Iron Order Killer Still Not Charged

July 24, 2014

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Relatives and friends of Zachariah James “Nas T” Tipton peacefully demonstrated outside the office of the State Attorney in Jacksonville yesterday.

Zach Tipton was shot and killed by a man widely identified as a prospect with the Iron Order Motorcycle Club on June 26 outside Nippers Beach Grille in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

The State Attorney, a woman named Angela B. Corey is, as yet after a month, undecided about whether to charge Tipton’s unnamed killer with anything: involuntary manslaughter, assault, battery, invitation to affray, making false statements to police, disorderly conduct, littering, public urination, anything.

Corey was elected in 2008, two years after she was fired from her job as an Assistant State Attorney. She was appointed as Special Prosecutor after local police failed to charge George Zimmerman in the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Corey filed a charge of second degree murder against Zimmerman on April 11, 2012. A jury acquitted Zimmerman of the charge in July 2013.

Protesters Want Answers

One of the demonstrators yesterday was Zachariah Tipton’s sister Tina. She said, “Right now, we want the truth about what happened that night to come out. We want somebody to be arrested. We want justice to be served.”

Tina Tipton told CBS affiliate WTEV, “We feel like we don’t know anything more than the general public at this point and that’s upsetting.”

Another demonstrator named Holly Gravengaard told WTEV, “They (the family) are asking very simple questions and I don’t understand why they’re not giving up the name. Why they’re protecting him and his family and why they’re not concerned about this family.”

Tipton’s father, Jimmy Carter, told the television station that he thinks prosecutors are “going to give nobody no answers until this is over. Maybe an outpouring of support, people, will get the attention of the state’s attorney and at least give us the answers we need to have, you know.”

No Charges

The State Attorney’s reluctance to charge the anonymous shooter with anything at all is curious. This is hardly the first fight between members of the Iron Order and members of traditional motorcycle clubs. For example, a brawl between members of the Wayne County, Georgia chapter of the Iron Order and members of the Long County chapter of the Wingmen Motorcycle Club in a bar in Jesup, Georgia on August 12, 2010 resulted in the arrest of eight members of the Iron Order two weeks later. The Iron Order members were Donald Crouch, James Smith, Ronald Spear, Joseph Savard, Anthony MacIntire, Billy James Armstrong, Charles Caldwell and Glenn Pond.

Crouch, a Hinesville, Georgia firefighter was charged with affray, a misdemeanor, and a Georgia felony called “unlawful acts of criminal street gangs.”

A single shot, which hit nobody, was fired in that altercation. According to multiple sources speaking  on conditions of anonymity, multiple shots were fired during Tipton’s murder. So far, Jacksonville Beach police spokesman Tom Crumley has only said that Tipton died from a single shot to the head. He hasn’t yet divulged whether police believe multiple shots were fired or whether Tipton suffered additional, non-fatal wounds.

Idée Fixe

The fact that the man who killed Zach Tipton has gotten a pass so far may result from the Iron Order’s deliberate efforts to brand itself as a “law abiding motorcycle club.” The Iron Order counts numerous sworn law enforcement personnel in its ranks and its reach extends even into prison.

In a memorandum to all Iron Order members, club president Ray “Izod” Lubesky wrote, “Our brothers in the Shiprock, New Mexico chapter are all prison guards. They tell us the first thing that happens to 1%ers when they get to prison is they get their asses beat just to let them know they ain’t shit in prison.”

A Safety Bulletin issued by Okaloosa County, Florida Sheriff Larry R. Ashley immediately after Tipton’s murder illustrates the fixed idea the Iron Order’s calculated branding seems to implant in the minds of Northern Florida cops.

“The Iron Order M/C officers I met with wanted to get the message out that they ARE NOT a 1% motorcycle club, nor do they aspire to become one or to be known as one,” Ashley wrote the day after Tipton died. “Normally, at least in my experience and interaction with the club, they are LEO friendly and most wear a Maltese Cross as an indicator they are armed. Of the club officers I met with this evening, all are former LEOs with the exception of one – and he is an Active Duty First Sergeant affiliated with Security Forces. So. the information I received today came from a VERY RELIABLE source.”

The presumption underlying this investigation seems to be that the Iron Order is “a very reliable source.”

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95 Responses to “Iron Order Killer Still Not Charged”

  1. panamaa Says:

    Follio weekly is one of the few, if not the only paper in Jacksonville that’s not afraid to speak the truth. They have consistently covered stories that the other local “news” agencies refuse to cover for fear of pissing off the local powers to be..

