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August 27, 2014

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August is the dog days of news and Sons of Anarchy won’t be back on the air for another 13 days. So it is not exactly shocking that a British national newspaper called The Daily Mail ran a story today headlined “Real-life Breaking Bad: The incredible story of how a ‘cool cat’ science professor led a double-life as a gun-toting, Harley-riding, biker gang meth dealer called Skinz.”

What grumpy editors call “the news in the story” hardly lives up to the headline. The news is that the Devils Professor case is still unresolved. The Daily Mail also reports that something called “Operation Devil’s Professor” “was launched in 2011 when a separate probe of another biker gang – the Mongols – stumbled upon the name ‘Skinz’.”

The Devils Professor

The tale of Stephen Kinzey, who was both the President of the Mountain Chapter of the Devils Diciples Motorcycle Club and an Associate Professor of Kinesiology at California State University San Bernardino, has always been too good not to blare over and over. The real surprise would be if somehow this case doesn’t become a big time book and a major motion picture.

Kinzey’s suburban home was raided three years ago yesterday, on August 26, 2011. Police allegedly recovered a pound of methamphetamine cut into one ounce packets and many colorful trophies including two Devils Diciples cuts, an Old Lady’s cut, two sets of brass knuckles, a derringer, a bullet proof vest, two rifles, a shotgun, a police club and a machine pistol lookalike called an AP-9.  Police artfully arranged the dope and the trophies on a table covered with a black banner featuring the twin lightening bolts insignia of the Nazi Schutzstaffel.

Police advised reporters that Kinzey, who has a doctorate, was “smarter than the average dealer.”

Police also accused Kinzey of being a fugitive. A detective named Jason Rosenbaum proclaimed that the professor did, “have the ability to flee the country because there are (Devils Diciples) chapters in other countries. He also has family out of state,” Rosenbaum added. It turned out Kinzey was only on vacation.

More Newz

Kinzey’s contract with Cal State San Bernardino was not renewed after it expired in August 2012. He is now charged with possession of a controlled substance for sale, receiving stolen property, conspiracy to distribute illegal narcotics, being in possession of a controlled substance while armed with a loaded firearm, and participating in a criminal street gang. Kinzey, Jeremy Disney who police have accused of being Kinzey’s drug supplier and Holly Vandergrift Robinson who was living with Kinzey at the time of the arrests all remain free on bail.

The Daily Mail’s 1500 word story, which you can read here, also reports that Kinzey once sent a coded text message that read “Bring whatever cabbage u got for my soup cuz ingredients are low,” and that a pretrial, evidentiary hearing scheduled for today has been postponed.


34 Responses to “Operation Devils Professor”

  1. COS_Flyer Says:

    Thank you for the compliment. I will say that I didn’t mind the first season too much. There were some episodes with some good old-fashioned mayhem, and it portrayed federal LEO’s in a manner that is(judging from the stories I’ve been told) fairly accurate….but the entire show went downhill once the formula that worked well in season 1 just wasn’t enough for Sutter anymore and the show began what appeared to be a death-spiral into forced drama and one pathetic attempt to shock after another.
    I stopped watching a few episodes into season 3 for that reason, and from what I hear it’s only gotten worse.

    As far as people imitating it, keep in mind that people are dumb nowadays. They’ve grown up with absent or poor parents and saturated by media to the point where their resistance to programming has been completely destroyed and they are no longer able to distinguish between fantasy and reality. Yes…it’s pretty obvious to any intelligent observer that the show’s portrayal “MC life” is heavily dramatized so that it makes entertaining TV. Let’s face it, your average poker run or end of season party would be a pretty boring affair to watch as an observer.

    It should also be obvious that the actors aren’t “bikers”(although Kudos to Charlie for getting into the wind in his spare time). One glance at “Happy”‘s mannerisms in comparison to the rest of the cast is enough to tell that instantly.

    Key word is any “intelligent” observer. We know most people these days are not.

  2. N P Says:

    Good one, Tomo. COS_Flyer, you actually nailed it dead on the mark.

  3. britbiker Says:

    Not up to speed with soa,seen first 2 seasons thought it was ok but didnt think it was real life!
    The daily mail is considered a joke paper over here,some of their scare stories are hilarious,the latest is motorhomes being robbed by gassing the occupants!
    Oh we do get some things right, complaining about everything but never doing fuck all about is one of our strengths lol

  4. Tomo Says:

    @ N P – you beat me to it. I suppose the reason it was so superior was that Sutter didn’t have complete control over it; there was other talent keeping the ego in check.
    I wonder if American cops started watching it in 2002 and thought “Well, if he can get away with it, so can I.” Forgetting that Mackey wasn’t supposed to be a role model…

  5. COS_Flyer Says:

    I watched the first two seasons out of boredom while deployed to OEF 11-12.

