New Hells Angels Tell All

August 5, 2014

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A new tell-all book about the inner workings of the Hells Angels was published last Friday. It is called Breaking the Code: A True Story by a Hells Angel President and the Cop Who Pursued Him. The authors are Patrick Matter and Chris Omodt. And, the big news is that apparently Pat Matter chose not to go into witness protection.

The Authors

Matter was a former member of the Grim Reapers Motorcycle Club who joined the Hells Angels in Minnesota, started a successful bike shop called Minneapolis Custom Cycle and was his charter’s President for 21 years. In 2003 Matter pled guilty to money laundering and conspiracy to distribute coke and crank. Allegedly, Matter was in charge of a Hells Angels drug conspiracy that sold 13 pounds of the stimulants each month from 1998 through 2001. He was sentenced to 17 years in prison, decided to get some of those years back and agreed to testify against his former club brothers. Matter later said he had been thinking about leaving the Hells Angels anyway.

Matter was particularly visible in the racketeering trial of 11 Hells Angels that resulted from the brawl between Mongols and Angels in Harrah’s Casino in Laughlin, Nevada in April 2002. Matter’s job was to convince anybody who would listen that the Angels were a criminal racket. He told jurors that most Angels were violent and heavily armed drug dealers. In open court he delivered one of the great cooperating witness lines of all time: “I’ve been snitching about things I have knowledge of,” he explained. Then he went away to prison. He ended up doing nine years. And, now he is back.

Chris Omodt, Matter’s coauthor. is a former Hennepin County (Minnesota) Sheriff who had a varied career, rose to the rank of captain, became a professor of criminal justice and has testified in court as an “outlaw motorcycle gangs expert.”

The Story

The book is told from the viewpoints of both its authors and you hardly have to read it to know what it says. It is a “true crime genre” book which dictates that Matter’s former motorcycle club must be portrayed as a criminal enterprise and the police must be portrayed as those brave few who sacrifice so much to protect society from criminals.

On the book’s Amazon page a man named Mark Reps, who is the author the “Sheriff Zeb Hanks” crime series gushes, “With no holds barred, Omodt and Matter rip back the curtain of seedy reality and toss you headlong into the complex relationships of biker gangs and the cops whose job it is to pursue them. The writing is graphic, truthful, revealing and explores both sides of the law – the right side and the wrong side – with equal detail. For lovers of true crime writing this is a must read.”

In his review of his own book, Omodt calls Breaking the Code “A Must Read for True Crime Fans.”

Breaking The Code is unlike any other book about outlaw biker gangs I have ever read,” the co-author explains. “It brings in both the outlaw and the lawman and is told in a non-holds barred fashion. The book not only gives the inside action of the Hells Angels, it also gives insight into how the police combat groups such as the Hells Angels; having two sides of the story is a very compelling read. Matter and Omodt are honest, insightful and straightforward in their storytelling and the book reads really well. The unlikely friendship between these two men shows how little gray area there is between good and bad, between law and lawlessness. I recommend this book for any true crime fan or anyone who wants to know the inside scope of these diametrically opposed forces.”

True crime fans can find this must read on Amazon and, no doubt, elsewhere.

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107 Responses to “New Hells Angels Tell All”

  1. FYMP6666 Says:

    Matter cares as much about the drugs he sold as he does about the brothers he sold out.
    Support your local HELLS ANGELS

  2. Leonard Says:

    @Barb, you contradict yourself at the end of your post. First you say the younger generation have no honor among thieves and then you justify that Pat the Rat Matter had no choice but to be a Rat..Absolutely ridiculous. He chose to do what he did and not only did he risk his own well being but his families and his so called Brothers in the Club. He put many good men in the line of danger and prison for his own fortune and then when he gets busted he has no problem fucking over the men that worked for him. He is a horrible piece of shit.

  3. Brooke Says:

    Everyone is going to have “haters” and have their opinion of Pat.
    I’ve know the Hell’s Angels and while what they do for work may be wrong they are some of the most loyal men I ever had the pleasure of spending time with.
    They protect those they love and that is exactly what Pat did. He was protecting his wife and kids when he “snitched”. Some people just sound like a sore looser….

  4. kelly Says:

    Funny how everyone believes a damn word the snitch says anyways
    . From what pats ex girlfriend (who didn’t make an appearance in his book-weird) things were far from what actually took place.

  5. Gregg Says:

    Pat Matter is the same piece of shit tha he was when I was racing motorcyles with him in the 90’s. He’s a scoundrel,a bully and a coward. Just so you know, Matter, when you fucked with me at the Sturgis Dragstrip, you are so lucky that you didn’t keep walking towards my truck bcause you were just about to meet my model 1897 Winchester, loaded with number 4 buckshot. I had enough for your precious “brothers”, too. Piece of shit, Pat Matter.

  6. Barb Says:

    I just have to say, I read the book and I thought it was well worth the time it took for me to read it (2 days). There are so many haters on here and it just makes me wonder what they would do if they were in Pat’s shoes. Back in the day when any of us kids got caught doing the dirty deeds we never told on each other, but now days it is totally different. I see day after day the kids of today are ratting on each other left and right. There is no “honor amoung thieves” anymore. As far as Pat goes he was forced into telling his story, really the police were after him for so many years and they already knew everything there was to know. Why should he spend 20 years of his life behind bars when he had a chance to do better for himself and his family. I have to say I wish him the best of luck and hope the next years of his life he prospers and lives a happy, peaceful life. It is a dirty world out there and we all have to do our best. I just hope that there are more people that follow his steps on their way to a better life.

  7. bcnasty Says:

    @LOL, if you would just shut up then folks would never know you was stupid.

    @Glen s, I also downloaded this wasted dribble on Amazon. Not to think I would be educated but because I like to read. From minute one you had a cop infactuated with with his prey. It was hard to read and actually finished after two weeks because it was darn tough to go through a chapter a night. I have no idea as to the larger than life episodes Matter wrote about but do know this, in my years Dude would not have made it past prospect stage.
    Respects to those with Honor

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