    I forget where I read it, but somewhere on this site, someone wrote about the news degenerating into “designer” news. That’s what Jacksonville news has become.. Kudos to Follio weekly for not giving a fuck about the status quo……

  2. DesertH-D Says:

    Thanks RtC and Popeye for that link. Wow, hope springs eternal! Perhaps there are some actual journalists left out there besides our esteemed host…

  3. panamaa Says:

    That is a GREAT letter, it speaks the truth… Thanks for posting it popeye…..

  4. popeye Says:,10570

    Just saw this letter to the state attorney about the case

  5. RtC Says:

    An OPEN LETTER TO ANGELA COREY can be found at #10570
    THIS story is NOT going to be “swept”! FTF & a BIG FTUOPG!
    Wish I could post it so that it would hook up direct, BUT…..
    The author of this piece is f’n RIGHT ON & is pushing for TRUTH!
    RESPECTS to the REAL

  6. DesertH-D Says:

    Panamaa – Hard to believe, ain’t it? Unfortunately, while Mr. Hale’s murder is one of the best known and best covered around here, it is far from the only example.

  7. panamaa Says:

    Well known was, perhaps, the wrong phrase.. Well respected would be better…

  8. panamaa Says:

    @RVN69….. STRAIGHT THE FUCK UP… I have a son that rides, ex ranger, served in both wars, 10 years in, rides with a well known club… Shit like that pisses me the fuck off.. Them pig motherfuckers have no fucking respect for anybody or anything……..

  9. RVN69 Says:

    @panamaa, The pig that shot Derek Hale got promoted, instead of being in jail awaiting his date with the reaper. That was straight up premeditated murder.


  10. Mag Says:

    With respect to Derek Hale… this is from the Washington Post:

    (snip) The lawsuit says that Delaware state police lied to Virginia state police, saying an arrest warrant had been issued for Hale when one never was. They then searched the Manassas home where they knew “his wife resides and that she would be in grief upon learning of the death of her husband.”

    (snip) “It’s a shame that a man does two tours of duty in Iraq and comes home and is shot for having his hands in his pockets,” one of Elaine Hale’s attorneys, Stephen J. Neuberger, said. “You don’t shoot someone because of who they associate with.”

    But my absolute disgust for this typical behavior by the State is simply “noteworthy” evidence that my “collapse ideology” is a “known vector” for radicalization into a “terrorist”.

    III% | 4GW

  11. panamaa Says:

    DesertH-D…. Just read the story about Derek Hale.. I’m speechless..


  12. DesertH-D Says:

    Filthy One – 10Gauge has it mostly correct. However, there is a better than average chance he would not in fact be in jail. He would be in the morgue, because the cops shot him while he was “resisting”. Look up Derek Hale.

  13. Viking 1%er Says:

    @Filthy One
    Anyone that shoots an unarmed man because he got a bloody nose is a murderer regardless. When a 1%er takes a whoopin the worst he is gonna do is return it in kind. We give what we get.

    While news on this murder has seemed to have slowed to almost nothing there are many who have not forgotten and never will. Like the family Nas T was taken from. GBNF

  14. mike tucher Says:

    my cousin was 1%,do you io know what cops mean? COWARDS ON PATROL,IF HE WAS ALIVE HE’D KICK EVERY ONE OF YOU COPS ASSES.take that to the guys( or ladies)aint nothing but a bunch scummy fuckin cops,you guys aint tough unless there’s 10 of you fucks,i seen one of you at the gas station in indy,he looked like fag (gay),I swear he had lipstick on.cops are the biggest scum bags in indy,i’ve only meet 3 that were know the difference between a cop & a criminal? a fuckin badge.

  15. Not Surprised Says:

    Filthy One

    Rules are always different when the shooter is a 1% and you know that.

    I think any time someone shoots an unarmed individual at point blank range, it is murder until proven otherwise.

    What was he “self defensing” against?

  16. Filthy One Says:

    10 Gauge was not trying to offend.Thanks for the response



  17. Jim Bronson Says:

    I think that after reading Rebels coverage here, and related stories, that there is an ever blurring line between the 2. The police are becoming more and more militerized.

    And what we all should be concerned with is behavior like this, off duty cops playing biker, killing someone, and because of their day job, nothing is done, who’s word are the LEOs gonna take, as to what happened. I don’t know so I’m guessing, that their knowledge of the system, and how it works, gives them an advantage on how to use it to possibly get away with murder, and who knows how many other lesser crimes.

