The Iron Order Outlaw Motorcycle Gang

August 6, 2014

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Senior military officers continue to call the Iron Order Motorcycle Club an outlaw motorcycle gang or OMG.

The Iron Order is a fast growing and aggressive motorcycle club that has branded itself as a “law abiding motorcycle club.” According to the ATF, “The Iron Order is one of the fastest growing motorcycle clubs in the United States. Members wear a traditional three-piece patch with a State bottom rocker. The fact that they wear the State bottom rocker has infuriated the HAMC, Outlaws, Iron Horsemen, Pagans and Bandidos. More importantly, many of their members are police and corrections officers, active-duty military and/or government employees and contractors.”

Cop Club

Recently John C. Whitfield, one of the founders of the Iron Order was quoted as saying the club “was started by a former secret-service agent in 2004…. More than half of our guys are military or law enforcement.” Whitfield also identified an Iron Order member who is an ATF Agent in Oklahoma as a source of information for the club.

Many police officers in the United States seem to regard the Iron Order as a force for good in a Manichaean struggle with evil motorcycle clubs. The distinction between who is naughty and who is nice is convenient for the sorts of police who want to perfect America through the use of extra legal violence.

The idea that the Iron Order is somehow more law abiding than other motorcycle clubs has blatantly contaminated the stymied investigation of the murder of  Zachariah “Nas T” Tipton outside Nippers Beach Grille in Jacksonville Beach, Florida in late June. Tipton was a member of the Black Pistons Motorcycle Club. He was shot in the head and killed by a member of the Iron Order. The confessed killer was released by Jacksonville Beach police without being charged. His name and most details of the murder, including the medical examiner’s report, remain official secrets.

Camp Pendleton

Military commanders however, continue to see the Iron Order less ambiguously than policemen do. For example a document recently distributed to service members at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton threatened sailors and Marines who join the Iron Order with “administrative or disciplinary actions, including administrative separation or appropriate punitive action.” The document was issued under the authority of DOD Instruction 1325.06, titled “Handling Dissident and Protest Activities Among Members of the Armed Forces.”

The document defines Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs “as organizations whose members use their motorcycle clubs as conduits for criminal enterprise. The following motorcycle clubs are recognized by the DOJ and/or California state and local Law Enforcement Agencies as OMGs: The Bandidos, Black Pistons, Hells Angels, Mongols, Outlaws, Sons of Silence, Pagans, Vagos, Green Nation, Green Machine, Military Misfits, Filthy Bastards, Iron Order, Grunts MC, Brotherhood, Vietnam Vets, Devils Disciples, Legacy Vets, Peckerwoods, and Diablos. This list is inclusive of identified OMGs in the southern California area but may not include all others outside that region.”

The document specifically forbids active participation in any of those clubs and states that “Active participation includes, but is not limited to, fundraising; demonstrating or rallying; recruiting, training, organizing, or leading members; distributing material (including posting on-line); knowingly wearing gang colors or clothing; having tattoos or body markings associated with such gangs or organizations; or otherwise engaging in activities in furtherance of the objective of such gangs or organizations that are detrimental to good order, discipline, or mission accomplishment or are incompatible with military service.”

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183 Responses to “The Iron Order Outlaw Motorcycle Gang”

  1. Shovelhead Says:


    That wasn’t a comeback, just stating a fact.

  2. Victory1 Says:

    @annon and shovel is that the best comebacks, why does everyone of your insults have to be about sexual orientation. Might want to see professional about that. I am not a punk and I good with that are you?

    As far as rats, I have been locked up and I own my shit. I do not expect anyone to cover for me. I knew the risk and it is no one elses fault by mine. The cops did there job. There is no honor among thieves and I always here about clubs talking about brotherhood and how there is nothing worse than a rat. How many times when the feds come down it is every man for himself. Lets stop pretending and call a spade a spade. Even in Colorado shooting my understanding is 1% do not communicate with cops. So how the hell did the cops get banditos point of view or even the video turned in. Oh wait I guess if a 1% tells someone else to communicate to the police in there behalf it is ok. At least Iron Order are not claiming to not work with cops where as the clubs do claim they do not and how does that work out.

    My respect is not given because someone demands or thinks they deserve it. It is earned.

