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September 16, 2014

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The Iron Order Motorcycle Club has a national election coming up this weekend and the sources are singing like birds.

The Aging Rebel believes that at only ten-years-old with more than 4,000 members, the IOMC is too large, immature and factionalized to survive. This page also believes that there is a high probability that the Iron Order and its officers will soon have to respond to a federal lawsuit. And, that there is some slight possibility that the attorney who will file that suit has not yet seen the latest phantom to rise from the great cyber swamp.

Four separate sources sent The Aging Rebel copies of a document titled “2014 IOMC Election Preview: There is Much About Izod That You Don’t Know!” This page believes the document originated with an Iron Order Motorcycle Club patch holder and that it represents the point of view of a significant number of club members.

Here are some excerpts.

Rebel, Intensive Care And RICO

“Just about everything he discusses lately involves Aging Rebel. Izod sounds like he is the one with the problem not just Rebel. Izod continues to send updates to Rebel adding more fuel to the fire.”

“Go get educated on all of the shit going on in Massachusetts like I just did. This is a result of Brothers getting a Green Light from Izod to go and put a HATER in the ICU. Then send them flowers. Go ask Lambo too. He did the same thing last year on Izod’s orders. Why the fuck do we care about these haters and why do we continue to respond to them?”

“In Izod’s recent announcement he mentions that Midnight could possibly be the cause of a RICO charge against the IOMC.  The truth is that a RICO charge could happen but because of Izod’s actions and doings not because Midnight sent out an email. If there is a RICO action against this club it would be because of Izod or Cgar or some of the Nomads. Not because of the majority of the Brotherhood. These two have repeatedly sent out emails and orders to go get this guy or that guy for some really shallow offences.”

The Tipton Murder

“We have a prospect in Florida who is waiting on the results of the prosecutors office and the only reason that he isn’t in jail is the fact that the Iron Order is law abiding.  We all were told to not talk about it but its ok to post our condolences on our website or to talk to Aging Rebel about the incident or have some of his Bromads on Facebook fueling the social media fire.”

“When we are Green Lighted to go put a Facebook Hater in the ICU we are no longer law abiding. That is something that the 1% world does. We have fallen away from who we are and that needs to be brought back to the IOMC. The next one may not be so lucky and it may be YOU sitting in jail fighting a murder charge or dead. Not because you did anything wrong because the IOMC now has the reputation of starting shit. Look at how many Brothers have had to choose between their LEO career and the IOMC lately.”

“Just so everyone is aware Ref is most likely going to get jail time over this. It’s just a matter of time. But rather than punishing the person who admittedly touched her inappropriately he was named to Izod’s Army and given a promotion. To make matters worse we have another Maiden who witnessed the whole thing. She did the right and law abiding thing by testifying what she saw. She could have lied and saved her own ass but she did not. For that she was BANNED from the Maidens and all IO events. forever. What if all of the witnesses in Florida decided the right thing to do was to lie or not give a statement about the truth? Izod you can’t wear a black and white hat. You are either a good guy or a bad guy.”

“We can spend over $300k on a party but we put limits on helping our own Brothers? We have 2 Brothers this year alone who lost their homes for less than $10000 each. Was Three Dog Night really worth that? I’m not saying the party wasn’t amazing but who makes those decisions? Where the fuck is Brotherhood any more?”


160 Responses to “More Iron Order Loose Lips”

  1. Rusty Says:

    For all the io supporters trolls etc.

    It is a lucky man who finds his place in life, and is happy in it.

    Brotherhood is an obligation and a responsibility, it is not an opportunity.

    So…find your place….learn the part about responsibility and obligation.

    Oh yea…it ain’t about “you” but it is what it is.

    Respect to the deserving

  2. ElleElle Says:

    No disrespect intended whatsoever but when are they going to shut this shit down already? I am getting tired of reading about these ass hats. Rebel, could you please provide one of your, “So I was out on a ride today” articles. Oh, and could you not include the words Iron or Order…even if it includes a stop through a Jack in the Box or something.

    Please and Thank you.

    My head hurts.

  3. Icebreaker Says:

    GF0302, another well thought out, clear, concise explanation, unfortunately, like the other, it will be ignored….

