The Zach Tipton Murder Investigation

August 8, 2014

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Derek Kinner, who writes for Jacksonville’s Folio Weekly and who has been trying to cover the Zach Tipton murder case, blasted State Attorney Angela Corey in an open letter this week for “keeping important information – in this situation I am specifically referring to Tipton’s shooting – out of the public eye as long as possible, thus harming public perception of the event and whether law enforcement is involved, and leading to rampant speculation.”

Kinner writes:

“On July 28, I received this email from your office in response to my request to confirm the name of the shooter in the month-old case of Zachariah Tipton’s death at Nippers Beach Grille in Jacksonville Beach:

“ Derek, the SAO’s statement is below:

“ The State Attorney’s Office is conducting a thorough investigation into the fatal shooting at Nippers. An investigation can take weeks or even months to complete. At this time, no information will be released regarding the pending investigation.’”

“Jackelyn Barnard, Director of Communications”

Jay Church

The Aging Rebel believes the name Kinner tried to confirm was Jay Church. In a recent Iron Order Motorcycle Club membership directory, Church is listed as a prospect with the Merritt Island Florida chapter of the Iron Order. The prospect is one of two members of the Iron Order named Jay Church. A patched member of the club named Jay “Popeye” Church is a member of the Ashland, Kentucky Police Department.

The Aging Rebel contacted the prospect Church on July 15 by email. That email read in full, “I have been told, by a source who may or may not know what he is talking about, that you witnessed the shooting of Zach Tipton. If you were there and you have something to say I would like to hear it. I protect sources. Thanks for your time.”

Prospect Jay Church replied, “Not sure what you’re talking about.”

The Aging Rebel also contacted Jay “Popeye” Church the same day. He did not respond.

More Open Letter

Kinner’s 2000 word letter continues:

“Until you say otherwise, Zachariah Tipton was a victim. Yes, I have learned he was a member of the Black Pistons, which are part of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club and rivals of the Iron Order, and that an Iron Order prospect may have shot Tipton during an altercation. But no one – including Tipton’s family and friends – has learned anything about the case except for a few bare-facts news stories, rampant rumors, and from this publication’s July 16 cover story. (I reported that story with no help from your office, and very little help from the initial investigating agency, the Jacksonville Beach Police Department.)”

“When you speak of victims, do you mean only the ones you like or have connections with or can advance your career? I haven’t seen you do any press conferences with Tipton’s family like you did with the families of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis. But I have seen Tipton’s family and friends protest outside your office because you refuse to talk to them, whether to deliver good or bad news, or simply tell them the truth about why their loved one is dead.”

You can read Kinner’s complete letter here.

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  1. panamaa Says:


    I’m up Athens way now and again during the college season.. I don’t know if your in that area or if your a Dawgs fan but if so, maybe we could catch a game. Nothing like watching them between the hedges….

  2. panamaa Says:

    Ol’LadyRider,John Deaux and Paladin,

    Thank’s for the kind words… The majority of the people that have contributed to this and thanked me are long time readers here and that means a lot..

  3. Paladin Says:


    When you’ve done all that you can do, then there’s really nothing left to be done. Much respect to you and to you for your efforts.

    I have lived on this rock long enough to know that there will be justice for Mr Tipton, it may come later than sooner, but rest assured, it will come.

    And as always, long may you ride.


  4. John Deaux Says:

    I want to thank you for your efforts, I’m on one of those part time internet addresses so I can’t always comment when I want.
    Thanks for your efforts in bringing justice to Zach’s family, I didn’t know him personally but lost a close friend a few years ago under similar circumstances. You never really get a chance to walk away and clear your head over it. Truthfully sometimes you want to lash out, other times you wonder WTF.
    If I ever find myself in Jax. I’m buying.
    FTF. FTP. FTW. FTio
    Support Your Local

  5. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    My thanks as well, Panamaa. I’m sure I can speak for all when I say we are ready if Ms. Glynda changes her mind.

