Tipton Demonstration Friday

August 13, 2014

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There still have been no charges filed or statements issued from the Jacksonville, Florida  State Attorney’s Office regarding the murder of a Black Piston patch holder named Zachariah “Nas T” Tipton 48 days ago. So this Friday, on the 50th day, friends and relatives of Tipton’s plan to hold another public demonstration in hopes that somebody somewhere might be persuaded to give a damn.

Tipton was shot two or three times in the face and once in the side of the head by a member of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club at the conclusion of what numerous sources have called an “intentional confrontation.”

The Iron Order

The Black Pistons are affiliated with the American Outlaws Association and since its inception the Iron Order has been at “war” with the Outlaws. A book by club president Ray “Izod” Lubesky titled IOMC – Birth of a Motorcycle Club is a virtual chronicle of armed confrontations between members of the Iron Order and the Outlaws. Lubesky presents himself as a former Outlaw hang around who joined a new club when he moved to Louisville.

The new club was founded by disgruntled members of the Blue Knights Motorcycle Club and a United States Secret Service Agent. The Blue Knights split away because the Blue Knights, according to Lubesky, “conduct their clubs more like the Elks club with motorcycles.” Lubesky wanted to join a club more like the Outlaws with whom he had ridden in Atlanta. “In fact,” he writes. “with some of these law enforcement motorcycle clubs there is a very fine line that separates them from the 1%er and other MCs.  I consider these other law enforcement motorcycle clubs to be MCs because they follow the same traditions we do in the MC world. As Fat Man was describing this new club and its origins, I thought it was one of these hard core law enforcement motorcycle clubs. It sounded interesting to me.” The new club was the Iron Order.

The Iron Order under Lubesky has simultaneously branded itself as a “law abiding motorcycle club” and as a violent club that celebrates chapters with “clubhouse whores” and encourages its members to carry guns. According to a high ranking Iron Order officer, more than half of all club members are active duty military members or sworn peace officers.

June 26

According to multiple sources, at least eight and possibly as many as 12 Iron Order members were at Nippers Beach Grille awaiting the arrival of three or four Black Pistons in the moments before Tipton died. According to multiple, non-police sources most of the Iron Order members were never questioned by police.

According to a source who told The Aging Rebel he was sitting on Nippers patio, “There were at least two tables full of Iron Order. A phone call was received and calls made at the Iron Order tables. Then an Iron Order member took a prospect and went to the parking lot with the prospect in tow. Then the shooting started. About six to eight Iron Order removed their vests, jumped the railing to the road and left. Three members of the Iron Order stayed on scene with their vests on. There was only one Iron Order prospect present.”

The source was detained by police until one the next morning, asked if he saw the actual shooting and then released without further questioning.

Police told the first Jacksonville reporters on the scene that Tipton had been shot four times in the face and head. Multiple sources have said they heard an initial volley of either three or four shots followed, after a brief pause, by two more shots. One news video (below) shows five, orange, spray painted circles of the type used to mark expended cartridges at crime scenes.

Twelve days after the shooting a Jacksonville Beach police spokesman issued a statement to clarify “a great deal of misinformation circulating in the public” about Tipton’s murder. “To the best of our knowledge, no one directly involved in this incident is or ever was a law enforcement officer,” the spokesman wrote. “This was a dispute between members and/or associates of two motorcycle clubs that ended in violence. The deceased was struck by one round and died as a result of that wound.”

The statement was issued 36 days ago. The organizers of Friday’s demonstration hope that a public show of interest might entice either the police or the State Attorney to say a little something more.

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59 Responses to “Tipton Demonstration Friday”

  1. Ronbo Says:


    They don’t need to show respect… They show badges and flash Guns!

    And thanks for the article.


  2. KneesintheBreeze Says:

    @ panamaa – agreed!

    For others, here’s a link to the news article on the demonstration.

