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August 9, 2014

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There is also a Jay Church that is a member of the Brevard County Sheriffs Dept and was 2009 deputy of the year. Is there any relation?

Thank you for your coverage of this


Dear 10 Gauge,

I don’t know for sure whether Church was there that night. He told me he had no knowledge of the Tipton murder. He wrote me right back to tell me he didn’t know what I was talking about. How many members of the Iron Order, do you suppose, had not yet heard of the Nippers shooting on July 15?

The Jacksonville Beach police issued a statement a week or so after the shooting that seemed to mostly be intended to categorize my coverage of the case as internet “rumors.” I know Sergeant Tommy Crumley issued that statement after he and I had words on the phone about him stonewalling me. I know one of the “facts” the Jacksonville Beach police wanted the public to know was that the shooter was not and never had been a cop. Of course, police never lie.

Jay Church

Off the top of my head, I don’t know how many men named Jay Church live in Florida, how many of those men named Jay Church are police officers and how many of the men named Jay Church are affiliated in some way with the Iron Order Motorcycle Club.

I do believe, based upon my knowledge and experience, that the name Derek Kinner was trying to confirm with the State Attorney was Jay Church; which was the only reason I brought up the name Jay Church in the first place. After reading Kinner’s long rant in Folio Weekly I have the reasonable suspicion that the State Attorney has no comment on anybody named Jay Church.

I would think that it would be easy for the State Attorney to simply say, “nobody named Jay Church is involved in or is a person of interest in this investigation.” I personally don’t see how that would contaminate the ongoing investigation at all. Maybe I’m missing something. I think it is a red flag that the State Attorney couldn’t just say, “No, you have the wrong name.”

Old Friend

I do know that my coverage of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club prompted the following four comments, two I which I haven’t published previously:

“All you retards that read this aging rebel stuff and believe it are sheep. All my real Diamond Brothers should know that this retard who writes this and you follow like a savoir is a rat and snitch. If you hold a 1% diamond you need to know, the faggot that writes all this, Rebel’s background as an ex-Mongol (you can view it on the home page of the Mongol’s website). He has been exposed as a coward who ran during the Agent Ciccone under-cover bust leaving his club to fend for itself. Ran like a little bitch and now you read his lies and Bullshit like its your last meal. Dont worry Rebel, your friends have not forgot about you.”

“Hey if you still have your FED contacts, you can ask them to trace this email for ya. Then you can find out who we are and maybe turn another case against us. Dont worry Buddy…..soon enough.”

“Pig…. no! Old Friend of mister rebel who he snitched on..YES. Dont worry….we dont forget that easy. only sheep i see are the ones who follow and believe this shit. Nothing different then the old days rebel. Right…lying sack of shit.”

“See you could not post the last 2 post. Scared your followers will learn the truth about you. Don’t worry snitch, I can smell your fear from here. Soon enough.”


It is a fact that I am not a snitch. It is a fact that I protect sources. It is a fact that many policemen would like to do something about me.

Actually, what I wrote about the conclusion of Operation Black Rain was that I thought three undercover ATF agents were either accessories before the fact or actual participants in the murder of a Mongol name Hitman Martin on the Glendale Freeway. I do know that the day after Martin’s murder, Assistant U.S. Attorney Chris Brunwin pulled the plug on the undercover operation. I do know my coverage of the Mongols case earned me death threats.

It is also a fact that I wrote a reply to that last comment that appeared both in the comments section and on the front page. I thought and still think the accusation that I was a snitch is slanderous and that the veiled threats in those comments might just be criminal. In that reply I wrote that I believed the author of the comments was “Iron Order Motorcycle Club International Vice President Dale ‘Qball’ Bubenhoffer” and that I believed he made those comments from his “residence at 2126 Kingsfield St., Jeffersonville, Indiana.” And that his current phone number is 502-817-5110 and his active email address is [email protected]

And it is a fact that after I published that “Old Friend” stopped commenting. What do you think? Coincidence?

