He’s Baa-ack

August 11, 2014

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Jay Dobyns is back and he is still flogging the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives with the accusations that Hells Angels or their surrogates burned his home and that he was betrayed by his employers.

Yesterday, on the sixth anniversary of the arson, Dobyns published “An Open Letter to the United States Congress.”


Dobyns was an ATF agent who pretended to be a gun runner in Bullhead City, Arizona and a member of the Solo Angeles motorcycle club as part of an ATF investigation of the Hells Angels. Eventually Dobyns prospected with what was then the Skull Valley charter of the Angels. For public relations reasons, four separate investigations were lumped together and renamed Operation Black Biscuit. The name was invented on the set of a Fox Television show named America’s Most Wanted.

The ATF wanted Dobyns to be famous and so he was. He was one of the main subjects of a book called Angels of Death by Julian Sher and William Marsden. Then he was the hero of Kerrie Droban’s book Running With The Devil. Finally he was the hero of his own book No Angel. During the last eight years he has made numerous television appearances.

Dobyns believed he and his family were inadequately protected from reprisals by the Hells Angels and he sued the ATF. In September 2007 the Bureau agreed to pay Dobyns $373,000 to drop his suit.  Eleven months later, someone tossed a can of flammable liquid on the back porch of his Tucson hacienda and set the porch on fire. Dobyns was “verifiably out of town” at the time.  His cell phone was turned on and cell tower records indicated that at the time of the fire Dobyns’ phone was actually travelling away from Tucson but his wife and kids were home. News reports estimated the amount of the damage at $30,000. Dobyns claimed his home was almost totally destroyed.

He encouraged the belief that his home was torched by the Hells Angels in retaliation for his undercover work. ATF officials accused Dobyns of setting the fire himself.

Eventually Dobyns sued the ATF again. The ATF countersued. The lawsuits are still unfinished, a year after a secret trial might have resolved them. Virtually the entire case is sealed. The parties are currently haggling over whether to work out how much each side owes the other in mediation. So far, they can’t seem to agree on that. As his case has infolded, Dobyns has attempted to link his grievances with the ATF Gunrunner Scandal.


In yesterday’s letter Dobyns told Congress:

“My situation may be unique, in that there was an attempt to murder me and my family, but the nature of cover-up and retaliation that I have suffered is similar to dozens, if not hundreds, of other cases in ATF. As I await the court’s resolution of my case, there are clear and decisive measures that Congress can take now to prevent situations like mine from being repeated. To date, none of those have been implemented, and no hearings have been held. DOJ and ATF have been empowered by your exhaustion for seeking the truth. In their eyes, they have won. They have weathered the storm, out-waiting and out-litigating your inquiries.”

Dobyns alleges:

“As evidence of those agencies unchecked brazenness; in May of 2013, one month before the trial regarding my allegations of failure to assist a threatened employee, I was attacked on a commercial airline flight by gang members who recognized me. ATF, the FBI and DOJ once again failed to conduct even the most elementary investigation of that event ignoring the simplest and most basic investigative procedures that would have quickly resulted in arrests and prosecutions. I assume that that they did not react knowing that this new attack on me was outside the scope of the allegations pending before the court and could not be discussed at trial.”

And, he concludes:

“I have done all that I can to seek truth, justice and accountability. I am but one man mostly powerless to force or affect change. Please do your part to ensure that no other government employee, no other lawman or woman anywhere, has to suffer the consequences that I have behind their service to America’s law enforcement missions.”

You can read the complete text of Dobyns’ letter as well as previously sealed documents presented at his trial here.



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86 Responses to “He’s Baa-ack”

  1. Justus Says:

    Fuck you, Jay. You’re a rat. You ruined your family and you’ll never be safe. Good luck.

  2. deuces Says:

    My friends…the world famous jj solari. Much respect, sir.

  3. Ken the citizen Says:

    Fuck that narc/rat he deserves what he gets.

  4. Road Whore Says:

    No pity for the man…none. You count the cost before, not after. And when you are a betrayer in the company of betrayers (feds) what do you expect to get other than betrayal.

    Ride free to those deserving.

  5. Ronbo Says:

    Good one. Thanks for sharing and now I can reread some of those early easyrider stories I liked so much.


