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July 10, 2014

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According to an article in yesterday’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner, a Republican from Wisconsin, will introduce a bill that will eliminate the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Sensenbrenner is quoted in the article and it is reproduced on his official website.

The ATF is the federal police force tasked with ensuring that taxes are collected on alcohol and tobacco products and that firearm sales are regulated according to law. The ATF is also the fireworks police. In the last two decades, the ATF has engaged in numerous infiltrations of motorcycle clubs, militias and other nonconformists groups and has carried out numerous drug entrapments.

Last May, in discussing the federal case born of one of those entrapments, federal judge Manuel L. Real wrote:   “It is unclear why the ATF, which has no authority over illicit drugs, is trying to ensnare citizens in its fictitious stash house robberies. Further, the government has provided no evidence that there have been any stash house robberies in Southern California nor any evidence of the necessity of trolling poor neighborhoods to ensnare its poor citizens.”

In 2012, the ATF became the subject of adverse media and Congressional scrutiny when it was alleged that the Bureau was allowing firearms to be smuggled into Mexico.

GAO Study

A Government Accounting Office study released yesterday found that: “Beginning in 2010, ATF made criminal organization investigations one of its highest priorities, similar to firearms investigations, and deemphasized alcohol and tobacco investigations that do not involve violent crime. ATF data show that alcohol and tobacco investigations decreased by 85 percent (from 168 to 25 investigations opened) from fiscal years 2003 through 2013.” The GAO declared that the ATF was unable to “assess how effective its investigations are in addressing violent crime.”

The study also portrayed ATF agents as aging and overpaid. “ATF reported facing funding and hiring challenges. ATF’s number of special agents generally increased from fiscal years 2004 through 2010, but decreased by about 6 percent (from 2,562 to 2,399) through fiscal year 2013, which represents the lowest number of special agents in 8 years. According to ATF management officials, ATF was unable to hire agents because its funding did not keep pace with the cost of employee salaries and benefits. According to ATF data, the average salary and benefits costs for ATF employees increased by 55 percent from $100,000 in fiscal year 2003 to $155,000 in fiscal year 2013. Further, about a quarter of ATF’s on-board special agents were eligible to retire as of the end of fiscal year 2013, with an additional 20 percent becoming eligible to retire through fiscal year 2018.”


Sensenbrenner told the Journal Sentinel, “By absorbing the ATF into existing law enforcement entities, we can preserve the areas where the ATF adds value for substantially less taxpayer money. While searching for its mission, the ATF has been plagued by decades of high-profile blunders….We cannot afford to ignore clear changes that will greatly enhance the government’s efficiency.”

Sensenbrenner is a political conservative but the Journal Sentinel found that support for eliminating the ATF is strong among liberals as well. The paper quoted Arkadi Gerney, a senior fellow at a “left-leaning” think tank called the Center for American Progress who believes the ATF should be absorbed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

“The FBI already has a significant role in violent crimes,” Gerney said. “Firearms are not a foreign concept to them.”


38 Responses to “ATF Bye Bye Bye”

  1. StrategyIsZen Says:

    3D printing allows anyone with a few hundred dollars to just print as many guns as they want.

    3D printers can be bought on internet now:

    There is simply not a way to get this genie back into the bottle.

    Even AKMs can be made from ANY sheet metal – like an old shovel –

    All you really need to find are the front trunion, gas tube, BCG, and FCG. Everything else (barrel, gas piston, small parts) can be machined with a lathe.

    I do not see how the ATF can stop any of this, especially the printed guns.

    Alcohol can be distilled from anything.

    Tobacco is a weed.

    Much respect. Just my two cents.


  2. The Kraut Says:

    Got an hour to kill?

    Watch this (if you haven’t seen it already)

    Respects to those who warrant respect


  3. Just V ol lady Says:

    I believe Gangland should redo all the shows they have done and tell the real story…..

  4. Oldskewl Says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if that nigger ran for office in the next few years.. even less surprising would be his confirmation.

    Not much common sense left in America

  5. Duck Says:

    Congressman Sensenbrenner, My birthday isn’t for a few weeks but I’ll take it! And for Christmas, I’d like a handful of former agents hung out on some “atf special” punitive prosecutions… Thanks.

