Thomas White Is Still Free

July 14, 2014

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“Justice delayed,” the 19th Century British Prime Minister William Gladstone once remarked, “is justice denied.” Most people interpret Gladstone’s remark to mean that he thought justice is a good thing.

Meanwhile, in the new and improved America, a 30-year old named Michael McCloskey, whose friends used to call him “Biker Mike,” remains confined to a wheelchair and Thomas Caine White, the 32-year-old, former, part-time Ottawa Hills, Ohio cop who gunned McCloskey down like a mad dog during a routine traffic stop on May 23, 2009 is still free to jog, shop at Walmart and get drunk at his Fourth of July barbecue.

The Crime

McCloskey, who was then 25 and a friend named Aaron Snyder were riding their Harley-Davidson motorcycles in Ottawa Hills, near Toledo, about 2:15 a.m. White initially said he signaled the pair to stop for exceeding the 25-miles-per hour speed limit but would later say he believed the men were alcohol impaired.

White called for backup and a second Ottawa Hills cop named Christopher Sargent observed Snyder drive over a curb into grass and then back onto the street before stopping. Sargent took Snyder into custody on suspicion of drunk driving.

After McCloskey came to a stop White pulled up behind him. While White was still in the cruiser with his lights and sirens on, McCloskey looked over his right shoulder toward White’s vehicle and then looked toward the backup officer arresting the other rider. White got out of the cruiser and yelled something and when McCloskey turned again to glance over his right shoulder McCloskey shot him in the back. The entire traffic stop was recorded on a video camera in McCloskey’s cruiser and you can watch that raw video below.

McCloskey was instantly paralyzed from the waist down although he retained feeling in his lower extremities. His motorcycle fell on him exhaust side down and as his hot exhaust pipes burned through his leg McCloskey begged White and Sargent to pull the bike off him. After Snyder ran to help McCloskey he asked White and Sargent to help him get the 600 pound motorcycle off the 200 pound man. White replied, “He’s your friend. You get the bike off of him.” McCloskey’s burns caused nerve damage and he remains in constant pain.

The Defense

White was eventually charged with felonious assault with a firearm enhancement. He went to trial and his defense consisted of trying to convince jurors not to believe their own eyes. White testified at his trial a year after the shooting that he had ordered McCloskey to put his hands up and that McCloskey had made “a reaching movement” the led White to believe McCloskey was pulling a weapon.

The professional police establishment rallied to White’s defense. Several “expert” witnesses testified McCloskey was to blame for getting in the way of White’s bullet. A former FBI Agent named Urey Patrick testified “If McCloskey had turned off the bike and raised his hands on the handle bars this wouldn’t have happened.”

The Appeals

White was convicted and the month after his trial he was sentenced to ten years in prison. After his conviction, the former cop was allowed to remain free on $100,000 bond while he pursued his appeals.

White’s conviction was overturned by the Ohio 6th District Court of Appeals in January 2013. White’s lawyers argued that the former cop was a public employee who had acted in good faith. The Appeals Court ruled that the firearm enhancement that guaranteed White would have to serve at least three years in prison could not be applied to cops, and ordered prosecutors to retry White without that enhancement. Prosecutors appealed that ruling to the Ohio Supreme Court which heard oral arguments on the case in early February. Both the Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio, Inc. and The National Fraternal Order of Police filed amici curiae briefs on White’s behalf.

In oral argument Christina Corl, the attorney representing The National Fraternal Order of Police, told the court “You have to understand that a police officer acting and discharging his service weapon in the line of duty is just fundamentally different from the armed robber holding up a gas station.” In other words, the law applies differently to cops.

As of this morning, the Supreme Court of Ohio had not issued a ruling and White remains free.

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26 Responses to “Thomas White Is Still Free”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Why dont white people protest like the blacks do when one of thiers get shoot. I suppose its because the people in Ottawa Hill are to bust watching thier stocks and having cocktails

  2. Jeff G Says:

    How can anyone in the world think this cop was justified??? there was no agressive movent of the victims part what so ever, in fact it was the second time he turned around that he was shot. why not the first, i suppose White had to atleast put his car into park before he could shot someone over a minor traffic violation. Some people wonder why there is a part of the public who are happy when cops get shot!!! this is exactly why. Sure cops make a mistake, or poor decision and walk free, however a mistake does nothing for the private citizen who makes a mistake or poor choice.

  3. RtC Says:

    FREEDOM OUTPOST ,com is all I’m gonna say~!

  4. Paladin Says:

    Below is an excerpt from the linked article in Glenn S’ post.

    “Last week the SPLC issued a report warning law enforcement about the increasingly hostile anti-government movement, which it estimates has grown from 150 groups in 2008 to nearly 1,100 last year.

