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August 15, 2014

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Rebel Tipton Murder


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  1. panamaa Says:

    To All…

    At Mrs. Purdy’s, Zach’s mom, request, all activities of the “ Justice For Zach Tipton’s Children Coalition” will cease.

    She has her reasons and they should be respected. The coalition was not my idea, it was everyone’s that post regularly on this board. I just agreed to be the boots on the ground. Thanks to everyone that came up with ideas and offers. I, as I’m sure all of you, wish nothing but the best for the family of Zach Tipton..

    May there be Justice for Zach Tipton in the near future….

    Respects and regards to everyone that participated in this endeavor…

  2. panamaa Says:

    To all.. From Justice4Zach

    Their will be another protest at the Duval County court house on
    Friday, September 26 at 11:00 am – 2:00 pm.. To those that live in Jacksonville or surrounding areas, please try to make it if you can….

  3. Mag Says:

    An approach may be to utilize and thereby pull in support nationwide from all interested parties.

  4. Lady Says:


    Im sure that everything will work out and this will be up and running in no time. No need for thanks, but thank you right back for all your doing. Ill speak to you soon.

  5. panamaa Says:

    You have been a big help. Thank s for your guidance…

  6. panamaa Says:

    Ladies and Gentleman,

    Due to some unforeseen circumstances and ignorance on my part, we need to delay this for a while. As you know there are a lot of twist and turns to this thing and there are some people that need to be consulted before I continue any further..

    Sorry for the delay…

  7. chromedome Says:

    Im all in no matter how long it takes

  8. Lady Says:

    Well Folks it seems there has been some setbacks on the PayPal issue and for that I am deeply sorry, but let me explain that issue since it did not get explained.

    I did offer my PayPal account before I actually checked with PayPal to find out the full details of what we needed to do. To legally accept funds for the Coalition, I would need to be the owner of the DBA, which I am not. Then there is the matter of taxes, oh yes we all know that good old Uncle Sam is going to have his hand out for this. The account would need to be set up separately on its on so that it would show only the activity created by the Coalition, and not by anything that I do. This requires the DBA and a tax number, which needs to come from panamaa. Thankfully his bank and mine as well, have offered to set up accounts free of charge for the Coalition, which will help save a few dollars. I do understand that he will be using his bank since it is closer and since he will be the one writing the checks.

    I have forwarded him information on the cost of taxi toppers as well as the cost of daily billboards. The only way that there would be a consideration for a discount is if a billboard was booked by the quarter. Even then it would cost anywhere from 5 grand and up!

    I do understand that everyone wants this to start rolling as of yesterday, but please understand that to do this right, we must have all the paperwork in order. As panamaa stated, once he has the DBA and the tax number he should be good to go in accepting your donations.

    There are a lot of wonderful ideas on here, and I sincerely hope that the truth is found in all of them.

    Much Respect,

  9. panamaa Says:

    Base says;

    “Still on board here, when it’s up and running will send what we have, been trimming off couple bucks here & there ever since this topic came up.


    No matter how long they delay if it came to the point the family decided to exhume Zach Tipton for an independent autopsy the evidence of the gun shots would still be there.

    Since on the topic, to even suggest it publicly may actually get some movement out of the SAO in Florida.

    And if those officials attempted to slow say the permit process, that would scream cover up louder than anything else. And if that did not motivate the locals to hold their SAO accountable I really do not know what would.

    Perhaps funds indented for the ad’s & bill boards maybe better served in that arena.”

    A good idea, and we can go that route if they try to stonewall anyone. But I would to remind everyone that the billboards are VERY expensive. Lady will break down the pricing once were up and running.

    My thought is the ad will cover all of Jacksonville whereas the billboard will only cover one small portion of Jacksonville. We will do both, giving the funding of course, but I think the ad should be the first thing we do…. Thoughts?

    Respects and thanks to all…

  10. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Thanks again to everyone that is working hard to get this going.

    Still standing by to contribute whenever you’re ready.

  11. panamaa Says:

    Justice for Zach Tipton’s Children Coalition

    I got an email saying I will be getting my DBA Tuesday or Wednesday. I will open the bank account as soon as I receive that.

    Lady’s Pay Pal thing fell through so as soon as I open the bank account I will open the pay pal account.. I hope everyone is still on board with this.

    I’m sorry for the delay in getting everything going. It took longer than I thought it would, It just is what it is….


  12. panamaa Says:

    Ok, all..

    The BDA takes 7 to 20 business days to complete. I filed for it on the 22nd. You’d a thought for the price that fucker was, I shoulda had it the next day………Gezzz..

