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August 8, 2014

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The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club held its annual run in Cody, Wyoming this year. The Angels last sojourned in Cody in 2006 when they were constantly harassed by a Department of Homeland Security helicopter.

The Angels National Run tends to be a boon for local policemen who use it as an excuse to demand overtime. Locals are usually whipped into a panic in anticipation of the arrival of the Red and White. This year was no different.

Hide The Women

Last month, the Cody Enterprise editorialized, “Cody walks a tightrope when it comes to the Hells Angels. Given our proximity to Sturgis, it appears they favor Cody as their staging area before proceeding en masse to the Black Hills.”

“We have our own militia,” the Enterprise alerted locals, “formed of city, county, state and federal officers – to keep a lid on things in our village. Cody has largely adopted the famous general’s ‘Powell Doctrine’ from the Gulf War. It emphasized ‘overwhelming strike capabilities with an emphasis on ground forces, and widespread public support.’”

“Armed with nearly $200,000 in special state funding to pay, feed and house our small army of officers,” the editorial continued, “we’re sure to have the first two criteria covered. But if officers stop or ticket locals every time they spit on the sidewalk, as seemed to happen in ’06, the Hells Angels may be the least of their concerns.”

The Damage

As it turned out, the local militia was less obnoxious that the last time the Angels were in town. And yesterday, almost a week after the club left, television station KULR in Billings, Montana added up the damage. This is what the station learned.

Christi Livingston, the owner of a motel called the Moose Creek Lodge, told the Billings station the Angels who stayed there “swept parking lots” and “took out their trash.” When they pulled out they left behind “two giant flower bouquets.”

Cody police chief  Perry Rockvam reported that club members didn’t let members ride drunk. “If they have someone they feel is too intoxicated or impaired to operate a motorcycle, they rented vehicles and they’re providing transport back to where they’re staying, then they coordinate getting their motorcycle back too,” Rockvam said.

And, a local food bank called the Cody Cupboard told KULR the Angels “donated 719 pounds of food, including fruit, milk, meat, and buns to the food bank.”

Sometimes when you do right people do notice.



14 Responses to “Feel Good Biker Story”

  1. Road Whore Says:

    Good on the 81.

    Ride Free

  2. Mike 184 Says:

    Great read, thanks Rebel.

    Here is another – While kids watched the members play softball, prospects handed out ice cream to them. Pretty cool. Everyone in town was very supportive of the run and talked a lot of trash about all the cops.

    I don’t know about 2006, but the cops were there in force, following and issuing bullshit tickets. Most of them were warning tickets… Some believe that the local ATF/Fed douche bags were possibly harassing their families while they were out of town…

  3. Freeman Says:

    Here is an idea, have the cops sweep and clean the streets instead of standing there doing nothing, and have the city workers have a day off, take back some of that exaggerated budget they cling to so much.

  4. popeye Says:

    This threatens the police and feds. The goverment would love to keep the civilian population in dire fear for their lives. More fear = more money and more control. Without fear of the barbarian hordes there might be cutbacks on spending. It all started as a white lie in holister half a century ago and continues to this day with rico and atf undercover stings that produce nothing but easily beaten charges.

  5. Jim666 Says:

    Nice job Rebel.

  6. Dave Says:

    Ok, I will not presume to speak for others. I will say that “I” know that the HA have criminals in their organization. When I say that, I mean people that actively engage in those things that I chose not to.

    Now ‘Gangland’ and every other docu-drama would love to show one side and quote LE who claim that the HA only do certain things to “appear” a certain way.. Right?

    Ok, so when the HA does something nice, regardless whether the idea is to genuinely be kind or to create perception, you know who doesn’t care? Those they helped!

    They don’t care who did what for why! They are thankful… Grateful… There’s no condemnation because of a patch.

    And I think that’s what pisses of the cops more than anything! That people they labeled as thugs can be looked upon in the same light as they are – as kind, generous people who gave.

    The cops must be really, really, really pissed about this… And that makes me smile. They’d like everyone to treat bikers as if they had cooties, but most of us have grown up since those days.

    My hat is off to the HA for probably giving some cops new coronary’s for pulling this off. I’ll be giggling for a while.

  7. Freeman Says:

    81 has always given more than they get from society.


  8. Mag Says:

    @RVN69 – But that’s the entire heart of the problem. That difference is what is frightening… not the patch.

    It’s similar to why a tattoo is frightening. It is proof that person will make a decision to do something permanent.

    A patch is proof that the person will earn something. Our culture on the whole is no longer about earning things. Hence the fear.

  9. RVN69 Says:

    I am always amazed how easily people are manipulated by the government. The 81 show up with their families and kids, they have fun, play softball, visit the museum do all the normal tourist shit everyone else does when they come to Cody with the possible exception that they spend more money and everyone is surprised. What, no raping, pillaging and plundering, it wasn’t a replay of one of the sixties Biker moves, the town isn’t trashed and the only thing anyone can bitch about is the fact that a trolly operator theorizes that he MAY have lost some undetermined amount of money because some yet to be identified tourist didn’t use his trolly.

    Jesus H. Fucking Christ, if I had any hair I’d pull it out. Wake up sheep, patch holders, real honest I earned my patch I didn’t buy it patch holders are people just like you with famlies, kids, jobs, mortgages, energy bills the whole nine yards. The difference is in the way they view the responsibilities of being a man and the desire and drive they had to earn a patch. It is the same difference that separates a normal soldier from a Delta Force operator.


  10. slycechyx Says:

    So in other words, the HA are just being their normal selves.

    Respectful and generous.

  11. sherides Says:

    That story was kind of like Chicken Soup for the Biker Soul.

    Pretty cool to hear about something positive and public between “the sides” for a change.


  12. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Much respect to the 81. Way to keep it classy.

  13. T hell Says:

    The 81 are who they are and they don’t need to prove it to anyone, had the io been there things I am sure would have been quite different 200 posers having to prove how bad ass they are would make quite a mess as they pose for their SOA style photos for facebook….

  14. One Eye Says:

    “The Center of the West security manager, Mike Brown said between fifty and sixty Hells Angels visited each day. But they don’t allow weapons in the Center, and Brown said at one point they had 23 bikers knives lined up in a row at the security desk. One curator reported that after he talked to a couple of them and turned his back, they put a hundred dollar bill in the museum’s donation box.

    But some businesses were hurt by Hells Angels National run. Cody Trolley owner Greg Pendley said his customers avoided Cody that week. He estimates it cost him about $2000 in lost business.

    Pendley explained, “The people that would normally take our tour decided not to stop in town or stay in town.”

    Pendley says he hopes Hells Angels don’t come back, but Chief Rockvam talked to the club. He says they want to come back.

    Rockvam said police foot patrols downtown helped ease the tourists’ fears about the bikers that were around them.”

    This is from the original article that continued after the final line of the above article. Even after all the good that was done there is someone who has to bitch about their losses, real or perceived. I would be very interested to hear from other merchants and see what their bottom lines were. I know the last time the Angels visited our city there were many happy merchants and nary a problem. Maybe Mr. Pendley’s clientele should educate themselves.


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