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August 7, 2014

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Coverage of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club provokes numerous comments. Earlier today, a commenter who identified himself as Lol, spelled just like that, responded to a story titled “The Iron Order Outlaw Motorcycle Gang” by demanding to know:

“So is the IOMC a poser club or OMG? Please make up your tiny minds. They cannot be both. EITHER they ARE an OMG or they are a poser, wannabe OMG, I know the word ‘contradiction’ is not easy for many of you, but maybe with my help you can now google the definition!!! I will use it in a sentence for you!! It is a contradiction to say the IOMC is a poser, cop club, then attempt to label them an OMG.”

Lol’s argumentative comment deserves a response and rather than bury that response in the comments section of this page, The Aging Rebel is answering it here.

Dear Lol

The Iron Order looks like a cop club that has quickly grown large by recruiting many Sons of Anarchy fans and active duty servicemen.

Like most commenters on this page who want to protect the Iron Order from scrutiny, you twist what is written here for dramatic effect. Like every other ongoing story that I cover, I try to get as much as possible on the record. I will continue to get as much as I can about the Iron Order on the record because I know the people who read this site are  much more diverse than the people who comment here.

The Iron Order seems to be inherently self-destructive – which explains its growing list of enemies and perceived enemies.

About three years ago Jason Nark and William Bender of the Philadelphia Daily News wrote, “Authorities say that the soaring popularity of the Sons of Anarchy TV show – the most watched in FX’s history – could be contributing to a disturbing trend: Weekend warriors, no longer content to simply ride together, are forming small motorcycle clubs and dabbling in the outlaw lifestyle.”

The Inquirer piece went on to quote Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood Sr. who called the new clubs “wannabes.”

Twilight of the Outlaws

Kurt Sutter, the outspoken producer of Sons of Anarchy, replied to the article by saying, “people are going outlaw because of oppressive economic times not because of a fucking tv show. Don’t blame me for your inability to protect.”

At the time the Daily News ran Nark and Bender’s piece, I was already anticipating a book called The Twilight of the Outlaws. I had begun to give the evolution of motorcycle clubs some thought and I had begun thinking in terms of what I was then calling Version One, Two and Three clubs. Version One clubs emerged after WWII. Version Two clubs emerged during and immediately after Vietnam. And, Version Three clubs were the mushrooms that appeared as a result of both the Middle Eastern Wars and the commodification of the outlaw world – a commodification that is apparent in both genuine Harley-Davidson shot glasses and Sons of Anarchy.

The Iron Order epitomizes Version Three clubs. Version three clubs are more something people might buy than something people might feel, something more like a shirt or a wig than a tattoo. And because Version Three clubs are new there is no real consensus about what they are. The things people are going to say about any Version Three club are dependent on who is doing the talking: A cop or reporter in Philly, a television show runner, an old school outlaw or you.

The most immediate interesting thing about the Iron Order is that the club appears bent on destroying itself and the lives of at least some of its members. That’s why people get worked up about the club. The Iron Order is a must see psychodrama with equal parts delusion and malice. Personally, I think the delusion is more entertaining than the malice.

I think, for example, that it is deluded to demand that the Iron Order must be universally regarded as either an OMG or a wannabe club. I don’t think the “either/or” logical construction is particularly relevant here. Obviously, many cops believe the Iron Order is a “law abiding motorcycle club” which is how the club brands itself to cops – as the Eddie Haskell of motorcycle clubs. Provably, some military commanders and at least one ATF analyst see the Iron Order as an outlaw motorcycle gang. That is the line of reasoning that goes, “If it quacks it’s a duck.” Old school outlaws see the Iron Order as a pack of punks.

The essentially postmodern nature of the Iron Order means the club, like John Barth’s Floating Opera or the beast the proverbial three blind men tried to describe, cannot be accurately summarized as simply one thing. The Iron Order is a phenomena full of apparent contradictions and ironies.

Ironically, Iron Order members and officers demand constant attention. Most motorcycle clubs avoid scrutiny. The Iron Order insists that it be scrutinized. The club motto should be “Look At Us!” So of course, in the aftermath of the Iron Order murder in Florida, people are looking. Of course people are reading your words. The inconsistency is not that the Iron Order is described both as a tribe of dilettantes and a pack of criminals. The inconsistency is that the Iron Order demands scrutiny and then its members complain bitterly when their club gets it.


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  1. jj solari Says:

    saying eddie haskell was a cop is very hurtful.

