Izod Still Talking

July 15, 2014

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The Iron Order Motorcycle Club continues to try to wash and spin dry the murder of Black Piston Zachariah “Nas T” Tipton outside Nippers Beach Grille in Jacksonville Beach, Florida on June 26.

In an interview, Derek Kinner of Folio Weekly asked Iron Order President Ray “Izod” Lubesky (photo above) if members of the Iron Order went to Nippers that night to “bait” members of the Black Pistons to fight.

Lubesky replied, “I can promise you no one went there to kill anybody. Nobody was looking for a fight. We had people inside and we had people outside. If we were looking for a fight, they would have been all together.” Lubesky does not deny that the Iron Order members have a history of provoking fights

Iron Order Threatened

Lubesky also continues to complain about this site’s coverage of the case and to claim to have secret, inside knowledge of the case that is not available to the general public. “We have not been directly threatened but it’s all over the internet,” the Iron Order President told Kinner. “It’s deplorable. I know what the rumors are, that we murdered this guy. It was an execution style killing with a bullet through the temple, there were two shooters who fired four times.” Kinner indirectly quotes Lubesky as saying “All of that is untrue.”

The Aging Rebel believes the police statement that Tipton was shot in the temple. This page has also been told by multiple sources that at least two Iron Order members were present, that multiple shots were fired and that Tipton was shot three or four times. The medical examiners report on Tipton has not been released. Members of Tipton’s immediate family have stated publically that they were not permitted to see his body.

The Iron Order and Jacksonville Beach Police spokesman Tom Crumley have both stated that the shooter was not a law enforcement officer. However Crumley seems to have been playing semantic games throughout this investigation. In attempting to learn the identity of the man who killed Zach Tipton this page has identified an Iron Order prospect who is the son of an Iron Order member who is also a police officer in Kentucky. When The Aging Rebel contacted the prospect about Tipton by email the prospect replied “Not sure what your talking about.”

Police Not Hiding Anything

Lubesky told Kinner the police “are not hiding anything, they are not protecting anybody…. They want to make sure they get it right.”

However Lubesky also told Folio his club will stick by the shooter whether he is indicted or not. Kinner reports that if the shooter is charged the Iron Order “will fully support him in the courts, financially and morally.”

You can read Kinner’s complete article here.


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  1. theman Says:

    hey ftio.. you made a comment about sons of perdition mc in florida.. let me tell you the real truth on those wannabes.. they used to be a iron order chapter in sanford florida, their president william “joker” sands, took 4 other iron order idiots and beat a guy with beer bottles till he was permanently crippled.. did it hit the news? nope the vice president which is jokers brother is married to a winter springs police officer… after the incident they dropped the iron order patch and started wearing sons of perdition patches.. all members are from the same io chapter, except josh “highside” peck which is a corrections officer and used to be the space coast treasurer for io…… chicken club for io and cover up? yep i think so…. why didnt io sue them for their patches? because they want them to use them to make people believe they hate io… watch the io chicken clubs.. they are here… io pussies in cognito…mike sandman sands, william joker sands, josh high side peck, and jay driggers… io in disguise, check it out.. sons of perdition, is actually sons of iron order..

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