The Valiants Menace

August 15, 2014

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Five weeks ago the Wet Mountain Tribune, a weekly newspaper in Southern Colorado, reported that a young family had been the victims of an unprovoked attack by members of the Valiants Motorcycle Club over the Independence Day Weekend.

The Tribune reported that 25-year-old Travis Harter, his 24-year-old girlfriend Nicole Mickeletto and their three-year-old son “were surrounded by the motorcycle gang known as ‘Valiant.’”

“The attack began west of Wetmore on Highway 96,” the Tribune reported. “There were a dozen motorcycles and five SUVs that increased and decreased their speed around the family, and refused to let them pass.” “By the time the family had come onto Hardscrabble Road they had been rear-ended by one of the SUVs already.”

And according to the Tribune report, one motorcyclist pointed a gun at Harter and ordered him off the road. Then a white sport utility vehicle shoved the family’s car off the road. Harter was beaten, his headlights were smashed, his tires were slashed, his door was stabbed and his family was menaced.

Cañon City Daily Record

Today the Cañon City Daily Record added the detail that the couple’s dog was also beaten after barking in the backseat of the family car during the attack.

The Daily Record reported that Custer County Sheriff Fred Jobe has issued arrest warrants for four suspects in the case. “There were more at the scene of the assault,” Jobe told the paper. “We’ve identified more of them, but these four are the ones we know were at the scene, one of them being the main attacker. He is the one who did the most damage to the car and the victims.”

Harter was transported by ambulance to Parkview Medical Center in Pueblo where he was treated and released the same day.

Sheriff Jobe said yesterday, “Physically they (the family) are doing fine. Emotionally, they are still struggling with some of it.”


The Cañon City paper declined to “publish the names of the suspects…while the incident is being investigated.” The paper described the suspects as three males and one female from the Denver area who are in their late 20s or early 30s.

The Daily Record did reveal, “The four suspects are facing misdemeanor and felony charges including menacing, third-degree assault, criminal mischief, harassment, unlawful conduct on public property, theft, disorderly conduct, cruelty to animals and criminal attempt.”

“One of the suspects also is facing an additional charge for violation of a protection order because he was prohibited from possessing weapons. ”


40 Responses to “The Valiants Menace”

  1. Sieg Says:

    Rusty, that was the Minnesota chapter that was involved. Had Paul Bunyon up with ’em, donchakno?!?!?!?!




  2. Rusty Says:

    I’d like to see the size of the motorcycle or motorcycles that are capable of running a SUV off the road………

  3. Freeman Says:

    Hey lol

    I don’t think your reading is to good so i picked something they made a movie out of, since i do agree your comment is a very cinematic allegation and also agree you most probably are pork product and/or by product, i suggest you rent this movie in the oldies section of your favorite video store, i doubt it, but it might help you see your position more clearly.

    Hell i think it should be mandatory watching for anyone applying for a pig or civil (i use the term loosely) position.

  4. 7of9 Says:

    It seems highly illogical that any MC would run a SUV off the road unless they had a really good reason to do it. It’s risky and they’d need a reason to justify taking such a risk in their minds. A SUV with a nice suburban family riding along for a relaxing drive would most likely have to do something above and beyond to merit that kind of special attention.

    It’s not like people don’t have things to do already.

    I’m guessing there is a lot more to this story than we’ll ever hear or know.

  5. Glenn S. Says:

    lol said: “So a douchebag got rat packed, you misunderstand, if the idiot was coked up, and hit someone well more power to ya, but to chase down a family and beat down the driver in front of a young child?”

    Typical pig mentality. Its not what was done, but who does it. Coked up douchebag does something stupid and its okay to kick his ass. Aesthetically correct family does something similar and its hands off. (Pig does something stupid, spiteful, and malicious, and it’s paid vacation time until his buddies can cover it up.)

    And the reason you hate free men is that free men don’t cede moral decisions to the likes of you.

    lol, your pig mentality, as displayed here, is a perfect example of why swine can’t hold the high moral ground.