  2. panamaa Says:

    Dear Glenn S.,

    You hit the nail on the head. In Duval Co. Corey and the cops are tight as ticks.. Like two dogs sniffing each others asses.. Hell, she even has control over the Public Defenders office there. Look up Matt Shirk sometime, if you so inclined .. BIG conflict if interest there..


  3. Glenn S. Says:

    lol said: “Rebel, I would love to debate you on a few things posted here the last few years, but you do not seem to desire an open discussion or debate.”

    I don’t think lol wants to debate. I think he just wants to sling shit. He’s not answering points with counterpoints, he’s just talking shit, secure in his belief that his worldview is correct and those who disagree with him are scum.

    lol also said: ” I am retired LEO…”

    Okay, that explains it. Mutually respectful debate is not something they teach in the police academy or in those institutions of higher learning offering the dubious “criminal justice” degree program where they unlearn the social skills taught in kindergarten.

    GFO302 posed the question: “Why the State attorney in this case, who is the SAME one that broadcast George Zimmerman’s name, audio interrogations, and booking photos all over the net/media after the police had determined self-defense, is so close-mouthed about this purported ‘open and shut’ self-defense case?

    You want to debate? Why not grace us with your opinion as to the answer to that question, which sums up the entire issue? Zimmerman had to go into hiding out of legitimate fear for his life because the state’s attorney stoked up the mob. Had he been unable to raise funds for his defense, bail, and living expenses, he’d likely be dead or in a PC unit in a Florida prison. The state’s attorney essentially poisoned the jury pool and made Zimmerman a target for every thug with a grudge. For that matter, the hype behind the Zimmerman case caused black-on-white violence all over the country as groups of young black males attacked white people “for Trayvon” ( Any idiot can see where the state’s attorney waved a red flag in front of a million bulls in the Zimmerman case, and that was AFTER local cops decided Zimmerman defended himself and BEFORE the state pressed charges. Why is the official response the complete opposite in this case? The only answer I can think of is that the shooter is a protected species by the government’s definition, which means he is either wealthy AND influential or a cop.

  4. Freeman Says:

    Quote: Well, I’m not dumb but I can’t understand
    Why she walk like a woman and talk like a man
    Oh my Lola, lo lo lo lo Lola, lo lo lo lo Lola:end quote.

  5. Not Surprised Says:


    You are not a monopoly nor a curiosity. Former and current LE post here and are respected for their civility and contributions. They neither toe the party line nor go obviously overboard as to make themselves suspect.

    We are not all miscreants with limited intellect here. You would do well to tone down the condescension if you expect anything back but derision. In short you can do better.

    You can do better but you choose not to because your anonymity affords you that protection. If there is any site on the internet that allows dissent, this is it. At the very least you should respect the concept and whose house you are in.

    if this is asking too much then I apologize for wasting your time and misjudging you. You claim to have been a law enforcement professional.

    How about a little less enforcement and more professionalism?

  6. DesertH-D Says:

    GF0302 – Out-Fucking-Standing! One post don’t make me automatically jump on a guy’s bandwagon, but that was one hell of a start. I hope you post some more.

    (I apologize if you’ve posted elsewhere and I missed it, this is the first I recall seeing your handle.)

  7. RLG Says:

    I’ll say it again, in the future the IOMC will be talked about like the Titanic.

  8. RtC Says:

    @GFO302 DAMN, that was RIGHTEOUSLY WRITTEN! But like Phuquehed said…..
    Lol is still looking up words from your 1st sentence.
    Thanks for adding to the intelligence that is generally here(until these
    io douche-bags chime in) Truly enjoyed your post, and NO, it wasn’t too
    RESPECTS to the REAL

  9. rollinnorth Says:

    Well said!

    Indeed, jj, indeed they are.

    A troll thinks I am a genius; what a day, what a day! Perhaps Lola will follow President Nixon’s example, 40 years ago tonight, and go away.

    Now, I must remember, I will not feed the troll, I will not feed the troll, I will not feed the troll…


  10. Phuquehed Says:

    @GF0302 – Man, that was fuckin’ nice! Unfortunately every bit of it went over lol-the-fucktards head. He’s leo/ex-leo and they’re fucking idiots to the nth, as shown by his post that came following yours a little later. he absolutely refuses to understand what he’s posting and just seems to blather about anything that he doesn’t seem to like. Even now he’s damn near denying he’s written/posted anything derogatory about *anything*…a backpeddling pig (imagine the comic poster of *that*!).