So many amazing coincidences, huh? Like a shit storm of completely unrelated coincidences. Must be.

I have an email in my inbox right now from Ray Lubesky that I haven’t had time to read yet. The subject line is “Another bunch of errors.” So maybe Izod will be able to demonstrate to me that all these amazing coincidences are just that.

I can’t wait.

You’re welcome,


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  1. Philo Greenwood Says:

    The name “Jay Church” is an interesting one. It has been used as an alias by many people who have lived in San Francisco, as one of the most popular streetcar routes is the “J-Church” line. It runs up Market Street and turns left on Church Street. A female alias name often used by San Franciscans is “Kay Ingleside”. The K-Ingleside line was probably named right after the J-Church. This is probably meaningless in this discussion, but who knows? Always check someone out for an alias using the name Jay Church. And if you ever see a Jay Church and Kay Ingleside posing as a couple …

  2. erkman69 Says:

    Stupid phone.above comment should say they are not. Sorry yall.1312. Much RESPECT to those that earn.fuck off to those who think you can buy your way in.go home.cops suck.

  3. erkman69 Says:

    Fuck em rebel.your real they are not.. This life isnt bought. You earn your way.those iorc idiot ipod included.they dont have what it takes.they dont get in your blood .you earn your way.cant buy trust. They cant get it. Amway on two wheels.thats all they get. Maybe , just maybee. One of us infiltrated the iorc. But what do I know.iorc will implode. Cause their stupid. Like all cops. 1312

  4. panamaa Says:

    Sent you an email this morning you may find interesting…

  5. Paul Says:

    T Hell,

    Your comment got me thinking about when the Romans destroyed the Second Temple. Until that point Judaism was centered around the Temple. They found a way to center it around the family and individual while in Diaspora, keeping it alive and still holding on to what it meant to be Jewish.

    I don’t think concepts of brotherhood and honor will go the way of the dinosaur; they will find a way to adapt and survive, because every generation will always have those that are not content with living on their knees.

  6. 00 king Says:

    There were 2 prospects there that night. 50-50 chance on who squeezed. My money is on the above mentioned.

  7. StrategyIsZen Says:

    IO lies so much that it’s disorienting. . .

    From the IO “FAQ’s” [sic]


    ** If you guys really follow the traditions of MC’s from the 50’s and 60’s then why don’t you follow the protocols of those MC’s? **

    Because there were __no protocols__ in the 50’s and 60’s. In fact there were no protocols in the 70’s.

    ** Can women join the IOMC? **

    The IOMC is a very traditional motorcycle club that follows the __same traditions__ set by motorcycle clubs in the 50’s and early 60’s.

    [emphasis added]


    I am still trying to figure out how a protocol is much different than a tradition. It seems like IO parsing it out this way is artificial.

    IO is basically saying that there were only traditions in the MC world, until the 1980’s, and then somehow everyone decided to also add protocols.

    That does not even make logical sense.

    I tried reading that entire FAQ, and I just could not read it. It contradicts itself, and contradicts reality.

    >>>> They are basically trying to “reject” a thing that they claim does not even exist!!!

    There’s nothing about them that is *real* –

    I think their weaknesses are:

    1) Their hubris.
    2) Their cultness.
    3) Their artifice.
    4) Their lack of collective smarts.
    5) Their lack of understanding that all actions good or bad, have inescapable consequences.

    Karma will follow them.

    Much respect, and just my two cents.


  8. panamaa Says:


    I agree with you as to the Military and the career aspect of your post, well said… Sr., I believe, is still in LO and JR. appears to be in the USMC. If you didn’t see this, here’s an interesting like you may like…


  9. Lady Says:


    I can not say for sure about the Senior still being a member of the PD in KY., but if the son were in the Marines or Navy it is possible that he is stationed at the Jacksonville Naval Base. That would be the reason for him being there, it would also be the reason he is now no longer a member, since the Military has issued orders that no one can belong to a “GANG”. An the IO is listed on that list. He would have to give up his standings in the IO or be in serious trouble.