  6. Phuquehed Says:

    You beat me to it, Sieg.

    The stupid shit-hole says he’s not going to comment on it since he doesn’t know who started anything, but then goes on to blame the bikers anyway.

    That’s called him running his cock-sucker before getting the brain in gear…or just a dumbshit.

  7. Sieg Says:

    Man, that infidel2 is a scary motherfucker!


  8. Road Whore Says:

    lol said: “my ‘brothers’ never ran on me”…well, of course not! Why would they run when there’s a group of 3 of you body-armored and armed to the teeth tasing and beating some defenseless old woman?

    Dig on it:


    Yep, you guys sure are brave and have to fight for your lives everyday against such vicious hooligans as these! (When you’re not shooting family member’s pets.)

  9. Road Whore Says:

    “sociopathic fucktard”…OUCH!

  10. Mag Says:

    @Base – “And I thought the commenter Budweiser turned out to be a cunt.”

    Bahahaha fucking hahaha.

    Thanks, needed a good laugh to end the night on.

    – Asskiller

  11. Nobody Says:

    Ahh the good old days! Thanks for the memories!

  12. infidel2 Says:

    mmmhhh….not there so wont comment on whose intial transgression started the conflict…

    …but if someone threatens my family or beats my dog….dont care if its a full patch or the many patch lickers out there…..

    say hello to my little fren…

  13. panamaa Says:

    Here, here, Base……….

  14. Base Says:

    And I thought the commenter Budweiser turned out to be a cunt.


    It is ironic that you would suggest not conforming to societies’ rules or structure makes a person a sociopath. Interesting concept. With out a structured test I do not know how you could back that up.

    But there is a segment of the population that on a daily basis display
    complete lack of conscience, are unable to feel any empathy for fellow human beings. Yep, cops. And there has been testing to back it up! 20 or more years ago psychological tests were used to weed-out such behavior and then show them the door. That was in the past.

    Mainly since 9/11 these tests are still being used to predict current or future behavior. But not as a tool to weed out a problem, but rather to locate sociopathic traits or deviants and hire them for police, DLM, DHS and other organizations.

    People like you Lol, that get some sort of sick charge out of kid napping and holding people against their will. And either breaking them, or extorting money and property from them for their release.

    I wonder how many innocent people you & your brothers have broken. Have you ever wondered that? Have you ever stood by while one of your brothers struck or miss treated a confined person?

    Yeah I bet you and your brothers are a real nice bunch of people.

    Now this isn’t tough guy talk, and I mostly stay to myself these days, being a bit of a recluse by my own choice, I am pretty much the same person I have always been with a live & let live attitude.

    But have to admit I would accept & not pass up an opportunity to have a conversation with you in a room devoid of other people. Just you and I.

    The fact is, some people I just don’t like. You happen to be one of them.

  15. Phuquehed Says:

    I was hoping that air-wasting ‘tard lol had got run over by a garbage truck over the weekend or just anything real big on wheels that wouldn’t leave much except a stain, but looks like that hope got bashed on the rocks. In typical pig fashion, his view is the only view, ‘we’ are all bad no matter what we say or do, and in his supposed 30 years of whatever the fuck he says he did (none of it being one of those too-rare *good* cops) never once saw any of ‘our kind’ man up anywhere. Yep…the pig mentality is still strong in that shit-stain. (I think the reason he calls himself ‘lol’ is because it’s all anyone does at/to him whenever he comes around or opens his fucking cock-sucker)

  16. shovelNY Says:

    go the fuck away asshole

  17. panamaa Says:


    Read the Robert William Richards post on here and tell us if he is included in your
    “You guys use a term that has meaning to all military and law enforcement and to be honest you fucken cheapen it!!!” statement. He, Mr.Richards, was the Sergeant at Arms for the Jacksonville, North Carolina chapter of the American Infidels Motorcycle Club…

    Is he one of your “You Guys”, or is it just the rest of us…

    I know for a fact none of YOUR brothers are” cowards who will eat out your “brothers” to save a year in the joint”, , , not cops!!!!… Just read the papers LOl… You assholes do it all the time.. Ya, your brothers…

    Fuck you…

  18. Paul Says:


    The only reason most people are okay with control is because it absolves them of personal responsibility. You served, how many times can you recall hearing something along the lines of ‘I was just following orders’?

