Iron Order Murder Day 78

September 11, 2014

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Today is the 78th day since a Black Piston named Zachariah “Nas T” Tipton was shot by a still unnamed member of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club outside Nippers Beach Grille in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. There have been widely disparate accounts of the moments that bracketed the murder.

Numerous Iron Order members, including club president Ray “Izod” Lubesky, have insisted that the shooter acted in self-defense. In the most popular variation, an Iron Order prospect and an Iron Order patch holder, or two prospects, were set upon without provocation by six Black Pistons. A brawl ensued. One prospect was knocked to the ground, drew a gun as he arose and fired either five or six shots. It is unclear how many were warning shots. Tipton was shot in the side of the head with a shot that went completely through or he may have been shot on both sides of his head.

Other versions of the encounter do not matter to the police or Jacksonville State Attorney Angela Corey. They have been stonewalling Tipton’s family and the general public for the last eleven weeks. The shooter, by consensus, was an “active duty military” and so he is entitled to hero immunity. The Iron Order, according to statements made by the club’s officers, is comprised of about 50 percent police and about 25 percent military so in all confrontations with other motorcycle clubs the Iron Order gets the benefit of the doubt from the police. A police bulletin issued in North Florida the day after Tipton was murdered noted that Iron Order members’ accounts of the homicide were “very reliable” because the Iron Order spokesmen were cops.

Double Standard

The problem with the Iron Order’s credibility with police, and apparently states’ attorneys, is that it flaunts a double standard of justice.

The Iron Order, as opposed to most motorcycle clubs, is comparatively transparent. Loyal members yap like little dogs whenever anybody disagrees with them. Iron Order members were yapping the night Tipton died in a number of accounts. It is at least plausible, to believe that Iron Order members were at Nippers looking for trouble, that they provoked a fist fight by insulting Tipton and his companions and that the fist fight gave the Iron Order shooter an excuse to kill a man.

The Iron Order is also transparent because the club, at just ten years old with more than 4,000 members, has grown too large too fast to function as a coherent and closed society. Consequently, there are competing Iron Orders. The club has an election coming up and some dissatisfied members seek listeners both within and without the club.

Words, Words, Words

Club members have been particularly gossipy in the last few weeks. Lubesky and his loyalists seem to think that this page and the Facebook pages that exist to vilify the IOMC simply make things up. When he allows himself the grace to be merely condescending, Lubesky seems to think that what he calls the “hater pages” invent lies which I then, in my stupidity and journalistic naiveté, repeat. It doesn’t seem to occur to him that the “hater pages” and I sometimes share sources and that those sources are members of his own club.

Recently, for example, Lubesky and I had the following exchange:

“Dear Izod,

“I have been told that Michael Crouse, International Sergeant at Arms for the IOMC, is the subject of an ongoing investigation by the FBI and Army CID in connection with the homicide of Zach Tipton in Jacksonville in late June. I believe, if I have been told about it, that if there were such an investigation both you and Crouse would know about it. Can you please deny that Crouse is under investigation for me? Is there anything else you want me to know?”

To which Lubesky replied:

“There is no investigation by any federal or military law enforcement agency regarding Michael Crouse or the Zach Tipton homicide. I believe you have another Facebook hater sending you false information. You are correct, we would definitely know if there were any such investigation. Michael Crouse has absolutely nothing to do with what happened in Jacksonville. We have a thousand or more active duty military at all levels including colonels. None of them is under ‘investigation’ by CID nor is the IOMC.”

Midnight And Ray

The problem is that a federal or military criminal investigation is a plausible explanation for the Jacksonville State Attorney’s silence. She could have simply whitewashed Tipton’s death a month ago. The real question is why she is stalling and the simplest answers are a federal or state grand jury or an ongoing military or federal investigation. And, a document that emerged from the murky depths of the great cyber swamp yesterday supports the argument that the Iron Order Motorcycle Club can be seen as a criminal enterprise. If other motorcycle clubs are criminal enterprises then why isn’t the Iron Order a criminal enterprise?

The document is titled, “My Brothers – The future of our club depends on you!” It is dated yesterday and it is putatively from the keyboard of Bob “Midnight” Cabral. Cabral is President of the New Bedford, Massachusetts chapter of the Iron Order. The Aging Rebel has not confirmed Cabral’s authorship. But, if the document is what it appears to be it should make its way into a grand jury room. The document contains long statements from, presumably, both Cabral and Lubesky. Grammatical, syntactical and spelling errors in some of the passages quoted below have been edited for clarity.

In one passage, discussing whether club members should or shouldn’t wear their colors at all times when on their bikes, Cabral writes:

“Oh yeah. The renegades aren’t wearing there colors! You know what? Fuck off. Worry about something else! I told my guys if you’re going to be in a hot area or your just out with your wife you don’t have to wear them. For the guys that know us you also know where some us live! I don’t see you riding by yourself with me thru New Bedford or Fall River!”