  6. panamaa Says:

    @ sherides.. Thank you…

  7. panamaa Says:

    Thank you , really, thank you… I dropped a little with the DBA but nothing I could not cover.. I’m cool as far as that goes. I do appreciate everyone’s offer but it’s all good…

    I said up front I could handle the cost of getting everything going and I could and did. With deep respects and thanks to all I would really like to drop that particular subject…

    Again, thanks to everyone that lent a helping hand

    My respects and regards to everyone… Even you

  8. sherides Says:


    Thanks for all of your time and effort on this.


  9. Base Says:


    were you out any coin in your efforts? As with PH, I would be willing to assist in helping you recoup any loss. Because I was supportive of your efforts as well.

    I sincerely hope information is released to the family & friends of Z Tipton soon.


  10. UnaffiliatedObserver Says:

    @panamaa –

    Thanks for all the effort, and thanks for the update.

    I’ll also respect Mrs. Purdy’s wishes.

    If things change and further effort is desired in the future, please let us know.


  11. panamaa Says:

    @Phuquehed……Absolutely not!! I had the scratch to do it with and It’s cool….. Thanks for all your help. But I will take you up on the beer…

    @RVN…. Thanks man, it was an honor to try to help. All you cats were there behind me ///

    Respects and regards to all who invested their time and thought into this…

  12. RVN69 Says:

    As she wishes, so it will be.

    @panamaa, thanks for your work.

    Justice for NazT

    Respect & Honor

  13. Phuquehed Says:

    Well, you tried man and no one can say you didn’t. The best intentions were meant and it’s not for us to question the family of Zach.

    I’ve got your e-mail so I’ll holler to get an address if it’s cool to try and send a little scratch your way for all the running around you’ve done (bet you’ve put a few miles on whatever vehicle you use! Gas probably ain’t cheap in big cities compared to backwoods hick towns like where I am).

    Thanks for tryin’ so hard man, if I ever get that way, first six-pack’s on me.

  14. panamaa Says:

    To All…

    At Mrs. Purdy’s, Zach’s mom, request, all activities of the “ Justice For Zach Tipton’s Children Coalition” will cease.

    She has her reasons and they should be respected. The coalition was not my idea, it was everyone’s that post regularly on this board. I just agreed to be the boots on the ground. Thanks to everyone that came up with ideas and offers. I, as I’m sure all of you, wish nothing but the best for the family of Zach Tipton..

    May there be Justice for Zach Tipton in the near future….

    Respects and regards to everyone that participated in this endeavor…

  15. panamaa Says:


    Please check out the Know Something thread if you haven’t already..


  16. panamaa Says:


    The ‘Paid for” statement should be decided by you guys.. I can understand the intricacies for all involved.

    I’d also like to state that all that the attorneys on this are all working “pro bono”.. There will be no fees involved…

  17. RVN69 Says:

    I believe I saw where someone listed the price of a billboard as $600.00 give or take, if so I can cover one.

    @panamaa, good idea on the lawyer, a third independent party keeping track of the bucks should prevent any problems.

    The relationships between different clubs is sometimes a delicate thing, I would think the line on the ad should read something a little bit more neutral, maybe “Citizens for Justice” or “Citizens against cover ups” If I as a patch donate under a “Friends” heading, there are other clubs will think the “Friend” of my enemy is my enemy and could cause additional issues.


  18. panamaa Says:

    After speaking with a friend this morning………., How would everyone feel about an attorney here in town handling the monies sent by the contributors towards this cause? The monies would be sent to them and accounted for by them. That way everything is on the up and up


  19. panamaa Says:

    Gezzzz I should learn to say all this shit in one post………

    Rebel has my email. He is free to give it to anyone he knows and trusts if you want to reach me by that method with any thoughts… If we want to do this, I feel we need to move on it.

    Respects and Regard’s..

  20. panamaa Says:

    Also at the bottom of the ad, along with Bases idea, we should add something like ” This ad paid for by Friends of Zach” or something along those lines to take any thoughts of improprieties away from Rebel and the site..

