Knoxville Outlaws Serve DA

August 14, 2014

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A Tennessee lawyer named John P. Cauley, acting on behalf of the American Outlaw Association of Knoxville, served the Knox County District Attorney yesterday with a legal petition demanding the return of property seized during a punitive raid on a New Year’s Eve party almost five years ago.

The case has always exemplified the extent to which American police can unconstitutionally and extrajudicially punish people simply because some cop thinks they should be punished. For the last five years the case has been an open sore on the American ideal of rule by law. If the demands in the petition are not granted, it will be proof beyond a reasonable doubt that might makes right and that the Constitution isn’t worth the paper it is written on.

The Infiltration

During what police described as a 14-month-long “undercover Investigation,” a Knox County Deputy named Joseph Neal Linger prospected and attempted to join the Knoxville chapter of the Outlaws. Linger got his job as a deputy as a reward for agreeing to try to infiltrate and get something on the Outlaws. On December 23, 2009, when Linger was discovered to be a policeman, chapter president Kenneth Foster and a club regional officer named Mark Lester stripped Linger of his colors and told him to get lost. Police characterized the seizure of the colors as a “kidnapping” and a “theft.” Eight days later, on New Year’s Eve, Linger applied for search warrants for the Knoxville clubhouse and Foster’s home.

The warrants authorized the seizure of: “Controlled substances and controlled substances paraphernalia, one 2XX leather vest…indicia of ownership, dominion, or control over premises to be searched such as rental receipts, mortgage receipts, mortgage payments, utility bills, photographs of any persons involved in criminal conduct, all financial records pertaining to the disposition of the proceeds of the violation of the criminal laws specified above, and any goods or instruments used to facilitate or constituting proceeds from the violation of the criminal laws specified above, and any evidence or items which would be used to conceal the foregoing or prevent its discovery; together with any Outlaw paraphernalia with insignia, including but not limited to vests, patches, flags, banners, tshirts (sic), and jewelry.”

That night a platoon sized force of militarized police raided the Knoxville clubhouse at 9 p.m. while a New Year’s Eve party was in progress. The raid was clearly intended to be punitive.

The Raid

It was, according to court documents, “a dynamic raid, using concussion, flash grenades thrown into the midst of the party, without any knocking or first announcing their presence…(and) entered the residence and Club House with great physical force, injuring several” of the party goers who “were all forced to the ground with violence and threats and those that did not get to the ground quickly enough were kicked, stomped and slammed to the ground….” In order to conceal their identities the militarized police wore hoods. After all the revelers were in chains the police continued to point guns at their heads and threatened “to ‘blow their heads off’ if they moved or said anything.”

The cops then proceeded to wreck the place. They “broke furniture, destroyed windows and window frames and smashed in doors with a battering ram after they had already secured entry, when all they had to do was open the unlocked doors.” Cops seized “every item that had any Outlaw Club reference including even gravestone markers of Club members who had died.” And, after putting the partiers in chains the police “took all items of value from the premises” and from individual detainees “such as flat screen TV sets, video equipment, cash money and jewelry.”

Then, just so there was no misunderstanding about who was in charge and who didn’t matter, the cops ate all the food.

Tha Newz

Prior to the raid, police “contacted the local television networks and newspaper media and invited them to come to the residence and clubhouse to video tape and report on the raid.” Then police “allowed and encouraged the news media to come inside the residence and photograph the interior of the building and videotape a press conference held inside the residence.”

The next day the Knoxville News Sentinel reported: “The Knox County Sheriff’s Office dropped a different kind of ball on the heads of a notorious motorcycle gang on New Year’s Eve, sending at least two of them to jail for allegedly threatening an undercover officer and stealing his vest last month.

“A SWAT team armed with concussion grenades and assault rifles raided the clubhouse of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club’s Knoxville chapter off Western Avenue,” the News Sentinel continued, “swiftly handcuffing more than a dozen leather-clad bikers and at least two women as they were celebrating with booze, sandwiches and vegetable plates, authorities said.”

“‘These guys are a menace to society,’ said Knox County Sheriff Jimmy ‘J.J.’ Jones. ‘Everything they stand for is illegal.’”

“They’re involved in every illegal activity known to man. Prostitution, methamphetamine,” Jones told local television station WVLT.

The State of Tennessee let Mark Lester sweat it out for a year before dismissing the criminal complaints against him. Four months later the state dismissed all criminal charges against Kenneth Foster. But the state never returned what it stole from the Knoxville clubhouse and from Foster’s home.