  11. jj solari Says:

    a cop from massachusetts: the supreme beings of the Cops Are Cement-Headed Assholes Law Enforcement Sorority.

  12. Lol Says:

    Rebel, I have a friend that worked up here in Plymouth and moved down there, he DOES NOT have personal knowledge of the investigation and other than to say that over 75 people were interviewed and that there is cel phone video that has been processed. You have your own sources maybe they can verify that

  13. Lol Says:

    Also rebel can probably verify I am on Cape Cod or worst case that I am in Mass

  14. Rebel Says:

    Dear Lol,

    What videos?


  15. Lol Says:

    Rollinnorth, you must be a Mensa member, I have admitted more than once to being a retired LEO

  16. Lol Says:

    To the person from Mass, yes I live in Bourne and could name quite a few friends that hung at the Port O Call bar, and had many a good night there, so obviously I am close to Fall River. So Mr Hilltopper, I am not a member of ANY club, seems to me you see IO members in the shadows, maybe you should go talk to them, from their website they have quite a few chapters in the southcoast.

    To the Marine, I have hung around with many patch holders, as I stated, men from all types of clubs and there are good and bad in all clubs, I would never say otherwise. If you’d like me to answer anything specific I would love to, I am retired LEO, have many friends on both sides. I do NOT claim to know anything other than what was posted in the news regarding the incident in Florida and m willing to wait for the official report to come out. That is a major difference in our beliefs, I have no proof or any even indication that there is any type of conspiracy. I agree with your assessment about finding “brotherhood” to match that in the military, that is why I went into law enforcement when I EOS’d from 29 Palms in the 80’s. I would venture to guess me and you wore some of the same dirt and could probably have a good conversation on this. I have no problem with rebel posting whatever opinion he has on this incident, hell I am posting in his house so obviously I read his site. I think that the facts WILL COME OUT, but if they do not come out how this site and its posters want them there will be all kinds of “cover-up” talk even though there is Many witnesses, and several video’s of exactly what happened. When these videos are released, then people will post “believe me not your own 2 eyes” that is what bothers me. I have read a ton of Angels articles and other than this one subject he is outstanding, he obviously has an agenda (as do most of the posters here). If this was cold blooded
    Murder then the defendant should serve life, if it was self defense then he should be able to move on with his life. There are two things I believe in 1. Our service men and women (and veterans) 2. Law enforcement (yes there are scumbags in the profession I retired from
    Just like any other) and the only thing I have seen this far is the shooter is a serviceman, and the LE agency has sent there investigation to the states atty general, do you honestly believe that there is this huge conspiracy between the Local PD and the states Atty Generals independent investigator???? You can believe it or not but MOST local PD’s cannot stand the state investigators or states atty offices….. Remember this, I have never threatened anyone on this site. I will leave that up to the legit tough guys like Mr. Spindle City

  17. Mag Says:

    @GF0302 – Goddamnit, that was epic. And perfect. Thanks for the opportunity to invest part of my life in reading it. I’m better for reading it. Respect to you.

  18. John Deaux Says:

    Damn man, now you made that idiot feel special, some of those might be too big for him to comprehend, sorry Lol that means to understand.
    Anyway I’m out for the weekend, get away from the keypad and get some riding in.
    Respect sent.

  19. Base Says:

    It appears the commenter lol and others like him who have been commenting on this site, Be they IO members or fans & defiantly the IO officers have a heavy dose of abnegation.

    Wonder how they will hold up once reality catches up with them.

  20. rollinnorth Says:

    Casual Observer:
    Good point.

    The more this Lola trolls, the more I smell bacon, who probably doesn’t even live in Mass., and is a disciple of Steve Cook.


  21. Dave Says:


    Wait.. Are you saying that Izod might be in reality a platypus? That would explain a lot!


    You’re funny. Don’t quit your day job though. I hear the demand for quality fluffers is quite low.

  22. Badger62 Says:

    @Oldskewl said: “It’s not the other clubs they are trying to impress (except for the riding clubs)”
    No disrespect intended Oldskewl,I am a member of an RC and I am not impressed, lol. More disgusted than anything else I would say. Our RC went to the COC so that we could go through the proper channels per the protocols that we all know exist. We were asked to make a few changes to the patch and after that were on our way. These asshats didnt even have to go that far, just go with a 1 or 2 piece patch and there most likely wouldnt be an issue. They intentionally wanted to show disrespect because they know when shit gets rough, they just pull out the badge or call their cop buddies. I know im not saying anything that hasnt been said a thousand times to these idiots, but i will take my turn banging my head against the wall anyway. Its so simple… give respect, get respect. I wouldnt put a fake 1% diamond on and expect that noone is going to get upset or approach me about it. These guys are doing all they can to provoke and I have no doubt that there is an alterior motive.