Lubesky responds:

“On our FAQ page it clearly says we don’t follow ‘no fly zones’ and in my response to (The) Aging Rebel I went on record to say no such order was given to an IOMC brother. I hope you made your statement to your chapter as your recommendation and not a directive. There are way too many brothers including me who take offense that anyone would even think of this action and we’re
in Florida and many brothers in Jacksonville, Vero, Merrit Island, Daytona, Tampa, New Port Richey. With four black skulls hanging on my vest I can tell you it sure doesn’t sit well with me.

Gimme An R-I-C-O

Lubesky’s reference to “black skulls” is particularly incriminating. Multiple sources have told this page that the shooter who killed Tipton was trying to “earn his black skull.” The Iron Order’s black skulls are comparable to other awards in the motorcycle club world.

For example the indictment that led to the racketeering case United States versus Cavazos et al. reads in part:

“The objects of the conspiracy were to be accomplished in substance as follows:

“233. On October 7, 2007, in Palm Springs, California, defendants Cavazos, Munz, and Wilson issued a ‘Respect Few Fear None’ patch and a ‘Black Heart’ patch to a Mongols member as a reward for that member having engaged in a confrontation with a rival gang member on behalf of the Mongols in Indianapolis, Indiana.”

Why is it a federal crime for a Mongol to be awarded a “black heart” but irrelevant when Lubesky boasts of wearing “four black skulls?”

Both Cabral and Lubesky make reference to Iron Order members who left Lubesky’s club, formed an Outlaws support club then returned to the Iron Order. This raises the question of whether those dissident members could switch from being good citizens to outlaws then back to good citizens again simply by switching patches. Cabral argues that the dissidents quit the support club before it became a support club. But it would be interesting to know what an Assistant United States Attorney would make of this.

Midnight Cabral accuses Iron Order Nomad Craig “Playboy” Cabral of negotiating with a member of the Sidewinders Motorcycle Club, a club with chapters in New Bedford and Fall River, Massachusetts who some law enforcement officials have accused of having ties to the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, which at some times in some places disagrees with the Outlaws, with whom the Iron Order has long been at war, which can be connected to the confrontation that led to Zach Tipton’s death because Tipton’s club, the Black Pistons, is widely viewed as a support club for the Outlaws. It seems that the Iron Order plays the same politics in the same motorcycle club world as everybody else.

Izod Declares War

The most incriminating passage in Midnight Cabral’s email reads:

“While you were busting my balls about that, let’s see if you remember we had a meeting with Izod on the phone when we were in the Fall River club house and declared war on the Sidewinders. Bet not too many know about that one. And I said I was going to take a roll call to see who was in. What did you say? Oh I can’t go! I have a Barry Manilow concert to go to! This from a Nomad? Really! After the International President just declared war?

“The only one at that time from your Liberty chapter that was all in was Freon! (Bob “Freon” Souza is an Iron Order Nomad from Fall River.) He’s always in! I had zero members from there! And let me see. I also remember one time after that when Izod came to Massachusetts and was at the Liberty crew club house. I sat down with him and came right out and asked him why I had no members from Liberty and how Playboy couldn’t go.

Putting The Work In

“You can check with Brewski about it. (Brewski Palumbo is an Iron Order member from Swansea, Massachusetts.) He was right there when I asked. You know what I got for an answer? Nothing! Then it was, “Gee not sure why.” Really? It seems that when we’re doing the dirty work were okay but when we question people or don’t just follow then the shit talk starts.

“Izod I can understand if something doesn’t sit well with you but some times I don’t think you get all the information. As far as the black beads you stood up for it and I commend you for it! But I can tell you there are a few that sat in cars and never even got out that have them. Oh yeah, you Playboy also stated you always ride with your cut on. Hope so. But the facts are you pretty much don’t ride unless you have four or more. And let’s face it, you work in the country and who the hell sees you? The squirrels? Also you’re always posting pictures at bike things going on in Florida and I never see a cut on? Why is that? Hmm. I can recall some one else that does the same thing just within the last three months. Also why is it if you post your opinion about something or who your going to back for the vote you get phone calls and shit talk starts! And you get harassed about it. What the fuck is up with that? How do you think that helps anybody? You can always tell when Playboy’s on a mission because he will post something on the forum and like two minutes later Izod will post something. Now what are the chances that both of you are on the forum at the same time? Or, you get the phone calls! Now maybe both of you can explain to me when we just went to one of the bigger bike events in Boston and I want to guess we probably had 80 of us when we got to the event. Ask Cuddles. He had a good idea on how many of us were there. Then the run takes off and we had decided to skip the run and go to the end. So when we did there were about 20 of us and that includes maidens! We where out numbered at least four to one with outlaws and all their support clubs! Where were you and everybody else? The thing is this it’s not your club. It’s our club. It takes all the members to be a great club and we are a great club. But we need to make it better. This bullshit has to stop! This personal agenda crap and back door bullshit has to stop! Everyone needs to work together! I shouldn’t have to defend myself for following the bylaws and doing things the right way!! But it seems that I have to! Well this is dear to my heart! I hope that this great nation can understand and see what I am talking about. The crews that know the renegade crew know we don’t fuck around and we tell it like it is and if we are wrong we take it also! This is my own opinion and facts stated are from me and not my crew. Like I stated before I put my patch on the line for my crew and what’s done to them!”

