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August 7, 2014

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Coverage of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club provokes numerous comments. Earlier today, a commenter who identified himself as Lol, spelled just like that, responded to a story titled “The Iron Order Outlaw Motorcycle Gang” by demanding to know:

“So is the IOMC a poser club or OMG? Please make up your tiny minds. They cannot be both. EITHER they ARE an OMG or they are a poser, wannabe OMG, I know the word ‘contradiction’ is not easy for many of you, but maybe with my help you can now google the definition!!! I will use it in a sentence for you!! It is a contradiction to say the IOMC is a poser, cop club, then attempt to label them an OMG.”

Lol’s argumentative comment deserves a response and rather than bury that response in the comments section of this page, The Aging Rebel is answering it here.

Dear Lol

The Iron Order looks like a cop club that has quickly grown large by recruiting many Sons of Anarchy fans and active duty servicemen.

Like most commenters on this page who want to protect the Iron Order from scrutiny, you twist what is written here for dramatic effect. Like every other ongoing story that I cover, I try to get as much as possible on the record. I will continue to get as much as I can about the Iron Order on the record because I know the people who read this site are  much more diverse than the people who comment here.

The Iron Order seems to be inherently self-destructive – which explains its growing list of enemies and perceived enemies.

About three years ago Jason Nark and William Bender of the Philadelphia Daily News wrote, “Authorities say that the soaring popularity of the Sons of Anarchy TV show – the most watched in FX’s history – could be contributing to a disturbing trend: Weekend warriors, no longer content to simply ride together, are forming small motorcycle clubs and dabbling in the outlaw lifestyle.”

The Inquirer piece went on to quote Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood Sr. who called the new clubs “wannabes.”

Twilight of the Outlaws

Kurt Sutter, the outspoken producer of Sons of Anarchy, replied to the article by saying, “people are going outlaw because of oppressive economic times not because of a fucking tv show. Don’t blame me for your inability to protect.”

At the time the Daily News ran Nark and Bender’s piece, I was already anticipating a book called The Twilight of the Outlaws. I had begun to give the evolution of motorcycle clubs some thought and I had begun thinking in terms of what I was then calling Version One, Two and Three clubs. Version One clubs emerged after WWII. Version Two clubs emerged during and immediately after Vietnam. And, Version Three clubs were the mushrooms that appeared as a result of both the Middle Eastern Wars and the commodification of the outlaw world – a commodification that is apparent in both genuine Harley-Davidson shot glasses and Sons of Anarchy.

The Iron Order epitomizes Version Three clubs. Version three clubs are more something people might buy than something people might feel, something more like a shirt or a wig than a tattoo. And because Version Three clubs are new there is no real consensus about what they are. The things people are going to say about any Version Three club are dependent on who is doing the talking: A cop or reporter in Philly, a television show runner, an old school outlaw or you.

The most immediate interesting thing about the Iron Order is that the club appears bent on destroying itself and the lives of at least some of its members. That’s why people get worked up about the club. The Iron Order is a must see psychodrama with equal parts delusion and malice. Personally, I think the delusion is more entertaining than the malice.

I think, for example, that it is deluded to demand that the Iron Order must be universally regarded as either an OMG or a wannabe club. I don’t think the “either/or” logical construction is particularly relevant here. Obviously, many cops believe the Iron Order is a “law abiding motorcycle club” which is how the club brands itself to cops – as the Eddie Haskell of motorcycle clubs. Provably, some military commanders and at least one ATF analyst see the Iron Order as an outlaw motorcycle gang. That is the line of reasoning that goes, “If it quacks it’s a duck.” Old school outlaws see the Iron Order as a pack of punks.

The essentially postmodern nature of the Iron Order means the club, like John Barth’s Floating Opera or the beast the proverbial three blind men tried to describe, cannot be accurately summarized as simply one thing. The Iron Order is a phenomena full of apparent contradictions and ironies.

Ironically, Iron Order members and officers demand constant attention. Most motorcycle clubs avoid scrutiny. The Iron Order insists that it be scrutinized. The club motto should be “Look At Us!” So of course, in the aftermath of the Iron Order murder in Florida, people are looking. Of course people are reading your words. The inconsistency is not that the Iron Order is described both as a tribe of dilettantes and a pack of criminals. The inconsistency is that the Iron Order demands scrutiny and then its members complain bitterly when their club gets it.