    Once upon a time, standing (or falling) on your own two feet was considered virtuous. Somehow, we got to a point where someone else thinks they know better how you need to live.

    I was not there, so I can’t speak on the alleged child witness to a beating. I can say that while it would be courteous for someone to beat my ass out of sight of my kids, I try not to do things that would warrant me earning an ass-beating in the first place.

  19. Rebel Says:

    Dear Lol,

    This is a very cinematic allegation. I know that stretch of road well. I know Custer County and Westcliffe and because I know what the alleged attack would have looked like it strikes me as particularly cinematic. Maybe this happened. Maybe a marauding pack of biker brutes set upon an inncocent young family and terrorized them on a beautiful, lonely stretch of road in rural Colorado. I am open to the possibility that something a little more ambiguous happened. You should be too. I don’t want to see you become disillusioned whenever both sides of the story are told.

    By the way, everybody has been in fucking combat.


  20. Lol Says:

    So a douchebag got rat packed, you misunderstand, if the idiot was coked up, and hit someone well more power to ya, but to chase down a family and beat down the driver in front of a young child? If you condone that well to put it in basic terms you are an asshole and hopefully karma takes a big giant bite out of your ass someday. As for “control being admired by other badges and iron order”? Well you missed about 300 million people in this nation alone, generally law abiding people who actually believe in being civilized agree control is a good thing!! Some of you fucken people live in an alternate universe, what’s wrong daddy not give you enough hugs as a child? Mommy screwing your uncle? What? “I’m a badass outlaw, I don’t conform to society” no that doesn’t make you badass it makes you a sociopathic fucktard who should be put down for the betterment of REAL HUMAN BEINGS! The thing that makes me laugh the hardest about most if you is that in 30 years of dealing with “tough guys” you’re all only tough when there are numbers behind you! In a one on one situation MOST of you are cowards who will eat out your “brothers” to save a year in the joint, if you think I am wrong you need to check your facts, how many big bad 1%’ers have ratted out their clubs, their “brothers”. Most of you wouldn’t know what brotherhood is if you had a picture and websters in front of you!!! I’ve been outnumbered and fought for my life both on foreign lands wearing the uniform of this nation and on our soil wearing a badge unlike most of you, my “brothers” never ran on me! You guys use a term that has meaning to all military and law enforcement and to be honest you fucken cheapen it!!!

  21. Sieg Says:

    Kraut, good ya got some just-us done.

    On that note, just in case…

    10 May 1981 @ 23.45 hours, at the intersection of North Avenue & Addison Road, I got nailed by a punk turning left onto North Avenue. Got me dead center, flipped my sled upside down, and since I just had the motor done ($920!) I wrapped my arms around it and broke its fall. Hey-I can heal, cases can’t.

    Anyhow, the punk split, ditched what we found out later was a few 6-pax and a lid of cheap smoke, and came back just in time to avoid a hit-and-run beef. He got wrote for leaving the scene and failing to yield, since there were all kinds of people who saw him do it. He didn’t get tested for DUI, since of course, he was in a car, and I was obviously a dirty motorsickle bum. I laid under my bike for close to fifteen minutes, couldn’t move, until a righteous Lady who worked at Villa Park HD (Jo Felts-thanks again), came by and helped get it off me.

    So she calls my Brother to come get my bike, he does, I get loaded into the wagon-as the piggers are threatening to pop my for disorderly because I wouldn’t let them take me before I saw my bike loaded. I spent a week in the horse-pistol, and the punk called every day asking the desk how I was doing.

    The day they kicked me loose, he left town. Blew off his court dates, cleaned out his crib, all that shit. We sat on his place until we were sure he had left town, and did everything we could to track him down. No joy.