The Iron Order, very many club veterans are now muttering, has security problems.

How many more of these sorts of things are going to have to surface, one wonders, before the Iron Order has legal problems, too.

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190 Responses to “Iron Order Murder Day 78”

  1. Johnny Rotten Says:

    if ya gotta tell someone who ya are…
    you probably aint who you think you are

    if ya gotta try and fit it…
    you most likely aint gonna

    if ya gotta repeat yerself…
    no’ones listenin

    thanks rebel fer keepin it real.

    much love and respects to those that deserve it


  2. RtC Says:

    Phuquehed, I think “it’s” talking to “it’s” Mother. Isn’t that right
    “Philup Myass” You young bastards that still live in your Mom’s basement
    have no respect because they haven’t kicked you curb side, HUH? Someday
    you MAY get to grow up, but that is fairly doubtful. Somebody you really
    piss off will find out just where you live & take all your problems away.I think you are a butt buddy of this waste lol. It’ll be a “2-4-1”
    deal when the visit happens. hehehehehe

    And Robert USM, to just show up without knowing the score is pretty lame.
    You are like every other “link clicker” to come here. You read a few
    comments & KNOW just how it should be. I doubt you ARE a Marine. Just
    another UrineOdor number OR fanboy. And yeah, fanboy is derogatory. The
    same as being a number of the Urine Odor. THEY AREN’T FUCKING BIKERS!
    Can’t you douche-bags get that through the metal plate installed in
    your skulls?!

    RESPECTS for the REAL

  3. Phuquehed Says:

    @phil m – Listen, your insane babblings were funny the first post, but copying and pasting the shit everywhere like an imbecile *and* a fucktard got fucking old. Besides, you don’t let anyone know *who* you’re insanely babbling about/to in that pathetically illiterate diatribe of yours.

  4. Phil M. Says:

    You are just a punk bitch… I see I.O. everywhere riding and laughing at all the other clubs that spit words and text each other from the comfort of their trailer-park. m.c. is just that… how many miles have you put on this year? try getting on the road and quit playing bitch computer jockey. the m.c.’s from the 50’s n 60’s would surly kick your ass for being such a poser. now, go ahead and delete my message, you wouldn’t want anyone to know the truth. Philthy

  5. panamaa Says:

    @ Robert US MARINES;

    First of all, the fucking IO aren’t bikers. Their weekend, wannabes that murder people over a fucking bloody nose… And thank you for your service but the minute I see someone come in here and start spouting off their service shit I became very suspect of them…There are many,many vets on this site and none of the real ones spout that shit out..

    Secondly, “That biker in killed in Florida” had a name, a family and a lot of Brothers and Sisters that loved him so if your going to come in here and spout your shit at least say his name, ZACH TIPTON..

    And third, I think your just another IO asshole….

    Fuck the IO…

  6. Robert US MARINES Says:

    Wow you are suppose to be bikers MC? Why so much gossip you all sound like little girls calling out ppl here . Do you all know that we are all Americans? That we need to unite I hate seeing fellow bikers crying and calling other bikers names like in a school ground. Shame on all of you and my deepest condolences to that biker killed in Florida. Wow you guys should all try to solve the differences and United . I fight for this country I am in A fucking war and the real enemy has no color they strap bombs and kill ppl like crazy. Just saying please unite make our country roads safe. I will make sure that you all enjoy your rides while we fight here overseas for all our freedom in our country for all mankind. God bless you all .

  7. RtC Says:

    Big Thanks KYROADKING! Just nails facts that were “theorized” or actual. HEY IZOD! I wouldn’t piss down your throat if you’re belly
    Here’s hoping you get herpes suckin’ all that pig dick you fuck!!
    Of course I spelled everything correctly, so you might have to have
    somebody other than a UrineOder fuck read it to you.
    Redwolf the Conchoman

    I no longer even put RC after their name, as seems from my contacts
    nationwide that they don’t even ride.


