Navy Calls Iron Order A “Gang”

July 22, 2014

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Today the Commanding Officer of the Naval Air Weapons Station at China Lake in California issued a memorandum to the sailors and Marines under his command that called the Iron Order Motorcycle Club a “gang.” The memorandum has been slightly edited for clarity. The pertinent passage is in paragraph three.

The memorandum read:

1. Open and visible association with supremacist, extremist, or criminal gangs by individuals onboard Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake (NAWSCL) poses a criminal and security threat, inhibits the mission of NAWSCL, and interferes with the loyalty, morale, good order and discipline of NAWSCL personnel, and discredits the reputation of the installation and the United States Naval Service. Therefore, pursuant to and in accordance with references… the wearing or displaying of supremacist, extremist, or criminal gang colors by any person onboard NAWSCL is hereby prohibited.

2. The wearing or displaying of gang colors is defined as the visible showing on one’s person, vehicle, or personal belongings of any clothing, symbol, insignia, tattoos, paraphernalia, or photographs that are associated with a known supremacist, extremist, or criminal gang.

3. Known supremacist, extremist, or criminal gangs include, but are not limited to: Aryan Nation, Earth Liberation Front, Mexican Mafia, Mongols, Killer Latino Thugs, BMG, and Iron Order.

4. This prohibition also applies to the wearing or displaying of colors of any club, association, group, or gang that is associated with any supremacist, extremist, or criminal activity or otherwise interferes with the mission or loyalty, morale, or good order and discipline of personnel onboard NAWSCL.

5. Any persons wearing or displaying gang colors attempting to enter NAWSCL will be denied access, until such items, accessories, or displays are removed. Any persons found onboard NAWSCL wearing or displaying gang colors will be asked to remove such items, accessories, or displays. Failure to comply with this request will result in the immediate removal from base.
Additionally, any violation of this order may result in administrative or punitive action.

6. This order applies to all persons onboard NAWS China Lake, to include: military personnel, DOD civilian personnel, contractors, vendors, community pass holders, and any other customers, guests, or visitors.

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130 Responses to “Navy Calls Iron Order A “Gang””

  1. Davr Says:

    The first rule is…Always use common sense.
    Club business is club business.
    Never under any circumstance discuss club business on the world wide web.
    What part of that don’t you understand?
    You know who I’m talking to. And you know the first rule.

  2. Ice pick Says:

    This is for sure going to give the Mogels a reason to come to Inyoken. Our chapter stands. We fight for that.

  3. 00 King Says:

    There are leo names and addresses on the io members list. I personally know a sheriff that used to be in the club. His info is still on there.

  4. Crocker Says:

    I guess the Black Pistons would be in that category as well….

  5. Jinkster Says:

    I live on the northshore close to the Honey Island swamp and never see any of these clowns up here or around the NOLA area, guess they heard of the swamp monster that makes aligator turds out of people that steal too much oxygen from respectable men and decent citizens.
    Thank you for all the good reporting and allowing people to comment, no matter if they got busted licking the windows on the short bus or not.


  6. Red & Black Says:

    Way to call them out Wiki! Love ya brother. LRB

  7. rollinnorth Says:


    Earth Liberation Front, a/k/a ELF, has been on the Fed alphabet soup agencies’ radar since the early 1990s. ELF is into firebombing to save the planet and animals.


  8. Not Surprised Says:


    Agreed. All I think it would take is to fully eliminate ONE chapter, close it down.

    There may be some stand up guys in this club but cannot be many. Certainly Izod and Cgar are not.

  9. Rusty Says:

    @ Sieg,, yer right I guess I made the mistake of thinking if you were seriously looking, you would have/be on a bike. LOL

  10. Wiki Says:

    Here is the body of the email chain

    @ Red&Black, my Brother I sent this to Pearcy as well so I would expect a followup message soon.

    —–Original Message—–
    From:xxxxxxxxxxxxx A CIV NAWS PAO
    Sent: Wednesday, July 23, 2014 4:10 PM
    To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx CTR NAWCWD, 41210AD
    Subject: RE: Prohibition of Colors

    This policy memo is not intended to bar social groups, clubs, or associations. We are only intent on preventing the colors of supremacist, extremist or criminal organizations to be displayed on base. Our veteran clubs are an important legacy of our military and military/traditions. I am also a Vietnam Vet (just not a motorcycle rider). The VNV/LV MC “colors” are more than welcome on this base, just like the Patriot Riders are welcome on this base.