  6. Austin Says:


    and “jay jay” … The Very best thing about you IMHO, as if anyone gave a rat’s ass about MY opinion- is just how unimpressed you remain. Self awareness and confidence are damn sexy in a man.

  7. Austin Says:

    the first thing I saw when I went to the “Global Center For Journalism and Democracy” was the following;

    “The smarter the journalists are, the
    better off society is.”
    -Warren Buffett

    We’d be honored to have you join our contributors and distinguished partners to do this important work.

    Contribute to GCJD.

    Give Now

    Global Center for Journalism and Democracy
    Dan Rather Communications Building, Room 201, Huntsville, TX 77340
    Phone: (936) 294-4399

    …and I was inspired to “Give Now” all-right. I clicked all Rebels ads!! and I’m going to buy another book. I think it may time to print up some more T-shirts, Rebel.

    ANY time I see “Global” in a company – I *click me* am reminded of this crooked motherfucker http://valleyhealth.wordpress.com/category/kali-chaudhuri/ who uses Global a lot in all his companies names. Calcuttifornia. That is his world dominance vision. F*ng Destroyer.

  8. RtC Says:

    @ Dave I profess “diatribe” was the wrong word.However seeing some of your
    posts, you are on 1 side of the fence, then the other. No need to talk.
    RESPECTS to the REAL

  9. jj solari Says:

    @Va.Bob; Bob – i’m gonna tell ya sumthin’…….most of my shit was always first-person narrative and first person dialogue, and the first person was always…. just basically me. except once i wrote a story as a cop telling the story. that was not me. that was me being inside the head of a cop and then making him talk. but, yeah, youre right. it’s not a coincidence. and i’m going to ASSUME its a compliment, so thanks, bud. ps; if you ever met me within two seconds you would say to yourself “jesus this fucker is even more fucked up than he writes.”

  10. Va.Bob Says:

    [email protected] for some reason ,your rant up there reminds me of the main character appearing in front of the judge in your short story about the Pasadena parade.

  11. Dave Says:

    Well RtC I don’t what your problem is, but anytime you want to talk about it you just let me know.

  12. Lenny Says:

    What did you expect Dobyns? Nobody wants you, nobody likes you, nobody cares……. No Honor, No Loyalty, No Love……Damn, you are in a fix
    ain’t ya’…..

  13. RtC Says:

    Yeah, keep “UM-in” Dave.

  14. Jim666 Says:

    @ Nihilist
    Why would law enforcement need a defence fund ?

    Everytime I read jj`s post In my mind I keep hearing Gunny Sgt, Ronald Lee Ermey shouting it too me lmao.
    For some reason it sounds like something he would scream at ya.

  15. Nihilist Says:

    Not sure what the intended response is from an online “Open letter to Congress.” Is it done with the understanding that someone else will thrust it into public scrutiny, thus making the author potentially removed as a source (or if it all goes sideways, he could say “I didn’t write that, it’s an online frame-up”)? Is he relying on social media as a valid channel of communication? How does one do something like this legitimately? Hell, most posters here have openly written valid complaints about the mutinous acts of our own gov’t. Fuck this douche, why doesn’t he write his congressman & senator if he wants someone specific to look into it, rather than hope for a fan club to spring up. The plane thing is unfathomable considering the lack of MSM coverage.


  16. panamaa Says:

    Probably my ass…….. jj’s DEFINITELY “out bad” with them fuckers too….

  17. Rebel Says:

    Dear JJ,

    Thank you for being you. Never stop eating shrooms.

    I believe the global center for journalism and democracy is for the respectable journalists. So I am banned and its location is kept secret from me. Probably you too.


  18. RVN69 Says:

    The flight attendant I used to go out with woulda kicked his ass. She was German and Italian, mean and hotheaded!!!!


    Support your local Red & Black Motorcycle Club
    Save the Patch

  19. bruka Says:

    I know what really happened on the plane – Gay Bird got pissed off when the pilot announced “Ladies and Gentlemen we are currently crusing at 30,000 ft” and didn’t follow up with “Aaaaannnnnddd on tha plane todaya we have the one, the only, your pal and mine, Gaaaaaaayyyyy Biiiiiirrrddddaaaa Doooooooobynsaa” and punched a trolley dolley. That’s why he thought she was a gang member because they all wear the same outfit and Gay Bird knows that everyone who wears the same outfit is obviously a gang member. What a twat.

