Gangland At It Again

January 30, 2009

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The evidently popular television series Gangland continues to run. And, at least two upcoming episodes will be about major American motorcycle clubs.

It has already been widely reported that one of those episodes will star the Pagans Motorcycle Club. The Pagans are well known, respectfully regarded and are the dominant three-piece patch club in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland.

An author named John Hall recently reminisced about raising hell with the club in the mid-sixties. And, a larger than life Pagans’ chapter president named Steve “Gorilla” Montevergine could not stay out of the Philly papers a decade or so ago. But, in general the Pagans have conducted their club business with great discretion. So, it is surprising to learn that they will soon be featured on international TV.


Last week, scores of cops who ride with the American Lawmen Motorcycle Club reenacted a 2002 brawl between members of the Pagans and members of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club on Long Island. Seventy Pagans were arrested after that incident.

The “reenactment” was staged at an American Legion Hall in Plainfield, Illinois.

Gangland is a “reality-based” crime series that airs on the History Channel in the United States. In the past 15 months the series has broadcast shows that centered on five motorcycle clubs: The American Outlaws Association, the Mongols Motorcycle Club, the Bandidos Motorcycle Club, the Warlocks Motorcycle Club in Florida and the Hells Angels

Gangland’s website explains the premise for the show: “They rob, kill, and terrorize, and they’ve left their bloody mark on American history. This is the world of Gangland….With exclusive interviews and rarely seen footage, this is a raw look at life inside these gangs-from those who live it and the agencies that are working to stop them.”

Who Is Gangland

The actual producers of Gangland carefully hide their identities.

Producers, writers and directors go uncredited on the show. is a nest of pages on the History Channel website. Ganglandproducers is a dead web site. Ganglandproducer, without the “s” is an “under-construction” site used to forward emails to a confidential web address.

The History Channel is the official producer of Gangland. The History Channel is a wholly owned subsidiary of a company called Arts and Entertainment Television Networks (AETN.) AETN in turn, is a joint venture of the Hearst Corporation and the Walt Disney Company. NBC has a minority share in AETN.

AETN describes itself as, “an award-winning, international media company offering consumers a diverse communications environment ranging from television programming, to home videos/DVDs and music CDs, to Web sites, as well as supporting nationwide educational initiatives.”

People who agree to appear on Gangland sign agreements with the History Channel but they are interviewed by and photographed by freelancers.

The people actually responsible for Gangland are probably the owners of one of several “realty” productions companies in Los Angeles that produce numerous shows for AETN.

Typical of these companies is one called Original Productions on Verdugo Avenue in Burbank. The company was founded by Thom, Leslie and Tim Beers and has produced numerous popular “reality shows” including “Deadliest Catch,” “Monster Garage” and “Ice Road Truckers.”

Which is certainly not to say that Original Productions actually is responsible for Gangland.

The Pagans episode of Gangland will air in February or March 2009.

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24 Responses to “Gangland At It Again”

  1. John Says:

    Let me tell you I have known Conan for 25 plus years He’s no joke He would never talk shit behind a keyboard I always knew When he gotten off his parole He would take the Pagans to the next level As high and as powerful as he can Look what he accomplished within a few years Larger and definitely doing it smarter than anyone else If you like to talk shit Let’s see how big your balls or
    Are Speak to his face You would never dare Bunch of keyboarding cowboys
    Much Respect for Conan and the Pagan Nation

  2. Rebel Says:

    Dear Rick rocks,

    That sounds unlikely.