What Was Stolen By Police

According to the petition served on the Knoxville DA yesterday: “The Knox County Sheriff’s deputies involved in the search removed everything inside the (club) house and outside of the house that bore the Outlaws club logo, jewelry, lawfully possessed firearms, surveillance equipment, all financial records, thousands of dollars in membership dues, televisions, framed memorabilia, shadow boxes in memory of dead club members, commemorative tombstones, and many other items.”

Police also stole “items bearing the club logo, records of regional dues paid by club members through their chapters, thousands of dollars in regional dues, lawfully possessed prescription medication and other miscellaneous items” from Kenneth Foster’s home.

Apparently nobody knows where all this loot went. Some of it was “turned over to” the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. There has never been a state or federal forfeiture suit filed. There has never been a state or federal accounting of what was seized. The police simply stole it during what could truthfully be described as a home invasion robbery.


Almost two years ago, on September 7, 2012 Sheriff  Jones obtained an exparte court order declaring that the stolen property had been abandoned. An exparte order is a kind of secret order that did not require the Sheriff  to notify his victims that their stolen property hadn’t really been stolen but rather abandoned because nobody had yet found where he had hidden it.

A lawyer named Mike Whalen got an injunction that November that prevented Jones from destroying what he had stolen.

Twenty months later none of the stolen items have yet been returned.

The petition served on the Knoxville District Attorney yesterday demands “the return of all seized property,” demands that the victims of these home invasions be compensated for the costs of all this avoidable legal action and demands that the victims be awarded unspecified “general relief.”

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43 Responses to “Knoxville Outlaws Serve DA”

  1. Darrell Says:

    Well.i haven’t heard nothing about the outlaws bothering anyone, let bygones be bygones. I would much rather police go after ghetto problems and carjackings.Dont know any of you guys, but I hope you prevail in this long fight and get your stuff back…peace

  2. rino Says:

    fake ass cops.

  3. Teri Lynn Lester Says:

    Being the Daughter of Michael Lester …..Ivan you will burn in hell …Your not shit compared to my dad and I inspire to be the Bitch that burns your ass….

  4. Ktown_Nomad Says:

    Fuck Jimmy JJ Jones and his pussy ass PD. Outlaws are here to stay man! No circle jerking pigs are gonna change that!

    Outlaws forever, forever Outlaws!

  5. Lora Says:

    Brenda, Knoxville.

  6. bet vance (taz) Says:

    Contact if I tersested I’m waiting!!!

  7. Pam Lester Says:

    So sad that law enforcement didn’t put a bullet in IVAN ! maybe next time

  8. Namens Says:

    All this shit by the State and Federal assholes is really getting out of hand. I just hope the Mongols win their case in Cal. for their right to keep their colors. If they loose, this will only get worse for everyone. Look at what is already happening in Australia and Europe.

  9. Mad Matt Says:

    Punitive is an understatement!


  10. BMW Says:

    Congratulations to the Black and white on winning this battle. I hope you recover the full value of the property, and the violation of your civil rights. As I said before, each win is a win for the entire community, not just a single club.

    As others have suggested, an inventory of everything kept in a clubhouse is extremely important. On one end, a video recording can help, but a total, exhaustive inventory of ALL property can be used for defense as well as offense.

    Members should do this for their own homes as well. The inventory and the video evidence should be left with non-members, but I would suggest that the club lawyer should have a copy as well. Update the clubhouse inventory each month, and make the inventory a duty of an officer. Place that duty/authority in the local club bylaws. The attorney will recognize the reasons for this…

    L,H&R to all 1% riders!!!
    Investigate the murder of Zach Tipton!!!

  11. Dave Says:

    ATF has all this time and money to do this, and meanwhile they keep mysteriously losing firearms from “safe” lock up!

    Complete bullshit!

    The last ATF agent I spoke to about all the guns that the agency seems to be losing said, “Yeah… Well someone’s getting paid.” and left it at that. They know it’s a joke! If you want to watch an agent’s head explode, just look at one and say “fast and furious”… Their heads come off!

    And yet the people are suppose to believe that these are the guys protecting us from bad guys. Which is a duty outside of their sphere of duties since the BATF is actually assigned the task of collecting taxes owed on certain the appropriate things, and not as a bunch of boy scouts trying to entrap people.