    Then again, it could also be that the Military knows that he is involved and might be doing something (which I doubt or they would have been something published), but someone is doing a very good job at covering this up.

    If one man feels that his career is more important than another man’s life, then that man needs to have a serious reality check. They may get it covered up for a while, but sooner or later, someone will say something and that career they cared so much about wont be worth crap!

    Much love and Respect to those that have earned and deserve it,

  10. T Hell Says:


    “The Iron Order strikes me as having similarities to a cult. That might explain some of the turn over.”

    You may be on to something there when one looks back on Jim Jones or the Koresh group, blindly following a charismatic leader to any end without regard to ones own fortunes of mortality could certainly be at play here, couple this with what I like to call “the look at me generation” where everything people do is immediately uploaded to you tube and facebook, where grown men routinely pose for selfies, and American Idol comes to town and 50,000 folks stand in line for their chance at stardom, everybody seems to have developed a need to be somebody and the Iron Order fills that niche for a great many lost and lonely souls who’s idea of brotherhood is exemplified by SOA reruns. Not to long ago I was having this discussion with one of my boys who just turned thirty and he summed it up by looking me right in the eye and saying “Dad, face it you’re just a dinosaur” Perhaps he was right, perhaps we are all just fucking dinosaurs, living in the past, unable to embrace the future that is all around us, until that next ice age comes and freezes this old dinosaurs bones in time I will continue to gnash my teeth and stomp the shit out of those deserving.

    Respects to the real

  11. Rebel Says:

    Dear T Hell,

    The Iron Order strikes me as having similarities to a cult. That might explain some of the turn over.


  12. T Hell Says:

    What I find telling about the IO is not how fast the club has grown but how many members are listed as OIB/OIG, of coarse there are many members lists floating around they have to update it every other day just to keep track of who is gone. I also notice they are now reusing old road names as people wise up and move on.

  13. Enlightened One Says:

    @panamaa. I was speaking to the idiot that wrote Rebel the email…. Just venting frustrations at the continued barrage of crap they spew.

  14. panamaa Says:

    I’d also like to add, whereas Officer Jay Church may not be a member of the IO now, I’d bet my bottom dollar he was a member of the IO on June 27, 2014…. I’d also make that bet on Jay Church Jr. He may or may not be a member now but he was a prospect on June 27, 2014..

    Way to spin it ipod…

    Regards and respects…

  15. panamaa Says:

    Dear Victor,

    Again, thanks for this post off your(?)site….

    After all I’ve read, from multiple news sites,and pieced together, that post is very telling……….

    Respects to you..

  16. Rebel Says:

    Dear Victor,

    Right you are catching up to me.


  17. Rebel Says:

    Dear T Hell,

    There are multiple member lists floating around in Excell and pdf.


  18. Glenn S. Says:

    I believe Rebel is exactly what he presents himself to be: a journalist that tells the stories the government wants kept quiet and from a perspective other than the government’s. I believe he is an honorable and serious man. It is an old LEO trick, to accuse their critics of being rats to discredit them. Fuck the pigs, rats, and the iron order (yeah, I’m being redundant).

  19. Nihilist Says:

    Considering Lubes-with-KY’s refutation that his club doesn’t have a “look at me” mentality, this topic was addressed on the club’s website under the FAQs. It was explained that they “never hide the fact that they are the hardest partying Mo Fo’s (sic) on the planet.”

    Doesn’t seem like any kind of denial, more like an admittance along with a justification. With that in mind, Izod, I would like to address some photos of you I have seen: is that your wife with whom you are frequently photographed? She sure is fugly. Is she the reason you came to spend so much time out in the garage, where you and the other Little Rascals decided you were a bunch of hardcore bikers who needed a clubhouse?