    So I check, time to time, and found he had a Indecent Exposure beef in Arizona on 12 August 97, a series of busts in Cali for felony dope charges in 04…with no record of any convictions or dispositions. hmmm…

    Punks name is/was GARY BACHAR. DOB 14 Oct. 57. He was 24 in 81, so he’d be 57 now.

    Anyone knows him, or runs across him, feel free to remind him that he ran down a scooter-tramp in 81 and (so far) skated.


  22. The Kraut Says:

    lol…your restraint concerning asshats who left turn us is admirable to the other badges and urine odour wannabes.

    I’ve been left turned and hurt from a coked out turd in a Ford Ranger back in ’85…my knees are still for shit.

    My brothers tuned up the miserable fuck…no badges needed as the pale turd still had white in his ‘stache.

    Revenge or justice?

    depends where your heart is and if one gives a fuck what civilians think…

    Respects to those that warrant respect


  23. Lol Says:

    Got to admit when roadwhore said “I’d blame the nun” I laughed,,, I have been riding over 30 years, have laid down on the highway because of some douche in a cage deciding he wanted my lane, have been cut off more times than would
    Like to remember, anyone with miles
    In the seat knows left hand turns by cagers are the most dangerous thing on the planet, tha said I have NEVER resorted to going after the cager with anything more than a finger or maybe a marble over the shoulder (and that was extreme douchebag cases)

  24. One Eye Says:

    So, this nun-did she have bad habits? Lol, either you make inflammatory remarks to engender a response or you truly are ignorant of how LE jams their hand up the ass of the media to use them as their personal Howdy Doody. I can’t count how many times the media has unilaterally reported a story of some egregious incident until BOTH sides were exposed and the truth became very clear. Why don’t you just LEave quietly?

  25. Oldskewl Says:

    Chances are the driver of the SUV did something to piss them off… Intentional or not shit happens and it’s all
    About how you deal with people when mistakes happen.
    I recently had a woman pull out in front of me and my first reaction was anger but she immediately pulled over and I pulled along side her to give her an ear full and she was apologizing and acknowledging her mistake.
    I let it slide and told her to be more careful.

    Shit happens, I’ve been in a couple accidents that were my fault, it’s all in how you deal with people.

  26. Meh Says:

    The world needs more personal cameras. I’ll be getting a GoPro for when I ride for the entertainment value, but it won’t hurt to have photographic proof on my side if anything goes amiss.

    If bikers are camera-equipped they can record when they are being fucked with, and if cagers are so equipped THEY can record when they are being fucked with.

    Trust no one and put technology to proper use.

  27. popeye Says:

    Its obvious you’ve never riden a motorcycle on the street or you’d have many stories just like this. Texters or inattentive drivers kill bikers every day.

  28. Glenn S. Says:

    lol said: “You guys are out of your fucken minds!!! These thugs terrorized this young family, and you are blaming the victim simply because the douchebags wore rags???”

    Can’t speak for everybody and I wasn’t there, but I blame the driver of the SUV because I’m on the road every single day and I experience the neglectful driving of families in SUVs firsthand, every day, These types often drive as if entitled to special consideration, because, “hey, those phone calls and text messages are IMPORTANT, and, hey, look kiddies! Its the world’s largest anthill! Let’s just cut across a lane or three so you can get a picture with your cell phone camera! And who are those guys riding motorcycles? Look, kiddies, a deer!”

    I also read the newspapers and, from time to time there’s a story of which I have firsthand knowledge of. And what I read in the news doesn’t always match the facts I know to be true. Instead, a certain demographic are designated bad guys and another demographic are designated good guys/victims. Whatever the family in the SUV said is what the media will call the story.

    I also have interactions with motorcycle clubs and have learned that MCs don’t attack citizens unless provoked, and fair warnings to cease and desist are always given, absent almost willful negligence. General courtesy and respect is generally returned. But there’s always some idiot that tries to, for example, pass a pack with oncoming traffic and then whip back in the right lane in the middle of a pack when it turns out to be unsafe to fully pass. Car drivers always figure it is safer (for them) to correct stupid and unsafe moves on their part by risking hitting bikers than by risking other cars. I cannot fault anyone for sending a different message. When that different message is sent, all of us on two wheels are a little bit safer as a result of the idiot’s education.

