Second Hollister Shooting Arrest

July 16, 2014

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Police arrested a second man yesterday in connection with a shooting Sunday, July 6 at a Chevron on San Felipe Road in Hollister, California at the conclusion of Hollister’s annual motorcycle rally.

The shooting resulted from a confrontation between members of the Boozefighters Motorcycle Club and members of the Wino’s Crew Motorcycle Club. Three Boozefighters were shot during the incident. A fourth Boozefighter named Michael Richard Kich, was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and posted bail. Kich and the three injured Boozefighters are all from Nevada.

Lamar Guy Jones Copeland

According to a Hollister Police press release, “The investigation has led officers to identify the alleged shooter of the “Boozefighters” as Wino’s Crew member, Lamar Guy Jones Copeland (photo above), 27, of Sacramento. A warrant for his arrest was issued several days ago and police have been working with the Sacramento Police Department in an attempt to locate him. After many hours of investigation and surveillance, the Sacramento Police Criminal Intelligence Unit located Copeland in Sacramento” yesterday.

Yesterday morning, “Hollister Detectives drove to the Sacramento area to take custody of Copeland. He was transported back to Hollister and booked at the San Benito County Jail for attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon and felon in possession of a firearm. He is being held with no bail.”

Bad Blood

Hollister police have already said the shooting was a continuation of a dispute that began outside Johnny’s Bar & Grill in Hollister on the evening of July 5. During that incident police arrested Wino’s Crew patch holder Kelly Eugene Rivas of Grass Valley, California for carrying a concealed knife. Police have said that fight was recorded by the newly installed video surveillance apparatus in downtown Hollister. No members of the Boozefighters MC are believed to be cooperating with the police investigation.

Wino’s Crew is an offshoot of the Boozefighters and it is named in honor of Boozefighters founder William “Wino Willie” Forkner who died in June 1997. Wino’s Crew was formed three months before Forkner’s death.

Wino’s Crew states, “We are a brotherhood formed around the traditions and memory of Wino Willie Forkner, founder of the Boozefighters MC. We are not a part of the BFMC nor are we a farm club. We were organized to defend Wino Willie, ‘JD’ John and the rest of the original Boozefighters from being dumped on by the new breed of Boozefighters in Texas.”

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98 Responses to “Second Hollister Shooting Arrest”

  1. Tom Says:

    To Bad they did not get BFMC Twidd from Winnemucca NV he is such a waste of space and I still can’t believe he is the local president. He looks like a child molester.

  2. you don't want this issue Says:

    Cyber thugs… how cute.

  3. live2ride Says:

    Both clubs allow black members Wino Willie was asked in an interview “do you accept blacks in your club?” His response was “I fought with men of all color in the war, if you bleed red,white and blue you can be my brother”..and yes the Power clubs don’t allow blacks..but best believe they have support clubs that are all black and/or have black members as well and yes they drink together and party it’s more of an old bylaw and tradition thing not necessarily staright racism anymore..and if you are in the scene you know shit is changing….Racism is an archaic way of thinking..I have been back stabbed by both white and black people and i have friends and brothers of both races that I would die for..I was blessed to have grown up area with every damn race and background and have seen it all, as well as my career believe me I see the good and bad in every damn skin color…anyone who uses the words “they” “them” or “all” are close minded and ignorant..for any stereotype you point out, I can show you someone who completely dispels that belief. The actual statistics of whites and blacks on government assistance programs are around 1-2% difference off Asians have the lowest..remember there is white trash and black trash and both are draining the economy..NOT one or the other…trash in every race..if you think your race is superior your an idiot..that goes for problack panthers idiots and white power idiots..I know whites that can dance,run fast,jump high and can sing..I know blacks who are good at math,can’t dance at all, slow as shit and talk more proper than you would or crime doesn’t know race..a little humor..but, you get my drift..

  4. sacDog Says:

    @notsurprised yea. I’m still around just coming back to check out what’s new in my world. And to answer your question, no, I’ve never even seen an iron order patch in northern California. Hope I never do. Wouldn’t want slap a patch holder only to be arrested by said patch holder while wearing his other “patch” badge. Haha! Respects to you and all the REAL ones on this forum.