    I just want to clarify a few things that I have seen written on here and a few other pages, including the IOMC hater pages. Izod was NEVER a probate, hangaround, flunkie, etc, with any 1% Club in KY, regardless of what he says. I know, I was there when it started. He was a coat and tie marketing rep for Papa John’s Pizza and a weekend warrior at best. His buddy Carl (Iceman) and Fat Rick got thrown out of the Blue Knights and started their own little deal. The only time he was ever near a 1% CH was when he and Carl rode in to a Christmas Party at the CH and were told to get the fuck out….and now! They never even had a chance to turn off their bikes…..and this was before the IOMC patch and shit came out. He almost pissed himself that night setting in front of the CH. Again, I KNOW, I WAS THERE. Then he professes about the Easyriders Show in Louisville where they got their asses handed to them and he now portrays that a few of them whipped numerous 1%er’s despite being badly outnumbered!!! Again, BS, he and Iceman ran and hid behind Security like scared rats while he let his guys get the hell beat out of them. Even Security would not step in and the band kept playing….kind of like a scene from Roadhouse LOL. I know, I was there and amongst the fray!!!! They pushed it, they started it, and they swung first……….Easyriders Show personnel asked us to go ahead and leave as there was only a couple hours left in the show and everyone was afraid the law would show and start arresting folks. I know, cause I talked to the Easyriders Staff and Security myself…..nobody made anybody leave. Later, when I called a cop I knew to see if we were going to get busted, his exact comment was “the feeling downtown is if these idiots want to play biker gang, then they can live by the biker gang rules”…his wording, not mine. Nothing ever happened, not even an interview….as if it never happened….. Then Carl got thrown out and Izod stepped in. This isn’t about the Jacksonville deal but I keep seeing posts about Izod could not make it as a probate, etc, etc, etc,……he was never associated in any way with that 1%er Club other than running like a pussy on the floor of the Easyriders show. Ask anyone who was there……his guys did stand and fight and took their lumps, no issues there, and he stood and watched…

  9. Nonymous Says:

    I happen to personally know a retired old sergeant at arms for IOMC Sugar Land Tx. chapter. He once told me a story about him and the VP flying colors into Galveston, Tx. over the san luis pass bridge.

    They were stopped, asses almost beaten, and finished their ride with their colors OFF.

    This straight from the mouth of the Sergeant at arms, he admitted he did not even know he was doing anything wrong, smh.

  10. James Says:


  11. StrategyIsZen Says:


    Yes, I actually kind of liked my old weapons. I am not allowed to own them for around three years, but I do miss them. I liked them as tools, and they were fun to build. Harbor Freight is an awesome place, and I guess that’s an inside joke for people.

    I did even Tactical Rifle competition for about a minute, and it was fun kind of running around the blue barrels and stuff. I guess I’ll get back in after I kind of straighten up a bit some things on this end. I totally sucked at it, people thought I was a dork for using an AK instead of an AR, but it was fun.

    Yes – I will check out that book. I suspect it will confirm the patterns I see here in the little hole I am in. I like my little hole, and one reason is things are utterly predictable. I guess people like me too, since God watches over idiots and fools. I lived here a long time before I realized that I was kind of breaking a lot of local rules, just by doing simple things like walking directly towards a person, keeping hands in pockets, and subtle things like that. I am grateful people were patient with me.

    I think people can kind of discern that I am just a dork. And good people exist everywhere on this Earth.

    Much respect, and much respect Paladin. Just my two cents. As we say on this end of town “I am rebuilding my life.” It’s a running joke here, actually. Sometimes, I have to laugh. I don’t want to cry. And I don’t want my brain to explode from seeing all the fucked up shit in this world.


  12. erkman69 Says:

    First of all I would like to extend my heartfelt condolences to the Tipton Family and I hope the leo responsible will do the right thing and allow the killer to be brought to justice. I in know way mean for this to sound disrespectful or arrogant but dont count on it.shovelNY, I to had a family member brutally raped and murdered. The family’s attempts to bring the person responsible to justice were continually blocked by a corrupt sheriff. Affirming my beliefs that leo has no interest in justice but only exists to enrich their lives at the expense of others. Every time we got close this corrupt leo would tip of the guilty.he also destroyed evidence so there is no chance of a trail.this corrupt leo finally died a natural death about four years ago.meanwhile the responcible person in my case was able to Mary have a family and live a relatively free life. Which is more than I can say for the family of the person who’s life he stole.I was 5 at the time of the murder.I am 49 now.the actions of one corrupt leo put my family through 44 years of never-ending pain and grief.and the killer was allowed to move on and enjoy his family. However we never give up and know that this man is no longer protected by corrupt leo.we know where he is.karma is pending. I hope the Tipton family is able to find closure without having to deal with greedy and corrupt leo.the pain of losing a loved one through senseless brutality never goes away.but at the very least if law inforcement cold give the Tipton Family some closure. Hopefully they dont have to wait near half a century.

  13. John Deaux Says:

    My most heart felt thanks for your service.
    FTF. FTP. FTio
    Justice for Zach Tipton
    John Deaux
    nom de plume

  14. RVN69 Says:

    That was such an efficient spanking it was almost not enjoyable to watch, almost!!

    I don’t know why they yank our chains, maybe we just have this spot that all our brothers and friends know not to touch, an people like DCG don’t know about it because they have never experienced it, so like a little kit , they just gotta poke the bear.