    Yeah you might be right I do not know anyone who rides with Iron Order, MC. Their might be a ton of disrespectful asses. I just hate that everyone talks trash about them being cops. In US history there has always been thin line between law enforcer and outlaws. The most dangerous gun fighters spent time on both sides. The club patch or badge does not make the man.

    “It is much easier to fight for ones principles than to live by them” Adler

  3. bcnasty Says:

    @victory 1
    the problem is they show like tuff guys and bitch up to fellow cops. If that was not the case they may have gained a little respect. They choose not too . Oh and before you go mouth spouting. Talk to a Blue Knight, they did exactly that. They come out and started wearing a patch. The difference is they remained cops and did not attempt to be something else and then be cops when shit hits the fan.
    See how they feel about I.O. You may get educated.
    Respects to those deserving.

  4. rw Says:

    Respect is given by those to which it is being shown. Give none get none. It cannot be demanded.
    Until the urine odor understands this they will always be sucking on the drain end of the piss trough

  5. Paladin Says:

    Victory1 Says:
    December 29, 2017 at 9:02 pm
    “So let me understand this motorcycle clubs were the orginal rebels and outlaws and now these so called tough outlaws are bitching and whining because the IO will not confirm or play by some arbitrary rules.”

    Obviously, there are concepts that are far beyond your level of comprehension. As has been said by those that dwell in apartment buildings; One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor.


  6. New England Rider Says:

    @Victory 1 –
    I understand what you are saying as a libertarian myself, but let me tell you a story. I’ve been to many a bike week, from Sturgis to Laconia. I’ve met several club members, from 1%-ers to weekend warriors. One year during Myrtle Beach Bike Week we were hanging out at a local watering hole when in walked the IO, a supposed club made up of “law enforcement”.
    I’m here to tell you that they were the biggest a-holes. I never felt more uncomfortable and threatened around any other club I’ve met and hung out with. Not the HA, AOA, or Pagans. The IO were a bunch of arrogant, rude, and aggressive assholes. Each one seemed looking for a fight at the slightest provocation. They used their status as LEO’s to intimidate and bully everyone at the bar. It was ridiculous and needless to say we didn’t stay long.
    So in my personal experience the supposed “good guys” behaved much worse than the “outlaws” they were supposed to chase. How can you respect that?

    Death is certain, life is not.
    New England Rider

  7. Shovelhead Says:


    Want to ride along with Rats, Fags & Cowards? Go for it…who cares, do whatever the fuck you want. Makes no difference to us!

    Now you and your new sand box boys can all go fuck your selves. Actually, you all probably will fuck each other!!

    Respect to the real 1%

    Oh yeah, Happy New Year

  8. Aanon Says:

    And tell the truth, you mean you would be happy to ride on one of their members. Take that both ways and it’s the same. Get it ? Oh I just bet you do. I started working on bikes at 8, I know so and so, bla bla. Dammit, I lost it… Oh ya, fuck you again. Sweet dreams twink

  9. Aanon Says:

    Good point victory1 good point. Merry late Kwanzaa, and a hearty fuck you. No, make that 2 helpings of fuck you. That’s all.

  10. Victory1 Says:

    So let me understand this motorcycle clubs were the orginal rebels and outlaws and now these so called tough outlaws are bitching and whining because the IO will not confirm or play by some arbitrary rules. Well good for the IO. As a liberatarian I say screw unnecessary rules. I for one support our law enforcement and appreciate them putting their life on the line every day. I also support our Veterans. I been riding and working on bikes since I was 11. Grew up in Hayward California around one of the most well known MC’s. Love bikes but I do not support raping, drug using, bullies which describes most 1% MC’s. A bunch of cry babies let them pout and go tell mommy. You know how to beat a bully, you do not fear them. The IO does not fear them. Boo freaking Hoo! They do not owe the 1%’s a thing and nor does society. I am not a member and ride alone but I would be happy to ride beside an IO member.

    “God created man but Smith and Wesson made the equal”

  11. stroker Says:

    @Eugene Bell: Coupla points: Custer didn’t “ride into a boxed canyon” he rode north along the river and made his last stand on what came to be known as “Last Stand Hill.” I’ve been there. Reno could be said to have become “boxed in”, but he did finally escape, albeit with heavy loses.