    @Zombie said “We were just riding and these muppets showed up with a police escort and proceeded to tell us we couldn’t use the same road as them.”
    This is exactly the point. I have never had or heard of anyone, having this issue with any 1% club or any other type of club for that matter. I have had a 1% club ride through where i was getting gas to see what my patch was, wave and carry on, and i have have been surrounded by a club while waiting for some friends, only to have them introduce themselves and invite me to a party.
    As has been said a million times, these guys are just weekend warriors with their bully cop attitude giving real clubs and ALL bikers a bad name.

    Thank you Rebel for all you do!

    Respects to all the real.

  23. GF0302 Says:

    @Lol: First let me establish my bona fides; I am a 35+ Marine veteran (both officer/enlisted service with no break in service – a Mustang for my USMC brothers)- so I’m guessing I was protecting the country/community (from VN to IRQ/AFG) when you were likely still sucking tit! And because it is, apparently, so important to you (but not for anyone with any common sense), I have two Master degrees; one from Cal State in Humanities and one in Strategy and Policy from the Naval War College; and most importantly for this discussion – I AM A PATCHHOLDER; in a REAL MC.

    NO one on this forum disputes your ‘right’ to disagree with Rebel or the others; it is that you are not entitled to your discounting his reporting without fact to back your premise(s). You see the DoD directives referencing DOJ/State listing for OMGs, but you deny they are true or dismiss them as unclear – I am thinking you are the only one confused on this… You claim unsubstantiated knowledge of what “really” happened in FL – assumedly based on media that cites only police reports or individuals either not of the culture or only affiliated with IO (guess that is redundant) – never questioning motives or access – yet challenging Rebel who actually investigates. No problem, evidently, with why the ‘gag’ order on witnesses or recognizing that these media folks also told you that our President didn’t bow to the Saudi king, apologize for America; or that Trayvon Martin was “just a small boy going out for candy and a drink.” See any trend, here?

    I live in FL; and this I DO know: A biker who believed in living as a biker died (respects to Nas “T,” his brothers and family); NO evidence (to date) that the confrontation physically involved MORE than the one killed and the coward who from initial reports got scared of an ass-whooping. No police report (different from a media release), no medical report, no witness reports except the statements that night of a military-trained Field medical proficient Corpsman who treated the victim and refutes the police report on number of rounds fired. Your sources?

    You don’t comprehend that the folks commenting on this site have often direct experience with this poser club by action and wide -ranging observance of their actions nationally (most are NOT armchair commandoes as you like to insinuate. While IO might act differently in MASS, the folks here are commenting on their activities, posturing and inciting writings throughout the nation — the consensus is that they are frauds and hypocrites – not what they ‘claim’ to be or want to be (Here in west FL, we get to hear it straight from the ‘great an powerful’ IZOD to observe and laugh at…) Consensus is that, in the IO, we have a club with felons and cops living together (on purpose, don’t give me the ‘we know who they are in our club’ BS — infiltration is different from invitation) and you see NO conflict in legality, compromise of LE oaths, contradiction of promised civil liberties, or likelihood of planned police overreach – because they say they’re law-abiding and their cops, right? At the same time, you are comfortable condemning entire clubs as criminal enterprises based on individual actions (guilty by association), but apparently give a pass to any police department, church, or legislature from criminality regardless of how many ‘rogues’ commit crimes or corrupt acts. In these cases you accept them as mere anomalies – no inconsistencies there!

    Instead of your standard, unsupported sanctimonious rants why not expound on these questions: Why the State attorney in this case, who is the SAME one that broadcast George Zimmerman’s name, audio interrogations, and booking photos all over the net/media after the police had determined self-defense, is so close-mouthed about this purported ‘open and shut’ self-defense case? Can you give me any other instance where a fatal shooting occurred and the shooter’s identity was protected unless he was, a police snitch/paid informant or a LEO? Do you think if a biker shot a citizen (even a thug like Trayvon Martin)because his nose was bloody, his identity wouldn’t be everywhere (oh, wait, we know the answer to that already)! As you claim intimate knowledge of our world, other than Wikipedia or Gangland, any personal experience with patch holders committing actual crimes on BEHALF of their club (more than “bar bluster” from ‘back in the day?’)? Most importantly, have you read any of Rebel’s books and found anyone/any information to refute his sources/contentions that demonstrate that this type of legal ‘setup’ is not unique?