  15. shovelNY Says:

    day 85,my sincere condolences to Zach Tiptons family, sorry for your troubles.
    this hits close to home for me.
    it has been fourteen thousand,two hundred and eleven days since my older brother died from a gunshot wound to the head he received during a failed business transaction.
    i watched him die when we took him off life support
    he was 21, i was 18.
    at the time we had both had more than a few run ins with the police so they didn’t give a shit,considered it no humans involved,and for a variety of reasons it was not in their best interest to pursue his murder so there was never any real investigation and some people were protected.
    they just buried it
    years later karma worked it out

    fuck the police.

    the damage done to my family, i can’t even begin to describe. it was in the papers so the rumors etc. were flying, the comments made to my mother at the time were beyond belief,i can’t imagine what it would have been like to go through all this shit on the internet so for you fucking no respect piece of shit trolls who continue to post on threads here relating to Zach Tipton:
    stop .
    control yourself.
    be a man.
    go somewhere else ,your bullshit harms innocent family and friends who have enough to deal with as it is .
    have some compassion tough guys
    as always Rebel, thanks for the work you do.

  16. panamaa Says:


    Speaking as the father of a Ranger who has done 3 tours of duty in the Middle East and taught at the Ranger school in Dahlonega Ga. thank you for your post. And though I appreciate MSgt Grey’s service I’d hate his time over there to be equated with with my son’s time over there.

    Respects to you Sir.

  17. Paladin Says:

    StrategyIsZen Said:
    September 17th, 2014 at 10:55 pm

    “Here in this little corner where I live, sometimes there’s a type of subtle and “precision” violence that needs to quickly happen. It’s more along the lines of just kind of not letting bullies, bully.

    It’s defensive violence, if that makes sense to people. It’s not offensive violence. It’s not random violence. It’s not “prove a point” violence. It’s basically “required” violence. And it has the effect of preventing LARGER violence.

    But it’s NOT irrational violence, if that makes sense. It’s not senseless. It’s not being done to prove points. Or show off balls, or anything like that. It’s not done with relish.”

    Based on the above, you might try to get a copy of “The Social Order of the Underworld” by David Skarbek. His book explains a lot about how the different prison gangs interact with one another and the required and controlled violence dispensed by these gangs within the CA prison system and how for the most part it prevents greater violence within the system.

    Long May You Ride,


  18. Paladin Says:


    Weapons are the tools of the warrior,
    all warriors shall master them.
    Weapons are the tools for freedom.
    If compelled, a warrior will use
    them with skill and finality, fore
    peace is a warrior’s highest goal.
    A warrior’s enemies are not demons,
    but they shall not deny him freedom.
    A warrior enters a battle with great
    resolve. A warrior does not delight in
    the slaughter of men, but a warrior does
    rejoice in the victory of good over evil.


  19. StrategyIsZen Says:

    Lao Tzu kind of nailed it.

    IO celebrates just senseless and useless violence. Lao Tzu influenced Sun Tzu, BTW. Only sociopaths celebrate killing and infliction of needless pain.

    Those IO bonehead even made a video about what tough “street warriors” they are. Not a single one of them would last even one second here where I live.

    Someone would say, “hey, big guy, come have a drink with me here in this alley.”

    A few days later, the body would be found floating in this little creek that runs behind the neighborhood. They have no street smarts. People who “act tough” are generally the first people taken out at street level. At least in this little urban section I live in. Just trippy street stuff that is seen with eyes.



    Weapons are the tools of violence;
    all decent men detest them.

    Weapons are the tools of fear;
    a decent man will avoid them
    except in the direst necessity
    and, if compelled, will use them
    only with the utmost restraint.
    Peace is his highest value.
    If the peace has been shattered,
    how can he be content?
    His enemies are not demons,
    but human beings like himself.
    He doesn’t wish them personal harm.
    Nor does he rejoice in victory.
    How could he rejoice in victory
    and delight in the slaughter of men?

    He enters a battle gravely,
    with sorrow and with great compassion,
    as if he were attending a funeral.

    Sorry to go off on this little “violence” jeremiad, but seriously – it’s their ignorance about the real cost and price of violence, that seriously bugs me. And it’s not a surprise that they are mostly cops, and what people call “fender lizards” (cop lovers.)

    Much respect,


  20. StrategyIsZen Says:


    Yes, in my church we say that one turns the other cheek. Then we point out that the Bible is silent as to what happens after that second one gets slapped. My Bishop grew up on these mean little streets in this mean little anonymous town.

    Personally, I am a follower of Tolstoy. I really detest violence. I really do.

    Seeing people shot kind of did that to me. And there may be some guilt about some really nasty stuff I did when I was younger. One little event involved an ax-handle, but I don’t remember details. I do remember disposing of the ax handle in a dumpster. And I remember the DA not pressing charges for some reason.

    I go back and forth on this.

    And I think what really bugs me about IO is that their violence is just stupid and random. They just act like bullies. Here in this little corner where I live, sometimes there’s a type of subtle and “precision” violence that needs to quickly happen. It’s more along the lines of just kind of not letting bullies, bully.

    It’s defensive violence, if that makes sense to people. It’s not offensive violence. It’s not random violence. It’s not “prove a point” violence. It’s basically “required” violence. And it has the effect of preventing LARGER violence.