    It’s difficult to offer any of you any advice that would ask you to consider the rightful actions of others (like the HAs in Cody as recently reported by Rebel) because you’ve already made it clear from the start that you don’t think you have to listen to anybody else. Which is why everyone has nothing but derision, hatred, and venom for you. All we get from you all is bullshit, lies, obfuscation, and completely unjustifiable behavior.

    You have no perspective because you only see yourself from within, not as others see you, and you have no consideration for how your actions affect others, yet you go out of your way to throw a huge shit storm on an established group of highly revered people and their practices. And so, out goes the battle cry: Fuck the Iron Order!

  20. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Dear SIZ:

    I’m an excellent seamstress.

  21. StrategyIsZen Says:

    It is my opinion that the post that “Old Friend” made on this site, is actionable. I think the elements of slander have been met, and I believe that similar suits have prevailed. There’s probably a lot more, but here’s some ones I found quickly:

    Also, a Google search shows that he appears to be a notary public. I imagine he knows that he is in actual legal peril right now. The money damages paid in some defamation lawsuits are fairly extensive. A couple of years from now, you could be owning his house.

    It would make a nice place for a museum, I think.

    Perhaps something that would store the patches and cuts from members of disgraced fake bike clubs. Nobody would visit that museum, but I guess it could be a tax writeoff. Actually, one could take all the IO patches, and sew a kind of carpet out of it.

    That would protect the floor from damage.

    Much respect.


  22. panamaa Says:

    @ Victor, T-Helland and Wookiee …

    All the above is possible and probable… T-Hell,I do know they are not one in the same and I do have the directory.. I was responding to what I read… I do have a tendency to speak before I should as I’m sure you’ve picked up on, just in my nature… Maybe I should have sat back, kept quite and let it all be until it’s played itself out..

    Regards and respects to you all…

  23. T Hell Says:


    It’s the fuckin Io a hangaround on June 1st, is a prospect on June 2nd, and is a full patch member on June 3rd (if the check clears)….

  24. Wookiee Says:

    The IO directory that I have seen going around is from Dec 2013, it is possible that the Jay Church from KY is gone from the IO. Also wtih as dated as that list is more than likely the Jay Church from FL has gotten his Patch and is no longer a Prospect

  25. T Hell Says:


    I am confused regarding this whole Jay Church conundrum, yes the IO member directory does list a Jay Church of xxx Woodmont St. Ashland, Kentucky but that same directory lists a prospect Jay Church on Revolution Drive in Merritt Island Fl. These are not one and the same persons. If you don’t have this particular directory Rebel probably has it….

  26. panamaa Says:

    Dear Victor,

    Thank you for the info.

    But the fact still remains Ipob is full of shit when he said “The IOMC has no relationship with the police officer in Kentucky” specifically one Jay Church, Correct?

  27. Victor Says:

    @panamaa–There are 2 Jay Church’s in Ashland; father and son and a pic of the younger is posted here:

  28. panamaa Says:

    @Enlightened One; Who the fuck you talking to?…….

  29. Enlightened One Says:

    Read the original fucking story! That was not even implied…your email was very clear. Thanks for continuing this battle. Although it’s like banging your head against the fucking wall.

  30. Base Says:

    Holly mother of the guy caught dry humping Raggedy Ann.

    Izod just doesn’t get it at all! And he thinks your bizarre?

  31. Rusty Says:

    Itoad, your so called club is what is dragging many of your so called brothers to the forefront, that’s the way it is when you put on a patch set…

  32. Not Surprised Says:

    Shit. You cannot “counter sue” on a cease and desist letter

  33. jj solari Says:

    jesus fucking christ every time i read that fucking izod asshole’s prose and girlie whiney sniveling fucking annoying “explanations” i want to just fucking punch the computer screen. i pray to jesus that idiot comes up to me and introduces himself someday. i would love to see the fucking face that goes along with this FUCKING bad writing, bad excuses, bad justifications, bad castigations, not to mention the whopping vibe of fear and terror i can smell from here coming off his fucking skin. FUCK i cant believe that mother fucking brazen stupe is convinced he is not transparent. THIS is the shit we pay our taxes to? normal americans really got to get a grip if they think they needs cops to save them if this is a fucking example of the cream of the crappy cop crop.