    I’m not naive enough to think this woul fix the country’s “law enforcement” problems (or even make all that huge a dent) But it’s a positive enough step that I won’t ignore it. Let’s hope it comes to be.

  6. sherides Says:

    I wonder how many io members have ever been charged and convicted of crimes related to “run ins” with “real” club members.


  7. Done Says:

    COS_Flyer: Agreed.

    While the demise of the ATF will not eliminate the Police State Militarization now common to Local, State & Federal Law Enforcement it will perhaps cause less of the covert lawlessness so unique to the ATF and their infiltration and coohersion entrapment tactics. Martin, Queen, Dobbins, all these were products of the ATF cuture of corruption. The ATF in particular seems to have a corner on under handed dirty duoble dealing when it seeks to “investigate” alleged criminals and will stop at nothing to “get their man” to include criminal acts which is why Operation Black Biscuit fell apart so perfectly at it’s conclusion. Operation Fast & Furious has never been taken to it logical conclusion and those responsible have not been brought to justice to include the Attorney General, probably never will. This is not to say that the FBI and those of their type are clean, all these agencies are a crooked as a dog’s hind leg but it is rather to state that among these the ATF stands out in it’s lack of ability to riegn in their rougue operatives from continued lawless criminality against otherwise inocent “targets” who are enticed towards the appearance of smoke and mirror set ups. WACO could have been handled far better and with a far better outcome had not the Storm Trooper like tactics of this out of control agency been better and more professionally handled. The then Atty. General Janet Reno was ultimately to blame but it was her shock troops that carried out the deed. The screams of the children in that inferno should forever resonate in the minds of all Americans, that should have been the end of the ATF but it was just the beginning. The term “bloated bureaucracy” is rundant for they are all bloated with those who create make work assingments for departments of departments. Presidents and Repersentatives come and go but the vast bureaucracy grinds on, unelected and unaccountable. From time to time this or that politician may come along and attempt for honest or dishonest motives to tame the beast but the beast has become far too large and the most any politician can hope for is some favorable media coverage towards the appearance of being a crusader of some kind, ask Ron Paul or his Ron Paul Lite son Rand. I applaud Congressman Sensenbrenner’s idea, I’m all for the dismantling of the ATF but probably for different reasons than he has. My former MC was infiltrated twice by the ATF and inocent men were made to look guilty and sent off to Prison and I know this to be true because I was on the inside looking out. Other men from other MC’s whom I’ve known and still know through mostly coorespondance, occasional telephone calls as well as all too infrequent visitations and am proud to call friends, have also been the targets of this renegade Agency. That’s my issue with the ATF, while the Hon. Mr. Sensenbrenner is more than likely courting the favor of right leaning voters in his District, regarless of motive however, to be done with this agency would be to eliminate a culture of arrogance which has no place in a Nation of laws and not men. Plainly put, these guys are dirty and need to be replaced or done away with and whomever takes up their slack needs to be watched like a hawk if that’s even possible.

    Rebel thank you for printing this information and commentary. I’m unaware of any other author who consistantly calls it like he sees it and has the courage to be honest regardless of the consequences. You could probably make more money on children’s books or fictional works. I also want to thank those of you who are regulars in the comments arena, you’ve taught me a lot. I’m fully aware that my comments are poorly written which is my fault for quiting school. If anyone reading this is a High School Student, don’t drop out, get help, just don’t drop out trust me it’s a no win deal. Sorry this went on so long. -D.

  8. AVAGOVFFV Says:

    Oh my what is dick face Koz, cunt Carr, Midget and douche bag Torres going to do now? Let me guess retire out and continue mooching off our taxes. The only difference is they won’t be burning though a unlimited budget to fuck people over that don’t have the same values, social views or ideology as themselves.

    John, I guess this may mean you will be buying your own lift-kit insoles now, huh?

    Yep sit back clowns study that piece of shit plated watch and savor it because it’s all you got after being used just like you used your parasitic lying rats. How ironic but quite fitting and deserving.

    You have reached the end of the road assholes its long overdue.

    Viva Los Vagos

  9. Nags Says:

    Rebel, that post was suppose to say it’d be really interesting to see that published. Damn auto correct.

  10. COS_Flyer Says:


    I’d say that “it would take an act of congress” would be a pretty good expression to use when referring to anything that’s impossible.

