Izod, The Wrath Of God

July 22, 2014

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In 1972, the German director Werner Herzog released a film called Aguirre, the Wrath of God. The film starred the young and edgy Klaus Kinski as the Spanish conquistador Lope de Aguirre who, in the film at least, floated his soldiers down the Orinoco and Amazon Rivers with the promise they would find El Dorado.

Naturally, they all go crazy and die. The fun of the film is watching them all go crazy and die.

Near the end of the film, as Aguirre and his few, sick, remaining companions float down a last stream on a last raft, they begin to die from arrows shot by Indians hidden in the dense jungle on both sides of the stream. One broken soldier looks up and sees a wrecked ship in a tree. “That is no ship. That is no forest,” he declares. An arrow impales the man’s leg. “That is no arrow,” the conquistador tells himself. “We just imagine the arrows because we fear them.”

Arrows Of Bad News

This old, forgotten film is pertinent now because the Iron Order Motorcycle Club is starting to look like yet another example of life imitating art.

The news about the Iron Order as reported here for the last month has been almost entirely bad. Judging by the reader comments that have followed each of those stories, most Iron Order members do not take bad news well. Over and over, members of the Iron Order have written to complain that this page is just making up bad news to discredit or embarrass the club.

The bad news yesterday was that a man named Robert Fernandes was publically identified as a member or associate of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club in an article by a reporter named Scott Schulte in the Kingman, Arizona Daily Miner. Fernandes is an ex-offender who is quoted by Schulte as saying, “When I got out of jail I got involved with the Iron Order Motorcycle Club, I needed that camaraderie.” Schulte’s story and Fernandes’ quote are what journalists call “news” because the Iron Order has repeatedly presented itself as a “law abiding motorcycle club” that shuns ex-offenders. The Aging Rebel included a link to the Daily Miner story in the article which was titled “The Law Abiding Motorcycle Club.”

Izod Wants A Correction

This morning, Iron Order International President Ray “Izod” Lubesky wrote to complain that Schulte got it wrong and Fernandes has it wrong and The Aging Rebel should do something about that. In the body of an email with the subject heading “Correction” Lubesky wrote:

“Please correct your article regarding the IOMC being an OMG. Robert Fernandes is not now nor has he ever been a member of the IOMC. We don’t even know who he is. Also, we have not now nor have we ever been designated an OMG by anyone with the exception of you. One more thing, no one from this club is lambasting you or your website publicly. We only wish you could get your facts straight, your stories accurate, your sources vetted properly, your research done professionally, and you give some attempt at being fair and balanced.”

Tha Aging Rebel Replies

The content of the Daily Miner story was quoted accurately. It does not appear that the Kingman paper has yet corrected its story. When this page becomes aware that the Daily Miner has corrected yesterday’s story The Aging Rebel will report that.

The Iron Order Motorcycle Club has been identified as an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang, or OMG, by an anonymous analyst in an official publication of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives dated July 1, 2014 and titled OMGs And The Military 2014. The passage quoted by this page occurs at the bottom of page 28 and the top of page 29 of this report and is accompanied by side by side photographs of the indicia of the Iron Order and the Iron Horsemen Motorcycle Clubs. This page reported this fact accurately and believes that it is reasonable to conclude from the context of the comments pertinent to the Iron Order and the accompanying illustration that the ATF analyst wrote what he meant to write. This page also believes the direct quote “More importantly, many of their members are police and corrections officers, active-duty military and/or government employees and contractors” in a report about connections between military personnel and “OMGs” is unambiguous

Members of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club have gone out of their way to try to discredit this page and influence its reporting. The Iron Order gives the impression that it wants this page to act as a good news propaganda conduit on behalf of the Iron Order.

The Aging Rebel stands by its continuing coverage of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club.

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41 Responses to “Izod, The Wrath Of God”

  1. Cyn Says:

    Y’all are some fucking jokes and keyboard warriors, I swear. I see a lot of
    y’all talking shit about the Iron Order, but none of y’all will say any of this shit to their faces.

    I’m hearing a lot of “IOMC is a fucking joke” yet they’re standing firm against every other PoS OMG out there that doesn’t like them due to wearing a 3 piece patch. If y’all did any research, you’d know that the bottom rocker is just donning where they’re from; it’s not claiming anything. Get your heads outta your asses.