    My assessment from reading your comments are that you are, like the IO members I have engaged, pompous and self-righteous; opinionated, but not knowledgeable of reality. To hear your self-proclaimed ‘expertise’ on who controls what; talk of COC being a front for the dominants; of how you don’t need ‘permission’ because of what you did for all of us, etc…is ludicrous coming from someone who has never lived (not just been around) or understands the underlying drivers of this life (you can put six guns on a clown, but that don’t make ’em cowboys!). As to your “1% acquaintances (especially those now in the IO)” I am suspect as to whether they are just righteous brothers that ‘saw the light,” and share their lessons forthrightly with those who haven’t had the fortitude to face the challenge of this way of life.

    The BL TRUTH: I am in a club precisely BECAUSE I served this nation. I am now surrounded by true Brothers who will ‘have my back’ in good and bad – the EXACT same thing that attracted me to the Corps. In my time in the Corps, no matter how many ‘squids, dogs, or zoomies,’ we didn’t run; conversely, you F*** with one of us, you take us all on…sound familiar? NO WHERE ELSE in civilian world are you going to get this – except maybe as a cop – not a Church, not the ELKS, or Moose, or the American Legion. I admit it, after my last firefight, I needed that bond again, to be able to trust brothers in a world that seeks only self-gratification and aggrandizement. If you truly served in anything beyond the chow hall, maybe you understand; if not, then nothing I say a ‘grunt’ in the field will make you comprehend that level of closeness.

    @Rebel, sorry for the rant – but I am sick of folks who ignorantly comment on ‘knowing the life’ when all they ever have done is viewed it from a distance – observers, not participants. A lot like the folks who know war because they once talked to veteran….or deserve respect JUST because they served.


  24. Oldskewl Says:

    Fact is, the everyday Joe Blow doesn’t know the first thing about an MC outside of what the see on the TV and the IO uses that to act like something they are not.

    They could have just as easily worn a 2PP and scared the locals with their scary faces and loud bikes but they chose a different route and unfortunately for them they chose one that disrespected the outlaw community.

    If you ask me this is about money more than anything else. If you collect $200 per member that’s $700k with 3500 members. Add to that monthly dues of $20 that’s $70k a month.
    I don’t think Ihop would have gotten the membership numbers he has without the 3PP… Men today want something for nothing and that’s precisely what you get with IO. You get the outlaw patch without working for it. It’s not the other clubs they are trying to impress (except for the riding clubs), it’s the average guy who doesn’t know any better.

    That’s my 2 cents.


  25. CN Says:

    Yesterday afternoon an Author who writes books about his motorcycle journeys around the country stopped by my place so we rode to the local Road House to get some chow and shoot the shit after which he got on his bike and continued on towards the Atlantic Coast. He started his latest journey in California and had logged just north of five thousand miles thus far. The subject of Clubs came up and we shared our lifetime experiences with various ones and it was all pretty positive until I brought up the IO. So, here’s a guy who rides all over America for the love of riding and then writes about it and has encountered the vast majority of the various Clubs that are out there and the only “Club” (I use that term very lightly), that he’s got truly bad vibes off of on a consistant basis is the IO. I think that speaks volumes. I did not lead the conversation towards that end, didn’t bad mouth the IO, for all he knew I could have been one of their best friends but this very honest and stand up guy from LA, without hesitation called a spade a spade.

    I won’t attempt to explain anything to LOL because I still live by “If I have to expalin, you won’t understand”. That may seem too simplistic but what I was taught early on continues to serve me well.


  26. FTIO Says:

    So LOL (IS that what people do when they see you in person?) You live in Mass is it anywhere near Fall River? Every scum sucking IO faggot allways makes a fake profile and tries to sway opinion about their club by saying “I have nothing to do with them but you guys should just let them be”. Way to have conviction.

  27. Mag Says:

    @Lol – “Due to my job I have met you a million times Dave, you’re the kind if guy that insults, and makes threats when he has an audience, but in a one on one situation you would be quiet and try to be friendly.”

    What is your job?

  28. Lol Says:

    Dave, do u not see the idiocy in your statement? (Probably not) it is YOU that is the wanna be Internet tough guy, it is guys like YOU that are church mice in real life. Due to my job I have met you a million times Dave, you’re the kind if guy that insults, and makes threats when he has an audience, but in a one on one situation you would be quiet and try to be friendly. Trust me knuckleheads like you have never phased me, it is the person that just sits and listens that is the one to be concerned with, NOT loudmouth punks like you, so if your insults make you feel better about your inner fears, so be it, have at it.