    I share your wishes for unity amongst our motorcycling “tribes.” The Indians didn’t come to be unified until the white man encroached upon their land. It was only then that tribes who had spent their previous history defending their “turf” were forced to band together in a coalition to fight the white eyes. Prior to that they would battle amongst themselves for women, horses, or land. Not so unlike the mindset of present day mc’s.

    Perhaps with the instant communication we have now, mc’s can finally join, and band together to fight the common foe….but unless and until the stubborn pride of individual mc’s gives way to a new way of thinking/surviving, we may be as doomed to lose our freedoms as the Native Americans did.

    I despair sometimes that this can happen.

    Support Rebel…..DONATE! Click the Links!

  12. Eugene Bell Says:

    I notice there are lots of things about societies of various kinds, how the perception of outsiders of those societies always get it wrong about how they live and think and how the are organized or not, like General Custer, and the U. S. Government, they thought the “indians” were a bunch of savages that had no idea about tactics, he was sent there to basically slaughter a bunch of women and children and it was going to be in the papers that Custer, who was jonesing for Presidential nomination would go on to be a hero again in the news papers. He found a very organized confederation of tribes that just sat and watched him ride into a boxed canyon.

    When asked by a newspaper reporter years after the Custer took his spanking, two of these racially inferior “indians” were asked what the battle was like, how did it go, how long did it last? Well, they didn’t tell time the same way as the master race so they could not come up with a word for the interpreter to tell how long the attack lasted. They finally decided to tell it in their own words, “the fight lasted long enough for a hungry man to eat a meal.”

    Profiling, it is sometimes a very bad mistake to underestimate. Bikers have a great thing going, I wish they would get a realization that they can get along together. They all believe in freedom, if all those that believe in freedom realize, when they put the patch on their back, they are putting a target on their back, and police target them because the society, of which they are a microcosm within, the government of that society often really does not approve of the congregating of sub-groups that might get ideas, they might come up with plots, they might become dangerous, so they label all of the various targets, to make sure they don’t get out of line and they come down on various groups in this subgroup, they even sometimes disguise some of their foot soldiers so they can blend into this subgroup. Perhaps all of the various tribes of bikers will learn from the chiefs of old, the chiefs of the various tribes that got together and challenged the authority of the Custer’s invaders to slaughter some women and children, to make him think that while they were all outside hunting and fishing and do what sub-human people have to do to feed their families, they were there organized, they were not fighting one another, they were not trying to rule over one another, they were not trying to take one another’s freedom to ride free, they were ready to defend against the IRON ORDER that had come to take the freedom of all of the tribes away.

  13. Paladin Says:

    @ Dasein

    Too bad I missed it. And you’re right, I don’t go to gay bars.

    Long May You Ride,


  14. Dasein Says:

    C Scout’s prior comment was apparently just deleted

  15. Dasein Says:

    “…setting beside…”? Pretty sure Paladin doesn’t frequent gay bars.

  16. Paladin Says:

    @ CAV SCOUT,



  17. Cav Scout Says:

    Much Respect to you Rebel, and all the other Vets on here. I wish we could all see past the difference’s I think we’re more alike than not

  18. Shovelhead Says:


    Funny these kids, who all of a sudden decide one day they want to be a Biker. So they Buy a motorcycle and go right out looking for a Club to join.
    They don’t have a clue as to what it’s all about, just think It looks cool!!
    They get into it for the wrong reasons….That’s where IO come in. All about Money and looking cool, Brotherhood doesn’t even come into the equation. They talk about Brotherhood because they think they’re supposed to. But is it real? I don’t think so. Too easy to get in and out to be any real dedication.

    They’ve completely skipped the part of living the Biker lifestyle long before being invited to ride with a Club. I didn’t join a Club until 1984, was riding, partying, going to Biker bars meeting club members, served in the Army, all that shit for years before becoming a Brother. I wasn’t even looking for a Club to join, I just became close to some members over the years. Hell, most of the Bikers I new then, were not in Clubs.
    You don’t have to wear a patch to be a Biker. But the small percentage of Bikers who do become patch holders have a dedication to each other that I have never seen anywhere else, Even the Army couldn’t compare to the loyalty of 1%er patch holders. There’s good and bad in every Club, but for the most part, there’s a love that can’t be broken. I am no longer in that Club, But still live the life.
    You young guys need to pay your dues first, If you don’t, It’ll never be real. Just another thing given to you that you like but don’t really respect.