    The positive is that I can appreciate that they did try somewhat harder than most people who do “biker” fiction to get some of the technical details right….and a lot of it is in subtle ways that the RUBs won’t get such as how they quickly take off their vests before getting into a cage, and there was one episode that wasn’t too far off the mark for how it works when someone is OIB.

    However, it became apparent pretty quickly that the show was handicapped by Sutter’s tendency to try way too hard and his need to constantly shock the audience. While I find a good TV ass-beating as entertaining as anyone else most of the violence felt fairly arbitrary. I think he also gets some sick pleasure from making the deaths of his characters as brutal and graphic as possible.

    Again…could have been a decent show, and probably would have been if not for the need to “Hollywood-ize” everything about it.

  6. BMW Says:

    The Daily Mail story is extremely recycled rubbish. I think the story is a couple of years old. Every big club has at least one member with a doctorate, so what IS the story? Is it that a club member works every day? Almost ALL the MC members I have met work HARD every day. The Daily Nail story seems to be that “journalists” and their editors who think in terms of cliches are mystified by reality.

    Bikers are still interesting, hard-working people, but journalists have sure gone-to-pot since I last worked in THAT business…I’m going to have to start writing again, I guess…

    L,H&R TO ALL 1% RIDERS!!!

  7. sherides Says:


    Brunette with natural gray highlights..

    Grandma called it “the gift”.

    Some people say I have a third eye..


  8. N P Says:

    @ ocmouse22, he already did that. It was the greatest show in television history, The Shield. Condolences to the Vince Gill lovers.

  9. rollinnorth Says:

    “Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned,
    Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.”
    The Mourning Bride by William Congreve (1670-1729)

    Reminds me of “The Rose” monologue, “…when he comes home with whiskey on his breath, and the smell of another woman on his person. Ah, honey, I can smell another woman at 500 paces!”


  10. L-Frame S&W Says:

    @Grumbler RE: “Sons of Arthritis”
    Goddamit! Hot coffee hurts like hell when it comes out your nose!

    L-Frame S&W

  11. Austin Says:

    @ sherides – Ahhh … The Sight, or you’re a redhead.
    Either way- that was harsh. Time wounds all Heels.
    You are right – keep your eyes ahead.

  12. sherides Says:


    I had that dream once. About 12 years ago. I didn’t mention having it at the time. I did take note as my best friend was also in this dream.
    About a week or so later one morning I was taking some things out of the back seat of my jeep and happened to find an ear ring. I don’t wear ear rings. Ever.

    Needless to say, it got real ugly real fast. Nowadays, she’s still a coke whore and he’s still a drunk.

    From today’s perspective, they did me favor.

    I do watch SOA. I admit it. I think it is a pretty out there story line and I have often thought his sole mission is to determine how barbaric is too barbaric. It does no one any favors when it contributes to anyone’s perspective of what a biker is or isn’t.

    On the other hand, I also think any television show with patched bikers in it is a bad idea regardless of the motivation.


  13. RtC Says:

    @ Road Whore, I got SMACKED one 3am because the ol said I had been mean
    in her DREAM! Yeah, dat’s the un-fairer sex fer ya! ;)

  14. Freeman Says:

    Take days of our lives or general hospital all thos fucking soaps, take all the depraved fucked up sexual and business backstabbing bullshit transpose it in the code, decor and way of life of bikers and ta-dam you got soa.

    Genius? fuck no,its transposing genres and this one struck a nerve to all the sitting at home 9-5, hate their life motherfuckers that start living vicariously through a tv show, and their old lady watches it because its like their afternoon soap opera with an edge, then they go to bed after the show and the ol goes honey how bout we go down to the hd dealer this week end and get chaps and a sleeveless leather vest? oohhh you could get a few henna tattoos. FUCKING PATHETIC.

  15. ocmouse22 Says:

    Myself I can’t wait for this shit to be over! Sutter can now make a cop show in the same way as SOA. That would go over well. He ain’t got the balls for that !

  16. Ipsick Says:

    Sutter said in an interview in Hot Bike magazine that when he talked to “a club in Oakland” he guaranteed them that the show would be so over the top, I am paraphrasing, that in no way would anyone think it is patterned after a real club. He should have told them “only morons will think it is a real club”.

    Just like Bad Pitt’s character in Interview with a Vampire whines about being a vampire, so to does Jax”s about being a biker….then he goes out and shoots someone.

  17. The Kraut Says:

    Sour Anchovies?

    No thanks…

    Pass on the other faux-MC bs also.

    Squidbillies, now that’s entertainment!

  18. Road Whore Says:

    @ OC VAGO 1%er: Come on now, don’t hold back! LOL :) I agree.