  11. Nags Says:

    Rebel, any chance you’ve ever tried to file for the ATF documents mentioned in the video on turning as airsoft into a machine gun? If it is really available under the freedom of information act it’d be real I defeating to see that published. Just a thought.

  12. Sieg Says:

    Sensenbrenner is a decent dude for a politrixian. He has tried to get the ATF abolished before, but never had a chance. Now, especially with the series the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, I think he has a chance. He does have beaucoup support here in cheeseland.

    Really won’t matter, as noted by other posters, but at least some of the fucking maggots will get smashed by the shovel as they bury the carcass.

    Far as the toy AR, it works. For a few rounds, but it works. Bizarre as that is. I’d have to really hunt, but there was a write-up about it in a gun-mag a few years ago when it first came up. Seems there was a shipment of these from, surprise, Red China, and some wonder-boy played with it and got it to work. Of course, they had to drill some holes, put in the real parts in the lower, all that. Seems the chicoms pretty much molded it as a straight copy, so the basic contour of the receivers was close.

    Of course, the plastic barrel didn’t hold up too good! I think if I remember, they got 3 rounds out of the one they niggered together before it blew up.

    Anyhow, to paraphrase someone I know, FUCK ‘EM.


  13. Reg Says:

    A cynical observer like myself can’t help but connect the folding of this self-serving, self-justifying agency with the recent activities of a universally despised criminal gang in Florida.
    I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out that the urine odour is a long con put in place by the very same government agency, who’s stock in trade seems to be entrapment, subterfuge and melodrama, coupled with a heaping helping of deliberate provocation.. What with all themaking up of pretend clubs to provoke existing clubs to retaliate so they can be hit with RICO.
    Like I said, a cynic like myself might look at recent events and conclude that the atf’s little puppet got off the leash and started shit that some high up penpushers realised was just a bit too heavy. U

  14. Paul Says:

    This seems good on the surface (dismantle ATF), but if they’re going to be reabsorbed into other agencies…

    Seems like the game of govt job reshuffle, with the added bonus that the ones being reshuffled bring all their baggage with them.

  15. DesertH-D Says:

    Muck 1%er – In this case, I must admit your saying applies better than mine.

  16. jj solari Says:

    hank johnson – probably promoted to congress by the ATF – will explain global dynamics to you. this never gets old.

  17. jj solari Says:

    that negro colored gentleman playing with the toy gun and fearing it can result in mayhem and death has actually outdone in stupidity congressman hank johnson – who is i believe also a negro – who informed some navy brass who were trying to explain the alphabet to him, he told these navy officers he was afraid that if the island of Guam had too many military personnel on it it might tip over, his assumption being apparently that islands are actually floating rafts of land that drift willynilly with the currents.

  18. jj solari Says:

    that’s actually a Boko Harum dude fussin’ with that toy gun, right? or a saturday night live skit, right? that CANT be a duly appointed united states law enforcement officer. right?

  19. Dave Says:

    This will probably be good news to some ATF agents I know. Their job has always been checking my documentation and ensuring the taxes are collected, and for years they’ve grumbled that ‘other things’ are taking priority over the things that the ATF is charged with doing lawfully and that these ‘other tasks’ are outside of the ATF’s responsibilities.

  20. Austin Says:

    Wisconsin- where constituents matter. Sweet Jeezus – let’s kick start us a Revolution!

  21. Muck 1%er Says:

    @ DesertH-D
    I always say… Same shit, different toilet.

  22. Rebel Says:

    Dear OC VAGO 1%er,

    The little guy is already eligible for retirement.


  23. Done Says:

    I seem to recall Ron Paul wanting to defund the FBI, ATF, EPA, NEA, FEMA, DEA, etal you name it, he thought they were all a waste of tax payer funds and unconstitutional to boot. The Ministry of Propaganda CNN/MSNBC/FOX/ABC/CBS/NBC/LMNOP all called him a kook and that was that. Bureaucratic Agencies are so finmly entrenched that to dismantle one is nearly impossible (I’d say “an act of congress” but they don’t act anymore). Still, one can dream I suppose. The Department of Homeland Security was supposed to coordinate all these agencies so that they were all on the same page but instead became it’s own agency so…… Say, are we really paying Butwheat 110K a year to figger out dat dees here guns is eesee ta coonvert into real live M-16s? Holy shit! Got a good belly laugh outa that one. Ohtay!