    Respect to 1%ers

  19. Slycechyx Says:

    Posting from my phone, auto-correct sucks. Cav is a shitbird.

  20. Slycechyx Says:

    Cav is just a stubborn. Nothing more.

  21. Paladin Says:

    CAV SCOUT Says:

    July 20, 2017 at 7:57 pm
    “Give me some respect. I was wounded for our country. Everybody talks about respect, its a two way thing.”


    Congratulations on taking the star-ship “Pathetic” where no man has gone before.


  22. Stevo Says:

    Dear Boy Scout,

    You say the IO aren’t going anywhere? Maybe you can explain why they had 400 members at their ‘Nationals’ this year, down from over 3000 at their peak? Or why they have been ordered to hide their patches? Or why they are NEVER seen on the road? You display all the qualities of an IO wannabe, disrespect, immaturity, cowardice and a penchance for pissing other men off. You’d be a good fit, in their club and their assholes.


  23. CAV SCOUT Says:

    I’m not in the Iron Order. I ride with the SCV Mechanized Cavalry.

    I’m just saying the few guy’s I met at the local club house were cool, I even asked if there where any cops in the chapter and they said no. but they do have a few vet’s that were in some of the same place’s of Iraq as me.

    I don’t know that much about IO, I was just saying the dude’s I met seemed like nice people. And everybody jump’s down my throat, So yea I got pissed. Hell I could drink a beer with anybody even some of the assholes on here

  24. Shovelhead Says:

    Kraut, damn spelling!

  25. Sieg Says:

    Kraut, don’t even bother-it’s just another cunt, trolling along.


  26. Shovelhead Says:

    Respect to you Krout!!

    I’d bet my 1973 Shovel, that I still ride everyday, is older than Cav Boy. I don’t think myself, or anyone else who’s commented here lately is mad about anything. The only angry person here is the IO wannabee.
    Why are you so mad Cav? Why do you feel the need to justify your choices with us? Why are you here? Believe me, no one cares about you or what you do in life. You’ll have to live with your choices, not me. I’m just having fun poking the whiny kid.

  27. The Kraut Says:

    Cav Scout: chill the fuck out junge…Shovelhead,Sieg and Panamaa are men I’ve yet to meet in person….however, I would ride with and stand up with them anyday.

    As a veteran,you need be better behaved when in company of older veteran/bikers.

    Bail on the IO…you will only serve them as a useful idiot.

    Respect to those who warrant respect

    The Kraut (missed the Viet Nam war…front row seat for Operations Earnest Will and Preying Mantis in the Persian gulf)

  28. slycechyx Says:

    Total respect to those that have served. Married 36 years to a jarhead.

  29. CAV SCOUT Says:

    HA HA, all you pussy’s on this 3 year old thread keep getting all upset and red faced when a real man talks. its fucking hilarious. I would be willing to bet that shoveldickhead has never even set on a motorcycle, and sieg and panamaa are hipster gamers that need a tan cause you never come outside your house. fucking little faggots

  30. slycechyx Says:

    Cav, ever heard of stolen valor?
    Ever heard of give respect, get respect?

  31. Shovelhead Says:

    Well, not that I ever thought they would, but it’s pretty obvious IO has not learned from past mistakes and are still recruiting Mammas Basement Boys into the circle jerk club. Kartman Cav (Respect my Authoritah) is the same type of little punk know it all, that they’ve been recruiting from the beginning. I’ve done this, I’ve done that, now respect me…Hahaha, whiny little bitch. I think Mommy told you, you were special one to many times. Put your football helmet back on Cav and go out and play with the other little retards!

  32. panamaa Says:

    Gezzz, another one of these dipshits posting on a 3 year old article. What a fuckwad…

    And by the way, fuck the io…

  33. Sieg Says:

    The thread that wouldn’t die, redux…

    If you have to demand respect, you haven’t earned any.

    Fuck all bait cliques and the half-assed brain-dead who inhabit them.


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