Indian Still Makes Motorcycles

August 18, 2014

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While the soulless humanoids who now run Harley-Davidson continue their quest to keep the motor company afloat by blowing hot air at hipsters their chief domestic competitor, Polaris, wants to sell you a better motorcycle.

This month that better motorcycle is the 2015 Indian Scout, a model the original Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Company discontinued in 1949. The original Indian replaced the 46 cubic inch Scout with a bigger model called the Warrior in 1950.

The 2015 Scout weighs 558 pounds wet and is powered by a 69 cubic inch, (or 1133cc) liquid cooled, fuel-injected V-twin. engine. Polaris claims it makes 100 horsepower and 72.2 foot pounds of torque at 5900 rpm. It is a sled, with a 25.3 inch seat height and its most obvious defect is a 3.3 gallon gas tank that is at least a gallon too small.  It has a six speed transmission, a 31 degree lean angle and a 5.3 inch ground clearance that will protect you from many, if not all, speed bumps. Almost everybody who has tested the bike loves it. You can reach 60 in second gear and it looks like a real motorcycle.

Polaris introduced the Scout earlier this month at Sturgis but you can’t buy one until late this fall. When you can a black Scout will cost $11,000 plus tax and license. A red or grey bike will cost about $300 more.

Indian And Polaris

Indian was founded in 1901 in Springfield, Massachusetts. It remained an important brand throughout the Great Depression and was integral to the effort to win the Second World War but it couldn’t survive the peace. The company went out of business in 1953.

There were attempts to revive Indian motorcycles in 1955, 1963, 1970, 1994 and 1998. Interest in the brand increased during the Harley boom beginning in the 1980s. The Indian Motorcycle Company of America owned the brand from 1999 through 2003. A separate and distinct Indian Motorcycle Company built a limited number of motorcycles in North Carolina between 2006 and 2011.

Snowmobile manufacturer Polaris started making Victory Motorcycles in 1998. Polaris bought the Indian brand in April 2011 and began shipping three Indian models – the Chief Classic, Chief Vintage and the Chieftain – a year ago.

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105 Responses to “Indian Still Makes Motorcycles”

  1. Trooper Says:

    Ok Guys my 2 cents. Started riding on Laverda 250 in 1970 Moved up to Honda CB 450 in 72. Present ride is 98 Valkyrie( Made in USA BTW though I understand the wings are no longer made here) . With 6 cylinders and 6 carbs it will out run the Roadmaster That I just bought.

    In 72 No one on the Harleys would wave back, now they do, mostly. So what, was not looking for acceptance just the feel of freedom. I Love to ride and I love the look of the Roadmaster. I will not knock the Harleys or any other brand; whats the point ?

  2. ElleElle Says:

    It feels good to resurrect this today. So much shit going on in this world. Me and the old man were just casual Saturday-ing this a.m. and looking through an old book we have of old motorcycles. I guess I am a dummy for sure but I didn’t know that Indian made the very first V twin in 1907. I always thought Harley wore that crown of thunder. Who knew.
    We went and looked at those beautiful Indians again a couple of weeks ago. Gosh are they ever nice.

  3. Blind Tom Says:

    Don’t care what assoles own the company, my ’09 SG and the ’04 WG are just fine for me and I got my first bike in 1963 and my first Harley in 1968. Still wear an old Schott Perfecto, pair of USA-made Redwing Engineers, Levis and a no-name black tee-shirt. Works for me same as it did 45 years ago. Another old fart on a Harley… -L-

  4. Coolaid Says:

    Had a victory since 09′ and can’t see myself owning a Harley.. Rode the scout and chieftain in sturgis and was crazy impressed. The scout is a little too small for my taste, but it is a peppy little fucker. I was pulling the front wheel off the pavement at highway speeds. It is a small bike though. It would be great for a chick, or new rider. I think it will present much more long term enjoyment then a sporty or those new little bikes Harley just put out. Nice power, great handling but not the most comfortable ride I have had. The chieftain road master on the other hand will be coming home with me at some point.

  5. 7of9 Says:

    I’d really like to test ride one of these, but I’m nowhere near any dealers. It really sounds like a lot of fun to ride and I can deal with some of the quirks of the styling.

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