    But it’s NOT irrational violence, if that makes sense. It’s not senseless. It’s not being done to prove points. Or show off balls, or anything like that. It’s not done with relish. It’s done with sadness.

    Street level stuff in urban holes is just kind of sad all around. I am cursed to see some of it. But I live here, and I kind of like it here now. I feel safe. People like seeing me around. It’s like Mayberry RFD, most of the time. Operative word “most.”

    I will shut up now. Some of this is emotional, and I know it. I just see a lot of stupid and senseless crap. And it’s pretty much always from bullies like IO.

    People with dicks bigger than brains.

    Much respect. Just my two cents. I am not in a club. And I may have some mental issues I need to look into, come to think of it.


  21. Phuquehed Says:

    @TJ MCGUILICUTY – Unfortunately it sounds like you ran into the epitome of the pussies of the urine odor. Gutless cowards, every pig one of them.

    I hope the place you were at had cameras and justifies you in court and burns the fuck out of those faggot pigs who have no honor, no integrity, no balls.

  22. Rusty Says:

    GF0302….you addressed that shower shoe rather well!

    Respect to the deserving

  23. Ken the citizen Says:

    It seems to me that posers love to pose on Harley’s.

    Respect to those who deserve it
    Ride safe.


  24. Metal Dave Says:

    Holy shit, when GF0302 breaks a motherfucker off he ain’t playing; thank you sir and your “tirades” are welcomed. Also, beers up to the rest of you folks (well, you know which “rest of you…”, you fuckin’ trolls can get hit by a bus and I’ll dance to a goddamned Barry Manilow record and like it..) the world ain’t TOTALLY shit-bound yet ! Cheers Rebel…
    Metal Dave, nickname user, Little Rock, AR


    I have the good luck of bein surrounded by these fags, got into it with one twice my size (at least) im 5 6 150 if my pockets are full of quarters, he bitched up. oh yeah im not a patch holder of any kind. we got throwed out as we were leaving big pussy and his little “brother” chased us out the door sucker punched my buddy in the back of the head and dropped him when i stepped over him to do what i had to do well…..they pulled guns. i said i knew u were a cop he told me “ur godamn right i am and ill kill ur 1%er ass”. i wear no patch. long story short they walked i have an agg aslt w dead weapon court date next month. cant wait to tell yall the rest stay tuned. They are punks and will get what they so desrve sooner or later. P.S. no disrespect meant to 1%ers, quite the opposit. L&R

  26. GF0302 Says:

    @ All regular posters – my sincere apologies, I KNOW I shouldn’t respond to Grey/Troll, but I am less than tolerant of those that wrap themselves in the flag and condemn my lifestyle with only secondary exposure to who WE are….

    Okay MSgt Grey, let’s dissect your national devotion, unmatched patriotism and most essential service to our nation – since, obviously, it is the basis of your perceived superiority over the ‘rest’ of the posters here…or so you suggest.

    First, I commend you on your service. Like you I am retired military – 35+ years as a Marine Infantryman. I know, it is not as hard as being the vanguard for contracting, but I did my best. FYI, I belong to the world’s largest Veteran’s Motorcycle Club – as do others on this threat – EVERY member served with honor and distinction (yes, some were even badass enough to also have been Combat Finance!). I commence my service during the Vietnam Era (enlisted) and finished as a Colonel in Iraq/Afghanistan; so yes, I will talk about post-Desert Storm! Let’s dissect your comments, shall we?

    “…I only mention it because the military requires discipline, commitment and dedication to something bigger. I can discern from many comments here that those attributes are unfamiliar to most. For the vets who support the FTW, FTP, Fuck the government mentality, you’ve wandered far afield from your heritage. Your choice. But, don’t act like being an outlaw has anything to do with serving your country with honor and distinction.”

    ‘Heritage: something handed down…as a characteristic, culture, or tradition….a birthright.’ I believe your military heritage, like mine, was defined by three words: honor, courage, and commitment.

    Honor includes integrity, responsibility, and accountability. If you truly understood the world, MCs insist that we never lie to a brother; we accept responsibility for our actions (and those of our family); and are punished/accountable for our actions. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

    Courage: No, not just physical courage; can I assume that, with the exception of the IO pukes, you might concede most in our world are stand up folks that give and take an ass-whooping with equal aplomb – as MEN? More importantly, my ‘heritage’ demanded moral courage. You see, my oath, taken well before you (and sustained well after your service) was to, “protect the constitution from all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC…” The folks here expressed the rage that the majority of Americans feel about a President overstepping constitutional restrictions, a militarized-Gestapo police force, and the intrusion of civil liberties – unprecedented in our history! So yes, I believe that it is my heritage to confront breaches of personal rights and despise tactics that deny my birthright as an American…

    Commitment: Appreciate that you have conceded the brotherhood aspect. But there is the rub; it is the reciprocated devotion to our club and fellow patchholders that is likely the reason for most former military joining an MC. THIS COMMITTMENT IS RARE OUTSIDE THE MILITARY. Instead of your blanket condemnation, I would suggest that the reason one joins may NOT be to be a criminal, but to belong to something larger than themselves, commit to a family that will have your back, and that will stand against oppression of those that would deny the rights originally guaranteed by our founders. Hmm, same reason I joined the Marines.

