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July 23, 2014

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There is a new Facebook page, titled “Liar Aging Rebel,” that provides an alternative to what you can read here.

This page’s coverage of the murder of Zachariah Tipton has aroused so much excitement among the leadership of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club that they have created a Facebook page, the only content of which is a series of crude accusations that this page lies. It is obviously, one of a series of dirty and effeminate tricks that the Iron Order as a club hopes to deploy, along with the threat of frivolous lawsuits, to intimidate this page into abandoning its coverage of Tipton’s murder

The page went up a week before Ray “Izod” Lubesky, the International President of the Iron Order wrote The Aging Rebel yesterday and said, “No one from this club is lambasting you or your website publically.” Which may say something about Lubesky’s credibility and his masculine virtue.

No News

There really is no news about Tipton’s murder. The Jacksonville Beach police have apparently concluded that the fight that led to Tipton’s death was between a good guy and a bad guy and the good guy shot the bad guy in the head. What this page had hoped to cover today was the cancellation of Big Ed Begley’s attempt to jump the Snake River Canyon. Maybe later.

Instead, the Iron Order Motorcycle Club, like a pack of three-year-olds with a limitless supply of sugar and methamphetmine, insists that this page cover nothing except them. “Look at us! Look at Us! Watch us now! Pay attention to us! Me! Us! Me!”

Very well. There probably is some news to this story. The news is, it was probably just like this with Zach Tipton. Multiple Iron Order children probably harassed Tipton as the Iron Order harasses us all here. Except Tipton was standing right there. And when he finally punched one of them in the nose whichever Iron Order good guy it was had the excuse he wanted and Cgar wanted and Izod wanted to shoot Zach Tipton in the head.

So the Iron Order sets the agenda again today. This, unedited, is exactly what the Iron Order Motorcycle Club wants you to read. The words betray who they are as men.

Belt Drive Betty

Liar Aging Rebel shared a link via NetworkedBlogs.

Read this thread, it shows the difference between a journalist who just try’s to get the truth and an agenda toting bike slut with visions of grandeur (ill show you what that means if you’d like Amy) Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs & OMG’s, attempting to get at the truth Belt Drive Betty’s Blog I wrote an article on my time with the Iron Order MC in Edmonton recently and a lot of the people who decided to…

And then there follows a link to Belt Drive Betty’s blog.


Liar Aging Rebel

The Liar rebel just will not learn his lesson, this tool takes information from everyday people and posts it on his 3rd grade blog, you would have thought he learned his lesson when he had to admit the supposed letter from IOMC President Ray “Izod” Lubesky was “probably” a fraud…. Now Ancient Liar is posting a fraudulently altered report on street gangs listing IOMC as now a street gang…. I guess after belt drive Betty actually did some investigating into his (the liars) claims the IOMC was classified as an OMG and proved him To be the little wanna be 1% cum-dumpster liar that he is, he has decided to change modes and now claim the IOMC is a street gang!! Lol. To Liar, you are COMICAL, you have zero credibility!!!!


Liar Aging Rebel

The biggest liar on the Internet is at it again!!!! He posts an article about some charity work being done by the IOMC and he talks about a “member” Robert Fernandes, and claims that the IOMC lies when they say they do not accept convicted felons (imagine this turd calling someone a liar??) because Mr. Fernandes is a convicted felon…. Only one problem with this, Mr Fernandes is not nor has he ever been a member of IOMC… I swear, this Aging Liar is akin to the propagandist from Iraq that while the city was falling he was on Iraqi television static the Iraqi armed forces was defeating the US at every turn!!! He claims to be a journalist, lol even in the loosest definition he is not a journalist!! He is a fool with a keyboard, nothing more


Liar Aging Rebel

It would seem that the aging idiot is a it again. Today’s lie “the Iron Order who has a reputation for provoking fights and the Black Pistons who have a reputation for only fighting when provoked” Mr Davis (I’m done calling this liar, douchebag, hack “Rebel”). Who believes this? Certainly NOT the public at large, certainly NOT law enforcement, You show what FEAR of a certain group or groups will portray itself as in a (cough, cough) “journalist” you are no more a journalist that a 3 year old with crayons is Van Gough

Hack Liar

Liar Aging Rebel

It is nice to see liar Angel cannot even create an original idea, the rebel is basically using the same lies and verbiage in the Florida shooting Ida BPMC patch holder as he did when a Seattle police officer and member of the Iron Pigs motorcycle club shot a HAMC member in a bar. Liar. Err Rebel has the man convicted, had multiple different variations of his story (by now you must know not a truthful story) the officer was ultimately cleared. Did Rebel go back nd look at the facts and write a truthful article of what actually happened by using real evidence? Of course not, why would he?

