Izod Comments On Tipton Murder

July 13, 2014

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For the last two weeks, members and apparent supporters of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club have been making pugnacious and inflammatory statements about the respect with which the Iron Order is regarded by more traditional clubs like the American Outlaws Association and the Black Pistons. This morning a commenter who is either an Iron Order supporter or a provocateur stated on this page, “Face it, IO has you all bluffed and is not taking any shit. You are all scared of them.”

That’s hardly the worst that has been said since the death of Black Piston Motorcycle Club member Zachariah Tipton. A couple of outspoken commenters on both this page and the website of Jacksonville television station WJXT  have made statements that suggests that they have direct and first hand knowledge of the events that led to Tipton being shot in the head.

The Aging Rebel reached out to these commenters in order to become better informed about the shooting. This page contacted Iron Order members Jason “Booyah” Turner of Barnesville, Georgia and Bobby “Fatboy” Miller of Middleburg, Florida.

Bobby Miller

Eleven days ago on the WJXT site Miller, a member of the Jacksonvile chapter of the Iron Order wrote:

“First of all the shooter was not LE. He was military. There are some whom (sic) feel that because the IO does have LE and Feds in it’s chapters that we are a 100 percent LE MC. We also allow African Americans. Does this make us a African American MC? We allow military to join. Does this make us a military MC? Second of all he was jumped by the BP’s. This was not a random act. He (Tipton) was actually following orders from the officers to “hit the IO on site.” (sic)  Now it is “kill on site.” (sic) If anyone on this thread knows anything about the true MC world (and I have read a few that do) they know I am correct. The dominate (sic) club in the area feels that unless other clubs bow down to them, pay them dues, join the COC, wear a support patch or “property of” patch and follow the protocol that they feel should be followed, then they shouldn’t exist. This is one of the main reasons for these type of altercations. Maybe Tipton just wanted to get his “Charlie” fast tracked and felt he could intimidate the IO prospect. The prospect was defending his right as an American to be able to join a club he wanted to and wear what he wanted to and not coward to a group whom feel it is wrong. So instead of trying to place blame on the shooter or the Stand Your Ground Law, maybe it’s time for the so called “dominate” (sic) club to wake up and realize that other clubs WILL exist. Other clubs will continue to utilize there (sic) rights as Americans and ride freely on the streets as they do. Never will they hear that the IO “owns” Florida. We don’t want there (sic) drug business, stolen bikes or however else they raise money. We want to ride, party and enjoy are God given rights as Americans. IOFFIO-MBBM”

Miller seemed to have inside information on the police investigation of the shooting. Thirteen days ago he wrote, “They won’t release the name of the shooter until everything is made crystal clear as they fear that he as well as his family will be retaliated against by the one percenter motorcycle clubs that Zac Tipton was a member of. The shooter was not a cop but in the military.”

Miller also wrote:

“The shooter was not a cop. He is in the Service. He was trained for hand to hand combat by the military and did what he was supposed to do in this situation. He was jumped by at least four members of a rival MC. The shooter was doing nothing wrong except wearing a vest that that other MC did not feel he had the right to. He was let out of jail because he acted in self defense. 230 witnesses and cell phone video proved this. If the other MCs would have backed off instead of trying to thump their chest and trying to prove a point, the man would still be alive. He is to blame for his own death. Shot four times? Not excessive if you feel your life is in danger. Maybe the other clubs will now understand how stupid they are.”

Dear Izod

The Aging Rebel attempted to contact multiple members of the Iron Order. Mostly those attempts at contact were ignored. However a member of the Iron Order named Craig “Playboy” Cabral did respond. “I have spoken with Izod,” Cabral wrote, “and he is more than willing to provide you with any facts you need.”

So this page emailed Ray “Izod” Lubesky, the International President of the Iron Order and asked:

“What don’t I know about the Zach Tipton homicide? What have I gotten wrong about the case so far? What do you know that I don’t know? How do you know? Was the shooter a member or prospect with the Iron Order Motorcycle Club? What is his name? Is Cgar Crouse still the International Sergeant at Arms with the Iron Order? Why? Have members of the Iron Order been told not to wear their colors? Why?”