  21. panamaa Says:

    Ok, Ladies and Gentleman,

    First off, let’s give credit where credit is do.

    This was Phuquehed’s idea all the way down the line, and a good one it was, I simply offered to handle things on this end because I live in the area. Rebel’s point on his involvement is well stated and understood as far as I’m concerned.

    As I said on another post, Rebels ad changed the whole demographics of what I first thought… I agree that targeting the Beach area is more than likely the thing to do with his ad. We need to decide on what media we should use. I have the info on the paper, I’ll get the set cost of a billboard on one of the main arteries running out of the beaches area and one in the beaches and also length of time the ad will run asap.

    The one area we run into problems is, I really don’t want to handle any monies other than the cost of whatever we decide to do. We need to decide;

    1.)On where the money is going to be collected
    2.)Who is going to collect the money

    I hope everyone understands my position on this..I can cover half of the cost of what I first thought of doing which is around $400.

    Thoughts and suggestions???


  22. panamaa Says:


    Thank you and I understand you position completely. I’m sorry if I/we put you ” On the spot” so to speak, that was not mine or anyone else’s intention…

  23. mudduck Says:

    not mail…the news paper…excuse me please..thank you

  24. mudduck Says:

    i delievered mail before…

    daily paper


    easyads or car,truck,boat,exetra.

    here it is one day a week usually thur or friday..

  25. Paladin Says:

    Rebel Said:
    August 15th, 2014 at 5:17 pm

    “First, I am not interested in running an ad for me or the site or participating in grass roots advertising that will be seen as primarily benefitting me or this site. I am not going to undermine my credibility with even the appearance that I am benefitting from this case. I have already gotten messages from Iron Order trolls that the only reason why I am covering this case is to somehow enrich myself. Trust me, I am not “getting rich” off The Aging Rebel or off Zach Tipton’s murder.”

    Okay. So how would you like us to proceed? If we run the copy as you’ve posted it, it does make it look like what you want to avoid. The obvious benefit of a billboard is the attention it garners, and because of that attention, it might cause the State’s Attorney to be more forth coming with information. At the very least, it keeps the Tipton tragedy in the public eye, which I believe is a good thing.

    Long May You Ride,


  26. Rebel Says:

    Dear panama,

    What you are proposing raises some obvious points.

    First, I am not interested in running an ad for me or the site or participating in grass roots advertising that will be seen as primarily benefitting me or this site. I am not going to undermine my credibility with even the appearance that I am benefitting from this case. I have already gotten messages from Iron Order trolls that the only reason why I am covering this case is to somehow enrich myself. Trust me, I am not “getting rich” off The Aging Rebel or off Zach Tipton’s murder.

    I like the idea of running an ad that will encourage people who have previously been silent about what they know about the Tipton murder to share what they know. I do protect sources and I do have a certain amount of credibility. I promised the Tipton family last week that I would try to see that the truth would be known and justice done. I wasn’t kidding.

    I do already have a fairly clear idea of what happened that night. Proving what I think I know is a different matter. It is largely a matter of volume. If enough people tell me the same thing I think I am justified in saying what they tell me in print. And for the Iron Order trolls who think they can shut me up by harassing me, yeah I believe Zach Tipton tripped over a trailer hitch before he was shot.

    I think that T Hell’s suggestion, that any ad include the line, “a widow and her children deserve the truth” is an appropriate addition to what I wrote this morning.

    I’m perfectly willing to give people somebody to whom they can talk, to stay on the story and to share what I know.

    The police and the State Attorney have virtually compelled people to think there is a cover up going on. I think anything that encourages people to talk is a good thing. What you propose doesn’t have to be a full page ad or a billboard. It can be a quarter page ad. It can be fliers printed out and distributed in bike shops, or the Nippers parking lot, or stuck under windshields. I think anything that allows potential sources an avenue to bypass the official secrecy in the case will be constructive. And yeah, I think any ad will get more responses in white neighborhoods rather than black.