    Don’t know the age of suck-ass, but I have a lot of Viet Nam Brothers whose opinion means more than his…..

  4. 10GAUGE Says:

    You suck,

    It’s funny as he’ll how you guys talk such public shit about all of the ex 8 blah blah blah….I wouldn’t even know who this ” vape monkey” is without the exposure….looks like nobody ever had the balls to tell him he’s no longer in the club.

    He must be OIB from the forum eh?

  5. RtC Says:

    WOW! These f’n Urine Oder bastards just won’t accept the truth, will
    they? I have a feeling that when all is said & done & they finally
    implode & no longer exist, there’ll still be douche-bags coming on
    here “telling it like it is.”(in THEIR scewed world) As I see videos
    of more cops killing unarmed citizens, just because they can, it makes
    me glad that I’m as much of a recluse as I am.
    And SIZ, I know what you are going through with house-arrest! Been
    there done that.”This too shall pass.” I’m actually waiting to hear
    from my PO just when I’m off my parole, this time. Doesn’t help living
    near rich fucking psychotics.
    Anyway, FTF FTP FTUO & their fanboys, and anyone else deserved!
    RESPECTS for the REAL

    BTW, I do have a club. It’s TMFFC(Too Much Fuckin’ Fun Club) that has
    3 members. 2 here in Kansas & 1 in Oklahoma. I’m the PREVADUNT! lol
    $10.00 plus shipping, you can join too! lol No patch, just a CONCHO.

  6. 7of9 Says:


    Just to be clear, I’m not a PH and things may well work a lot differently outside of my little world, but where I live, everything you’ve said still supports the IO needing a swift kick.

    For one, you say that they went to their local CoC and then tried to hide their professions. If there’s one thing I’ve seen, it’s that people in this community want to know who you really are. They can spot a line of BS a mile away and have little respect for people who aren’t upfront and honest about who they are. How can you trust someone who tries to hide a big part of their identity? I’d argue that some professions are a much bigger part of defining who you are, LE being definitely one of them. It’s no wonder that bigger clubs didn’t take them seriously and they possibly got the runaraound if they came off as trying to put up some kind of false front.

    If CoC’s had a problem with “law abiding clubs” as you like to call it, then why would they openly support all kinds of groups and clubs like Christian riding groups, riding orgs like BACA, and even women’s riding groups? Are you saying all these groups are somehow outlaw clubs and that the IO is pure as driven snow?

    Where I live, there is a process for forming a new club. It’s not quick or easy and you don’t start out with a three piece patch and a diamond of any kind. You come with you hat in your hands, metaphorically, asking to learn and doing what you need to do to fit in. After all, you’re the FNG here, the person who is asking to join a community that is already established.

    Everything you’ve said smacks of entitlement and a deep lack of understanding of how this culture works…and all of that fits perfectly with the image that the IO is presenting to the world. That is the core problem that most people have with the IO, that they want to join the game, but they want different rules than everyone else and want to tell the people who’ve been playing longer how the game should be played.

  7. Tooj Says:


    I could swear I was hearing some sort of veiled threat there too, GF0302. It appears that internal security there isn’t soo good if they allow their supporters/members to spout this sort of tripe.

  8. PANHEAD Says:


    There will be NO peace. Fuck the io. Run and hide you little mother fucker………….

  9. JMacK Says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. You can rant all you want and spin it however you like. It’s about respect. It can only be earned. Not purchased. Or stolen. And the io will never have respect as long as they continue to act the way they do.

    Fuck the io.

  10. StrategyIsZen Says:


    Just a trippy thought. That level of desperation speaks to larger concepts, forces, memes, patterns, etc. . .

    Perhaps there is more behind this?

    At Bundy, the government backed off for first time in modern history. At Ferguson, it stood down.

    1.2 million bikers rode to DC recently. Something similar happened in another state. Both had little media.

    Perhaps there is a kind of karmic thing happening where people realize that things just can’t “proceed as planned?” Just a mental exercise from someone with too much time on hands.

    Perhaps a tipping point has been reached? Just a subtle one. A peaceful one. A hopeful one.

    IF that was true, it would explain desperation.


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