    —–Original Message—–
    From, xxxxxxxxxxxx CTR NAWCWD,
    Sent: Tuesday, July 22, 2014 11:54 AM
    Subject: Prohibition of Colors

    Mrs. xxxxx,
    Good afternoon, My name is xxxxxx. I am a proud Naval Veteran and a member of the AWL team on base as well a member of the Vietnam Vets/Legacy Vets Motorcycle Club. I would like to ask for clarification of the new policy. The VNV/LV MC does not fit into any of the negative categories outlined in your message. Therefore I propose that my Club is exempt from the exclusion. If this is not true I would ask that you provide evidence to the contrary. I am at a loss, the last time I checked we were the good guys, Veterans each and every one. Some active some retired each and every one proud of our service. Until clarification is provided I will cease and desist wearing my Clubs Colors. I actually stopped “flying” my colors after I heard that the Iron Order had started trouble in town. The irony of the situation is that the Iron Order is not even a true Motorcycle Club but John Q public has no idea about the distinction of a three piece patch. As much as I hate to add fuel to this fire if you do not want to offend any one person or organization and still want a “zero-colors” base, change the wording in the policy to state that the display of Riding Club/Association or Motorcycle Club Colors of any kind is prohibited. The wording in the existing document is prejudicial, inflammatory and offensive. The easiest way to say this that no one can display any patch on the back of his riding jacket/cut/vest.

    Very Respectfully

  11. ghost Says:

    @not surprised

    I’ve never heard of the earth liberation front that sounds like a “gang” that the io fags could actually beat… but to be mentioned in the same sentence as the Mexican mafia and the mongols mc, in some circles would be considered a compliment, that’s “street cred”. I don’t think that these pussy’s rate to be mentioned with these actual warriors, and should be green lit, which is a street term for total fucking annihilation…. have a great day!!!!

  12. Wiki Says:


    FYI the policy was explained to me by the P.O.C. at my request and the RED & BLACK are exempt from the ban on colors onboard NAWSCL.


  13. Meh Says:

    Would I be the only one amused if a government sock puppet “club” ran afoul of not just the military but the OSI?

    I’m not currently in DoD or I’d cheerfully remind my local agency of the threat. I don’t subscribe to applying moral rules to immoral foes, and the facts speak for themselves with no need for embellishment.

    As any farmer knows, pigs can and do eat their young:

  14. panamaa Says:

    riker snow Says:
    July 23rd, 2014 at 1:54 pm
    “how do you thing it was disrepectful to ask you to show facts? fuck off !”

    Rebel, Pleeeeese post this illiterate assholes name and address>>>>> or at the least, email it to me…

  15. Freeman Says:

    @ Not surprised

    Good on yours too.

    L and R

  16. Shyster Says:

    Interestingly I saw an IO today on the 605 South at Telegraph road at about 8am (same place And time I saw one earlier this year) and I saw one on the 210 East 2 days ago in Pasadena. And the one at Neptunes Net about 5 or 6 weeks ago. Other than that I have never seen them in L.A. Or Orange County and I drive 22,000 miles a year locally.


  17. Red & Black Says:

    I work as a contractor at China Lake & if you read the memo in Section #3 it states “Known supremacist, extremist, or criminal gangs include, but are not limited to: Aryan Nation, Earth Liberation Front, Mexican Mafia, Mongols, Killer Latino Thugs, BMG, and Iron Order. We (VNV/LV MC) are not on the list but were informed that we cannot fly colors on station.

  18. Sieg Says:

    Rusty, there’s an even easier way if someone really wants to find ’em. Get on yer damn bike an ride! Course, some of these guys, that’s supposing they HAVE a bike.

  19. Wookiee Says:

    While Google or other sites can give you an idea of what Clubs are in a given area, I can tell you from personal experience that it does not solve everything. I live in a rinky dink town with no major cities for some distance and the Clubs nearest me are in other towns. I was faced with the problem that even if I could find them I had no idea on how to make an approach. Common advice says to find where a Club goes and make yourself visible and let them make an approach. Some Clubs do open houses I know now but was not aware at the time. I do know that Google won’t tell you which bar a Club likes to go to or what events they may be at. I’ve learned much since I first met the IO and I know different ways to do things but back then I was basically in open water without a compass

  20. John Deaux Says:

    I downloaded a copy of the roster and counted 10-11 but was going thru it rather quickly. I saw no members from NOLA, two I think from up your way and the rest was from DeRidder. I figured those to be mp’s or stationed there. Again, I was scrolling so I may have missed 1-2 along the way.
    Al. does seem to be loaded down with em but don’t recall ever seeing any in the Mobile area.
    Hope all is well with you and yours.
    ACAB. FTF. FTW. FTio

  21. Wiki Says:

    why remove my post. All I said was that the letter is valid and that I responded to the POC. In fact I think others should as well. The memo is extremely offensive, right? You have some sort of misplaced feeling of responsibility for my sagfety? I gave this memo the widest possible distribution the very minute I received it at work…so what? It is a fact that NCIS and the local PD have branded these guys criminal. The base skipper is just being reactionary.

