warlocks rode to the Hall with. When the P. of a club tells its members not to do something and they go and do it anyway, taking with them what I can only guess are club funds as they walk out the door, what’s with that? Then the cops magically disappear just before the FL. Warlocks show up. Based on the Philly Warlocks’ instantaneous lethal reaction to the presence of the FL. Warlocks, I’m of the opinion that someone must have called ahead.

    This set up doesn’t smell like bacon, it smells more like a full on pork roast.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  32. Jim666 Says:

    This whole thing has smelled of bacon from the very start

  33. Rusty Says:

    Somebody set me straight please,,,ya shoot a man in the arm,then ya think he shot back, so ya shoot again killin’ him, then ya think self defense is a viable defense????????

  34. BMW Says:

    I still think that the two doing the heavy time were setup by Maloney and the Dog. I question whether they had all been setup by the cops: during Maloney’s trial, a cop admitted that he told both Maloney and Maloney’s mother that “the Warlocks have a contract out on you /your son “. We now know that the statement by the cop was a lie — while these losers were in jail, there was ample time to execute a contract, and lots of prisoners desperate for a little cash. It would have been much easier to kill any of the faux/Philly “Warlocks ” in the joint than on the street. So if there had been a contract, as the cops suggested, there wouldn’t be so many trials.

    Where is the Federal investigation? Three murders, and no public call for a Federal investigation??? The argument that “doggy” thought that someone had shot him is probably the lamest excuse any murderer has ever used, but he has been hung out to dry, unless the cops provide him with a better excuse, as they did so conveniently for Maloney. I would expect some cop to claim to have warned “doggy”, if he is a snitch. If he is not a snitch, it wouldn’t be the first time that cops hung a snitch-jacket on an innocent biker. Time will tell, very soon. If he is convicted, maybe he will tell his story. Or perhaps Leo might arrange a contract of their own to keep him from talking…

    L,H&R TO ALL 1% RIDERS!!!

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