    As for another post, NO I do NOT think those who agree with Angel are sychophants, everyone is allowed their own opinion, that is the difference between me and many of you idiots, I served this nation and my community to ensure everyone has that right. It is some of you that would take away opinions of others that do not mirror your own.

    Rebel has alot of interesting reading, I merely disagree with his coverage of this singular subject, again MY RIGHT TO DO SO.
    And to the person that says “the dominant club depends on the area”. No it doesn’t, thus state has had a dominant club since the 80’s when one of the big clubs came in and shit down most of the smaller 1% clubs, yes there is a presence of 2 of the “top 5” in Mass and it would appear there is “a challenge to the crown” so to say coming, but anyone around here or in Mass knows who the dominant club has been for 30 years

  29. One Eye Says:

    @lol: Let’s sit back and see how the prosecutions of the other two or three incidents unfold and compare them to the IO shooting in Florida. Let’s see how tenacious the investigations proceed and the naming of those charged in the altercations. If you mention Rebel’s bias in one direction, in all fairness, you have to mention your bias in the opposite direction. It’s also very simple as to how the IOMC can be labelled “wannabes” and and OMG. The people who attach these labels are as antithetical as your opinion and most everyone else’s on this forum. The people on this forum loathe the term “gang” so it would be authority who affix that label and those in the lifestyle term them otherwise. There’s no mystery to multiple titles or opinions on one subject; many people and organizations that have more than one title, good, bad or indifferent. You may as well broach religion or politics; you sure as hell won’t change any minds and no one is going to change yours.

  30. sickjay Says:

    LOL @tomo, I was thinking the same thing, I had a friend from a local street gang tell me one of his shot callers was gay, and would easily beat many people in fights, and then tell them they just got beat up by a “fag” to add insult to injury.

  31. panamaa Says:

    lol say’s; “I feel honored you felt the need to address me specifically.”

    Gezzzz, Rebel, I fear you’ve awakened a giant turd….

  32. Paladin Says:

    I may be too far into my cups, but I’ve come to the realization that the Platypus and the io have quite a bit in common.

    Let’s review:

    The Platypus has webbed feet, lays eggs, and has a Duck’s bill, but it doesn’t quack.

    The io sports a three-piece patch, they admit felons, some of their members commit crimes, go to jail / prison, become felons, but they insist they’re a law abiding MC.

    The Platypus has the tail and fur of a Beaver, but doesn’t pal around with a Moose or have its own cartoon show.

    The io insists it’s not a cop club, but at least half its members are cops, some of their club houses can be found next to, or near police stations.

    The Platypus has poisonous spines on its back feet.

    Some io members wear a Maltese cross, signifying they’re carrying a firearm.

    By nature, the Platypus is a bottom feeder, so is the io.

    At this point, it should be more than obvious that the io should shit can the Monkey and adopt the Platypus as their center patch.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  33. Tomo Says:

    Zombie said “…We were just riding and these muppets showed up with a police escort and proceeded to tell us we couldn’t use the same road as them…”
    That immediately threw up images of Putin’s ‘Night Wolves MC’ in Russia in my mind.

    Another thing, and I understand if you want to verbally punch me for saying this, being in your room and all, but can you stop comparing gay people to the IO members? It’s insulting to those of the homosexual persuasion. If there’s one thing I know about gays, they know the difference between real and fake (especially in clothes) and they’d be outraged to think they’re being compared to a fake outfit.

  34. StrategyIsZen Says:

    Rebel – yes!

    The postmodern fakeness about IO also corresponds to a 4GW tactic (propaganda.)

    “The concept of Fourth-generation warfare as presented by Lind et al. is characterized by a return to decentralized forms of warfare, blurring of the lines between war and politics, combatants and civilians due to nation states’ loss of their near-monopoly on combat forces, returning to modes of conflict common in pre-modern times.”

    Rebel, I like how you pointed out three generations of the culture, and I propose that it is possible that there have also been three different generations of LE tactics used in attempts to take down the culture. Starting on G2W – that would put things at G4W right now.

    This is especially true to the extent that many LE, appear to be ex-military. It’s not like they don’t know what G4W is. Those military strategies, used politically – also work well to suppress entire cultures and social movements.

    Operation COINTELPRO is an example.