    I’m no friend of the police, and this makes it worse. I have been pulled over on my bike, sometimes they are cool about it, sometimes along side a friend who was a member of unnamed MC, who is much larger, and more intimmidating than I am, we were approached with weapons drawn, by smaller shaky officer Joe, just doing his job. The thought of getting pulled by Zoinkster, member of local IO, who because of his other identity, has no fear because he is a cop, and an “outlaw” badass, and now because of the bikes, and bad blood, could shoot, one or both of us, and make it look like something completely different.. That is Fd up.

    Rebel reported earlier on, IO being labeled a gang by the USN, I would like to see something similar issued by state or federal LE, how can you protect and serve by day, and be part of a “Gang” at night, and how does the latter not affect the former’s performance?

  18. 10Gauge Says:

    Filthy one,

    I would consider it murder BUT it would not matter because he would be in jail without bail right now being hand cuffed and beaten every time he took an elevator ride.


    Because that is not what happened. These fuckers waited around for him…and when he bested them in a fist fight they shot him.

    Stupid question

  19. Lil Sis Says:

    Thanks Rebel for the national coverage of our attempt at getting some attention from the right people…the public.

    No more information has been given to the family. Big surprise. Keep up the great work!
    I was taught that the monsters we under beds or in closets. I had no idea they made the laws and “protected” us.
    Justice For Zach!

  20. Filthy One Says:

    A question for you all. If the BPPH received the bloodied nose,and pulled a gun and fired 4 shots. Would you consider it a murder or self defense.


  21. panamaa Says:

    Ipod states 7/21/14 in his email to Rebel:
    ” Rebel, Please correct your article regarding the IOMC being an OMG. Robert Fernandes is not now nor has he ever been a member of the IOMC. We don’t even know who he is.”

    Shark bait states 7/14/2004 on the Bikers of America Blog:

    He’s not in the Iron Order,” said Whitfield. “We call him ‘Lollipop’—his name is Mike Melton, he’s a great guy, and he works at J-Lock. He had an issue with the law in the past and he pled guilty to a felony, but he’s not a member of the Iron Order. We know him. I know who he is—he’s a friend of mine—but he’s not in the Iron Order, because he can’t get in. We don’t like drug dealers, and we don’t let felons in. We don’t let them in—period.”

    Which is it motherfuckers, Get your shit together and read before you run your mouth ipod..

  22. Docb Says:

    So why do they keep linking law enforcement and military? The one doesn’t have anything to do with the other, enles you’re military police.
    I’m thinking the IO is probably the most universally hated and dispised club ever, anywhere on the planet. Most clubs have problems with other clubs from time to time but I don’t ever remember a club that is hated by everybody all the time.

  23. Jim666 Says:

    @ Lady, thanks thats what I thought,
    How ya doing ?
    Hope all`s well, give me a call sometime.

    Well I just read the story in the link above that caveman posted, and the more I see hear etc, the more I’m convinced they are a trap waiting to happen, I’m with Glenn on this one,

    Shit like this makes ya think, I still haven’t seen any in my neck of the woods, but I`d say in time it will happen.

  24. Caveman Says:

    On iomc having ATF in the club. Whitfield stated that”…..In fact, one of the guys in our club is an ATF agent.”

    On iomc being a pig club. “Most of our guys are law enforcement or military throughout the country.”

  25. Austin Says:

    @Mag Re:
    “work the system”
    Dammit !!! So succinct. Wish I’d known that about 10 years ago…
    Unfortunately… I seem to only learn the hard way.

    Your statements are right on, based on multiple Fed, & State experiences.

  26. Rusty Says:

    Same place I saw them yesterday.

  27. Meh Says:

    Makes sense they went to Chesnee instead of “profiling” at other open-to-the-public SC biker gatherings where their presence might be a social error.

    Why wouldn’t Barney Fife profile in Mayberry?

  28. Mag Says:

    @Glenn S. – “It’s a trap, y’all. I’d bet my last dollar on it.”

    An eager, slavering and insanely giggling one like a psycho with a knife waiting for a single mother to undress.

  29. Glenn S. Says:

    When it rains shit it pours like diarrhea. Saw a bunch of them today at Antique Bikes on Main, a yearly family and club friendly event in the small town of Chesnee, SC. (Nice little rally, happens the last weekend of every July. The locals are welcoming, parking is free and hassle free, A local church hands out bottled water to all comers, really laid back vibes. Rides for the kids, vendors, a free swap meet, and older bikes, mostly Harley, line Main St. Everybody’s cool to everybody.) Curious, I seem to recall only once seeing one of them anywhere before and now twice in as many days. It’s like they want to keep a high profile.

    I did not look for, so I didn’t see, anything that looked like a LEO mobile tactical command and surveillance center. But I’d fathom a guess that one was nearby.