    And secondly, that “OMG” diamond they wear is also just representing the 8 founders of the club. A little research goes a looooong way.

  2. Paladin Says:


    Unlike the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa, your posted link solves the mystery surrounding the whereabouts of Martha Stewart.

    Long May You Ride,


  3. Rebel Says:

    Dear Andrew.

    Ask around. Email somebody.


  4. Andrew Says:

    Is there a link for that atf publication? I know it’s silly but it’s interesting to read the things they write and see how wrong it is. I tried googling it but can’t find anything, I’m sorry. Please help someone!

  5. TOSIAR77 Says:

    Rebel, any chance you can post a copy, or links to the OMGs and the military report? I haven’t seen one in a couple years.

  6. RtC Says:

    OR the goof was just real proud of his IQ?

  7. 10GAUGE Says:


    I saw it too…looks to me like another turd that THINKS he’s somehow being clever by sidestepping directly stealing the entire symbol…that way when called on it by his cop buddies and bosses he has some leeway to squirm…and claim it means something completely different even though it is totally obvious he has had a major identity crisis….and wants to look like a big bad biker..fuckin tool!

    Out here in Cali..it gets cut off either way….

  8. OC Vago 1%er Says:

    Izod Lope de Aguirre,
    Your raft is sinking.

  9. swampy Says:

    Oldskewl, yes, I noticed the “missing /0” too. It’s like he was made aware right before the ink was finished. However, since he’s LE and obviously a uo dick sucker maybe he was trying to stir shit. Just when one thinks one has seen it all….geez.

  10. Wood Says:

    More likely he had what recovering alcoholics call “a moment of clarity” about 3/4 the way through that tattoo

    Wood 100% ER

  11. Phuquehed Says:

    It looks more like a 1 ‘degree’ (1°) in that diamond on his arm. Shit tat work is what it all boils down to. Looks like he had all of them done by one of his fag u(rine) o(dor) friends while they were “partying like rock stars”…drunk and dumber than normal and tattooing each other with soybean ink.

    It could also be he and the guy that did the tat are too fucking stupid to know how a ‘percent’ symbol looks.

    @Freeman – He likes the same music and clothing his little girl likes apparently and really wanted to ‘chat’ with someone in his chapter on her little setup…they were giggling all night.

    @Sydney – Here’s the list -> https://www.dropbox.com/s/5wb1y0cmtt89nbr/IOMemberDirectory.pdf

    or here -> https://www.dropbox.com/s/gp88qc10hk4jlnk/IOMemberDirectory.ods

  12. Oldskewl Says:


    Yea, it seems to be missing the /0.

    Anyone with half a lick of common sense knows what he was trying to say with that ink. It’s just further proof that these guys all want to play “Bad Ass Biker” without having to actually earn it.

  13. RVN69 Says:

    @Oldskewl, looked at it twice, seems to be a diamond, a 1 and a single small 0 , maybe he is on sale for 10% off?

  14. Rebel Says:

    Dear shovelNY,

    At last, responsible journalism!


  15. Oldskewl Says:

    Anyone else notice the 1% tattoo on his arm? check out the video 2:26 mins in …

  16. Freeman Says:


    Think its what he’s getting ready for here:

    Going to a urine odor party Ryan? unbiased, yeah sure…

  17. Wood Says:

    Geez do I feel dumb. Been riding for 40 years and never knew what to do with my chaps!? Thanks Ryan that was really informative. I’ll definitely be checking for more helpful how to videos in the future. Maybe you could do one on how to get that cock out of your ass!
    Fukin Asshat


  18. shovelNY Says:

    here is a video this asshat cop at law abiding biker put up on how to properly fold your chaps
    it’s four and a half minutes long!!!


    way too fucking funny, you can’t make this shit up

  19. Freeman Says:


    That article is probably the single most biased thing i have seen on the subject yet, and there is absolutely no journalism there, he is just being a mouth piece of what as already been said by law officials.

    What they fail to realize is that more cops wearing an outlaw suit on week-ends coming to their aid makes the whole thing look even worst and MORE BIASED.