    With the above firsthand knowledge, I believe it is a reasonable assumption that the SUV driver did something dangerously stupid that resulted in a near tragedy for one of more of the bikers, and was told to get the fuck away from them, and did not. There might have been some conflict as a result, after which the SUV driver called the cops, which took his word as gospel and then the press did likewise. The shame of it is that the club members will have to pay a heavy price for the stupidity of idiots.

  29. Tomo Says:

    @ RtC – A man angry at something that’s happened to him that he couldn’t do anything about, taking it out on his dog? I thought that.
    However I can also see that a stranger who got the ‘red mist’ might take a pop at a dog too, just to make a point.
    I’ve seen the former more than once. I’ve not seen the latter.

    As for the nun in question – God has a funny logic, and if it’s your time to go, you’re going even if he’s got to send someone with a .45 to fetch you. But, Lol, you can take solace in the fact her whole life prepared her for meeting her maker.

  30. Blind Tom Says:

    Don’t know anything about this club or this story, but fuck with my dog and I’ll kill you all, one at a time…

  31. rollinnorth Says:

    As a child, I was taught, and beaten, by nuns, so I would blame the nun.

    Respect, to those…

  32. Road Whore Says:

    @ Lol: I’d blame the nun…

    Ride Free to those deserving.

  33. Whitepride Says:

    @lol. I thought you were a MASShole? I didn’t know you were in Colorado and witnessed the event. I’m not judging who was is the wrong because I wasn’t there and we are only hearing one side of the story. If you really are retired LE aren’t you kinda old to be a first rate troll? What the fuck is your problem?

  34. Dave Says:

    I agree with phuquehed. It’d be nice if both sides got their say, but I just don’t think that’s going to happen as we’re only hearing one side of things.

  35. T Hell Says:

    Reading comprehension is a very basic and important skill, the article reads:

    The Cañon City paper declined to “publish the names of the suspects…while the incident is being investigated.” The paper described the suspects as three males and one female from the Denver area who are in their late 20s or early 30s.

    It does not state that the names were not released by the police only that the city paper refused to publish them as is their 1st amendment right.

    Oops moronship reigns!!!

  36. Lol Says:

    You guys are out of your fucken minds!!! These thugs terrorized this young family, and you are blaming the victim simply because the douchebags wore rags???
    I swear to God some of you morons could witness a rag wearing thug shoot a nun in the head and figure a way to blame the nun!!!.. Also where’s the outrage for not naming the 4 thugs???? Oops hypocrisy reigns!!!!!

  37. xMISFITx Says:

    I swear drivers are getting dumber and dumber! Fact is people need to stay alert foe there lives and others around them

    With that being said, Ran off the road when a three yr old Boy was inside?

    Is the kid OK?

  38. Chief Says:

    I know that stretch of road and at some points you have to be on your P’s and Q’s otherwise you will either eat rockface or fall to the bottom. This Harter was probably being a typical 25-year old (functionally retarded) and was too busy checking his phone to see the pack.

    As for the dog, the Valiants MC are a convenient entity to blame for Mr. Harter abusing the animal.

    people suck.


    P.S. Happy National Airborne Day!

  39. RtC Says:

    Bet the punk started shit that he shouldn’t have. Probably on a fuckin’
    cell-phone, not paying attention, and nearly runs one of the VALIANTS off
    the road. Bet the dumb shit even beat his own dog! These people that won’t
    accept the fact they are to blame for their own troubles really sux!!!
    Bet if some outside folk “talked” to this punk, truth would come out.
    Best of luck to Diablo & his crew.
    RESPECTS to the REAL

  40. Phuquehed Says:

    Let’s hope that *BOTH* sides will be listened to by the pigs.

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