  5. Ray Says:

    Both clubs have had or have African American members. I know personally at least on BFMC Black memeber and I know personally of Wino Art of the WCMC who died on his bike wearing the Clown on his back. Too many slick backs making comments about what they don’t know.

  6. BlackFXR Says:

    This Hannover HA is an anomaly, but he’s definitely not white.

    He might be something other than African heritage ‘black,’ though.

    The Moscow HA looks a bit amused. Bemused? Befuddled? ;)

    Again, public info.

  7. Tooj Says:

    Sorta like this:’m+playing+for+Chubbs.

    Wish I could find video, but it about says it.

  8. jrnr Says:

    @average fucktard don’t know shit about BFMC or WCMC. Ironically he’s the one showing who’s not too smart. Fucking dipshit.


  9. Not Surprised Says:


    LOL. Shit.

  10. Not Surprised Says:

    Sac Dog

    Good to see you still hanging around.

    See any of them I.O fuckers out your way??

    Average Rider:

    You just got punked. Do some homework

  11. Tooj Says:

    @Average Rider,

    Ever been to the DFW mother chapter house? Been served beer by black PHs there. Visited a friend and got an invite. That, or they wore convincing makeup cause it wasn’t a tan from riding.

  12. BlackFXR Says:

    Thanks for the reply, Oldskewl. I certainly can’t argue with your wisdom.

    To Average Rider, I’m really not one to talk club business, but this stuff is publicly available: (Ch 186: Northern Virginia)
    “Q: Are Boozefighters accepting of ALL races for membership?
    A: Absolutely! The BFMC is a very diverse group of men from all over this great country…” (Ch 58: Texas)
    “Q: Are Boozefighters accepting of ALL races for membership?
    A: Absolutely! The BFMC is a very diverse group of men from all over this great country…” (Ch 19: Washington DC)
    Row 3, column 3. “Ganja”

    SacDog: stop trying so hard.

  13. Bruka Says:

    Average Rider – are you a member of that club ? No ? In that case Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !

  14. Average Rider Says:

    BFMC does not allow Blacks in their Club, it was based off WW2 vet’s 50% or greater are NOT vets…it is a racist group and if you think otherwise you are not too smart

  15. Phantom Says:

    I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and give thanks for the many great contributions of the Black community and their culture to our society. Their peaceful and generous nature makes them ideal neighbors, lending testimony to their exceptional family values and parenting skills unrivaled by any other culture.

    Their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a people. Real Estate values are fueled by the influx of African Americans into an area due to their caring and respectful nurturing of these communities, an example of all they have achieved by their enthusiasm for self-improvement through hard work and a self-reliant can-do nature. Without their industrious and creative drive, we would be poorer as a nation.

  16. Phuquehed Says:

    Hey Dogs sac…didn’t you say you were outta here, never coming back, “I won’t post anymore after this”?

    If this shit bothers you this much, *you* have deeper problems, not the rest of the planet.

    Go seek help, and if you can’t find it or don’t want to, kill yourself so these kinds of discussions will never bother you again (plus you’ll stop wasting our good air, think of that!).

  17. sacDog Says:

    See now here goes the fucking black guy who thinks he knows how shit works but has no fucking clue. Not all white people treat blacks like they are beneath them and DOG them the fuck out. He is treated as a BROTHER and went through the same initiation as everyone else. He’s not some fuckin pawn torpedo.

  18. Oldskewl Says:


    I’m not sure that black a PH have gone through a “special grade of abuse”… I think that a member that’s been patched has earned his way, black or white.

    It could be that some blacks connect better with whites, I grew up with someone just like that.


  19. BlackFXR Says:

    I’m black, I ride and I have always wondered about black men who prospect for non-black clubs.

    The Boozefighters are pretty public about being open to any rider who fits their lifestyle (the chapters I know of in the South are purposely all white, however) – and as a heritage club, they occupy a special place but I still wonder about black men who prospect for “white” clubs. From where I’m sitting, they seem to have to put up with a special grade of abuse in that environment.