    @ Grumbler: I kinda like them there Sons of Arthritis t-shirts…since I’ve been afflicted with the shit forever I may even buy myself one.

    @ ElleElle: Unfortunately, just like people will believe anything on the damn Internet, there are many otherwise presumingly reasonably intelligent people who cannot seem to separate fact from fiction when it comes to television.

    I’ve both read and seen interviews with famous stars who have been accosted on the street by fans demanding that they change their behaviors; or, “How could you have beat up so-and-so?” Or, “How could you have left Mandy when she’s pregnant with your child to run off with that bleached-blonde whore?”

    Sad, but true, some people are incapable of separating fact from fiction. You gals out there will relate to this, and I speak from experience with my fairer sex: how many of you have dreamt that your old man cheated on you and woke up madder’n hell at him and were still pissed days later…over a dream? :)

    Ride Free

  19. ElleElle Says:

    I look at SOA for exactly what it is. A bunch of cameras on a make believe set putting together a make believe show with people who get paid to act. Why would anyone who is well look at it any differently? Seriously.

  20. Grumbler Says:

    Would anyone kick my ass if they saw me wearing a Sons of Arthritis Bad to the Bone chapter t-shirt? =8^)

    Personally, am looking forward to Vikings Season 3 on the History Channel next summer. Said to be a helluva lot more epic than the previous 2 seasons. More violence, bigtime deaths, and crazier shit than before. The main character is the Viking Ragnar Lothbrok who had the guts to implement successful raids in Ye Olde England.

  21. Phuquehed Says:

    OC VAGO 1%er wrote – “Fuck Kurt Sutter”

    To the point and correct.

  22. CN Says:

    RtC: I couldn’t agree more and when I would fly in public (like stopping on the way to church to pick up something at the IGA) and I’d run into somebody (an adult mind you) wearng an SOA T shirt, the fawning/adoring looks I’d get were those of the Cult variety. I came to know that not only do these SOA fans beleve SOA is real, they believe that what you are is exactly what they see on SOA. Worse yet is when one of the cast members appears at a public Biker event to sign autographs (always near a vendor who just happens to be selling all things SOA the worst of which are their T shirts which on the back have the full set of colors bottom California rocker and all. These fans are vombies for the most part some of whom ride in small packs (99% of the time staggered) and when they fuck up the offended citizens in cages guess who gets the blame when the citizens dial *HP! When this first started you could talk to some them and ocasionally some of thhem would understand this guilt by asociation problem and not wear the FP T shirts, but much like ebola, it’s pandemic now and our only solace is that this is the final season but we both well know that this propaganda will go into sindication like Law & Order SUV (one great ways to fuck with Law & Order fans is to always say “SUV”, they get totally freaked out and scream “SVU” especially if they are your kids or grand kids).

    To be fair, SOA did employ a few Club Members of note and provide them with a nice chunk of change they could make legally which probably fucked with the minds of ATF Agents so it wasn’t all bad. But, on the whole, I like you have a warm feeling whenever I imagine that the SOA fans will soon have less of their soap opera to worship. On the whole, SOA has been a bad thing for real MC’s and burned into the alleged minds of the general public a conception of who and what Clubs are that has been anything but productive and for the true beleivers, when SWAT Teams show up, have given legitimacy in the minds of those who pay the taxes that fund the martial law with which we have contended with long before Ferguson brought the militarization of law enforcement into the spot light. My Wife has been an ER RN of over 40 years, Nurse Jackie on HBO was her SOA, the harm that TV can do in the hands of Curt and those like him should be taken for what it is, hazardous to reality.

  23. Oldskewl Says:

    Badger62 Says: “Kinzey once sent a coded text message that read “Bring whatever cabbage u got for my soup cuz ingredients are low,”
    How long did it take the pigs to break this genious “code”??

    Haha! I was thinking the same thing.


    I have a close friend that works for FX and solely on the SOA set. He was hired years ago as a set adviser but now is assistant production manager. I get to see all kinds of cool photos of the inner workings of the show and I’ve got to meet two of the actors at different events.

    Personally I dig the show, it’s kinda cool to have met the people you’re watching on the screen and it’s cool that a friend makes his living from the show.
    The final season premiere was just a week ago so now my friend is basically out of a job. He is retired anyway but the extra income was a nice yearly bonus.


  24. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    Fuck Kurt Sutter

  25. Badger62 Says:

    “Police advised reporters that Kinzey, who has a doctorate, was “smarter than the average dealer.”
    and “Kinzey once sent a coded text message that read “Bring whatever cabbage u got for my soup cuz ingredients are low,”
    How long did it take the pigs to break this genious “code”??

  26. popeye Says:

    From what I’ve seen on sons of anarchy theres seems to be a lot of bad times and no good times. Not a club that I’d want to be part of but I guess thats what makes “good” TV.

