John Price Sentenced

January 29, 2009

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John Price, 37, was sentenced yesterday to 35 years in prison for the alleged “biker murder” of Donald Jessup, 60, on Dec. 16, 2004.

No forensic evidence was ever found that Jessup had actually been murdered but last November a jury believed the testimony of three witnesses who professed knowledge of the crime and found Price guilty of first-degree murder. The severity of the murder was legally enhanced because it was alleged to have been committed with a firearm. The firearm was never recovered.

No Evidence

The alleged crime was generally played as a “biker murder” because Price rode with the Ghost Riders Motorcycle Club and Jessup rode with the Gypsy Jokers. The prosecution theorized that Jessup had stolen Price’s motorcycle then, over dinner one evening, offered to sell it back to him. Price became so enraged by the attempted shakedown that he beat Jessup to the floor with an axe handle then shot the older man in the face.

Then, with the meticulous attention to housekeeping details for which biker homes have long been famous, Price scrubbed away all evidence that a crime had ever been committed.

Incriminating Testimony

No one would suspected that a crime had been committed let along that Price had committed were it not for the public-spirited citizenship of a drug dealer named Jason Rebman. While being detained for possession of a significant amount of methamphetamine Rebman found an opportunity to volunteer to police that Jessup was dead and that Price had killed him.

After giving authorities the names of two women who would corroborate his information police concluded, as has been known to happen with snitches, that Rebman wasn’t really a bad man. He had just made a mistake was all.

One of the two women Rebman told police to call was Chanel Ridley. Ridley was Price’s estranged lover and the 23-year-old mother of Price’s three children. Ridley told police the details of the crime. She also testified that Price had disposed of Jessup’s body “up north.”

That was enough to convict Price and send him away forever and a day. Additionally, both judge and jury in the case seemed unamused by the light-hearted irony of Price’s nickname-Nazi John.

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5 Responses to “John Price Sentenced”

  1. VP Says:

    This man is my father, I am Vincent Price and need help finding/talking to him, email me at [email protected] if you can help me even a little bit. This lying cunt “asher price” is a fraud by the way.

  2. VP Says:

    This man is my father, I am Vincent Price and need help finding/talking to him, email me at [email protected] if you can help me even a little bit.

  3. A bird Says:

    It kills me when people comment on something they know nothing the fucking reports on all of the evidence that was found. As a matter of fact, the evidence was so strong and so much of it, which had also matched the witnesses stories, that they didn’t need a fucking body. Or a weapon. Not to mention the nazi who might I add murdered someone in front of his children and the children’s mother, told his cell mate, and other inmates. The fucker talked about it over the jail phone and in letters. He must have forgotten that calls and letter are recorded. He told on himself. People should do their homework before running at the mouth, makes you look really stupid.

  4. asher price Says:

    well my name is asher price. yesterday I found out that that man was my grandfather. his 3 kids were Steven price. Damien price and Joanne price. Damien died. his lover is Shirley marsh, my grandmother.

  5. shannon Says:

    I still can’t get over the fact that one Hooker and One Striper and One drug head trying to save his own ass because he was busted fro dope.Make up a story and Have someone land up in Perison for 35 years their was not one thing that said He killed anyone NOthing! It’s because He’s a biker Nazi Thats all the Jury looked at.Sorry to say if someone make a story about me and I’m facing Jail and Prison Hell ya I would tell some fucker off and ask them why they are lying.well then me and my friend saw a judge kill a Homeless man their nothing to proove it but I say I saw it so off with his head This shit is dumb I’m not for Nazi or anything like that It’s just the Proof Theirs was NO Proof of anykind but three durg using asses

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