    I acknowledge and respect the racial divide in the MC world. Y’all have your customs and clubs, we have ours.

    That said, I hope the brother fares well behind this incident. It sounds like some bad choices were made.

  20. Tomo Says:


    Yeah, I knew what you meant, I was just musing out loud how it applied to the diverging from the original topic train of thought. I like what you write.

    Regarding the Hollister incident vs Tipton case: although I’m very cynical, it still surprises me how blatant and overtly biased, when releasing information, the law enforcement is in the US when dealing with different incidents.
    I suppose it could be the same over here but I don’t have TV.
    I don’t do political correctness, however I do know when to keep my trap shut in front of management to keep my job.

  21. WarParty NorCal Says:

    keyboard Warriors LOL.

  22. RtC Says:

    NOT nigger-speak, BUT wigger-speak LMFAO Hey scatdog keep yer homo-shit to
    yer OWN club.
    3 types Mon-backs, Do-da & Moteasa
    I don’t have the time or inclination to finish this shit! sacdog, gohead
    wigger! BTW FOESAD You should read prior posts concerning “Picking fights
    with old men…” Fuckin’ PIG!!!!!
    RESPECTS to the REAL

    DAMN IT! This wasn’t supposed to happen! Oh well, fucker
    needs to see this twice!

  23. RtC Says:

    NOT nigger-speak, BUT wigger-speak LMFAO
    3 types Mon-backs, Do-da & Moteasa
    I don’t have the time or inclination to finish this shit! sacdog, gohead
    wigger! BTW FOESAD You should read prior posts concerning “Picking fights
    with old men…” Fuckin’ PIG!!!!!
    RESPECTS to the REAL

  24. Paladin Says:

    In a prior post, I stated “I’m not against minorities, I’m against what they do.”, the following is a text book example of my statement.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  25. Phuquehed Says:

    Heh heh heh. Ain’t it the truth?

  26. Base Says:


    In my comment where I ask:

    Things that make you go WTF?

    It was a generalized rhetorical question aimed at and very applicable I thought for both the article and or the comments on the thread.

    Hollister incident:

    They, the authorities very quickly, named names of the MC’s & the people involved. Victims & shooters

    But in the Tipton murder they are closed lip and dance around all questions. I even believe if they could have done it, they would have only named the one MC that was represented and not the other cultist organization. Then days later they give a half assed very generalized well rehearsed statement.

    Bunch of fuck-wit’s they think people do not see what’s going on?

    The off topic comments on this thread:

    Me personally could care less what color a person skin is. It’s the content of their character. A persons trait’s or a particular individual’s durable moral qualities is what will draw me too or push me away.

    Now admittedly I will chaff it up with an internet troll sometimes but I have a strong dislike of ass holes, douche bags, back stabbers, liars, arrogance, abusive obnoxious people and the list goes on and on.

    I also allow others their beliefs if I agree or not.

    As for hurt feelings?

    Part of the problem in the world today are the “offended politically correct crowd” This stems from the participation trophy mentality and or the pussification of the American male.

    “Every body is special and deserves a participation trophy!”

    “I can’t believe you said that, I am sooooooo offended!”

    The reality is everyone is not special or equal, some are smarter, stronger, faster so on and so forth. Nothing should be given it should be earned or won if you will. And if you are unwilling to go for it and just want it handed to you, well you get what you get. More often than not it is the scraps left behind by the hunters!

    I have met handicapped people physically and or mentally who are more applicable than others who’s only problem is they are lazy and expect concession’s instead of actually applying them selves.

    Now I am fully aware of demography understanding some of what plagues many of the communities and cultures in our country. Much of it starts with the total lack of personal responsibility. Ineptitude is like fear once it grabs hold your fucked unless you choose to do something about it. But that takes effort!

    Couple things an elder told me long ago when I was a boy.

    “Accept people for who & what they are. Then interact with proper accord.”