    BTW a neighbor of mine is a retired cop. Very nice guy. He says he had to leave due to all the corruption in local police. He said cops are ‘permitted’ to lie in order to get information. They can promise anything, falsify documents, create elaborate schemes all in order to get either a confession from you or your collaboration upon someone else (snitching). This is very similar to what my father said about local police during his short time working there in supply. And he also mentioned how frequently shit went missing from lock up and storage, which affected his job daily.

    It’s like this crazy shit in MO right now. The cops are not doing their job when it’s in the interest of the people, then they do a crappy job when there’s no danger.

    Keystone, meet our law enforcement!

  12. jj solari Says:

    lookit those fuckers comin’ outa the truck. you would think they were being attacked by ten thousand chinese communists, all screaming, all waving swords and spitting fire. when in modern US history has ANYTHING happened domestically that required four machinegunned police officers to come bursting out of a truck, already firing when they hit the fucking ground. how long do you suppose it took whatever fucking cop asshole photographer who TOOK this picture, probly after a long round of blowjobs from all of them TO all of them…how long do you think it took him to get this shot without one or more of them falling on his fucking face from sheer clumsiness and unfamiliarity with all that fucking gear they are wearing in order to stop Genghis Khan from taking over Europe, which it looks like they are preparing to do. what a bunch of buttfucking dumbass apes.

  13. StrategyIsZen Says:


    Yes. It’s like the concept of “plato o plomo” (“silver or lead.”)

    The system is increasingly wanting people to either become “clients” of the system (welfare recipients, prison workers, police officers, TSA workers, bureaucrats, etc.) – .i.e., “silver.”

    The “silver” is for people who suck up to the system. They get rewarded for skillful system sucking.


    For people who do not want to “blow the Borg,” we become literal prisoners of the system (in prison, or dead, or paying fines, or losing property, etc.) – i.e., “lead.”

    I can imagine our government kind of saying this:

    ¿Qué desea, señor? Plata o plomo?

    Unless large economic drivers change, America will devolve into a binary system to where nearly everyone (except the super wealthy) will either be on the government dole, or in prison. Kind of like how Europe is getting.

    Much respect. Just my 1.9 cents.


  14. Lady Says:


    A very good idea, but unless it is kept with a non-member it is still likely to be confiscated in a raid. Once the LEO’s decide to pull a raid they not only hit the clubhouses they hit everyone’s home at the same time.

    What I do not understand is why someone has not thought to file a major suit against any LEO for taking of Club material that has been legally copy written by said Club. If it is in the possession of a Club member then it is lawfully theirs, and can be done with as they see fit. This is the same as Disney having their items copy written, and we do not see the law enforcement breaking down doors to take it! Guys, go back to the copy write laws and check out what your rights are, I am sure that you will learn that NO ONE has any right to take what you have as long as you hold the copy write to it. It does not matter what kind of organization that you are, they can not take your property unless said organization as a whole (and I think I might need to brush up on this…but I think it is right) is found to be and charged as an illegal organization. So far, the Supreme Court has not allowed that to happen.

    So, if nothing else, the public might want to turn the tables on the LEOs and start busting down their doors and taking their crap! See how they like it.

    Just my .02.

    Much love, many hugs and tons of Respect,

  15. Meh Says:

    Seems like it could be wise for anyone of interest to the LEO to have a very good photographic inventory of their property and keep that inventory far offsite so as to have it available in the event of litigation.

  16. Road Whore Says:

    @ RVN69:

    ROTFLMAO! Good one, man…awesome!

    Ride Free

  17. Paladin Says:


    At this point in time, you nor anyone else get to have a choice, and that sir, is the problem! Take a look around, the system IS seeking to imprison you. The word “eventually” never entered into the equation.

    Long May You Ride,


  18. Dave Says:

    @Paladin, Skully,

    I’d rather my money go to repayment of damages done then to continually fuel the system that will eventually seek to imprison me.

  19. Big Bry Says:

    Good luck to the AOA in getting their property back. Hopefully they can get their lawyer fees paid and money damages for having to wait 5 years to get their property, even after the criminal charges were dropped.

    Big Bry

  20. RVN69 Says:

    “‘These guys are a menace to society,’ said Knox County Sheriff Jimmy ‘J.J.’ Jones. ‘Everything they stand for is illegal.’”
    “They’re involved in every illegal activity known to man. Prostitution, methamphetamine,” Jones told local television station WVLT.”

    And yet they still give them badges and guns!?!?!?