    The way to get the most responses from any ad is if the ad itself becomes news.

    You guys keep me informed about what you want me to do.


  27. Paladin Says:


    Not to worry, I got your end covered. You can buy me a beer if I’m ever in your neck of the woods.

    Long May You Ride,


  28. Paladin Says:


    Is Nippers a high volume establishment, in a high traffic area, and is it patronized by a “regular” crowd, some of whom might have been present the night Mr. Tipton was killed? If the answer is a yes or a possible yes, a billboard ad in this area might be a place to look.

    A billboard ad in an area known to be frequented by indi. bikers / MCs might not get the desired result. As you know, bikers and those that are members of MCs tend to be tight lipped, with good reason.

    Long May You Ride,


  29. sherides Says:

    I’m still in for helping with the cost. If everyone can throw in a 20 or whatever fits their budget, this can get done.

    The sooner the better.


  30. Phuquehed Says:

    @Paladin – I didn’t check that stuff but it looks like panamaa has the info for you.

    @panamaa – Oh fuck! An one page ad in a newspaper is more than $400?!

    Shit…the bit I was going to scrounge to pitch in don’t seem like it’s going to be any help at all suddenly.

    Like Paladin asked, how long would it last in the newspaper?

  31. panamaa Says:


    The billboard cost is per month but I haven’t gotten a good fix on a cost… I was thinking ad up until billboards were mentioned. There are 4 main arteries running to and from Jacksonville.

    . The ad cost per week is $632 per zone and there are 6 zones in Jacksonville 4 of which would deal with this matter … I was thinking downtown at first but with Rebels ad, which is what we need the, whole demographic changes.. The cost comes down the more zones you hit but not much..

    Guidance, if you will, please..


  32. Paladin Says:


    Was that cost per week, per month, what?


  33. panamaa Says:


    Unfortunately that billboard would be out in bumfuck Jacksonville, they are a lot more in town where people can see them. . Like $700 to $2000 for a month. The cost of the ad is more than $400. I haven’t been around my email, if anyone has tried and I don’t carry it with me (like on my cell),, I hate email…lol.. Mean while, what he’s got posted on “Know Something” is the ad we need to run!!!!

  34. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    Again, I will be happy to contribute. Just tell me how.

  35. Phuquehed Says:

    Just on a whim I did a search for ‘billboard rental in jacksonville, fla.’

    Got a few listings-type things one showing that the average cost of a billboard was $400!

    Plus I got to thinking about what could be put on a billboard that would help, but to put enough info on it about what happened and what we’re asking for might make it too hard to read if it’s on a road where one is at speed and easy to miss reading it all.

    The thread Rebel has up as ‘Know something?’ and what he has in it would work perfect in a one page ad and (hopefully) wouldn’t cost anywhere near $400.

  36. Phuquehed Says:

    @lurker – The aclu is extremely choosy in what they will or won’t represent or aid with.

    When I and a friend was attacked in my own front yard, the pig who took our written statements *didn’t* turn them in. He threw them away. I had to find that out on my own when I went in the next day to ask about what he was going to do about the attack (I’d been two years disabled at that time and living on pennies and nickels as it takes an average of 4 years here to get disability, plus my friend had absolutely nothing to do with anything yet he was the one who got his nose broke out of the blue by this guy).

    The pig finally admitted he couldn’t find the paperwork after acting like he looked for a few minutes.

    The next day I called the county DA and then the aclu. I figured what the fuck, I can’t go after anyone myself being poor as dirt and unable to fight the fuckers.

    DA told me he heard the pigs story of what happened and told me he wasn’t going to do anything – about the guy attacking us *or* the pig.

    The aclu told me that they only take on cases if it will help more than just one or two in similar situations. That one really kinda blew my mind…how the fuck does a disabled person who can barely walk getting beat up *not* be good for every other person who it could and does happen to? They had no answer for that and just told me ‘Sorry, we can’t help you’.