    I think that is what the handlers for IO are trying to do here. Instead of actually fighting crime, they use propaganda to brand entire groups as “criminal,” then just “fight them” like shooting fish in a barrel. I agree that they are a sign of the times, I also personally think there is an unseen hand guiding them. It’s not a righteous hand.

    Just my two cents. Much respect.


  35. Dave Says:

    Something Rebel wrote sparked a response. It was the comment about these new clubs being something one buys, not feels.

    If I ever join a club (and the desire is ever there, though the body just isn’t fully able), I want it to be because I like them, they like me, and we can trust each other. I want to know that those guys have my back and I want them to know that I have theirs. That as busted up as I am, I’ll take hits for them instead of letting some wannabe bad-asses smack talk and disrespect any of us.

    I’d like to go through the process of hang-around, to probate/prospect, to full member by virtue of them WANTING me to be in the club – not because I order a kit through a website.

    I somewhat agree with Sutter – It’s not TV, it’s oppression that makes men want to do these things and join these clubs. I’m sick of government trying to lock my nuts in a vice and tell me what I am allowed to do. If they want that, give my an orange jumpsuit at least (which is exactly what they want to do with all free thinkers).

    And I’m sick of real life drama over nothing, things that the new generation spaz’s out on and fawns over that a real man simply finds beneath him (or gay). These IOMC guys like drama. Sutter has got a good drama. So they see it and want to be ‘that’ sort of drama and play at being bad-asses not realizing that it’s not about being a bad-ass. It’s about being a “man”.

    And while many don’t like that Sutter is a part of the culture of motorcycling, even those who don’t like him have to acknowledge that he’s more of a biker than any of the Iron Order guys. And that itself says a lot about the IOMC.

    And this Lol clown… He’s just another loud-mouthed wannabe tough guy who uses the internet to talk shit to real men right before he logs off to go suck his boyfriend’s cock and coo how impressive it is while deep down inside wishing he had some balls.

  36. jj solari Says:

    lol is a holster sniffer. i can smell the smarmy duplicitous boy semen seeping from his nostrils. i wouldnt trust the fucker as far as i could throw oprah winfrey’s ass. he’s as transparently vapid and empty as evaporating smoke. every letter he types makes my fucking skin crawl. he’d nauseate the bugs off a corpse by entering the graveyard. he has the vibrational emanations of a cast out pariah trying to get even via a treakly dance of fey insouciance and feigned innocence. his corpse will never rot because bacteria wont approach it. he will probably be hailed an incorruptible saint by the world’s police departments as a result. a statue will be built to him by law enforcement in the shape of a dung log and he will be adored as the god of shit.

  37. Loser Says:

    I get the impression people like Lol consider those of us that agree with Rebel to be sycophants. I also get the impression people like Lol consider themselves be realists, bright beacons of truth educating the uncivilized masses. I have no doubt people agree with Rebel not because he is critical of the bullshit and exposes the truth within the motorcycle culture, but because he is critical of the bullshit and exposes the truth within the motorcycle culture. With all the propaganda about MCs these days, Rebel is one of the few people trying to set the record straight. And considering I am a cynical about all journalists, that’s saying something.

  38. shootfirst Says:


    I guess you haven’t really read all of the articles on this site. I’m not sure what shootings you are referring to but there are definitely two different articles that were written here about two different shootings that have occurred after the murder of Zack Tipton.

    Regarding the following quote:

    “they’re a cop club, as long as they stay out of our shit we don’t give a fuck about them”

    Do you not realize that what they have done around the country does exactly that? They walk around impersonating righteous people and give them a bad name. Not only do they misrepresent what this lifestyle is about, they tell everyone who has been doing it longer than them to fuck off. Respect is the biggest aspect of this world and they just don’t seem to get it.

    I’m not worried though. Once Sons of Anarchy goes off the air, these people will fade back into the boring suburban lives that they once had.

  39. T hell Says:


    As someone who has followed your rants and raves for several years without comment I can only say congratulations you fucking nailed it, with this simple little post you have hit upon the hidden idiosyncrasies of the IO that have not been brought out before. From Gopro cameras to facebook the IO is at the forefront of the look at me generation, where attention is valued much more highly than brotherhood, nowadays everybody wants to be somebody and the members of the IO think their somebody special why else would they post all the foolish crap that is repeated so often on the “hater” sites.

  40. Casual Observer Says:

    The Dominant Club/Gang in any State hasn’t ever changed Its The Police

  41. rollinnorth Says:

    Nice work, Rebel, as usual.