    Save the Patch

    Support your Local Red & Black Motorcycle Club

  21. John Deaux Says:

    I remember when this was first reported, seems hard to believe so much time has passed.
    As I sit at my pad reading this report I can’t help but wonder how different things would be if judgments were tied to operating expenses. Take the settlements off the top, no more overtime pay, private use of the cruiser, exotic and unneeded toys or anything else till the judgment is settled. The system of picking up the tab for their running wild needs to change. A system that makes the department accountable is sorely needed.
    Hell while I’m dreaming it would be outstanding if the Black and White and the 81 could come to terms even for a short time. I would think having Mr. Fritz Clapp confering with Mr. Cauley on the ins and outs of club vs corrupt cops court procedures would be great, cause truthfully who knows more about such things.
    Since I live in the real world I’ll have to settle with wishing the Black and White much success in their attempt at justice. Give em hell guys. Much respect.

  22. One Eye Says:

    “‘These guys are a menace to society,’ said Knox County Sheriff Jimmy ‘J.J.’ Jones. ‘Everything they stand for is illegal.’”
    “They’re involved in every illegal activity known to man. Prostitution, methamphetamine,” Jones told local television station WVLT.”

    Said the pot to the kettle.

  23. Skully Says:

    If you go to and put OUTLAWS in the search you will see some of the articles written. Did not see the comments though.

  24. Skully Says:

    @ Zen,Paladin,Dave & all
    Having read the Knoville paper for a long time many people do trash sheriff jj & the knoville pd for the payouts they have had to make for bad police shit they have done. As I said before I had a lot of on line comments in the paper about this and MANY were pissed off on how this went down. They knew the cops would have to payout for doing this. Many comments were deleted for trashing the cops.
    I hope the AOA wins all the lawsuits it files.

  25. panamaa Says:

    Sorry for the off topic, but…

    Rebel, by the way, thanks for posting Dylans ” Man of Constant Sorrow” haven’t heard it for years..

  26. panamaa Says:

    UN-fucking believable!!!!!!!!!! Who’s in charge here, Hitler?


    As Road-Whore said,May the AOA prevail!

    Respects to the AOA for not putting up with this shit..

  27. Road Whore Says:

    May the AOA prevail!

    Ride Free

  28. Paladin Says:


    …and VOILA!

    Long May You Ride,


  29. StrategyIsZen Says:


    I just realized that they make money when they pay it out. All of the cost of THEIR legal team, is paid for by taxpayer money. If cities, municipalities, states, etc. did not get sued, THOUSANDS of lawyers all over the country (maybe 10,000’s of thousands) would have to work in the private sector.

    The government legal team, is this huge drain on taxpayer money. And it has no economic incentive, to do anything to change that. Just structurally, such a “thing” would seek to grow.

    Much respect. Just my two cents.


  30. Paladin Says:


    There was yet another case I was involved in, where the DEA raided a marijuana co-op in Santa Monica CA. They (DEA) busted up and broke everything, including all the exterior and interior surveilance cameras, except for the one they missed. They paid big time.

    Unfortunately; the money paid out is tax payer funds, so no one really cares. The only way an agent, officer, or deputy can be held personally libel, is if premeditated malice can be shown. Even then, the City, County, State, or Fed. will pick up the tab, unless the presiding judge specifically orders the Defendant to pay. Even so, the City, County, State, or Fed. will back door the payout. A perfect example of all of this is the civil suite filed by Randy Weaver against the U.S. Marshals, FBI, and FBI Agent Horiuchi. Randy Weaver won an out of court settlement, and was awarded and paid 3.1 million, which was paid by the Government. Even if Randy Weaver’s suite had gone to trial and he won, no individual named in the law suite would have had to personally pay Randy Weaver.

    Long May You Ride,


  31. StrategyIsZen Says:



    I saw much of the same on some cases I knew about.

    I have this theory that we live in a “borg type” police state.

    Basically, since there is so much revenue for the state, in building prisons and police forces, the state just does more and more of it.

    Instead of an economy, we have a state that is basically replacing whatever private economy we had, with more and more “state.”

    I think it’s economic competition. Basically, the state wants our “stuff.” Including both our property, and our freedoms. So it just keeps growing and getting that “stuff.” The problem is that the “stuff” is our Liberties.

    Just my two cents,

    Much respect.


  32. Dave Says:

    I’ve got a question;

    It has been my understanding that any property damaged by LE in the course of a search has to be replaced or the value returned to the owner once the investigation is closed. I think that’s the case with the ATF when they go into a premises under a warrant and cause damage (at least I remember it that way).