  22. Rusty Says:

    I don’t buy the line lots of folks post here as their reason for not seeking out certain MC’s as they can’t find one, don’t know where to find them etc. A simple google search solves the ” find them” dilemma.

  23. P.R. Says:

    Good evening Ray (I Zero/ Adolph ) Lubesky show your face you spinless cur,enjoying the pathetic dribble your second line is coming forth with just as remeadially challenged as your own unintelligent rhetoric would come from your own hand or mouth! As I stated earlier your followers don’t understand the very situation you and your dim witted officers are casting them into,maybe it’s best they don’t question they just suffer,huh, very undignified for even a plague as you have become to them,Ray they deserve better, you and I both know this and I am gifting you with a moment of conscious,more then in my opinion you justly deserve what is to come about,what are you going to tell a members loved ones when it all goes wrong ? Conscious Ray is RESPECT ! Damn,Ray they don’t deserve this dillusional world you have cast them into for you own perverse amusement if they follow thus is fate!Ray do you understand that these recent actions with ATF,and now the military coming onboard,its only time until the Department of Homeland Security and various other government agencies domestic or worldwide enact their own retributions where the IO organization as a whole becomes concerned in my opinion ? Not necessary,but hey they could look you up after they finish their penalties for following your idiocracy,and we know the law is not lenient on an individual for lapses in common sense ! Good luck on this one Ray!The problems where the IO organization as a whole is concerned has only just begun ! They didn’t deserve you or your psychological derangement,your a pathetic fool Ray and nothing more ! Sad but very on the mark ! Thank you to Rebel and all my Legitimate Brothers ,Sisters and Independents for the honor of calling you my friends always !LnR infinity !

  24. not surprised Says:

    @ Freeman

    Thanks for posting that video.Good on the family.

  25. Wiki Says:

    I am the one that socialized this. I forwarded it to a Brother the very second I received, it at work, on station. Make no mistake the IO is why this happened. Also the Ridgecrest Police Department and NCIS are the folks that threw this list at the base. The skipper is just being reactive to the local environment. Can’t expect the navy to know the ins and outs of our world. I did reply to the memo stating that the language of the memo was inflammatory and offensive.

  26. Wookiee Says:

    I did not mean that the IO was bullshit, I meant that the opinion that all that was said by Rebel was wrong was bullshit.

    I never took place in any flame wars, mainly all I did was read although I did post trying to get in contact with someone 2 years or so ago. The IO had a long standing rule against posting in response to anything on the web about the Club and I chose to follow it until the restriction was lifted for the FB hater pages but I still limited what I did to those pages.

    I found the IO from their Bob Saget special. At the time I was a greenhorn to the Biker life and knew just enough to know I didn’t show shit at all. I was looking for something larger than myself and I wanted Brotherhood, I did not know how to get in contact with any MC’s mainly because I had no clue where any of them were or where they hung out near me. When I checked out the site they welcome contact so I did. I had thought about starting my own Chapter but decided to join an existing one instead because I didn’t feel doing a new start up was right for me.
    I was in for a bit over 2 years and things in my Chapter changed in that time and a situation arose that made things hell for me. I stuck it out because when i swear an Oath I want to stick with it but finally it came to a head and I finally said fuck it and let them stick the shit on my shoulders, so it was something of a combination of me leaving and them kicking me out. I realize that’s a simplified version I just don’t feel that all exact details are necessary, I can say that it was nothing illegal or immoral it was just a matter of interpersonal conflict. If you would like the details Rebel has my email and he can give it to you and I will fill you in, I just warn you that it is not a short story.

  27. swampy Says:

    @Victor, thank you. Yes, that explains why I was not seeing the complete list, that, and this 8 year-old laptop. With the highest regards and respect, swampy

  28. 10Gauge Says:


    No flaming here….I am understanding you to say that you realized io was bullshit after “giving it serious thought and looking over Rebel’s previous articles” (not trying to cross examine you here and appreciate your openness and honesty on this subject as it truly surprises me that non LEOs would want to ride with the io) how did you originally find out about them? Why did you decide to join? Why did you decide to leave? HONESTY is a corner stone of the biker frontier…even under threat of violence.

    Did you partake in the flame wars here? If so under what name?

    The truth shall set you free

  29. FTIO Says:

    I first received that IONIC roster in December of 2013. Their Louisiana chapter was two or three strong at the time. Since then they’ve suckered in a lot of soldiers from Fort Polk to start a DeridedCChapter and have been admonishing the local outlaw club there ratpack style

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