Invaders Indicted

February 1, 2009

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United States Attorney Catherine L. Hanaway has loudly announced that a St. Louis Grand Jury has indicted 15 members of the Invaders Motorcycle Club. The men are accused of conspiring to distribute 2,200 pounds of marijuana, the devil’s drug, between 1994 and 2009.

The indicted men have been publically identified as: Edward John Borough, 39; Robert Allen Turner, 60; Victor Dwayne Ashworth, 48; William Arthur Bellmore, 53; Gerald Wayne Dragich, 55; Donald Steven Emory, 49; Stephen Patrick Morris, 46; Michael Shawn Ashworth, 44; Daniel Charles Inman, 54; Timothy Jay Bartruff, 51; Timothy James Rappleano, 43Raymond Edward Bodway, 36; Gary Wayne Null, 35; Ronald A. Young, 51; and Shane L. Rohlfing, 31.

All 15 men have been reported to be members of the Midwest Chapter of the Invaders. The Invaders MC has eight chapters in Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and Colorado.

Screaming Headline

Federal grand juries comprise between 16 and 23 jurors. At least 16 jurors must be present at any session to form a quorum and at least 12 of them must vote for an indictment. Generally, federal grand juries always return indictments.

Solomon Wachtler, Chief Judge of the New York Court of Appeals from 1985 to 1993 and subsequently an incarcerated felon himself, once remarked that any federal prosecutor can get any federal grand jury to “indict a ham sandwich.”

An indictment is an accusation that a crime has occurred. In the United States of America, people who are accused of crimes are presumed to be innocent until they are proven guilty. Nevertheless, the St Louis Post-Dispatch, once the best newspaper in the Midwest, ran a headline in Sunday morning’s edition that screamed, “15 In Motorcycle Gang Ran Pot Ring.”

Your Government At Work

The decade and a half long investigation of the Invaders was carried out by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA.) And, the length of time it has taken for this investigation to reach a conclusion may offer a hint as to why the United States government has not yet captured Osama Bin Laden or won the war in Iraq.

This is the second time in the last six months that the DEA has asked a grand jury to indict members of the Invaders. Last June, a federal grand jury indicted 34 members and associates of the Northern Indiana Chapter of the club for conspiracy to distribute 100 kilograms of marijuana and a half kilogram of methamphetamine. Those charges remain unresolved.

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29 Responses to “Invaders Indicted”

  1. [email protected] Says:

    hey Victor sorry to hear what happenedwhen you get out hit me up in G

  2. Tank_ABBoT2002 Says:

    The Aging Rebel Theory is a Myth.

  3. rebelbiker Says:

    its funny how people are afraid of what they dont understand. rebels for one. I HATE PEOPLE THAT TALK SHIT ON COMPUTERS!!! YALL AINT TOUGH…
    to anybody talkin shit on Invaders MC…
    leave your name and address and ill get back with you.

  4. littledeb Says:

    the invaders are stand up guys im female rider and they let me ride with them of course in the back of the pack and they didnt have to let me even ride with them, but they did!!! and their just a bunch of funny dudes is all they clown around and have fun! so what if a lil pot smoking and drinking go’s on…who the fuck doesnt anymore the goverment makes people want to drink and smoke or do whatevr it takes to “feelgood”

  5. IF you dont have it you aint gettinit Says:

    IFFI my friends always in my heart!

  6. Move on Says:

    Entertained and Ashamed, this is wayyy old, why are you on here talking crap? I’m not a biker club member, but who the hell cares if you were at some bar watching a bunch of drunks. Last time I checked, that’s what you do at a bar…get drunk…next forum please.

  7. entertainedandashamed Says:

    What a Shock that our tax dollars were wasted on such time and bullshit petty crimes, HUH??? Yah well, I love the part where they added 16yrs with the 2,200 pounds of herb..sounds good to them..but Damn our tax dollars and the time investigating a club who obviously isn’t such an organized outlaw biker club, were wasted. To think that they could a been investigating real organized crimes that probably would of been worth talking about. Wow!! Too funny to see post from one of the alleged!! I have seen 2 of the chapters act out of madness of greed and carelessness. I find that this is embarrassing to both paries. Whether or not who done what men should be men. The Cops should a gave up along time ago..for the love a god!!! Who cares what they got a way with and what they didn’’s not your business. I personally don’t give a rats ass what happen to these bikers..cause what goes around comes around..shoulda been payin attention instead of worrying about what the other brother was doin. Next time you wanna sponsor some prospect make sure he knows he’s at least a real biker..those few that i saw had no organizational skills and were acting like a bunch a junior high girls competing to be the teachers pet. Those ladies and I saw them acting like a bunch of jealous to faced Bitches..I was not at all proud to say one of those bitches belonged to me..lmao..embarrassed to even witness the hilarious entertainment..the girls and i had a great laugh at these clueless boys that call themselves bikers…I lost a man who decided to let another man turn him into one of his bitches.

  8. MourningLostFriend Says:

    R.I.P. George Whitter.

  9. cool hand luke Says:

    2200 lbs\15 yearts=personal use

  10. CAROL Says:


  11. hardcore Says:

    i support all invaders ilive in st.charles born and raised and would likr to prospect for that chapter how would i go about that

  12. H1N1 Says:

    HH, MO; Don’t use the term “Class” with the word invader, you must be a complete tard. There is nothing classy about them or what they’ve done, what they do. In fact name some things that have been positive, and good that they’ve done for us, the community and etc? Oh that’s right probably nothing because their a BIKER GANG.