    Like I said before, I’m not a PH and don’t have first hand knowledge of the situation. I just live and ride in this area. Seems to me like these IO douchebags want to play dress up and act tough, but don’t want to observe the well known MC protocols and respect. So, when you get called out for being the disrespectful posers that you are and you’re confronted by those that earned that patch, you can’t take a few punches and pull out your gun and murder someone. That’s pretty chicken shit if you ask me. From the outside looking in, it seems to me that these protocols exist for a reason – it helps keep the peace, it shows proper respect to the MCs that already exist in a given area, and it prevents some assholes from slapping a patch on their vests that resemble another club and riding around and causing a shit storm and bringing heat on all the other MCs in the area. That is why we have a COC here in North Florida. But IO chooses to ignore that, cause they’re so bad ass they dont need ‘permission’.
    Well IO, I think you’re about to find out how this shit really works when you choose to flip your finger to those that were here before you. It is MCs like the Outlaws that lived this lifestyle and created the very image that you’re so desperately trying to copy. It’s about respect, and you choose to show none. So you’re going to get none from any MC in this area. Funny how I dont ever really see you guys around town. I still see the local black and white around town, at bike nights, etc. but y’all are no where to be found. Why is that??
    I’m hopeful that justice will be served – one way, or the other.
    I apologize for the long rant guys.

    Again – respects and condolences to the family, brothers and friends of Zach Tipton.

  3. panamaa Says:

    @John Deaux,


    The turn out was small but productive I think. Two stations were there to cover it.

    I should say in all honesty, am in no way involved with the Tipton family and do not speak for them. I did not know anyone that was there. I went for moral support. That and the fact that the more people that show up for things like this, the more people will pay attention to things like this..

    Also for the fact that I hate living in, what I feel is, a fucking police fucking state/nation with no regards for ones rights or freedoms..

    Enough rant…


  4. Road Whore Says:

    Tooj said: “Cops will shoot fucking anybody, regardless of age, race or creed.” Truedat, Bro…truedat.

    Ride Free

  5. StrategyIsZen Says:


    Yes! – and also the level of unity.

    Just my two cents. Much respect.

  6. Tooj Says:

    Sorry, I’m way off track here, I guess. Now the fucking comment police are here.

    Militarized police and using that training against civilians and justifying those actions. Is there really any doubt that any off duty cop is going to still take the actions of an on duty cop?

    No, I suppose what is going on in St Louis is nothing at all like Florida. And the basic things that drive cop behavior is SO much different when it comes to bikers…yeah, rite. Cops will shoot fucking anybody, regardless of age, race or creed.

    Only difference is the level of naivete of the target.

  7. John Deaux Says:

    Does anyone have any info on this, turn out and such ? Panamaa ?

  8. StrategyIsZen Says:

    @T HELL

    Agreed. A lot of people in this country, are just now realizing how militant the police have become, and were to begin with.

    Minorities and the poor and working classes – have known this, for a long time. Operation COINTELPRO from nearly 50 years ago – is pretty much the template for how the 3 letter agencies do everything now.

    The yuppie demographic is just now learning what a lot of people have been saying, for years. People have been talking about the increasing of the police state for a long time. They were either dismissed as radicals, or malcontents, or conspiracy theorists. NOW – this stuff is front page headlines. I think many people in this country will start seeing that they have common political opposition. Or I hope at least.

    Much respect. Just my two cents.


  9. Paladin Says:

    Meh Said:
    August 15th, 2014 at 3:59 pm

    “Bikers are (highly) tribal and that’s a core tenet of their way of life. While tribal brotherhood and loyalty have many virtues, tribal rivalry doesn’t make for nationwide awareness of injustice perpetrated upon bikers. Instead the publicity field is mostly ceded to the media and the government.”

    Tribalism is exactly what doomed the American Indian, because the publicity field WAS ceded to the media and the government. In their defense, the American Indian’s version of the media was word of mouth, from tribe to tribe, within their respective Nations. Also, the American Indian had no concept of the threat posed by the white man’s government. The same excuses do not hold today.

    A perfect example of cooperation between the Nations was the massacre of the 7th Cavalry at the Little Big Horn. Unfortunately; It was too little, too late. I’m not advocating violence, I am advocating cooperation.

    As has been said; “if we don’t learn from the past we are doomed to repeat it.”

    Long May You Ride,


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