Lubesky responded twice. The IO President responded to the questions within six hours and replied again about 11 hours after that. His responses are reproduced below and are mostly unedited. The sections in his first email that were written in 18 point red type are reproduced here in italics:

Email One

“First off, we are truly sorry for the family of Zachariah Tipton. They are the real innocent victims. He was a father of three kids, he was a husband and he was a son of a mother and father who are now without him forever. That is very sad and unfortunate.

“Secondly, we believe in our justice system. We believe the investigation will bring the absolute truth to light and whatever the decision, we will abide by it and follow the appropriate steps to defend our Prospect and our club legally and ethically in accordance with the law.

“Third, the Iron Order has never incited violence on any club. All violence we have been subjected to has been thrust upon us and we have had to defend ourselves.  We denounce violence at all levels for any reason. We believe differences can be worked out by talking like men.

“The answers to your questions are in red in your email below.”

What don’t I know about the Zach Tipton homicide?

From your reporting you don’t seem know anything.

What have I gotten wrong about the case so far?


What do you know that I don’t know?

We know what happened.

How do you know?

We had brothers there.

Was the shooter a member or prospect with the Iron Order Motorcycle Club?

The shooter is a prospect for the IOMC.  He is not now nor has he ever been law enforcement.  Releasing his name is not possible at this time.  He shot Tipton once and he died from that one single shot to the head.

What is his name?

It is not possible to give his name at this time.

Is Cgar Crouse still the International Sergeant at Arms with the Iron Order? Why?

Our national officers are all listed on our website.

Have members of the Iron Order been told not to wear their colors? Why?

At no time was anyone in the Iron Order given a directive not to wear colors.  We gave out the directive to stay out of the way of the Outlaws, Black Pistons and their support clubs as they traveled to Jacksonville to mourn the loss of their brother.  We felt that was the respectful and right thing to do.

Second Email

In his second email, Lubesky said:

“Rebel, I will be very happy to send you a written statement of exactly what happened that night, minute by minute supported by all the evidence, testimony, and video but only after the State’s Attorney’s Office announces its intentions in this case.  Right now there is a whole lot of misinformation and lies out there. We can only ask that as a responsible journalist for the one percenter community that you say you are, that you please vet your sources, please try to confirm their statements with other sources, and wait for the real story to be released. Everything you have reported is wrong and it seems to get farther from the truth with every new version. We realize that you are bombarded with bullshit from the Facebook haters and it’s tempting to run with their stories like the bogus email they sent to you and said I sent it to the Laconia Police Department. So you know, one percenters attending Laconia went to the Laconia PD to see if it was true. The Laconia PD confirmed it to be a vicious hoax meant to start problems between the one percenters in Laconia and us. It was the one percenters who told the haters to pull that crap down and stop with that bullshit. Our club will remain silent on the events of that night and this incident until the appropriate time. We do not want to interfere or disrupt the investigation or the judicial process. We want justice to prevail just like you do.”

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  1. MyronDaMan Says:

    If you spend any time at all on YouTube sites that carry any MC posts or posts about MCs; you will usually find alan B’stard MP spouting the party line of someone much like the IOMC. He also revealed himself to be an anti-Semitic bigot. Any MC that would have him….deserves him.

  2. alan B'stard MP (@alanBStardmp) Says:

    Whitepride Says:
    October 13th, 2014 at 2:56 pm
    Just like someone who is thinking about joining a real MC or starting a real MC would be smart in doing it the right way. I’m a PH of a real MC and a veteran just like a lot of the men that post on here and we appreciate what patch holders in the past have done to establish the system that we have.

    Well, whitepride.You are a vet, and fight for freedom of democracy and all that shit. You return home and tell people they can’t start a club unless given permission

    Gee, thankyou for your service LOLOL

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