    This troll, Lola, is typical; trying to walk back all its BS.
    As for “the dominant club here in Massachusetts,” that depends on how far south, north or west of Boston you live.


  42. Lol Says:

    Oh. And I do get a laugh out of the video’s you post after your articles. You do have a good sense of humor if nothing else

  43. Lol Says:

    Oh. And I do get a laugh out of the video’s you post after your articles. You do have a good sense of humor if nothing else

  44. Lol Says:

    Rebel, I would love to debate you on a few things posted here the last few years, but you do not seem to desire an open discussion or debate. Which is fine, this is your house not mine. So you set the rules. Again fine. It is very disconcerting to see some things that are just blatantly incorrect and spoken as though gospel. I feel honored you felt the need to address me specifically. I have friends that are members. Also have friends that belong to “cop clubs” that wear the “LE” patch, also have friends that are full patch members of the dominant club here in Massachusetts. You claim the IOMC is seeking attention. I really do not see that (it may be different in California so I will not presume to know what goes on in your neck of the woods) What I do see by doing simple google search is their website, various chapter websites, and in addition to actual IOMC sites, your site, and a “hate page” pop up. Since the Florida altercation which led to the shooting of a member of the BPMC, there have been at least 2 other shootings in the continental United States, as well as a major fight between clubs, none of these 3 incidents have included any IOMC members. You have mentioned these incident in between articles about the IOMC. You obviously have an agenda, you do not believe (as many of your readers) that the IOMC has a right to exist (you are consistent because it seems you do not believe cop clubs should exist either) I guess that is where we have a divergence in our beliefs. The funny thing is in the area where I reside. (As I said, Massachusetts) the members of the 1% world that I know don’t give 2 shits about the IOMC, I have been told when asked, “they’re a cop club, as long as they stay out of our shit we don’t give a fuck about them” it seems that never members (or former members) care more about their existence than actual patch wearing 1% club members. Again, I can only speak to the area I live and the people I know, again I won’t presume to know what goes on in other areas of the country……..

  45. Nashville Says:

    Great article Rebel. I write for a living – technical bullshit day in day out. I’m blown away by what you can pack into a sentence. My loyalty lies with my local version-one club. Fuck the IO and justice for Tipton.

  46. Art J Says:

    If I remember right –Eddie Haskell is or was a cop in real life. Not one of these idiots though.

  47. RLG Says:

    “The Iron Order looks like a cop club that has quickly grown large by recruiting many Sons of Anarchy fans and active duty servicemen.”

    I lol’d right there Rebel!

    @Lol, google ‘false dichotomy’

  48. Bill Says:

    They can be total posers, and in pretending to be “bikers” shoot people in fist fights. This stupidity “earns” them the “cred” of (fake) OMG status, in the minds of the under-informed and easily alarmed authorities who wish to bring these fools under control. They are not “true OMG”, but they seem like it, to some, the aforementioned “military commanders” among them. If you fake something hard enough, you will be considered the real thing by some who don’t really know what “the real thing” amounts to. In this case, OMG here is not being applied as a compliment, by peers, as the iomc has no peers in the OMG world. The term “OMG” here is applied as a pejorative by the narrow-minded authorities who think shooting someone during a fist fight qualifies as an OMG.
    Any such association between the iomc and the true OMG world is an insult to OMG, and a testament to the poser power of this embarrassing gaggle of wannabes.

  49. jj solari Says:

    eddie haskell rules.

  50. Zombie Says:

    I don’t get this whole iron order phenomena , I’m a biker and do my thing and mind my own business. I ride a friggin BMW and these asshats went out of there way to have a confrontation with myself and a friend whose also on a bmw.
    We were just riding and these muppets showed up with a police escort and proceeded to tell us we couldn’t use the same road as them. I figure I pay my taxes and shit and I hate bullies and told them to fuck off. So we were warned of all sort of dire consequences which bored the ever living shit out of me and then the badge pulling started, well my riding partner is a lawyer and quickly disabused them of any notion of intimidation tactics.
    My reason for posting here is simple, I looked up these fools and ended up here.
    I’m a geezer and back in my youth road a rigid pan/shovel and know the score and have been around clubs with nary a problem , show respect get respect.
    Sorry for the long post but I feel it’s important to show how out of control these idiots are.
    Anyhow very nice site to rebel, your writing resonates with a lot of bike guys I know as we have all been reading it. Your road trip articles are pure motorcycling gold.
    Best to you etc

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