Renegades Charged

January 28, 2009

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Multiple news sources are reporting that three members of the Renegades Motorcycle Club have been arrested and charged today, January 28th, with assault by mob, abduction and participation in a criminal street gang.

The accused men are reported to be Daniel Ray Justice, 41, William Jeffery Wolfe, 43 and Jerry Lynn Gurganuas, 52. The charges have been reported to “stem” from an alleged assault January 7th in the 200 block of E. Washington Street in Suffolk, Virginia.

Two States

Authorities in two states are apparently trying to leverage the assault charges into a general fishing expedition for evidence to incriminate as many Renegades as possible for something.

This morning, officers from the Suffolk and Chesapeake, Virginia Police departments, the North Carolina Department of Crime Control and agents from the North Carolina Division of Alcohol Law Enforcement served five search warrants at a junk yard in Suffolk, and four other locations in Chesapeake, Virginia and in Herford and Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

After the raids, police announced to the press that they had found “evidence of gang participation,” guns and drugs and that “additional charges” are anticipated.

The Renegades

The Renegades Motorcycle Club was founded in 1970. The club has eighteen charters in the eastern United States. And, according to the club’s website, the Renegades “believe in living life as it should be. Free, without government intrusion into our private lives.”

The Renegades were last in the national spotlight in 1999. In that case the Federal Bureau of Investigation paid an informant $3,300 a month plus a $100,000 bonus to implicate the Renegades in the recreational drug business in Virginia and North Carolina. Members of the Renegades were alleged to have bought and sold large amounts of methamphetamine. Three club officers pleaded guilty.

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5 Responses to “Renegades Charged”

  1. Joe Handle Says:

    I grew up with the Renegades in my neighborhood they did wear patches and Danny Justice was my best friend and would go to my ass just as soon as he would go to your’s and that is just how he is. Don’t make him bad or good but from my own personal encounters from our friendship if you go decide to fuck with him l would rethink your decision unless you are like me and don’t care about pain or toting an ass whooping cause you will tote one. Don’t try to understand what you cannot and don’t judge where you know nothing of the culture. Stay in your element leave this shit to men better suited for that life. If l needed serious help l would ask him to help me because a bunch of guys that don’t care about social norms is better than a bunch of cowards that care only for themselves. They never have your back ever.
    I was a hood day and if you don’t know what that is you are on the wrong blog. Jerry….Danny wish you well my brothers.

  2. bcnasty Says:

    LMAO, this is so old.

  3. Sieg Says:

    Damn…this article was published in 2009, and it’s STILL causing flashbacks-at least from reading the two comments you’d figure flashbacks, maybe flashforwards???


  4. William wolf Says:

    You know nothing stop spreading lies get another hobby.the world will thank you.


  1. Virginia  MC The Renegades & “Mop”, Richard | RKB BLOG - September 5, 2015

    […] There are various other articles and information, from FBI to news sites, to websites.  As I said, althouth, the Aging Rebel site says they were formed in 1970.  They had become freinds then, they had bikes, the were getting in minor, if any legal trouble, but, they were not formed as a MC, i.e. patches, etc.  At least, not known to me.  They were just getting into some formation, more like buddies that get together.  But, the sad part, if you were to feel a shred of sympathy as time goes by, and I don’t blame you if you don’t, (and, no, I wouldn’t want my children anywhere near them today) but, it wasn’t like they were shipping the drugs in, nor taking them off the docks.  Again, as far as I knew.  It was more known then that was done by others, I am not saying who, and I really don’t know, it was speculation, yet, I think the main vehicle was straight by NATO ships, and cargo ships in general.  The MC were just being defiant enough, and using the drugs for recreactional purposes, that really starts setting them up to be used, and workers for someone else.  Once in the system, they are just trained and defiant further, but, very respectful to the bosses that they serve.   […]

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