  20. Dave Says:


    I have no idea what JJ said. I haven’t been that stoned in 20+ years. The whole time I read it I kept picturing Animal from the muppet show.

    @RtC – Um… ok? lol…

  21. Muck 1%er Says:

    @ JJ,

    Holy shit man. You did entirely too much acid.
    While I disagree with a lot of things you say…I do admire your quick witted eloquence.
    I laughed at the last tirade so hard, that I almost blew snot out of my nose.
    At my age…it takes a lot to make my jaded ol ass laugh that good.

    Thank you.

    @ Rebel…Much Respect to you sir.

  22. RtC Says:

    Well, Dave, that whole diatribe you wrote doesn’t change my mind.
    I could never even imagine being in that position.HIS choice was to FUCK
    PEOPLES LIVES UP. PERIOD. No pity for this POS that claims he’s getting
    fucked over by his bosses. And IMHO anyone that feels pity is suspect in my book.
    RESPECTS to the REAL

  23. jj solari Says:

    @ OC VAGO 1%er – hey thanks. i went there. it has some sort of beirut connection and some fucker named yassir appeared. it reeks of subversion and duplicitous balderdash. they aint REAL clear about what they do but one of their page photos features what appears to be oil-well piping. maybe the jayster has run to the muslims for sucking and succor.

  24. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    @ JJ Solari
    Here you go http://www.shsu.edu/global-journalism/

  25. Jim666 Says:

    Fuck this dipshit, The only thing good that can come from this punk is maybe other uc,s will see and believe what he says happened to him and put their selves in his place and decide not to fuck up their own lives by doing uc work.
    I mean this cat had to burn down his own home and try to lay blame on someone else and even that didn’t work out very well.
    Did it Jaybird ?
    So all I can and will say is fuck him , his crew, the ATF, FBI, and all other forms of LE and all UC`s and agents.


  26. jj solari Says:

    i think the funniest thing about the video’d dobbins-as-in-farm-animal interview is that there is such a thing as the Global Center For Journalism and Democracy. what the fucking excuse me the fuck WHAT???? the global center for journalism and democracy? jesus tap dancing on the cross christ almighty with fries times ten no onions please. the global center for journalism and democracy? i wonder where THAT building is. behind Ling Sing’s Flying Cat Restaurant in downtown Pueblo Colorado? it LOOKED like someone’s garage with blankets on the walls. i really need to get the address of that place, the global center for journalism and democracy. i need to see that structure. journalism and democracy. two things that dont actually exist. i once did an interview at the galactic center for homos and cross dressers. of course i am neither. if you think that i am I HATE YOU. ok, where was i. oh yes, the Galactic Center for Homos and Cross Dressers. it was basically an unhygienic gay bar with a lot of semen slop on the floor, most of it human, but some of it goat, some of it horse. so like i say when i saw “global center for journalism and democracy” i’m all “I wonder if that’s where we had the gay and cross-dressing thing years ago…..” i have to admit that WHILE I AM NOT GAY i did get a bit nostalgic thinking back on that night. so many federal agents. oh, they weren’t invading the place to make arrests OH HAHAHA, sometimes, really, the conclusions you draw YOU RASCAL! no, they were there to, ya know, give blowjobs and assfuck each other. so i’m looking at the title on the screen that says “Global Center For Journalism and Democracy” and i was reminded of the gayfest that i went to ONCE: let me make that clear…..and i’m thinking “i wonder what you go to the global center for journalism and democracy FOR when you are not jay ‘head bobbin” dobyns and you are not giving an interview and saying ‘well, you know…'” this is what i wondered. i mean if its the center for journalism and democracy, is that where you go when you want to HAVE one or the other? or even if you want both at the same time? i mean if i was going to have journalism i would want democracy with it. and maybe a diet coke. and maybe a tiki torch decor. but that’s just me. i also noticed – can i go back just a moment?….i also noticed that they were in “studio A.” ya know, i am so glad they identified where the moving mats that were hanging from the rafters were located: studio A. i wonder how many studios the global center for journalism and democracy actually has? the global center for journalism and democracy. who the fuck made up THAT name, Bagdhad Bob? fuck. “Um, two journalisms and a democracy, please.” “you want fries widdat, mac?” “No, just the journalisms and the democracy. could i have the democracy with gluten free bread?” “no problaymo, my pren.” “um, can i eat here with my service zombie?” “this is the global center for journalism and democracy, pal, it’s free-wheeling, balls-out anything goes. you can bring your service zombie you can bring your infected dead granma, if you want it’s all good, bro.” the global fucking center for journalism and democracy. if that aint a name made-up by the girls on the gym-decorating committee for the homecoming dance i’m john c holmes.