  3. Rick rocks Says:

    Conan and gorilla are defecting to another one percent club’s they both said they got no support whatever while incarcerated

  4. Teddy Says:

    Conan has aids,from letting niggas fuck him in the ass

  5. PsycoTony Says:

    Ive been around the “P” club pretty much all my life..and i can say one thing as far as being affiliated as a 16’s supporter and hanger back in the late 80’s and 90’s…Conan has my uptmost respect..nobody has the fortitude and determination to take the club in new direction which earned the title “the baddest mutha fuckas on the East Coast..and in the world for that the aging later part of my life on this present day,i would serve under Conan and die for him..he has that much respect of me and the “P”club has that much of my loyalty..there is no mc anywhere that could stack up against them…thats why they are still around 60 years later and by the fire f the sword will be around for 60 more million years…MPLLHNR !!! 16’s Forever!! All hail the king!! Conan is King!!! Love ya brother!!

  6. Teddy Says:

    Willing,you’re old and fat,give it up,all you ack scum are dying, now fuck off before I find you and jap slap you.

  7. Matt Willing Says:

    Gee Teddy you forgot to sign your real name. Any Particular reason? Or did you just forget? Looking foward to seeing you. Matt Willing

  8. Matt Willing Says:

    Boy Teddy or should I say Theodore. You sound like somone who might be almost man enough to actually have the courage to sign your real name to be prepared to say your beliefs to me personally. You sound like are a man who is ready to die to back up his principles…Looking forward to meeting you..Matt Willing

  9. Christine Says:

    The Pagans are a bunch of pussies. They ain’t shit compared to the Hells Angels.

  10. teddy Says:

    Ah Matt willing,lol,ack hack,I remember back in the day he got knocked out by a kid at a bar,the other ack members were junkies and overdosed,conan was taking it up the booty in the joint

  11. james Says:

    I have known Keith for a long timeand anybody out there that is hiding behind the keyboard talking shit about him obviously does not know him,and all I can say is all you keyboard Commandos couldn’t walk 10 feet in his shoes,I do know him personally and he is the real fucking deal,so like I said all you keyboard Commandos running your fucking mouth because life has a funny way of revealing Who You Are,

  12. RtC Says:

    EDNA, DON”T hold your breath waiting for these PUSSIES BEHIND KEYBOARDS to show
    their face anywhere! They don’t come out of Mom’s basement except darkest hours
    of the night, then they wear make-up to protect their ID!
    Redwolf the Conchoman BTW RIP White Bear 1% PMC

  13. EDNA Says:

    to all those pussies talking [email protected]^ about Conan…why not leave your address. You big men hiding behind a keyboard are pathetic excuses for men. come down to the next Pagan event so we can see how tough you are.

  14. Matt Willing Says:

    Talk all the shit you want about Conan. I know I him over 40 years. He is a true outlaw and the true pagan. He is a standup guy and truly lives by a warriors code. He’s a good friend and a good man . He hides from no one and is always available to anyone who has anything to say about him. He is respected by all 1% ers whether they like him or not. He is an honorable man that is always there for his brothers . He is honest and will tell you to your face what do you think what do you like it or not. Agree or disagree with him, he is who he is . He has chosen his life and is ready to live and die for what he believes. I am proud to call him friend and brother . And while many others have become snitches , He stood up it is 16 years, and is truly a standup guy. How many of you would do 16 years without either snitching or even handling 16 years. he has never hidden or will run from anyone, But his respect full and there for his brothers. That is who he truly is. He is a warrior to the end. Matt Willig

  15. Jadp Says:

    Pagans are nobody to fuck with Conan of bayshtobayshore lives on my street bayshore ny 11706 16s all day