    As soon as I get that back we will be rolling. We have the Pay Pal in place. Lady has been a big help in this with advice and guidance as has Phuquehed. If everyone keeps the fires burning on low we can add more wood as soon as the DBA gets here. We have to have that here in Florida, or we are screwed as far taxes go…

    As I said, I don;t think this thing is going anywhere and if it does, it’s more than likely going to be bullshit when it does.. We still need to get to the truth, or as close to it as we can and I think what we are doing here will help…


  13. popeye Says:

    I agree. Once our ad hits the papers/billboards the DA will probably release some info that may or may not be accurate. We need to pursue this to find the truth. If they decide not to press charges it only means they don’t have all the facts. With new facts the case can be reopened

  14. panamaa Says:

    Also,,,, Geeezzz, here I go again.. The Tipton family have been putting the fliers out around the beach and surrounding areas,,

  15. panamaa Says:

    Lady and all,

    Also think about this. Even if the DA decides to issue a statement that someone has been arrested or exonerated we still don’t know if the information they have or that their releasing,is worth a shit. I think we should stay with this regardless of what the DA does.. I don’t trust her as far as I can throw her..

    What I DO trust is Rebels reporting.. I, myself, think it’s the only true story we or anyone is going to get on this…

    Just my two cents..


  16. panamaa Says:

    It would be GREAT if we could use your paypal… That would save me tons of BS… Much, much appreciated on this end. We could get this up and going now if we do that…. I’ll email you….

  17. Phuquehed Says:

    @Lady – I apologize for not mentioning you when telling panamaa he was our only feet on the ground there…thank you also for all you’re doing, sounds like you’re busy as a bee.

  18. Lady Says:

    Guys, I have several different avenues going right now as far as billboards. panamaa, you do not need to ride the area as we thought, the companies that I have dealt with know what I am looking for and are very willing to do the work for us and let us know exactly what sites are going to be available.

    Now, here is the thing, even at a discounted rate they are extremely expensive if we only do a month. They normally do them by the quarter and we are talking several thousand dollars. We could possibly get what is called a day board that is digital near the Regency Mall (yes I know it is pretty far from where this happened, but it get tons of visual traffic) and have it placed on a Friday where as it would stay up over the weekend, for around $300.00. The reasoning behind this is, if the PA decides to issue a statement that someone has been arrested (which would be like them if they think someone is putting money out to find the killer) then we would not be out a lot of money.

    Another option that we have is Taxi Toppers, for those of you that do not know what these are, they are ads placed on top of taxis for a certain length of time. Where we would gain by using these is, almost all of the taxis that use them in Jacksonville are in the Mayport area (where the Naval Station is).

    I am waiting to hear back regarding the Times Union, which should not be a problem. I explained what was going on and why we were doing what we were wanting to place the advertisement.

    I have also contacted one of the major syndicated radio shows in the area to see if they will run a spot regarding this.

    So, no it has not lost momentum, there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes in getting the ball rolling.

    panamaa, if nothing else, I have a business PayPal account if we need to use it. I could just divert the funds to someone else when they come on, because I darn sure do not want to handle them. lol. It is sitting idle at the moment.

    That is what I have going for now.

    Much love and tons of Respect,

  19. Phuquehed Says:

    It’s all good, panamaa. You’re the only one we got with feet on the ground there. It’s just that the weekend sorta threw some folk off because we forgot that nothing much can be done after five days of frantic idea tossing and things going-on in this thread, heh. You keep on keepin’ on man, we’re all here backin’ you up.

  20. panamaa Says:

    By the way, the first bank I was dealing with, my bank, did not do the paypal thing so I had to find another one…

  21. panamaa Says:

    Damn, I got lost in all of that… gezzzzz,, We, or I that is, have not lost momentum.. The bank thing is timely,, I need to cover myself with a few things… They are closed today but we should be up and running here directly.. Please bear with me.. I have everything in place as far as the ad goes. The billboard, I haven’t done anything with due to work and time constants.. I need to ride the area and find outdoor advertising signs… As I said, please bear with me… It will get done..


    Many thanks,,

  22. panamaa Says:

    Many thanks, good job… The banks are closed today but we’re about ready to get everything together with that so we can get the other up and on the road… We will be using paypal..

    Again, thanks,,,

  23. UnaffiliatedObserver Says:

    I hope the effort does move forward.

    Independently, I ran a digital campaign for a week that reached 2,512 people connected with the location of the shooting on average 26.85 times each, yielding 93 clicks to this page. It cost me $50.70.

    I would be happy to document that process for anyone who would like to do something similar. (Anyone can do it, but it should be cleared with Rebel if the destination is here.)

  24. popeye Says:

    Are we still moving forward on this? Seems to have lost momentum

  25. panamaa Says:

    @Victor 1%er,

    I apologize for the error and I appreciate you posting the flyer/ad on your site..

    Respects for all you have done…

  26. Victor Says:

    @panamaa–OC VAGO 1%er is not associated with the docs page. It is owned and operated by me. The flyer will be up within the week.


    Victor 1%er

  27. popeye Says:

    I see someone has posted the flyer on the facebook page “Iron order sucks too” When we get a way of handling contributions I’ll make sure it goes on their site. It says they have 3959 members. Keep up the good work.

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