More Belt Drive Betty

Liar Aging Rebel

Everyone should read “belt drive Betty” she has A fair presentation on whether IOMC is or isn’t classified as an OMG by any of the alphabet soup agencies. Unlike the rebel this lady actually goes to a source, not merely interpret 1 sentence in a report

You can read more of “Liar Aging Rebel’s” responsible opposing viewpoint here.


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63 Responses to “Rebel Is Spelled Correctly”

  1. HD, U*S*A Says:

    Having the Ironing Order claim to be an “outlaw” mc & be fucking cops is so lame that only a cop could be stupid enough to come up w/the idea. ACAB

  2. Wow Says:

    Mazer you are comparing rules set forth by admitted “outlaws” to those of the Geneva convention? I have seen some valid arguments against the IOMC on this site, you my friend are an absolute moron

  3. Stevo Says:


    The Gunfighters patch in women, they are a joke of a club and are making the whole 3 Piece Patch culture look ridiculous. Yes, you read that right, they let women patch in full and fly a 3PP. In my personal opinion this is the true role of the IO, the Defiant Cunts, Gunfighters etc etc. to water down the Outlaw culture to the degree that it looks stupid and we just give it up, because it will no longer be a privilege to wear 3PP. Everyone and their old lady will be wearing it with impunity.


  4. Paladin Says:


    The “Duty to Retreat” doctrine does not hold up well, when the light of reality is shined upon it. This doctrine relies on the flawed logic that the victim will somehow always be in superior physical shape and have the ability to out run or out maneuver his / her adversary thereby getting away. A jury will see the folly of this doctrine after viewing a couple of National Geographic film clips, showing a predatory animal (lion, Tiger, etc.) stalking, chasing, and then dispatching its prey.

    Regarding Gunfighters MC: I had a chance encounter with a couple of these. It came extremely close to not ending well for them.

    Long May You Ride,


  5. rollinnorth Says:

    Interesting find, Matt.

    Someone should tell “Pablo” that the best “defense against the threat of aggression from OMG’s”[sic] is to show respect.
    To paraphrase the Bible, seek trouble and ye shall find it.


  6. Wookiee Says:

    Yes Iceman is the SS officer

  7. Matt Says:

    Looked at the “Gunfighters” website, clicked on the friends of tab and it linked to this pigger mc online magazine. Looked through some posts and look what I came across!
    (Rebel, please excuse this link)

  8. Matt Says:

    There’s a cop club here in the Northeast called the Gunfighters. I pulled up to the pumps and saw a bunch of them. Thought they were urine odor at first cuz they had the same colors, 3 piece patches, state bottom rocker, look fresh out the box. I didn’t acknowledge them and one of em muttered something about disrespectful. Next thing I know I’m locked up on some bullshit. Probably just a coincidence but then again these pigs do play dirty nowadays.

  9. Stevo Says:


    Isn’t that Iceman cat Secret Service?


  10. Wookiee Says:

    To the best of my knowledge there is not much different. I know the DCMC claims that the IO lost it’s way but I have heard two different reasons. The first was a claim that some felt that the IO wanted to go 1%er and the other is they disagreed on growing the Club so fast.
    The split happened in 09 and at the time the IO had roughly 30 chapters. Izod was the IVP and Carl “Iceman” Jannich(could be spelled wrong)was the IP, Iceman was actually the President from the beginning of the IO, Izod and Iceman were at odds over some of Iceman’s actions and Ice gave Izod the boot. This event has been been the Ice Wars by the IO, during this time Shark and Klink gained control of the IO trademarks and with Izod they took the Club over basically, they reinstated Izod and booted Iceman out.
    Iceman and 10 Chapter Presidents along with 100 or so members from the IO took off and formed the DCMC, if you look at Member items you will see where it says 4X3. 4 is D 3 is C for Defiant Crew and the X is the roman numeral 10 referencing the 10 P’s that left. The members who left to join the DFMC were given the chance to rejoin the IO in a certain time frame and I know some did.
    There is alot of animosity between the two Clubs, I know the IO refers to the DCMC as “pumpkin heads” because of their Colors and the Center Patch but I don’t know what they call IO members.
    The DCMC has not grown at nearly the same rate as the IO but I don’t know if that is the result of being lesser known and covered as the IO or a stricter process on Membership or potentially both. I do know the allow LE but not sure about felons, I can only guess that with their history they may have the same general restrictions

  11. 10GAUGE Says:


    What were the contrasting ideologies?? How did the DF think they would solve their problems with a color change??

    Looks like same club different colors

  12. Dave Says:

    It appears that the IO murdered Tipton thinking they would get away with it. To date, they have. However it’s changed how the IO is perceived by many. It’s only made things worse and ultimately the IOMC will collapse and fade into obscurity and some of the members will form a new MC, but will have the sense to follow protocol this time.

  13. Not Surprised Says:

    Glenn S.

    Agree. Good thoughts as usual . I’ve never met/seen one either.

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