  27. Road Whore Says:

    Sutter had a chance to do something really good with this show. But very soon it became apparent that “Sons” was nothing more than a vehicle for Sutter’s preadolescent fascination with gratuitous violence: “Let’s stab ’em in the eye! No, no wait! Stab ’em in BOTH eyes! And then let’s pour battery acid on them. Wait, wait! And THEN, while they’re blind and oozing flesh and stumbling around outside trying to flee, let’s have Jax come roaring down the street on his Hog, swinging a chain like a lasso, and THEN…”

    I’d be truly surprised if he didn’t torture small animals when he was a kid.

    Perlman’s a pretty decent actor. In my opinion Charlie Hunnam is NOT. He was a good foil for Perlman as Clay, but doesn’t have the charisma nor the acting chops to carry the leading role on his shoulders.

    Sutter could have made this into a really good show filled with insight and exploration of complex human emotions and motives; instead he chose to make it a melodrama of high proportions filled with talented actors fulfilling horrid fantasies of ever escalating senseless violence, torture, mayhem, and ruin.

    What will we take from the show? The assumption that “Sons” is a typical motorcycle club, and ergo all motorcycle clubs are comprised of members who are nothing more than flesh-eating, thinly disguised demons from hell whose raison d’être is to inflict the maximum amount of pain and suffering of which their twisted and demented minds can conceive.

    I believe I’ll ride on.

    Ride Free

  28. Bruka Says:

    The Daily Mail is one of the worst rags on sale over here. For example here is a list of thing The Mail says will give you cancer : Air Travel, Artificial Light, Babies, Bacon, Barbeques, Blowjobs, Beer, Being a man, Being a woman, Burgers, Bubble Bath, Cars, Cereal, Cheese, Chillis, Coca Cola, Curry, English Breakfasts, Eggs, Fatherhood, Fish, Fruit, Hot Drinks, Internet, IVF, Large Heads, Left Handedness, Money, Mouthwash, Pastry, Pickles, Pizza, Poverty, Pregnancy, Sex, Shaving, Skiing, Tea, Teen Sex, Water, WI-FI, Work and X-rays.

    I’ve edited that list to cut down the size. I wouldn’t believe a word they print and yes Phuquhead we can do some things right like queing for things and complaining.

  29. panamaa Says:

    @ RtC

    RtC say’s “What kind of person watches SOA? “Fence crossers”? Clueless?”

    ipod and the IO clowns, that’s who..lol…

  30. ElleElle Says:

    SOA may have yet more new found competition-who will be the antagonist
    who will be the Protagonist? It’s just so messed up at all times that it makes me want to tune in. I equate it to a bad train wreck.
    What’s all this nonsense about not enjoying SOA, anyhow? My personal favorite part of this show is it’s tremendous amount of warmth and joy-how its all about being in a “family” but they’re really all pretty damned horrible to each other. It makes me laugh.

    Seriously, I think the acting in this show is decent-Ron Perlman and Katie Sagal do (and did) show their acting range (scope)-that much I can appreciate. The rest of it just makes me laugh, mostly. We need more good comedy on T.V.

  31. Nashville Says:

    Fucking hysterical. So much for the Professor’s dabbling. He’s in for whole ride now. SOA starts in less than 2 weeks? I’ve gotta set my DVR.

    FTP, FTF

  32. RtC Says:

    What kind of person watches SOA? “Fence crossers”? Clueless?
    Don’t know. You tell me. I have never watched more than 15 minutes of this travesty of TV. What a waste of fuckin’ time. I did find a channel called METV (Memorable Entertainment TV) that has all the good old stuff from when TV was entertainment & not just plain stupidity. If you do watch TV, & I DO because I’m stuck in a chair more than out, it’s at least entertaining TV!
    If I want to see motorcycles, I have friends bring theirs over!
    Course, this is way off the subject of this story. SORRY!
    Just seems the bastards we kicked out of here can’t get anything
    worth reading right, right?!

    RESPECTS for the REAL

  33. Dave Says:

    No one reads ‘The Daily Mail’. No one that I would bother saving if they were on fire.

    But the good news from this story is that SoA will be back on the air soon! Final season! I can’t wait to see how Sutter fills, or fluffs, what should be at most 3-4 episodes finale into a full season. The main story has remained ‘Hamlet-esque’, but there’s a lot of distractions and filler that the story didn’t need (but Sutter put in there anyway).

    It’s like watching “Valkyrie”, with Tom Cruise. You know what’s going to happen, but the story getting there can be very entertaining.

  34. Phuquehed Says:

    Have the British *ever* been able to do anything right, other than letting the ragheads take over and murder people in broad daylight in the middle of crowded streets with knives?

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