  27. Bill Says:

    Here’s what I think happened. It was a VIRTUAL fight, a GTA thing, not that much different from that staged event in the desert some years back.

  28. Rashomon Says:

    GANG in aircraft parlance is Generic Aircraft Nitrogen Generator – long story short, he hit his head on the thing used to clean the turbines on a plane which also explains the do-rag. Mystery solved.

  29. LedBoots Says:

    What a fuckin retard this guy is.

    I have an old saying…”If you don’t lie, you don’t have to remember the story”

    This fucker is so deluded that he now believes the rats that he ratted for are now fostering some kind of coverup, protecting the people he once ratted on, as to not implicate themselves in their case against him?

    That’s fucking precious

  30. RVN69 Says:

    @One Eye, perhaps JayBird’s underlying mental issues have become more pronounced as a result of his continued efforts to stay in the news and squeeze more money out of the Feds. There is also the possibility that drug usage has caused some sort of paranoia, there were accusations of heavy meth use during his investigation in AZ.


    Support your local Red & Black M/C

  31. Rebel Says:

    Dear Paladin,

    Yeah I can’t find any news acount of a fight between Dobyns and two Hells Angels anywhere in the last year and a half.


  32. Paul Says:

    I hear on good authority (my own imagination) that this is what happened:

    The alleged HA were actually undercover agents, posing as members. Due to the stove-pipe mentality of govt communication, neither Jay nor they realized who each other was.

    In an effort to not compromise the ongoing investigation (a RICO case involving the club, the airline, and interstate trafficking of adults and minors), the ATF and FBI took the high road, and allowed Jay to smear their good names claiming they ignored his pleas.

  33. Glenn S. Says:

    Maybe Dobyns got into it with members of the iron order on that plane, and his paranoid delusions embellished the story. That would explain the lack of arrests or publicity.

  34. One Eye Says:

    I refrained from commenting on Dobyns’ outlandish statement concerning the all out fist fight aboard the airplane. So, he won? Was it a draw? Did he get beat up? Were they gassed and decided to stop fighting? Any media with ink or airtime would have lead off with that; some couple recently decided to make the beast with two backs and join the Mile High Club and that’s all I read about. Dobyns obviously plays, like a trump card, the public’s ignorance and their willingness to accept anything from LE, whether current or past, as truth without questions asked.

    Now, here’s the irony that I find most entertaining: IF this is true (and on a scale of “ifs” this is a Mt. Everest sized one) that would mean that maybe there is a coverup protecting the HA? Now, that’s rich, ha ha ha ha!

  35. popeye Says:

    Alec baldwin gets kicked off a plane and taken to court over not hanging up his cell phone and jayturd and 2 HA get into a knock out drag out and it doesnt even make the news?
    Perhaps Jayturds many years of deep cover work have distorted his reality. Maybe he wasnt on a plane but instead a cruise , a gay cruise and the 2 HA were in fact leather fags. and perhaps instead of a knock down drag out it was a night on the lido deck of spankings and buttplugs. And just as likely any gag order by the ATF was indeed a ball gag in jayturds mouth

  36. Not Surprised Says:

    If a “full on knock down drag out fist fight” occurred on a commercial flight here is what would have happened

    The pilot would have no choice but to delay take off (assuming it did not happen mid flight) and all three would have been removed from the plane for questioning. regardless of Dobyn’s credentials a crime was committed on an airplane.

    If it happened in mid flight all three would have instantly been detained upon landing. I also highly doubt a couple of stewardesses are gonna try to break that sort of fight up (if it happened).

    Dobyns as a federal agent had the authority to make the arrest HIMSELF. All he had to do was ID himself to the captain and the Cops would have come running. Think about that.

    Second unless the alleged members of the 1% club were wearing their colors how the fuck would Dobyns know WHO attacked him.

    Something is seriously wrong with his version of events

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