    It’s a trap, y’all. I’d bet my last dollar on it.

  30. Rusty Says:

    @Glenn, saw several yesterday at a bike show….I got the same impression… some locals took exception to their presence and they left.

  31. Lady Says:

    @Jim666…Go to Channel 12 news in Jacksonville and try to locate the video they had of the coverage. The so called witness says it was 5 times…and that he stood there and watched the person do it. This was supposed to have been right afterward or the next day…not sure which.

  32. Glenn S. Says:

    Well, I finally saw a real live iron order patchholder, in the flesh. I was riding west in I40 in Tennessee yesterday, in the fast lane, and traffic came to a damn near standstill for about an hour because bridge work caused a lane to be closed on a bridge near Dandridge and the cars had difficulty merging into the left lane. I feel a bike coming up on my right, looked over, and there was an io patch with an NC bottom rocker. He had that look and feel of an undercover narc (something in the facial expression and careful non-grooming I can’t quite explain, but I know it when I see it). He looked at me, I looked at him, hoping I wasn’t going to have to share the road with him during a fucking traffic jam, and he whipped into the emergency lane and took off. He looked to be alone. He also looked like bait to me. I spoke to a wise man of my acquaintance who believes they are, in fact, bait.

  33. Badger62 Says:

    as the Clash once said.. “know your rights… all 3 of them.. #1 you have the right not to be killed… unless it is done by a policeman or an aristocrat..”. 35 years later, its seems more true than ever.
    OH, and by the way… FUCK THE ioRC and ACAB!
    Respect to those deserving.

  34. panamaa Says:

    Oh, and by the way, fuck you crocker and your in buddies the Iron Order…

  35. panamaa Says:

    Crocker Says:
    July 25th, 2014 at 8:32 am
    Lesson learned here is that if you are going to act like an asshole and push people around because you have four or five of your buddies standing behind you, you might lose your life as a result. The one percenters like to act bad ass when they are in a pack. Been there and seen that more times than I can count. When you run into one by himself, no problem for some reason. Why is that? Simple; bullies (like most pack animals) prefer numbers. They are cowards when alone.

    Finally, don’t bring your fists and an attitude to a gun fight. You might just pay for that error in judgement with your life..’

    He didn’t KNOW he was going to a gunfight asshole, seem you and yours did though… Thanks for the info..

    These fuckers just can’t keep their mouth’s shit,…

  36. JMacK Says:

    Cops are self serving motherfuckers with 0 integrity.

    I am a Fleet Manager. We were taking on a new logistics endeavour so one of my co-workers hired a consultant to make sure our planning, permits etc were in order. Turns out the consultant was an ex-cop as well as an ex DOT officer.

    Well guess who has government fucking auditors tearing my operation apart all fucking week?

    Greasy cocksuckers.


  37. Jim666 Says:

    @ Rebel,

    Thanks for the info, I figured as much but wasn’t sure.

  38. panamaa Says:

    Correction on the Matt Shirk Story.. Excuse me, The investigation started Aug. 29th 2013.. Not Jan. 2014… Almost a year…

    And there ya go….

  39. panamaa Says:

    I’m hope I’m not off topic here but:

    A perfect example of how politics works here in Jacksonville can be found in the Matt Shirk case. Matt Shirk is the Public Defender here in Jacksonville. He was backed by none other than Angela Cory. A conflict of interest right there…

    Old Matt got himself in a shit storm by hiring chicks (from a local drinking establishment), outside the guidelines set by the Public defenders office, to work for him. Also, he remodeling his office to add showers and such without permits and without going through the proper channels and the biggest, he was accused of misuse of campaign funds.. After all this came to light, his wife divorced him, half his office quit and after the public shit storm, the States Attorney’s office was FORCED to do an investigation.

    This investigation started back in January in 2014. The “Special Investigator” assigned by the Governor, who Ms. Cory was a very big backer of, said it would take 60 to 90 day to investigate. Now after more than 6 months he (the special Investigator) has asked the governor for an extension…………

    Where do you think this leaves the Tipton family when dealing with the likes of Angela Cory’s office..


  40. Mag Says:

    @Rebel – “Cops and prosecutors just lie constantly. Just constantly. They lie and obstruct justice for petty, self-serving reasons that have nothing to do with justice and that often seem absurd to people who are not cops or prosecutors. Power corrupts.”

    This is really elementary. However, it’s a truth on the other side of civic adulthood, Rebel. The sheltered, the innocent, the childish, the naive do not grasp this point – much less integrate it into their situational assessments – because it goes against the living fantasy spun to advance social order.