  20. Sydney Says:


    Since I live in Kingman and this is such a small town it’s not very hard to find information if you know where to look. Now, I don’t have access to the directory that was circulating so I can’t tell you if he is on that list.
    What I can tell you is that he has a facebook account and he didn’t make it private. In my opinion that’s a big mistake but, it worked in my favor so whatever.
    After checking out the website for the IO Arizona “Lost Highways” chapter (that’s what they’re calling themselves instead of claiming Kingman) and checking his facebook I was not able to find any pictures of him wearing anything other than support gear for IO.
    I then made a call to the soon to be ex-wife of an IR officer here in town. It’s always good to know a few pissed off ex-wives…from her I found out that he is most definitely associated with the IO. She has met him at several events. However, she does not know if he is a current PH. She just knows that he has definitely been around more than a few times.
    I have known my source for almost 15 years (which is essentially half of my life) so I trust her and what she has to say.



  21. Sydney Says:


    My curiosity got the better of me and I just had to click the link you shared…Of course Izod and his merry band of idiots is using “law abiding biker” as their puppet.
    Ryan Urlacher the owner/founder of that blog is the President of The Sworn Few MC El Valle Chapter (their mother chapter) in the Yakima, WA area. Sworn Few is also a LEMC.
    I highly doubt that his account of what happened at Nippers in Jacksonville is anywhere near fair or unbiased. Now of course, I don’t know this with any certainty but, I do think it’s a little too coincidental that he is being unbiased…I’ve never known an unbiased cop in my lifetime…just saying.



  22. Phuquehed Says:

    What an ass-kissing, lying bitch that Ryan Urlacher is.

    “We will remain patient and unbiased.” yet almost every pointer has no cite whatsoever and is blatantly ragging anything to do with any club that’s *NOT* the urine odor. Hell, he uses no cites on *ANY* of the info he wrote up. What a fucking ass-licking douche.

    Hey Ryan, you waste of air…maybe you better go back to grade school and learn reading comprehension and then look up the definition of “unbiased” and try it again. Maybe this time around you’ll get it right though by the way you’re sucking the cock of any urine odor fucktard who seems to pass by you I doubt you’ll pay any attention to anything but an io swinging dick in front of your face.

  23. Nihilist Says:

    Maybe their “legal department” would like to tackle this:


    Is that a semblance of an 8 on the skull? Also, does anyone know if that naughty boy out in AZ who claims to be a PH, contrary to what Lubes-with-KY says, is on that directory that was going around? I wasn’t able to view it.

  24. sohn Says:

    “you give some attempt at being fair and balanced.” says Izod. Izod is a gross hypocrite, He wants his club to dress up like bikers on the weekend and cops during the week. He wants his club to use guns in fists fights and be absolved of their crimes because the color of their authority. He’s a piece of shit profiting off of dumb ass LEO’s willing to pay dues to him.

  25. Barricade Says:

    Look, just because you try to walk the walk, talk the talk and look the part doesn’t mean you really are what you are trying to emulate. I can walk like a cop, talk like a cop and even dress like a cop all I want…that doesn’t change the fact that I don’t have the education, training, background or credentials to prove I am actually a cop. In fact, all that makes me is a fucking poser wanna-be who, in the real world, would be arrested and probably sent to jail for being a poser. And that’s exactly what IO is in the MC community. A bunch of posers who are nothing more than a bunch of wanna-be who never were, nor will ever, be. Just because you walk like an MC, talk like an MC and even wear a 3-piece patch like a real (O)MC, you will never truly be that. You’re just a bunch of wanna-bes until you finally submit to true protocol which dictates (1) you have to kick out all LE, no matter their function from PO to detective etc. and (2) you go to the dominate MC in your area to get sanctioned to fly your colors in that area. Until then, you’re just playing make believe.

  26. Glenn S. Says:

    The term: “neither fish nor fowl” comes to mind. Sounds like that organization will be folding shortly.

  27. KneesintheBreeze Says:

    First post – I’m not a PH, not in an MC, only been riding a few years but I come on here to learn and find out the truth. Bought and read one of Rebels books and I’m amazed at the shit our government gets away with. So thanks and respects go out to Rebel and all the gray beards who seem to be the real deal on here.
    Now… I just wanted to say that, from what I see ‘FUCK IOMC’ probably summarized this whole sad story best when he said: “Face it assholes, you are a joke. You have zero reapect. And after killing Zach, you pretty much kicked a tiger in the ass. Wanna be a badass? Well, time to do badass shit now motherfuckers.”