    The economic crisis, proposed gun control, Barack Obama’s election, NSA spying and the militarization of police among other issues have spurred the resurgence, the watchdog organization said.

    “There’s a hell of a lot of anger out there in certain corridors,” Potok told Yahoo News. “Jerad Miller was not the only one who saw police in the United States as Nazis.”

    The Government in general has continually turned a blind eye to its errant law enforcement children. One only has to look at Ruby Ridge, Waco, and Operation fast and Furious to know this truth. In each of these cases, the Senate hearings and media fan fair that followed produced nothing in the way of change, regarding the way this Country’s law enforcement interacts with the general public.

    At the Fast and Furious hearings, AG Holder was never held accountable for the actions of the ATF, nor was AG Reno held accountable for neither the ATF’s actions at Waco nor the U.S. Marshall’s and FBI’s actions at Ruby Ridge. It’s true that some people got reshuffled, fired or retired, but the mentality has never changed, and now permeates local and State law enforcement as well.

    Our narcissistic Government has to stop looking in the mirror, continually convincing itself that it’s the fairest of all and needs to start looking for some real solutions to a credibility problem that continues to grow more serious each day. Because hostile, anti-government groups have grown exponentially in the last five years, confrontations like the one at the Bundy ranch will occur with increasing frequency.

    Our government has become an errant child, playing with matches, while standing in a pool of gasoline. Unless the Government changes its ways, it will not be a question of if it will go up in flames, it will only be a question of when.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  5. RVN69 Says:

    @Done, I’ve been to Vietnam (2 tours), Honduras, Venezuala, El Salvadore, Guatamaula, Bosnia and maybe a couple of other shitholes, I’ve been in club life since the mid eighties so I have seen my share of “disagreements” and yet the only time I am ever in fear for my life is when I see those Red and Blue flashing lights behind me. I won’t recount the close encounter I had years ago, except to say it is impossible to “Don’t move, put your hands up, Freeze, take off your facemask, Freeze, Take off your helmet, Freeze, show me some ID.” all at the same time while looking down the barrel of a shaking pistol and listening to the pigs voice raise higher and higher with each command.


  6. Done Says:

    I have already written about the latest phenomenon of “Cowboy Cops” so I won’t repeat myself at length. All organizations adopt a culture that is always from the top on down. If the CEO is lazy, middle management will be lazy and the work force will become lazy and so on. Quite obviously this particualar law enforcement officer is a hair trigger cowboy. He didn’t get that way suddenly or unnoticed by those who he works with and for and just as obviously he isn’t alone. I’d be interested in seeing his and his fellow officer’s records on use of force (justified in their eyes or not). Similiarly, I’d be interested in the records of his superiors through out their careers. The culture of any organization is what breeds this and every sort of behavior exhibited, “birds of a feather”. While it’s understandable that people are outraged by this sort of ulta violent behavior, the optimum result of any problem is a solution and I submit that holding Upper Management responsible for the actions of their subordinates is the fastest way to solving whatever deviant abuse of power these government sanctioned criminals exhibit. If the Boss thinks his job is in jeopardy, he sure as shit will fire whoever placed him in that spot, the problem though would not be solved because it was through the culture or climate that he created, that the cowboy mentality was fostered and allowed to profligate. A complete house cleaning seems to be in order here and a good first step wold be to know the numbers of uses of force since the current Chief took over.

    Until then, whenever I see those blue lights in my rear view mirrors I pull over, shut off the bike and keep my hands on the grips until told to do otherwise especially during the early hours of the morning when the cowboys who couldn’t make it on the day shift are on the hunt. Assuming that all Cops are corrupt and capable of murder, as terrible as that may be, is an unfortunate reality as are deer on unlit two lane country roads. Truth be told, I rarely find myself out riding during the wee hours of the morning. Given the amount of drunks, cops, deer and other deadly hazards I’m only out there when I have to be. Staying out all night for me now usually means staying wherever I happen to end up unless a friend is in trouble or broken down and in need of a trailer back to his place. It ain’t the 70’s anymore.

  7. swampy Says:

    I was just thinking of this incident several days ago. The cop was in fear for his life? BULLSHIT! If McCloskey had been reaching for a weapon(which he clearly wasn’t) there’s no way in hell he could have turned, while holding his bike upright, and shot the cop. This is a clear case of attempted murder by an over-emotional shit stain cop. I don’t believe he’ll see the inside of a prison cell.

  8. Shovelhead Says:

    Fucking pigs…hate every one of them. They’re the biggest organized crime outfit in America!