    “If your expecting a hand out your going to go hungry, if your waiting on opportunity to land in your lap, it’s going to be a long and lonely waste of time.Depend and fend for your self, if there is something you want go get it then it is truly yours and you are not beholden to no one.”

    That’s how I have always played it, and it works for me.


  27. Bill Says:

    Can’t we all just get along?

  28. jrnr Says:

    Holy fuck!,

    I thought this was a story about two M/C’s with a history that happened to boil over in Hollister.



  29. Jim666 Says:

    Fuck it,
    have fun,

  30. sacDog Says:

    What the fuck are you talking about JOHN DEAUX? I write black and structure my sentences black? Hahaha!! You are fucking delusional. Get at grip buddy. On reality that is. I didn’t know there was a way to structure my sentences black. Get the fuck outta here! Haha! I always thought that there was only two ways of writing. Educated and uneducated. Proper grammar or like a fucking idiot. I’m pretty sure my grammatical errors are quite evident as I have no need to use spell check or have my essay checked by my teacher, but come on. You call me a troll, well maybe not you but, you know what I’m saying. And, then you bring up a dead issue after the dust settles just to kick the shit right back up. And I’m an asshole for falling for it as I am right now responding to your drivel. Dude you are the epitome of a troll. Internet war monger in the purest sense. I’m through with you as I have exposed your trolling ways. Goodnight John. Let’s just agree to disagree.

  31. Tomo Says:

    @ Base – “…things that make you go WTF?..” you mean like keeping the comments on topic with the original article when everyone else has diverged to another?
    @ Jason – Sieg is not short for sieg heil, it’s something to do with a family nickname(I think, from memory). He explained it in another comments section a few months ago, I just can’t remember where right now.

  32. Not Surprised Says:


    It isn’t about hatred. It is about indifference. It is about not allowing certain things, people or issues to register on the screen.

  33. Jason Says:

    @Sieg, Not sure what you meant by Lay Down, I thought my comments were pretty honest and respectful. Does Sieg stand for Sieg Heil? If so and you are that offended that someone spoke openly, Im not going to send any hate out here. I know who I am, I dont need to hate anyone to be strong. I can hold my own or die trying, this Internet tough talk is bullshit.

  34. John Deaux Says:

    Hey coondog sac
    I live a stones throw away from a 3rd world city festering with black gang bangers, shooting day and night over nigger shit.
    I wear a Blood Drop patch over my left pocket on my vest and Dixie right above it. Nobody gives me any shit and no black has ever beat me in anything, ever. Just so we’re clear.
    So as you said previously, you have no hate for the white man then later post you ain’t black. You write black and structure your sentences black so guess what…..Surprise.
    News flash, I never said I wasn’t racist, no new news there. That said I wouldn’t not help some one in need because of their skin color but he is never going to be my brother.
    It’s been interesting but I’m done here, comment if you wish, it’s a free speech zone, but I’m not spending anymore time on this subject.
    14 Words

  35. Jim666 Says:

    Damn I never intended this whole post thread to turn into an argument over race, Fuck Im not completely white, I’m over half Cherokee, I really dont give a fuck what color your skin is as long as you are stand up but there are no black men in my club and I highly doubt there ever will be.
    All I was doing was stating the obvious above and didn’t really think either of these clubs in this article had black men in them, shows ya what I know about these two clubs,I do know wheels of soul and the original chosen few have all black white and chicano, I have seen a pic once of a black man wearing AOA Patch full patch, not sure he is from but was also with other white AOA members, back in the 60`s there was a black man in 81 and got away w/ it for years as he told everyone he was eskimo he was from ans in the Alaska Charter, I thing he got found out and booted but not positive, Like I said above all charters and chapters govern there own as far as shit like this goes, although most say you must be white a man 21 yrs old and own an american motorcycle 900 cc and up .
    Then again
    The times they are a changin

    Respects to the real Support your local 1% M/C

  36. sacDog Says:

    Not Surprised you are most definitely right. Much respect. Thank you for killing this shit.