    Condolences to Zach Tipton’s family, brothers and friends.

  28. FTIO Says:

    Ask Izod about the guy in Volusia county going by the name of Reaper. He had his ass kicked and his patch confiscated by a fuckin Auto Club. There are pictures of them cutting off this kids patch and Izod and the boys still claim he never is, was, or will be Iron Order. Must be SOP.

  29. Dave Says:

    I don’t fathom how people like Izod and the IOMC groupies don’t understand. You think as an outsider, giving what I see, that it might dawn on them?

    I’ll try…

    It’s real simple, Izod; If you were due any respect at all, you’d get it. Attempting to cajole respect out of people isn’t working. Demanding respect out of clubs won’t work. Buying respect from cops hasn’t worked. Your club is viewed as an OMG now by everyone except true outlaws, and all this is been brought on by yourself.

    I think this was the order of events;
    1) You thought you were a big dick swingin bad-ass, jumped into the wrong pond and found out there’s crocs in there with you.
    2) Then instead of talking to the crocs and asking them not to eat you alive, showing the proper respect for the ESTABLISHED protocol (one created by wiser men than yourself.. I know, shocking ain’t it) you decided to flip them off. Not realizing that those crocs understand the middle finger gesture.
    3) This goes on for a while and in that time you actually find others who are equally as stupid, who equally think ‘fuck them’, and you get them to side with you thinking that means anything to anyone other than you guys.
    4) Then you start having shit happen and things begin to happen and you want to appear in control and still a bad-ass when deep in the back of your mind there’s a voice telling you “Dude, you’re in the shit now!”
    5) Now you’re scared, trying to puff up your chest and act tough, smart, intelligent (none of which anyone is buying), when what you should have done was go to the CoC and set things right.
    6) ________________________________________________ [The future of IOMC] (notice it’s empty. only a fool doesn’t see the empty line).

    And here’s the bottom line for you, Izod, because you just don’t seem to comprehend it; You and your club are not respected by NON-BIKERS too! Wow! You have utterly fucked up so badly that even civilians laugh at you. Your colors don’t intimidate them. They see your patch and laugh. Wait, that’s not accurate… IF they see your colors, cause I have NEVER seen ’em in public. Only in pictures.

    And Izod… It’s only going to get worse for you from here on out!


    You sir can claim the prize for “Epic Fail of All Time!”, a prize that was previously held by a disgusting Walmart shopper who used her elongated boobs and extra folds of skin to carry bags of goods to her car.

    PS: Izod, stand up and be a man and get things right before you have lost everything that you wanted to create. That’s from my heart. I know what it’s like to fuck up big, but I can assure you that being a man and stepping up will go further than trying to swim upstream and get past grizzy bears. You’re not a salmon. It won’t work for you. Diplomacy may sometimes be better than stubbornness. And you’ll never have enough members to go against the ever growing tide.

  30. Wookiee Says:

    @Sick Rick
    John Whitfield aka Shark is not a founding member of the IO. Shark is a long standing member and I believe a founding member of his original Chapter. Now his position is Director of the DLA(Division of Legal Affairs) and is a Club Nomad. The DLA deals with legal issues facing the IO or it’s members if the issues are connected, also deals with internal Club situations such as elections, Club votes and if a member is appealing their Out in Bad Status. He is one of two people who holds the Trademarks for the IO

  31. Sick Rick Says:

    Swampy wrote: “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: The Masque of Pandora.

    I like, “do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for ye are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.” I don’t believe that’s Longfellow, though.

  32. Sick Rick Says:

    How embarrassing it must be for John Whitfield, one of the founders who I assume is one of the “hard core bikers” who founded the club in a garage.


    Counselor Whitfield unsuccessfully ran for Hopkins County, KY prosecuting attorney a few years back and according to published reports his connection to IOMC was a big thorn in his side during the campaign. His facebook page shows him hobnobbing with the Governor and other bigwigs.