  24. Not Surprised Says:

    Jay Dobyns said this yesterday

    “Word is that the Sensenbrenner bill has a real chance of passing. Congress is done with ATF’s non-response and cover-up games and a move on both sides of the isle (SIC) to absorb agents into other agencies and abolish ATF is considered valid.”

    He further opines and many other agents agree, that the newly installed Director was actually brought in to facilitate the dismantling and absorption into FBI, Homeland Security and ICE.

    Fr those who may not know, BATF was without a permanent director since Waco until the current Director was installed.

    Agents within 10 years of federal retirement standards will likely be offered a “buy out” for early retirement.

    This is being taken very seriously at the field agent level.

    Not that I am holding Dobyns out to be anything.

  25. Paladin Says:


    I think the Agent in the above video is directly related to the same genius that shot himself in the foot with his Glock.

    Long May You Ride (to those that deserve to),


  26. OC VAGO 1%er Says:

    Does this mean the midget will soon be unemployed? I think the circus is hiring.

  27. RVN69 Says:

    Man we can only hope this is true, if for no other reason that the risk adverse supervisors at the FBI won’t countenance the crap they get away with now.


    Support your local Red & Black

  28. DesertH-D Says:

    ATF –> FBI

    Same dinner, different plate.

  29. RtC Says:

    Mag, Yer probably right! Just think of it. A nigger with the highest IQ!
    Gotta be some “whitey blood” in der!

  30. RtC Says:

    YEA,BOY! Ya sure did Paladin. AIN’T FUCKIN’ POSSIBLE! BUT the sheeple will
    believe WHATEVER!!!
    Fuck it! I’m gatherin’ PIPE!!!

  31. BMW Says:

    The ATF has been following the traditional federal playbook, looking for high profile cases to generate good press and increased funding. All federal law enforcement agencies, all federal prosecutors, and some federal judges play the game. However the ATF is ignoring it’s responsibilities with regard to tobacco and alcohol in order to plan the elaborate entrapment that we have seen over and over.

    Sensenbrenner is responding to citizen complaints — pretty radical for any of the current Congressmen. I’m glad to see a Congressman actually doing his job. He has also taken motorcyclists in opposing motorcycle-only roadblocks. Pretty good work, as I see it.

    L,H&R TO ALL 1% RIDERS!!!

  32. Paladin Says:


    I think every ATF agent should be required to turn in his / her handgun and be exclusively armed with the exact same rifle as discussed in that video.

    According to the interviewed Agent, the rifles in question are easily turned into machine guns and would no doubt cost far less than their current issue sidearm. So, transitioning to these rifles would allow the ATFs Agents to be better armed and at the same time, save the taxpayers some money. I hope I’ve answered your question.

    Long May You Ride,


  33. Mag Says:

    @RtC – “He’s the only one there professional enough to carry that Airsoft.”

  34. Bystander Says:

    Good luck with that. Once a government agency starts, it very seldom stops.

  35. RtC Says:

    Just watched the 1st video. Is that fuckin’ nigger wacked or what??!!
    AND the ATF is going along with his assessment??!! We are at the vagaries of fuckin’ M O R O N S!!!! I can make a firearm out of pipe(metal) a rubber-band, nail & round, BUT you CAN’T make an AIR-SOFT GUN fire rounds. Oh, guess if you have a regular barrel & receiver, THEN it MIGHT could happen.NO, I bet NOT!
    Chime in here Paladin. I DON’T think it’s possible, but you have more
    knowledge concerning this than I. I think this is just another way to try to save their asses by scaring the sheeple!
    RESPECTS to the REAL

  36. Slam Says:

    Wishful thinking!

  37. Mag Says:

    Mixed feelings here. Delighted at the idea of eliminating any jackboot Federal organization. Not sure I like expanding another.

    Where will the ATF’s OV-10 ground attack aircraft go? Does the FBI plan on absorbing those? Will Lon Horiuchi be doing strafing runs?

  38. RtC Says:

    Thanks for THIS Rebel! GOD NEWS,GOOD NEWS, as Roscoe P. Coltrain used to
    say. lol
    GOOD on you Congressman Sensenbrenner! Now if there were just more like
    you, we wouldn’t be in the grips of a fuckin’ MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, like we

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