    The fucking aclu gets things right too fucking rarely to be of much use. Yeah, The family of Zach could try, but I’d bet money they’ll get a similar kind of answer I got. Now, if Zach was a minority or an illegal, and the family called up the aclu…you bet they’d take the case so fast it’d make the pigs’ heads spin. The aclu is so fucking communist and reverse-racist it’s sickening.

    MSNBC is just full of fucktards.

  37. lurker Says:

    One Eye Says:
    August 15th, 2014 at 8:27 am

    Does anyone else find it very interesting that the cop who fatally shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri has been identified?

    it was all over msnbc. hint, hint.

    aclu jumped all over it and filed a freedom of information suit against em. again, hint, hint.

    everyone seems so hung up on who they hate or who aint “all that” that they cant/wont/dont take care of bizness proper.

    play the game smart and ride these anonymous fuggers coat tails. get these guys in your court and you’ll move mountains. there numbers are huge and they hate the same people, mostly. the enemy of my enemy thing.

    it would be a sad day to see this turn out like the burgess affair. cause it looks like they got this prostituter from the same barrel of shit they got his public offender out of. these guys have been put in place “precisely” because they are destined to fail.

    my 2c. play the game smart gentlemen.

    respects, lurker

  38. popeye Says:

    I’d like to see the 911 log and compare it against the shooting timeline. I’ll bet these cowards dialed 911 before the fight then murdered ZT and made a run for it over the fence. 911 was probably dialed before Zach Tipton had put his kickstand down and knew he was walking into an ambush

  39. One Eye Says:

    Does anyone else find it very interesting that the cop who fatally shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri has been identified?

  40. panamaa Says:

    J. Purvis

    You welcome sir. I’ll see you this afternoon at the “Gathering”…….

  41. J. Purvis Says:

    Panama, Thank you for the link. Very good info.

  42. RtC Says:

    NO HANDS, how the fuck did you type this??!! Read much??!!

  43. NO HANDS Says:


  44. popeye Says:

    I think if we rented a billboard enough people would ask questions that the news channels would have to take notice and give the case coverage.

  45. panamaa Says:


    Thank you for the kind words but I require no thanks. I would do it because it’s the right thing to do// It all depends if Rebels up for it and that of course is his call…

  46. Phuquehed Says:

    I don’t think anyone would have to worry just for simply asking for witnesses to speak up anonymously about something, but only way to know will be to ask the paper. (By the way, I didn’t know the Folio was a newspaper…I thought it was just a website, heh, that’s why I thought it wouldn’t be seen by as many people as whatever the lead rag was in Jacksonville).

    Anyway, I’m still willing to help pitch in some scratch if Rebel’s up for this and all you smarter folk are coming up with ad ideas.

    And thanks, panamaa, for doing the footwork. It’s not easy and it’ll be a more or less thankless job other than from we few here, *BUT*…if it works, and Rebel can coax some sources and the family of Zach can get more views of what *really* happened, if it were me *that* would be more than thanks enough. (that made sense, right?).

  47. panamaa Says:

    Also, one thing to remember. Whereas papers have quite a bit of anonymity as far as slander goes, the threat of a lawsuit and intimidation still remains. Some papers, I think, would be more likely to do this in their Editorial ( as in letters to the editor) section rather than a full page add.. As all of you know, most all newspapers have an attorney take a look at anything that may be deemed offensive before they decide to publish it to cover their ass.

    Then again, if a private citizen wants to express his concerns or beliefs, another paper may take the stance that freedom of speech out weighs the cost of any litigation or intimidation that may come their way and it’s not their words that being expressed it’s the words of the citizen. That is a valid fight in a court of law I would think..

    Times Unions would be the former and Folio would be the latter in this case I would think…

    Just my two cents..

    Regards to all following this site..

  48. panamaa Says:

    Ad I meant, gezz, I can’t edit myself worth a shit!!!!

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