  13. H1N1 Says:

    I hope they burn! Horrible and disgusting people. Some of these idiots had way to much money and way to many stupid people willing to do anything for them. Power trip, majorly. Having seen and being around such, disgusts me thinking they got away with so much for so long. Their such disgusting horrible people, I’ve never met so hateful and angry men. Then turn around and wanna PREACH out of the next. FYI I’m related to one of the dumb asses above. Ashamed of it to because the person(s) only caused harm to my family.

  14. HH, Mo. Says:

    To Dead Eye, Remaining Few, Slandering Fred Goodins name is bullshit. You must have no idea what you are talking about. Fred is a true brother, and friend to all who know him. Hating on other club members shows no class… I support all Invaders, and always will… Ride on Brothers..

  15. Invader Rap Says:

    Thanks, Soda. GBNF Fast Eddie!

  16. soda Says:

    all these feds wanna look down on the bike clubs and call groups of folks who wanna hang out and be a familey (gangs) … well in my eyes the fed gov is the biggest gang of all . look how thet bully folks around and when things dont go there way well now thats a new law we must follow .. what ever happened to freedom of speech and expession is this not america . leave em alone .. r.i.p fast eddie ….and im no chin chuck s neiphew

  17. Invader Rap Says:

    Deadeye, I’m in the JC Chapter. Always appreciate a good warning. Would like to know the reasoning behind your statement. Please contact me at my email address [email protected]

  18. deadeye Says:

    That’s ok,you and your brothers are in for a long time in prison if you patch out fred goodin in jeff city chapter,do what you want this is a warning,he was in our club in south ga good luck( deadeye F.R.R.F)

  19. rowdy boys Says:

    yea me and all my boys look up to all these guys everyone is talking about and it pisses me off ive been around and hang with alot of this guys there good guys just trying to have some fucking fun so how about you fucking pigs and dicks go fuck your selfs
    stay strong invaders and may the green monster live forever

    a life of chance for a breath of freedom aka nomad breaker

  20. BreakingPoint Says:

    Good God, it’s JUST POT!
    Are those fucking pigs so baord, they have to harhass MC’s!
    I’m really starting think, pigs fucking idilize bikers for the freedom we try to live, and yet that same freedom they think they control! Im so fucking sick of this shit! 2,200 pds of POT. Oh fucking well. Yes, I would be a little pissed if that was meth, but even then, maybe they have 2,200 members and it was a christmas present of 1 pd for each. But it was not, it was POT!! I feel like every day I wake up, my heart dies a little more, from having to stay In this fucked place we have built around us!

  21. Hot Rod Says:

    I want to know who is actually in custody, and where? Anyone with that info to share would great.

    Maybe you could post a way to contact you.

    Hot Rod

  22. KattyBlackyard Says:

    The best information i have found exactly here. Keep going Thank you

  23. Invader.CC Says:

    One eyed willie…Thats a good one..You think were fucking blind to you trying to provoke us Pig.Lets see one eyed willie whats a one eyed willie thats a Dick whats a Dick ..Oh thats slang for a Detective wow man you really pulled something over there..Go Fuck Your self pig.Get a real fucking job and quit threatening kids and there mothers .You fuckers are despicable with your slander threats and lies.

  24. just me Says:

    Ok, maybe I am wrong, but 15 years and only 2.200 lbs spread out on 15 guys. Really don’t come out to all that much weed. Seems like some cops have a little too much time on their hands. And I have to agree about the conspiracy charge, if they had anything more substantial the charges would reflect it.
    Sounds like a witch hunt to me.

  25. just a fan Says:

    knowing one of your brothers,i know this is a bullshit trumped up charge. why risk everything for some fucking weed. good luck to all

  26. Invader Rap Says:

    I am one of the afore mention Invaders and this article, as well as many others, are wrong. Of the 15, there are ten Invaders and they are not all members of the Midwest Chapter. The “telling on each other” comment is also a resounding “WRONG”. No Invaders EVER or will EVER “tell on” anything. So do the math “IDIOT” and figure out who did. So think about it for a second. If any of you were really informed, as well as I am (having actually read the indictment)you would realise just how sad this indictment really is. 16 years of investigating has only found two people in the whole indictment that even “allegedly” possesed any marijuana at all. Even the raids that were conducted to round myself and the rest out of our beds at 6am did not yield one spec of illegal substance. If we were really these notorious marijuana traffickers, as the government alleges, how come the most they could charge us with was “conspiracy to distribute” That means that for 16 years, they say we were “planning”. Wouldn’t you think they would have somthing with a little more substance? A state trooper can sit on the highway for 16 minutes and I’ll bet, if he really wants to, he can find good, clean, hard evidence that someone is speeding. Now after 16 years all they can find is enough to identify the equivelent of “planning” to speed. Get a clue people. We love our country and fear our governement. Now you know why.

    Invader Rap

  27. one eye willie Says:

    i just dont understand how edward boroughf and robert turner are even on this indictment. both accused has been in and out of institutions the past several tears. the real question is who is really guilty or innocent here. what about timmy williams and larry williams. neither was mentioned. the sad part about this god awful mess is the children and families involved. other pepeople got caught up in their own mess and to get out they want to put blame on others. this is a sad situation so many lives ruined by this crap. the invaders must not be to organized they all sound like a bunch of idiots to me. thought an organized gang would be smarter than tellin on each other.


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