  9. panamaa Says:

    This is the link to the appeals court case for those that haven’t seen it. Hard to believe, or not, how cops can just mix crap up and feed it to people. “Officer Whites” account of the situation is quite a mix of it……

  10. Oldskewl Says:

    Phuquehed Says:

    I just watched the first video (didn’t have sound, but didn’t need it).

    That was nothing but a fucking setup. The pig that did the shooting couldn’t possibly have seen any ‘drunken driving’ because in the distance and time before he turned the lights on, there was nothing to indicate either of them were drunk.

    Agreed… Obviously the cop called for backup and waited until they arrived long before he hit the lights. He was gonna pull them over regardless.

    Snyder was obviously impaired, missing the corner and hitting the curb but you know what, whenever I’ve had a cop on my ass @ 2:00 in the morning I’ve found it very difficult to ride, especially if I’ve had a few drinks.

    If it wasn’t for the dash cam the cop would have walked, instead he will spend 7-1/2 years in PC among other pieces of shit.



  11. John Deaux Says:

    The sad truth of the matter is cops today, from the top of the fed level to the piggy that occupies the stool at the local do nothing shop, isn’t accountable to anyone.
    They police themselves but unlike the MC ‘s, who do the same, there’s no one with any honor or integrity in their ranks to step up.
    We, those of us who doesn’t fit into their little boxes, are the target.
    As we already know, keep your eyes open and your mouth shut when dealing with the corrupt blue gang, live to fight another day.
    Justice for all victims of blue gang violence.
    Support Your Local

  12. RVN69 Says:

    I remember when this first happened, while I didn’t know anyone involved, the anger that welled up inside me when I viewed the video was instant and visceral. This absolutely did not have to happen, Mike McKloskey merely turned to look at the direction of the police car, maybe he heard some command he couldn’t understand over the siren, maybe he didn”t hear anything and was just trying to figure out what was going to happen. What he never did was make any move that any normal reasonable person would think was threatening, what I firmly believe is that he was shot just because Thomas White was a fucking cowboy and desperately wanted to shoot someone. He is no different from some Crip or Blood who has to get a kill to get jumped in. The proof is in the testimony given by police “experts” in defense of this shooting, if you listen to them, virtually every pig shooting is justified because the pig said so. I occasionally check some shooting forums, and whenever a police shooting is criticized, the standard police reply is “I, he, she said they were in fear for her life so the shooting was justified.” No other justification, no need to see a weapon, hear a threat, nothing, just I felt in fear for my life.

    At one time I held out hope that once the pigs started shooting John & Jane Q citizen with the regularity they shoot us and others that the momentum would change, but it seems that the public at large is more like a herd of cattle or sheep than I realized. They will plod along oblivious to the happenings around them right up till the time it comes to shuffle into the “showers”.

    Remember Derek Hale, Jim Hicks, Tombstone Charlie, Harry Seavey, Mike McKloskey and all othes killed and maimed by pigs for no other reason than they can.

    @Mike184, that is the only punishment fitting for that piece of shit.


  13. Mike184 Says:

    If it were me – the hypothetical me, nothing real here, I am not actually saying a damned thing – I believe that I would track this piece of trash until I got a window and then make sure that he was taken down to atleast the level that he brought me… Probably do my best to ensure that he loses eveything from the neck down and let him live like that the rest of his days. Fuck him, he stole someones life and gave one that is tied to a chair.

  14. Glenn S. Says:

    Seems like the bar for proof of pigs’ wrongdoing has been raised during my lifetime, while the bar for proof of regular people’s wrongdoing has been lowered to almost disappear. And these are not isolated incidents. A cursory web search proves otherwise. (Google “police shooting” and it looks like the pigs are just out shooting innocent people for sport.)

    And here’s what the media has to say about the de facto war between people and pigs:

    They don’t say a word to the fact that the anger towards pigs is not only justifiable, but the only emotional response possible for a moral people. Instead they take incidents that are truly isolated (cop killings that are as rare as a inexpensive new Harley part) and claim that people exercising their freedom of speech to criticize pigs is the cause.

  15. Tomo Says:

    Goldsboro – “Look, if a person is scared to perform a mildly dangerous job, then why wasn’t he weeded out in training?”
    It’s easy for someone to pretend to be good at their job during police/security training. Even when they initially get out on the street they’re going to have someone, call it a ‘tutor’, who’ll have their back through the probationary period. They can still wing it at that point. It’s when they’re out on their own that you see what they’re made of.
    I was a lowly security guard for 7 years, working in various shitholes for a famous chain store. I’ve worked alongside lots of coppers. In that time I only worked with two (1 male, 1 female, same shift) that I would have stood next to and gone down fighting with.
    The others I didn’t bother much with; but there were several that were a f*cking liability because they were too scared to do their job properly. These pricks always seemed to manage to keep their jobs despite everyone complaining about them. They also always seemed to manage to avoid getting a kicking from everyone they pissed off too. I’m sure karma doesn’t visit shitholes that often. Hopefully it will visit ex-officer white though.