  37. Not Surprised Says:

    sac Dog

    You don’t have to defend your brother to anyone on this board. His skin color is really irrelevant. Most of us have said if a club wants to patch blacks, it is their business and not ours.

    I am certain he is as stand up a guy as you say.

    But you are not going to get anywhere beating a dead horse.

    Racism exists. Some of us are just more blunt and honest about it.

    Time to move on to another topic sac Dog.

  38. Base Says:

    I wondered after reading these articles if these two groups met at the Chevron by coincidence? Did one group have scouts out watching for the other? or Did they get funneled there by LE?

    You know, LE suggesting both groups leave at a certain time by a certain route. That may seem like a stretch but it is not unheard of.

    This incident would go a long way to assist in obtaining a larger budget next year! They, the LE money mongers will defiantly shout how their new camera system assisted in catching the shooter’s and how they need more money to protect Joe Citizen from the biker menace who at any moment will ride into town and rape their daughters and wives, burn down the town hall and steal the change off their dresser!

    Just some random questions & observations.

    Do believe I read in one or more of the comments how in this incident, names and faces of suspects, victims and players are dropped into the public pool. But the incident in Florida is all hush hush.

    Things that make you go WTF?

  39. BHW Says:

    Dark face paint on that clown

  40. sacDog Says:

    Rtc you fucking poop dick motherfucker you can kiss my ass. Liar liar pants on fire. Are you a fucking kid? I don’t have nothing to prove to you motherfucker and when I do I’ll be glad to prove it in person. Rebel knows my name. I’m not on here under some alias trolling around. I am just a man who has an opinion just like you and they are just like assholes. Remember that. If I’m offending you somehow because I have an opinion, I don’t know what to tell you partner. Get over it. I’m not alanb’stardMP trolling for the fuck of it. This “spook,coondog,bigger” you guys speak of is my brother and I will come to his defense on these threads or in person. Isn’t that what brotherhood is? Dude I just want my brother to get his fair chance in the M/C world. We already know he isn’t going to be given a fair one with the boys in blue. And just so you know the “SPOOK” in the picture would treat you guys in the M/C world with the amount of respect he treats his brothers. He was approached by multiple black M/Cs about joining and joined the Wino’s instead because he sees no colors except the ones on our backs. You should respect the man for just that. AND THAT IS WHY I DEFEND HIM. Now, again, I apologize if I ha e roused a race war in here because that was not my intention.

  41. BHW Says:

    I don’t have a problem saying it…Fuck THAT NIGGER

  42. Phuquehed Says:

    sacdog, shut the fuck up you imbecile, whiny fucktard. Tell your daddy too, to shut the fuck up or should I say same owner of other sock puppets – Jim666-Loser, dilli gaf, Rebels wrong – our very own shit-stain, Bystander. Do you call out every racist nigger you hear talking shit about whites the same way you’re going crybaby crazy on John Deaux? I’ll bet not and that makes you a lying, sack of hypocrite shit.

  43. RtC Says:

    @ sacdog, you wrote YESTERDAY 7-17-2014 at 9:29pm “I won’t post anymore
    after this because…”
    ANOTHER f’n liar on the net. Done fuckin’ “stirrin’ ” yet? LIAR

  44. sacDog Says:

    Now this whole thing started over the first comment on here but has ended with us all knowing that John deaux is definitely a race ist piece of shit like Remy from higher learning and he definitely likes to blow his windbag all over his keyboard. Black dudes must have beat you up when you were a child. Something is really wrong with him. Big pussy who swings a big internet stick. I have not made one derogatory comment about whites and he shits on blacks every chance he gets. And he’s shitting on them to me. I’m not black asshole. Fucking idiot. Signed, coondog. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. sacDog Says:

    Jason….. Good points my friend. Magoo…… Very good points as well. Thanks for your input guys. I never said he was a racist, I said he was generalizing someone by race. Good day fellas.

  46. John Deaux Says:

    Not Surprised
    I know huh, boredom is a terrible thing. Looks like the rain’s about to end so going check out the bike for an evening ride.
    Have a good night, I’m gone.
    14 Words

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