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  1. Rebel Says:

    Dear Nark,

    My sincere apologies.


  2. Nark Says:

    I write for the Philadelphia Daily News, not the Inquirer.

  3. Ol'Goat Says:

    Your post kinda sums up my whole “beef” with masonry and, of course, IO.
    Thanks for that.

  4. rollinnorth Says:

    “A retired LEO” living on the Cape; talk about dying and going to Hell.

  5. Catfish-OCNY Says:

    Loser, you nailed it dude.

  6. Sohn Says:

    Oh Lol,
    I think the articles are right on. The Iron Order are hypocrites. In case you need to look it up;
    Main Entry: hyp·o·crite
    Pronunciation: \ˈhi-pə-ˌkrit\
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Middle English ypocrite, from Anglo-French, from Late Latin hypocrita, from Greek hypokritēs actor, hypocrite, from hypokrinesthai
    Date: 13th century
    1 : a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion 2 : a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings
    — hypocrite adjective
    Notice the word “contradiction” in the definition. I think you all should print up a special patch and where it, it could be your “Red Badge of Courage”, to go along with your “Licensed to Kill” attitudes.

  7. Viking 1%er Says:

    Hey shithead I happen to be from Mass as well and I can tell ya you got your shit fucking backwards. Especially since Tipton got murdered and nothing happened people in the 1% world give a shit about these fucking posers. Take the IO cock out of your mouth and ass and go the fuck back under whatever rock you were under.

  8. Wookiee Says:

    @Glenn S
    You are entirely right, there is no “yes, but” in this situation. They are handling this case differently than any I can recall them doing. I have seen cases involving on duty LEO that have had more answers in a shorter amount of time than this. There may be other cases that have not, I can only say I have no personal knowledge of them. The only one that comes to mind that is close to this was the shooting of an Angel at a funeral, I don’t recall many details except that things were pretty hush hush at the outset, but I believe they gave out more information within short order, please forgive me I don’t recall many details past the initial report on that.
    I don’t condone the blanket of silence that has been thrown over this case, I personally believe it is causing more problems and is frankly just wrong

  9. Glenn S. Says:

    Wookiee, a “reasonable competing view” is only reasonable if it makes sense. Consider the manner in which the authorities typically handle a homicide with victims they deem worthy and with killers they deem unworthy. Consider the manner in which the authorities handle any and all killings by on-duty LEO, whether controversial or not. Using common sense, answer the question: In which manner are the authorities handling the case we are discussing here? And if the answer to that question, for you, contains the words “yeah, but…”, a wise man once told be that everything after “yeah, but” is bullshit.

  10. Wookiee Says:

    What I have taken from Occam’s Razor is that while the simplest explanation is typically the answer, the possibility of another answer is still there and you should look at all reasonable explanations, if for no other reason than to eliminate them. That may be the wrong lesson to have learned from this principal but I consider it a legitimate way to view a situation.
    I do believe you are right Glenn S, I truly do, but I don’t consider myself to be doing the right thing if I don’t at least present a reasonable competing view even if it’s shot down immediately as wrong. I don’t do that to be difficult or disrespectful, it is just an ingrained habit.

  11. DesertH-D Says:

    Wookiee – I believe you have misunderstood the concept of Occam’s razor. Occam’s razor, when boiled down, just means “KISS method”. Which is, Keep It Simple, Stupid…
    (Not calling you stupid, that’s just the acronym.)

    Anyway, I believe Glenn S has laid out exactly the double standard, which illustrates the true point to be learned from Occam’s razor in this case. It’s really quite plain to see: “…the “who did it” matters more in the criminal justice system than the “what was done””.

    Quote credit again to Glenn S, for the most concise and clear explanation I’ve seen yet.

  12. Glenn S. Says:

    Or, put even more simply, they are treating this case exactly like they treat investigations about killings by on-duty LEO.

  13. Glenn S. Says:

    Wookiee, Occam’s Razor is the theory that the simplest explanation is the one most likely to be the correct explanation. (If it walks and quacks like a duck, it most likely is a duck and not a baby hippopotamus with a speech impediment.) And the simplest explanation is that the pigs, rather than charging one of their own or taking the heat for a cover-up, kicked the ball upstairs and the state’s attorney chose to continue the cover-up. Having no other options, the cover-up is being conducted by the simple expedient of saying nothing, while leaving the door open to cover their asses by conducting an “investigation” that will take weeks or months–plenty of time for, say, a cell phone video to hit you tube if one is out there. The lack of information coming from an office that has been prone to grandstanding in other homicide cases supports this explanation.