    So if true, when this settles down how likely is it that the cops will have to make the club whole again? Do they get a pass since they flag the club as an OMG, or does the club have to petition the courts? Anyone know how that works and whether the club can recoup outside of a suit?

    If LE has to replace/repair for damages, those numbers should be adding up, especially in the last few years. It would be interesting to see how much damage the ATF, FBI, etc are causing in these raids. It might even be useful to encourage more support against the machine.

    If they’re not accountable, then (I say again) once they are done with the “criminals”, they’re going to have to adjust the penal code to charge civilians in order to keep the machine fed.

    And if they’re not accountable, then who needs to step up and see to it that they are? It’s my money they’re wasting! I want receipts or interests!

  33. Sin cal Says:


    Were there any convictions on the case or was it just a show of force since one of the boys got caught.

  34. Paladin Says:


    It would be of interest to have a look at that the search warrant. I worked a case in NorCal, where the Deputy had a long running grudge against the Plaintiff. It turned out that the Deputy lied about the facts to the DEA Agent who wrote up and had the judge sign off on the warrant. There were several black powder revolvers confiscated during the raid that wound up in the personal possession of the DA. A lot of heads rolled in that caper.

    What you refer in your post regarding evidence is called “the chain of custody”. If I were the Plaintiff in this case, I’d also include a demand for a printed and vocal public apology.

    Long May You Ride,


  35. CN Says:

    Accountability for the missing property rests solely on those who’s names appear on the incident and arrest reports. An After Action or Lessons Learned Report also exists as well as time sheets and evidence receipts. There are several administrative protocols that go into a raid of this nature. This will be a long process however it will bare fruit. What is of greater importance is the Civil Rights violations which should be addressed as part of the injustice with which the Motorcycle Clubs have had to contend. Monetary awards aside, private citizens have been wronged and those responsible should be held to the same standards as any other oppressive organized group.

  36. Nags Says:

    @ RVN69, You can bet you sweet ass that all the club and personal property that was stolen that day is anywhere but in an evidence locker. I’d imagine your theory of its current location is dead on. I hope they can crush these thieves in every way possible. It’d be great if somebody would talk and let them know which of the thieving pigs has it so they could go after them in a civil suit as well as after the department as a whole.

  37. RVN69 Says:

    Best of luck to the AOA, I hope y’all become millionaires at the Sheriffs Dept expense. I remember when that happened, it was all in the papers about the evil bikers being busted, no one mentioned how the pigs stole personal and club property. Those stolen items are most likely scattered all over the county in the homes of the individual deputies proudly on display as souvenirs of their brave actions against the biker hordes.


    Save the Patch
    Support your local Red & Black Motorcycle Club

  38. Ipsick Says:

    How can it be theft? As a prospect, he should know the rules about anything with a club logo on it belonging to the club.

    Shit is getting worse and worse scooter tramps like us.

  39. Phuquehed Says:

    Hopefully Mr. Cauley will be able to burn the fuck out of every one of the pigs that participated in that raid, their bosses, the air-wasting DA and that piece of shit judge who gave the pigs the search warrant.

    Fuck the pigs, fuck the judges and fuck the DA.

  40. RtC Says:

    jj solari, can you relate to “TITS ON A BOAR HOG” ?

  41. Skully Says:

    Back when you could comment on the Knoville news cent. for free I had many discussions about this with people even a LEO. Most people thought it was a BS raid and didnt agree with it. Most did not like sheriff JJ . After getting beat down even the leo said it was not the right thing to do. A lot of people commented that the sheiff went after a bunch of old bikers and was to scared to go into the ghetto and fight the drug dealing and shootings.
    I hope they get everything back and sue the shit out of everyone involved.

  42. RtC Says:

    I remember hearing about this from friends back then. This JJJones is a
    dickhead supreme! Best wishes to the AOA on getting their items back
    AND suing that POS PD for their unlawful actions! GGGRRRRRRR
    RESPECTS to the REAL

  43. jj solari Says:

    regarding the Poster’s hypothetical what-if supposition……”If the demands in the petition are not granted, it will be proof beyond a reasonable doubt that might makes right and that the Constitution isn’t worth the paper it is written on.”

    it actually isnt. i read it. it’s basically OCD British 18th century twaddle wrapped up in an assumption and declaration of its own sovereignty as supreme to individual sovereignty. it’s a socialistic manifesto, in other words, that likely inspired Karl Marx to take it to its logical conclusion. i would say that’s my two cents but it’s actually worth a lot more than that to anyone who is not hypnotized.

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