  34. panamaa Says:

    Dear Rebel,
    How the hell can he say “The IOMC has no relationship with the police officer in Kentucky” when a Jay “Popeye” Church of Ashland is, as you say, listed in their membership directory and a simple internet search shows a Jay Church as being a member of the Ashland, Kentucky Police Department. Hell, the population is only 21,684 and every member of the force has their email published on the Ashland PD website including a Jay Church.. How often do you see that… How many Jay Church’s live in Ashland anyway??? Man…

  35. Phuquehed Says:

    Funnier than shit that a group of faggots calling themselves urine odor RC – oops, that hurts their feewings, I meant iron order RC – who admit they will get the law involved (almost as fast as they can suck each other off) when they find themselves in a bind, *don’t* think that *that* is ‘snitching’ and yet here one of the clueless pansy-ass fucktards is calling someone else a snitch.

    The kind of stupidity, pussiness, fucktards that run in that fag RC is nothing less than fucking astounding, and their fearless leader, Izod the Useless, comes crying asking to have someone that his faggots are calling a snitch to quit telling the world that they (the uorc) are not “innocent” and to “…get the truth and proof”.

    Do you see your bullshit hypocrisy and the *real* “bizarre” shit *YOU* are pulling, Izod you fucking air-wasting shit-stain?

  36. CN Says:

    Transference: In psychoanalysis, the process by which emotions and desires originally associated with one person, such as a parent or sibling, are unconsciously shifted to another person, especially to the analyst.

    Psychoanal the redirection of attitudes and emotions towards a substitute, such as towards the analyst during therapy.

    PS: Good work on the Travel Channel last night.


  37. Rebel Says:

    Dear panamaaa,

    Sure. I don’t think I am betraying Izod’s trust or anything like that. He wrote:

    “Rebel, I hate to keep correcting you but I’m trying to help you.

    “Jay Church is not the shooter. You involve an innocent man.

    “The IOMC has no relationship with the police officer in Kentucky. Once again you drag an innocent man to the forefront.

    “Qball didn’t write anything about you anywhere. Once again it sounds like your Facebook fans have played you like a fiddle from some false identity. Before spouting off about a law suit or cease and desist it would be wise to get the truth and proof to avoid a counter suit.

    “To your claim that the IOMC is out here saying “Look at me, Look at me” if you would stop writing about us then maybe no one would look at us. You’re getting a bit bizarre.”


  38. panamaa Says:

    Those two articles only touch the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Corey and her antics…

  39. panamaa Says:

    Dear Rebel,

    I hope see fit to print it..

  40. panamaa Says:

    Dear Rebel,

    I’m on the edge of my seat, waiting to hear what Mr. Ipod has to say… Gezzz,

  41. Austin Says:

    This whole thing is way out of my area or interest – but because I am a Rebel fangirl – I’m paying attention.

    Watching this father speak about his son tells me all I need to know. He is a decent loving man, who raised his boy to be the same way.

    Reading the responses regarding Martin/Zimmerman fiasco really shines the light on the dissonance of the State Attorney response. The Feds will deny, obfuscate, and redirect eternally. Answers will only come from dedicated investigative reporters, or outraged people uprising.

    I support Derek Kinner & Rebel.

    I am going to let Ms. Corey



    know how I feel about it.
    “The general public should contact the office via phone at 904-630-2400 or by e-mail at [email protected]

  42. jj solari Says:

    The American police officer is the lowest form of American life.

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