    The first time I came across the dishonesty and corruption in our legal system in a personal matter I was initially shocked and angry and outraged, but I was very lucky in coming across a comment that resonated with me (much like your How To Hit A Deer primer). My situation was a horrifically antagonistic divorce and custody case. The wisdom I came across stated, essentially, that the primary reason men fare so terribly in the divorce courts is this:

    “Men try to solve the problem, while the women work the system. Work the system. Don’t try to solve the problem.”

    Pure gold. Let go of fantasies, apply reality, and win. Best lifetime lesson I’d ever taken upon myself to learn. I represented myself and won sole custody and decision-making up front, and kept it through four years of brutal litigation.

    How do you explain the road to Damascus to someone who does not have the real-world experience? It’s unfortunately impossible most of the time. An appreciation that the dignity, honor, righteousness and infallible rectitude of the Law and the State is a complete lie… takes learning it the hard way most of the time.

  41. Not Surprised Says:


    Can’t help you with the necklace, but I can tell ya that ATF agents ARE NOT accorded the same anonymity as regular LE.

    You can find their real estate, voter registration and other info just as you can on normal people.

    if you wanna test this, Google Jay Dobyns

  42. Austin Says:

    @Rebel – RE “Oh, and by the way, I still believe that some patched IO members are ATF agents. So far nobody from the Iron Order has demanded to know how I know that and demanded that I prove it.”

    LOL – They know you.

    Besides – if you or I or any moderately interested person takes a name off that circulating membership list and Googles it with a keyword or two like ATF or Belt+Drive+Betty those relationships will pop out at you. Get on the social media of your choice and start looking at all the friends of those names, and connect the data dots. The io*ta’s luvluvluv the social media and do not seem too savvy about tech stuff. Or, really, anything.

    I found this World’s Most Amazing, Stimulating and Informative agingrebel Pleasure blog while I was confirming information just like this shit, only about Hollywood. It takes a little time, a notebook, a curious mind, and Shazaam!! 50 Shades of Bikers!

    PS- If anyone can help me out with a handcuff necklace like the one Nancy Grace wears sometimes, I’ll open you a beer with my … Speeeeeshul Opener.

  43. Tooj Says:

    It would not surprise me in the least if a good portion of preliminary conversation with police concerned these exact sorts of scenarios to elicit this sort of cover up response.

    “Don’t you realize there will be WAR in the streets? Babies being eaten and puppies being raped by kittens? You just CAN’T release what really happened or cops won’t be safe ANYWHERE!”

    Anybody heard from Izod lately about some of his members gone MIA?

  44. Dick in Dixie Says:

    “Rebel says
    July 25th, 2014 at 12:23 pm,
    Cops and prosecutors just lie constantly. Just constantly. They lie and obstruct justice for petty, self-serving reasons that have nothing to do with justice and that often seem absurd to people who are not cops or prosecutors. Power corrupts.”

    Everyday, I look forward to reading your wisdom filled posts and responses…seems one of the few places where honesty and true loyalty reside.

    Self-Serving, Lying Cop Story:

    While spending the day at the Stanislaus County Fair, a friend of mine ran into an acquaintance and they started a “how’s the family” conversation. In the conversation, the guy states ” My dad is here now working patrol”…my ears perked, my buzz sobered up, and my full attention was on this son-of-a-cop. I took a walk to give them a minute and when I returned, 5 sheriffs are there, getting everyone’s attention while laughing uncontrollably. One of the sheriffs, in an attempt to impress his wife, had some random guy call his wife pretending to be the lead singer of the country band Diamond Rio, her favorite band, telling her how great the security service her husband had provided, what a lucky gal she was to have him, and that he and the band would send him home with a gift for her. The cops end up signing a hat with “signatures” from the whole band and that hat is still hanging up in their house…

    I am no way comparing lying to the wife to shooting an unarmed man after an ass-kicking… only reiterate what most know, Cops lack integrity, loyalty, and honesty.

    Although not an example of obstructing justice, just another example of petty, self serving, and absurd actions by those who ” protect and serve “.
    Thank you Rebel for your dedication to the truth.

    Respect to those that deserve it.

    Dick in Dixie ( on vacation in CA )

  45. LedBoots Says:

    Any fool that believes anything these pigs say at this point is either complicit or deranged. Simple as that. Unless the shooter was a minor, there is no justifiable reason to withhold his identity…unless he’s some kind of undercover sneak.

    And for the simpleton (Really) that doesn’t believe that pigs, prosecutors or politicians could act with malice without something to gain…google Derek Hale…then go fuck yourself.

    How would somebody get their hands on a copy of that safety bulletin?

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