  16. Peppa Says:

    Keyboard commandos are as useful,
    Productive, and valuable as a squeezed out douche or a used tampon.
    Conan is as solid a MAN, Brother, human being and friend as anyone
    Could possibly be. He got more time than anyone and never once did
    He snivel. I’ve been privy to thousands of his communications from jail and
    He made the most of his time and was positive and productive, upbeat
    And eager. Eager to help a brother, find a bro lost in the system, pull him close, reunite brothers with
    Brothers, Pagans with their sons and daughters. Spread his Pagan beliefs to those interested.
    A voice from inside that resonated
    Throughout the world, for 16 years. A Pagan is many things.
    Above all, a Pagan is RIGHTEOUS. Conan is a righteous Pagan.
    He is in my opinion the ULTIMATE PAGAN. You keyboard pussies
    Go do 16 years, miss your father’s funeral, your Sons 12th through 28th burthday
    Parties. Have your Pagan Father and mentor go home from
    Jail and die before you both got that last ride. Get shot in the fucking face,
    Spit out the bullet, and never go down. Be in a van with your scoot strapped behind you
    And collide with a tractor trailer, your scoot smash into your body
    And your all that’s between the scoot and the engine and firewall.
    Get out and walk off three years on government paper while hundreds of cops
    And enemies plot and scheme your demise. Ask him how his time away
    Was and how he made it and he will tell you one thing. TIME AINT SHIT!
    And he means it. No 1%er out there having read this would
    Get out a keyboard and bash or disrespect a 1%er like Conan.
    Love him or hate him, he’s to be respected or left the fuck alone.
    You little pussies would wet your pants just being a block from hm.
    The tough guy that wants to pay him a visit, go to the next PMC function
    On Long Island and I’m sure you couldn’t even look into his eyes and
    You would hurry home and delete your childish comments and hope nobody
    Got your IP. PFFP – LPDP ARGO – NUNYA

  17. MAMA LO Says:

    It’s easy to talk shit behind people’s back…that’s being a BITCH! Conan is a solid dude and he also doesn’t have to talk behind people’s back! Anybody can talk shit behind someone’s back….they’re also the first bitches to run when the beef is face to face. You people are damn lucky you don’t live in California cause we don’t roll like that! I’m a friend to Conan till the end….and I will have his back till the end!


  18. The support Says:

    You shouldn’t talk shit watch your back kid!

  19. mother Says:

    the pagans are finished,punks on the run.Conan is and was a bitch.
    Anybody have his address ?? Want to pay her/him a visit

  20. gomez Says:

    The pagans were and are a bunch of low lifes,the old ladys turn tricks to give the man who owns them cash.Conan is and always will be a loser,he was a bitch in bayshore and will be back in prison in three shakes of a rats tail.The pagans would sell their moms for a hit of crack or a chunk of meth.FYI – They ARE a SECRET org.only until the cops or feds get them alone,and then the start singing like canarys.They are bitches in the first order. They are a bunch of little boys trying to act like men.I saw them get beat down back in the 80’s..punks

  21. kevirock Says:

    I live on long island and I remember the pagans,they were old,fat out of shape men with long hair and tats,they were always getting beat up in the bars unless they had the gang behind them.True story here,they got beat up at copiague high school by a few of the students,lol,these punks can’t fight the head punk keith richter is in prison and the rest like nippy died,lol,they are like the bike club in clint eastwood’s movie every which way you can,A joke,nobody fears them,right turn clyde,lol

  22. Slammin' Says:

    When are they going to do an epicode on the biggest,most violent criminal gang on the planet,THE GOVERMENT OF THE USA’s RICH

  23. Rebel Says:

    Dear Libra3

    Among the nine hundred places I lived as a kid was a project in Marcus Hook and another project in Chester. Until I was about 14 I lived mostly in Delaware County. First outlaw I ever saw was a Pagan. Keep the faith and enjoy your weekends.

    your pal,

  24. Libra3 Says:

    I saw this episode of Gangland last night and was utterly appalled at what the media gets away with these days.
    A supposed “former member” of the Pagans was running his mouth about the club and basically giving the sheeple what they want. He was making nefarious claims that the club is all about drug trade and violence. As a former Pagan Ol Lady, I know differently. The club is based on riding motorcycles and brotherhood. This idiots claim that brotherhood has gone down the tubes couldn’t be further from the truth. Its unfortunate that the feds use the media to spin doctor and fabricate such absurd tales. Of course, the general public and John Q Citizen watching the show don’t know any better.

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