  16. panamaa Says:

    Gezzz, Thats bullshit. What the hell is this, open season on bikers?

  17. Base Says:

    This case and the testimony of the cop’s and FBI goes to show the contempt LE has and displays towards the citizens of this country.

    The pig who said he would use this video as a traing aid to show a justifiable shooting speaks volumes. How fucking thick do you need to be? No gun was found, it is obvious in the video McCloskey was not reaching for anything. And they all want to call it justifiable? They (the defense) want everyone to not believe what we see.

    Is it because that whole “It’s not my fault” mentality has seeped it’s way into the core of our society? Partly, the other part is cops believe themselves above the laws and mostly above and not beholding to the citizen.

    It is so obvious White has no remorse and feels no regret over crippling another person.

    Fucking disgusting!

  18. Phuquehed Says:

    I just watched the first video (didn’t have sound, but didn’t need it).

    That was nothing but a fucking setup. The pig that did the shooting couldn’t possibly have seen any ‘drunken driving’ because in the distance and time before he turned the lights on, there was nothing to indicate either of them were drunk.

    It did show though that he hates bikers for some reason and is scared to death of anyone he pulls over unless he’s absolutely certain it’s a woman, because it was less than ten fucking seconds after he got out of his vehilce that he shot that poor guy. I saw zero movement of his right arm and zero attitude displayed or anything that looked the the rider was doing or going to do anything aggressive.

    This fucking pig was nothing but a chicken shit pussy and as others have said, there’s no way he should have ever passed pig training.

    Again…Rope. Tree. Pig.

  19. Dave Says:

    Another fine example of a thug with a gun.

    Cops; “If Satan carried a gun, he’d be one of us”.

  20. Goldsboro Williams Says:

    The simple fact, is that a man is paralyzed because of two things: 1. The officer was afraid to do his job. There was NO reason to even have his firearm out. At most, he should have simply walked up, determined if McCloskey was intoxicated, and then either cited him or given him a warning. Look, if a person is scared to perform a mildly dangerous job, then why wasn’t he weeded out in training?

    2. A prevalent attitude among law enforcement agencies and training academies that teaches new officers that every citizen is a threat, and that pointing a firearm at the citizens you interact with is perfectly normal. This has resulted in a generation of officers who act like feudal lords, and who treat the citizens that they are supposed to serve as if they are serfs.

    White is deserving of prison for what he did to that man. Throw in White’s attitude toward the victim as he lay on the ground burning, and he is deserving of much worse.



  21. Wood Says:

    Officer White, may your suffering be long! May your new cellies be cruel and relentless. May your cowardess be seen by all and forgiven by none! Wish you the misery you felt so free to bestow on another human being.

  22. Paladin Says:

    “The Appeals Court ruled that the firearm enhancement that guaranteed White would have to serve at least three years in prison could not be applied to cops, and ordered prosecutors to retry White without that enhancement.”

    If the Ohio Supreme Court upholds the lower court’s ruling, White will still be retried. Based on the facts and dash-cam video, White was found guilty at his first trial. At this point, I can see no reason for the verdict to be different at White’s second trial.

    If Officer White’s siren was engaged while Officer White attempted to give commands to Mr. McCloskey, Officer White would have needlessly enhanced the danger to himself and Mr. McCloskey, by making his (Officer White’s) commands hard to understand. At worst, Officer White’s commands would be inaudible, due to the siren’s decibel level. If the foregoing was the case, I hope it was brought up at trial.

    It should also be pointed out that Officer White was operating from a position of cover (his squad car was between himself and Mr. McCloskey) Based on the video, I believe Officer White drew his weapon while exiting his car, pointed his weapon at Mr. McCloskey and shot him before giving Mr. McCloskey a chance to comply with his (Officer White’s) orders.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  23. sherides Says:

    Another scared cop with a gun.

    At what point was this dufus cop in imminent danger?

    Will it ever stop?


  24. Phuquehed Says:

    Rope. Tree. Pig.

  25. jj solari Says:

    re: ” In oral argument Christina Corl, the attorney representing The National Fraternal Order of Police, told the court “You have to understand that a police officer acting and discharging his service weapon in the line of duty is just fundamentally different from the armed robber holding up a gas station.” In other words, the law applies differently to cops.”

    actually both instances are identical: total strangers forcing other total strangers to obey them. to say that two things that are the same are actually different is to be either a liar or an idiot. and cops and their lawyers are both.

  26. Sin cal Says:

    This is horrible. The actions taken here were uncalled for.

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