  14. Wookiee Says:

    @Glenn S
    I hope I did not come across seeming like I believed that the theory I put forth is the only answer. I put it forth because I try to look at all possible explanations whenever possible. In this case there is very little information that is out there, I have seem many conflicting stories and from what I understand two men fought, one shot and killed the other one and LE has put a lid on it unlike anything I have seen in a long time. People have put out theories about why the shooting happened and why the police are so tight lipped, I was only putting forth this idea for the sake of discussion based on the idea of Occam’s Razor

  15. Glenn S. Says:

    Wookiee said: “It is possible, remote but possible, that they believe releasing the shooters info could lead to some kind of violence and are leaning towards the extreme end of caution instead.”

    My point was that any idiot, even a state’s attorney/politician/bureaucrat/retard level idiot, could have foreseen that the gasoline-on-the-fire official responses to the Zimmerman/Trayvon fiasco could have negative, extralegal consequences to Zimmerman, his family, his attorneys, any sympathetic media outlets, and everybody in the USA of European ancestry but might also (unfairly) affect the outcome of the trial in their favor. And they chose to go that way in the Zimmerman case. It is disingenuous to suggest that oh NOW they know better, and are applying their newfound edification to the one case where releasing a shooters name and the circumstances might have negative consequences for the one shooter that just happens to be LEO or LEO affiliated. And I’d say its a no-brainer that when another case comes up where they can grandstand at the expense of an unpopular suspect, they will return to doing things exactly as they did with Zimmerman.

    The theory that the state’s attorney learned from her mistakes with Zimmerman and so chose to install a dome of silence just doesn’t pass the laughability test. Clearly, a double standard exists, not only as to who can shoot people and get away with it, but also who’s families are treated as respected victims and who’s are ignored by the public servants who draw paychecks that come from our pockets. Just as clearly, the “who did it” matters more in the criminal justice system than the “what was done”. There’s no way to spin it differently so they put up that dome of silence, which will disappear with the heralding of trumpets when it becomes advantageous to the political offices involved.

    Most of the regular posters here already knew these things about the system, both at a gut level and based on experience. But every now and then, an example of the duplicity of the law enforcement community comes along that is so blatant, so obvious, that it surprises even a cynic like me.

  16. RtC Says:

    @ Tio Pirata 1%er LMAO!!! At least the platypus serves a purpose.

    I kinda wonder if Lol isn’t the alter-ego of Jason. Both seem less
    educated than proclamation.

  17. Jim666 Says:

    GF0302 very well said,

    Tio Pirata, Lmao.

    LOL great name, because you sir, are a real Joke.
    I know for sure IO is not accepted or respected in Mass. or anywhere in the United States, fuck off !

  18. Tio Pirata 1%er Says:

    @GF0302 Well said that man
    Gentlemen, I am concerned we may be doing a disservice to platypuses.

  19. chromedome Says:

    @wookie they are definitely “protecting” his identity for whatever reason it may be but I dont think its because of the Zimmerman case.

    …support the tipton family…

  20. Wookiee Says:

    @Glenn S
    Respectfully, is it possible that lessons were learned from the fuck up that was the Zimmerman case? While I believe the right verdict was given in that case, everything before it and during it was a complete cock up of biblical proportions. It had far reaching consequences, I traveled to Detroit often and there were alot of angry people that made those trips interesting. General opinion by Prostitutors is that outlaws are dirty meth head violent assholes who would rape your grandma and slit your throat for your last quarter. It is possible, remote but possible, that they believe releasing the shooters info could lead to some kind of violence and are leaning towards the extreme end of caution instead.
    Now, I don’t believe that’s the reason but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s not what they believe or want others to believe

  21. Austin Says:

    @Nashville re:” I’m blown away by what you can pack into a sentence. ” Right?

    @Tomo re” If there’s one thing I know about gays, they know the difference between real and fake” Excellant point!! *snorts milk out nose”

    @Paladin re: ” adopt the Platypus as their center patch.” Dang! you nailed it!

    and Welcome to GFO302. Please post more.

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