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July 21, 2014

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The most compelling story in July continues to be the murder of Zachariah Tipton, a member of the Black Pistons Motorcycle Club, which is frequently categorized as an “outlaw motorcycle club” by a (presumed) prospect with the Iron Order Motorcycle Club which is generally categorized as a “law abiding motorcycle club.”

Today, the frequently asked questions section of the Iron Order website explains that you can join the Iron Order if: “You are male, 18 years of age, law abiding, have a cruiser style motorcycle more than 650cc not necessarily a Harley or American made, and a strong desire to do something good for your community while at the same time helping build a true international brotherhood of like minded individuals…then you MIGHT be IOMC material…. If you believe in what the morons who post on sites like Aging Rebel, Facebook or Topix write about us then don’t come around us.”

There are many empty words written about the law-abiding Iron Order, both on their site and elsewhere. In one of the darker regions of the great cyber swamp one can read, “to become a member of an IO chapter you must provide them with a background check and have had no felony convictions, and even some arrests will prohibit you from becoming a member convicted or not.” That isn’t true of course, but it is something that policemen seem to believe about the club which may explain why the prospect who gunned down Zach Tipton has been protected by them.

Robert Fernandes

The Kingman, Arizona Daily Miner pointed out the error in that last preconception this morning in a story by Scott Schulte headlined “Groups unite to transform Kingman home.” It is a human interest story about the local Iron Order chapter pitching in to help an elderly couple make some much needed repairs to their home. It is the sort of thing motorcycle clubs do all the time. Of course if, say, the Black Pistons were to do it some biker authority, maybe Steve Cook, would argue that club was merely doing public relations and cynically trying to camouflage its criminality.

One of the prominently featured good guys in the story is an Iron Order member named Robert Fernandes. Fernandes told Schulte, “When I got out of jail I got involved with the Iron Order Motorcycle Club. I needed that camaraderie.” You can read the complete Daily Miner story here.

Fernandes, who is the good citizen pictured at the top of this story, has paid his debt to society. He was convicted of armed robbery and did five years. He had previous convictions for theft and trafficking in stolen property. When he got out of prison he joined a motorcycle club and apparently turned his life around. But the issue of whether Fernandes is a good man or not isn’t the compelling story this month.

The compelling story this month is the story the police tell. And that story assumes that there is a discernible, black and white line between the Iron Order Motorcycle Club which has a reputation for provoking fights and then calling the police and the Black Pistons Motorcycle Club which has a reputation for fighting when provoked and then not talking to police.

The line the police see is actually fuzzier and grayer than they realize.

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63 Responses to “The Law Abiding Motorcycle Club”

  1. Eugene Bell Says:

    I think they are a bunch of rogue cops out starting fights with 1% club members the whole time hiding behind their cop status. while in Texas for instance motorcycle club members are being arrested for concealed carry even when they have licenses, and they are being profiled by association, disarmed just for gathering together, all of which are against their constitutional rights, these cops on bikes are shooting them down and getting away with it.

  2. big ph Says:

    I think I will join a real club H.A. for life

  3. big ph Says:

    If this club is what they say they are why does it say they dont accept anybody with felonies?? Big doubt!!

  4. Learning Lurker Says:

    Hey, Dili or “1more” Jobes is back.

  5. Dilligaf Says:

    He said HEADGUY. What a joke. He needed to escort so he didn’t get pulled over for drug trafficking.

  6. Phuquehed Says:

    Ooooohhh, looky…John Doe’s little bitch crawls out from under the same rock. John must have finished with him for the moment.

  7. panamaa Says:

    God, here come these fuckers again… A month after the last post they shit their two cents in….

    Fuck the you Doug Ridgley and fuck the IO…. Gezzzzzz…

  8. Doug Ridgley Says:

    Right on, John Doe. You nailed it!

  9. Phuquehed Says:

    @Not Surprised – Sounds like he’s just another of the (too) many pussified men in this country. I mean what the fuck…the last time I ever heard people using terms like ‘you haters’ or ‘hate filled’ was grade school, it was the same thing as ‘you meanie!’, and the only ones who used to say that even then were the pussy rats of the class/school.

    Little Jason is just another fucktard who’s wandered in here to show us he knows what the fuck the club world is all about and that anyone else here just *can’t* be in a club of any kind *because* they’re here writing something instead of having their ass planted 24/7/365 on their bike. He’s just another of those ‘I know what better for everyone’ assholes and doesn’t know a fucking thing about what’s good for himself…like when to shut the fuck up.

    By the way, Jason, you pansy-ass fucktard…Rebel is *reporting* and he’s *reporting* about a man that was killed because the pussy-like-you-urine-odor-faggot who waited around to start a fight couldn’t take *losing* that fight and comes back and kills the man who bested him. I guess to shit-lickers like you though, it’s ‘okay’ that someone got killed over a bloodied nose because it was someone the world shouldn’t care about, at least according to you. So…shove your dumb-shit, condescending, pussy whinings up your ass – sideways – then kill yourself so you don’t have to read all these things that upset your pussy world so much.

  10. Not Surprised Says:


    Sorry but who the fuck are you talking too?

  11. Dave Says:


    It’s spelled “here”, not “hear” when used to define a locale.

  12. Jason Says:

    You can not ‘represent’ on the fucking internet, so for everyone that likes to post the crazy ass hate filled statements, noone knows who the fuck you are or if you are really that ‘hard’…and even if you are…who the fuck cares. Post a link to your facebook account (I know you all have one) so we can see your crazy ass harder than everyone else selfies. Being a biker, 1%er is supposed to be about being strong, confident, loyal, etc…when did obsessively posting on internet blogs get added to that list?…you make yourself look like a fucking goon by going so crazy about a fucking blog post on here, if you really believe in the values these clubs you worship preach, say something intelligent, listen when someone speaks and dont respond like a fucking 17 year old jock on steroids….

  13. Mag Says:

    @Fiat Lux – “…only one who has been an outcast since birth and somehow managed to survive and thrive would understand.”

    I had to think about that for a day or two to let it sink in, kind of marinate on it. It’s not often I get pegged hard and accurate like that in a way that’s meant with approbation rather than fear or distrust. Coming from who it does means a lot. Much appreciation, respect and thanks.

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