    Point one: From my fighting position (for you Combat Financiers, that is a where you actually prepare to meet the enemy), I might suggest that it is you that have betrayed your oath and heritage — by refusing to stand in opposition to increased oppression.

    “Me STFU? You’re dumb as a box of rocks if you think that is likely. I speak my mind here and everywhere. I believe in free speech. I believe in free thinking. I believe in debate.”

    Nobody here denies you of your right to debate; they do deny you the right to your own facts. If you know anything about clubs, REAL clubs don’t discuss club business, so many might question the validity of your understanding our world from the outside. Senator Feinstein once castigated a General for questioning her knowledge of the military, replying that “she had been married to a veteran for years…” I know a lot of Masons, I acknowledge their secret rites, but I don’t claim to know the truth about what goes on in their own enclave.

    Truthfully, however, I am only entering the net because of your obvious embellishment of you service. You are a REMF – your mission is not now, nor has EVER been to, “locate, close and destroy” an enemy. Again respecting your service (it is important), it is what it is….

    “…For the uninformed; When a Wing deploys, Contracting and Finance are on the Wing Commander’s plane.

    And as we all know, the Wing Commander’s Plane is the first into the Combat zone, right?

    “Who do you think fans out downtown in foreign countries and sets up the forward location’s infrastructure? How do you think the bottled water, fuel, fresh produce for the field mess, generators, electricity, and everything needed to stand up a base gets dropped off at the gate?”

    Important stuff, but only occurs in a permissive environment; that is the Airfield has been secured by someone besides the USAF Financiers! I do know you weren’t wondering out in the market in Kandahar to gain water in AFG or IRAQ – though I am sure that in Kuwait, Saudi, or Turkey, or even in the Green Zone, you may have…that, my friend to those of us in FALLUJAH, Ramadi, Kandahar, and RC-East called THE REAR!”

    The USAF does not fly in everything needed to put a base together. It has to be acquired on the local economy. Local vendors don’t take US checks, either. They want cash, preferably big US bills so they get a better exchange rate. That was my “REMF” job…I, and my Contracting counterpart, would unload our gear, grab foreign currency and US dollars, contracts and purchase orders and go shopping; without escorts, providing our own security, downtown, dealing with language barriers (most of us were language qualified to some degree), transportation and local traditions and cultures. Our suspense to get stuff? Now and yesterday.”

    We should believe that you wandered around the marketplace, alone and unafraid in where? FYI, a MAGTF carries supplies for 30+ days, Rangers for 10+ in order to secure the infrastructure for AF expeditionary ops – if you are out there yourself, it isn’t in a known hostile area – if wrong, tell me where?

    “We answered only to the Finance Officer in joint service commands and our Wing Commander. There’s a little pressure there.”

    That explains a lot about you – concerned about pleasing you boss ’cause you weren’t leading any troops!

    “We did not only worry about IEDs as much as we worried about fucking up a few million dollars worth of purchases in the Wing CC’s name. Real FUBARs for us can mean prison time if you lose a bunch of the taxpayers money.”

    Yep, my fear of losing money certainly would supersede the fear of those on combat patrols would have about getting killed by hordes of enemy. …

    BL: Everyone has a role; yours was honorable, but most here know your experience pales to those that flew over hostile territory or whose mission was to face the enemy in close combat – many on this site experienced war up close and personal. Remember: there are JOCKS and JOCK Supporters; you were the latter and that is OK…just quit trying to play the hero, you were not a FRONT LINE combat troop…yes, the front lines are blurred in 4thGW (hat tip to SIZ), but really, you are not landing the Wing Commander’s plane in a hot LZ, sorry….

    Interestingly, these folks have considered you as IO because YOU ARE THE PERFECT IORC RECRUIT. An IO member could join a REAL club, but that would have required a hard journey. You had to choose specialty (maybe not at first, but certainly when you re-enlisted); you could have been a PJ or changed services to be a RANGER, SEAL or MARINE; but you likely were not capable or willing to endure that kind of hardship. Like the IO wannabes, you apparently either had NO desire to take on the truly dangerous or the significant risk, or you opted for a job-training program that would allow your skill to translate to the civilian sector.

    As to your civilian career – corrections officer, isn’t it? My guess is that you, like many of us missed the brotherhood and respect of being in the military. Most on this site opted to take the challenge to earn respect in our world. You, like the IO posers who feared having to earn their patch, you opted to put a badge on and demand it by position (worse, as CO, you didn’t even have arrest authority). In the Corps, I use to remind people that Marines might respect your rank and will even salute; but you are not truly a leader or officer until those Marines validate you as a man – don’t think you’ve got any experience at that…

    Finally, let me close with this: As a reader of this site for a long time (as well as all of Rebels’ books), I have come to admire the sometimes vulgar, always forthright comments of the recurring posters. I don’t claim to know all about the ‘bad old days,’ that many of these folks lived, but I do know that a vast majority of those in the culture – both 1% and non-1%s – are REAL; no pretentions, no pre-judgment, and NO free passes – you earn their respect by giving them respect. You ought to try it…

    To the regulars and Rebel, as usual, apologize for the tirade.