    He must be thrilled about the way the organization is being run.

  33. swampy Says:

    “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: The Masque of Pandora.

    I believe that quote fits “is-odd” pretty well. A few people here have predicted that the io will “implode” on itself; maybe, hopefully, it’s coming true. Did “is-odd” actually believe that his minions could become the dominant “M.C.” by provoking others and helping LE to prosecute them?….I think I just answered my own question. Either that, or he intended to become the *only* “Club” allowed to fly. He is only speeding the U.S. into an Australian or Berlin situation.

  34. fuck iomc Says:

    Jesus. For the toughest hardest partying motherfuckers, they sure as fuck do a lot of crying, and yelling teacher! Teacher! They aint playing fair! Face it assholes, you are a joke. You have zero reapect. And after killing Zach, you pretty much kicked a tiger in the ass. Wanna be a badass? Well, time to do badass shit now motherfuckers.

  35. jj solari Says:

    “fair and balanced” is journalese for deceptive, senyore lacoste. i dont know who the fuck you think you are kidding with your incredibly inept communication skills, you are more transparent than obama’s claim of christianity. you have the argumentative and reasoning skills of the fucking 4 year old. “we dont make fun of you, aging rebel man, why are you making fun of us?” well, one reason is because you are a spokesman for a fucking clownfest that fucking annoys everyone who aint in it who encounters it. oh, and since you’re so fucking stupid, one of the reasons everyone HERE fucking trashes your band of sisters is because no one here LIKES you people. this is complicated only to a sociopath cop. it’s not complicated to normal americans. you actually make the sons of anarchy look sensible. that is nothing to be proud of.

  36. COS_Flyer Says:

    If you lied about your past in order to pass the bylaws, you DESERVE to be put out bad.

  37. Nags Says:

    Once you start making up shit to cover your ass, people will see through the lies then you have to scurry around even faster working harder to hold the house of cards together. Izod is scurrying around like the fucking cockroach he is when the lights come on. Well before this is all over the lights will get much much brighter.

  38. Wookiee Says:

    The IO’s statement that they do not allow felons in their ranks is not the whole story, it just sounds better. The bylaws actually state that you cannot have a felony within the last 10 years and be a member. There are a few exceptions to this such as drug dealing, child crimes and sex crimes. There are a few others but I cannot recall them but if you have one of those convictions you are not supposed to be allowed membership period. If you had a felony and tried to enter the Club they have a review board who looks over the case and give a yes or no on their entrance. The IO did not do actual background checks on a Club wide basis until a year or so ago, until that point they relied on other means that were often inaccurate and there were felons who did not qualify for membership through out the Club. An issue arose where some members exposed their Brothers criminal pasts to get them kicked out. Izod told the Club he did not want a witch hunt to find any other felons in the IO and they had an amnesty period for anyone who was a felon but hid it, if they came forward in the last 3 months of last year and went before the review board they would either be cleared to stay in or would be allowed to leave in Good standing if they did not. After that point if any felons were found they would be put out in bad. They also discouraged ratting others out for the felony status

  39. Nihilist Says:

    I’m reminded of the well-practiced propaganda principle of telling a lie(s) long enough that people will eventually believe them. At least, a sizable majority anyway. I also recall a favorite quote from then-editor of Iron Horse magazine David Snow about Harley’s vast marketing ploys and attempts at re-writing motorcycling history that was something along the lines of not trusting a corporation that can successfully fool 95% of the population and then expecting the other 5% who knows what’s going on to have faith in them.

    Lube-KY likes to talk about the io being founded by “hardcore bikers,” to include himself. That should be a red flag right away–I’ve never heard of anyone giving themselves a title like that, at least, not anyone who truly was/is. Also, what’s all this claim that they are in the style of the 50s & 60s? How would they know? Who among them was in a club back then? Answers please, any of you…

    Keep up the good work, Rebel.

  40. Freeman Says:

    Typical, that club seems to treat its membership like a religious sect, and the club is a business.

    Izod: we need to clear out those caps, cup holder, t-shirt and all that bling bling shit, before i have to pile it up in my garage…And cancel all the fucking orders we have in china, sales keep dropping.

    Izod, seat in the lotus position and sing kumbaya, you need to relax man.

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