    @RVN69, why do they insist on pulling our chain?

  27. GUnMonkey Says:

    I just read the whole article, I laughed so hard I spewed it on my screen…dammit.

  28. Chong RRMC Wisconsin Says:

    Word has it iPod has been voted out as “I.P.”….

  29. JimmyJoe Says:

    @Lady Apologies for going off topic.

  30. popeye Says:

    Looks like theres gonna be a split in the club like when sin mob broke off from the laughing devils. They’re ready to go to war. Scary shit. Damn you cant make this shit up.

  31. Bill Says:

    Glenn: That really was a gem. It shows the power of “fiction” to write the truth just a bit larger than it is normally seen, and the human mind is then finally able to “Get It.” I think that’s worth spreading around somehow, but that should be up to you.

  32. RLG Says:

    @Glenn S. — that post was pure gold!

  33. 7of9 Says:

    FTIO – I wonder how many people will listen to the IO member who posted that or if he’ll simply be “dealt” with internally?

    I think the crux of the matter is that you have to choose a side and commit to it. In life, whether it’s relationships or anything else, things go sideways when you’re half in, half out. It’s a cowardly way of handling things because it essentially means that you want the benefits of whatever it is without accepting the downsides as well. At a certain point, you just have to decide and then commit to things.

    It sounds like the membership is splitting regarding which side they should be standing on and committing to. I predict a split rather than a complete change of direction, with at least two separate entities coming out of it all.

    Anyone have popcorn?

  34. Phuquehed Says:

    @FTIO – Damn…those guys *ALL* have some heavy mental problems, including the dumbshit who wrote that e-mail. According to him it’s all Izod the fucktard and outlaw MC’s fault that the urine odor has all its problems (granted, Izod the fucktard has brought it on a lot himself). Shit, if the pansy thought he could get away with it he’d have blamed outlaw MC’s for the LEO’s having to leave and the scuzmaids all getting eaten out by other than their husbands.

    How the fuck does anyone in the urine odor actually stand being around another one in the same fag club is beyond me because in all these years I’ve yet to see *anything* remotely resembling real, true club brotherhood in any way, shape or form.

  35. sherides Says:


    Thanks for sharing that link. Maybe its the beginning of the end for the io – maybe izods reign is over.


  36. Freeman Says:

    @ Base

    Box full of hammers vs trolls = draw — same IQ

  37. Base Says:

    There was a saying with in my clan that was always directed at the harder headed individual’s.

    “When your a hammer, everything looks like a nail”

    With in the online community there are a lot of hammers. Some are embolden by the perceived anonymity. But anyone that has any knowledge of the internet knows and understands that the so called anonymity is a very thin veil that can be pulled away with a little effort.

    People like scumbags, believe they have that anonymity failing to understand that if someone really wanted to find who they are and where they are it could be done. Are they stupid, possibly, uninformed definitely.

    Then you have guys like Dave, he is just your classic cliché HD douche bag that runs around low waving at every bike he sees, calling everyone brother, braggart & attention whore revving his motor at stop lights & when he runs his mouth it runs along the line of everybody else’s shit is just that, shit. But his shit is “THE SHIT

    Both are all blow and no go, unless they have several of their friends or coworkers backing them up.

    I dislike such people. Online or in person. If they were respectful, reasonable & rational and actually had an apposing opinion. OK,I would be respectful, reasonable & rational as well.

    But when they are disrespectful, condescending ass hole douche bags.

    All bets are off.

    SIZ, Glenn, y’all are not the only one’s not willing to turn the other cheek. It is obvious many of us posting here have issues with this sort of commenter. There are a variety of tactics & methodology. But you have to go with what you know and what works for you personally.

    The simple answer is. Don’t want to be treated like a foolish, douche bag on line troll? Don’t act like one! Simple.

    An apposing opinion or view will go much farther and hold more clout when your respectful, reasonable & rational.

    Something a hammer does not begin to understand.

  38. Mac 1% Says:

    Fuck the IO! If you lames would stop feeding the trolls, the stories would stay on topic and keep the attention where it should be. Diversion, diversion, diversion. IORC is a cancer that needs to be eradicated. Rebel thanks fir shining the light on these cockroaches! Stop running your mouths on boards ( both sides) and step on em! Or not, fuck it. Respects to those who actually ride and live righteous!

  39. Mac 1% Says:

    Fuck the IO! If you lames would stop feeding the trolls, the stories would stay off on topic and keep the attention where it should be. Diversion, diversion, diversion.

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