The Hollister Shooting

July 7, 2014

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There was a shooting in Hollister yesterday morning between members of two motorcycle clubs. Members of both clubs have been reluctant to share details about the shooting so, unfortunately, most information about the incident has been released by police.

Most readers of this site understand that multiple police departments including the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives regularly read both articles and comments posted to The Aging Rebel. Television station KION has reported that one of the two clubs involved in the shooting was the Boozefighters Motorcycle Club.

Police Account

According to Hollister police, “two rival motorcycle clubs had a physical altercation” at the Hollister Rally site in downtown Hollister on Saturday night.  “One member of the involved clubs was arrested for a concealed weapons violation (possession of dirk or dagger). Both clubs left the event area shortly after this incident.”

Sunday morning at approximately 11 o’clock, as one of the clubs was gassing up, the “same two clubs crossed paths at the Chevron Station” “at 631 San Felipe Road” “and violence erupted. It appears that multiple people in both clubs were involved in an initial physical altercation which then resulted in shots being fired by one or more people involved in this altercation.”

The police release states “All four victims received medical attention by Hollister Fire Department” and a private ambulance service named American Medical Response.

The police release continues, “Three of these victims were flown for medical attention to bay area hospitals. No information is available on the medical condition of these victims. It should be noted; a fourth victim refused medical attention at the crime scene. This investigation is in its preliminary stages. Investigative leads are being followed up at this time. However initially; it appears there are multiple suspects.”

Hollister Police Chief David Westrick is quoted in the press release as saying, “Grown men shooting at each other over colors is in no way honorable or respectful to our community’s hospitality. Like I’ve said in the past, if you want to fight over colors, fight for our Nation’s red, white and blue.”

Three of the wounded were transported to “a Bay Area hospital.”

The Aging Rebel has no connection to the aedvertisement in the KTVU video below.


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  1. Tooj Says:

    @Jim666, I should know better with all the name dropping, trolling, etc. that happens on here. Nothing bad about it. It’s not MY business when it all comes down to it, beyond giving a shit about the lifestyle.

    A comment was made in another Rebel article to the effect of “I wonder what Wino would say” and well, isn’t that just the shit?

  2. Jim666 Says:

    @Tooj I misread your post, my bad,

  3. Tooj Says:

    No disrespect intended to anyone. Brothers split over a person, that was all I meant. I’d hate to see it happen again. Yeah, reading it now it sounds bad. My apologies.

  4. DesertH-D Says:

    10Gauge is correct. Shooter still at large… Kich was firing back.

    uberdahmer – Even if it had gone down the way you assumed, three men are injured, a bunch of guys are in a jam, and a long-simmering inter-club rivalry has popped back to full boil. I don’t see a single fucking thing being funny about this situation, much less “hilarious”.

    And Tooj, I’ll 2nd Jim666’s question… What does Sonny have to do with any of this??

  5. Jim666 Says:

    I noticed somewhere the news report mentioned the atf is involved in this shooting, But no where did i read any feds are involved in the iron order murder of the BP member, Kinda makes ya think don’t it ?

    It`s way past time all outlaw and 1% M/C`s come together and put an end to the violence between us , as mentioned above theres plenty of room for us all to co exist, and we can, We need not forget the common enemy trying to take all our patches and they will if we cant come together on common ground and stop the violence , If not, one day we will just be history,
    And the only one`s wearing a patch will be leo .
    Thats exactly what they want, I was told by a trooper once the only colors that will be left would be his, If things don’t change soon he will be right, It doesn’t matter to the public that 1% and Outlaw M/C`s are only a 100th of a percent of the natl. crime rate Shit they already lock the doors on the cage when they see a biker pull beside them at a stop light, Most of them would be happy to see us a thing of the past,they just don’t understand our lifestyle nor could most even try to live it. We are Not Criminal Clubs !
    We are Clubs that just happen to have some criminals in them !As once said by Sonny.
    That doesn’t make us bad or dangerous, it just makes us equal opportunity.

    Save the Patch Support your local 1% M/C

    As for Tooj

    Tooj Says:
    July 8th, 2014 at 11:19 am
    “Shootings are never good news, particularly for those involved. I would hope that after Sonny passes that there won’t be this sort of thing”

    What the Hell is that supposed to mean ?

  6. Oldskewl Says:


    I was reading it differently in the initial reports but then again those are usually incorrect. I find it hard to believe someone would fire a gun and hit three of his own brothers so you are probably correct.



  7. 10GAUGE Says:

    I don’t know why people assume the Boozefighter shot his own people…?

    “Three members of the Boozefighters motorcycle club were shot during a clash with rival Wino’s Crew bikers who attended the 2014 Hollister Motorcycle Rally.

    The triple shooting happened July 6 at 10:30 a.m. at a gas station at 631 San Felipe Road when Boozefighters fought with Wino’s Crew members, Hollister Police Chief David Westrick said.

    On Monday, the victims were recovering at a Bay Area trauma center. So far, they have refused to cooperate with detectives, Westrick said.

    Investigators believe two bikers exchanged gunfire.

    A Boozefighter, Michael Richard Kich, 42, of Reno, Nevada, fired at Wino’s. Kich was booked into the San Benito County Jail on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, and posted bail hours later.

    The WINO WHO SHOT THE THREE Boozefighters was still at-large Tuesday.”

  8. uberdahmer Says:

    I can’t help but laugh a bit at this.

    ‘Any of you lilly-livered Wino Crew varmints care to slap leather with me?! In case any of ya get any idears, ya better know who yer dealin’ with! IIIIIIIII’m the hootinest, tootinest, shootinest, bobtail, wildcat, in Hollister! I’m the fastest gun north, south, east AAAAAAAND west of the Pecos! Yosemite Kich is gonna put a hole into ya!”

    He then proceeds to hit NONE of his targets. Only putting holes in his own club.


  9. Oldskewl Says:

    Latigo Morgan Says:

    I guess when they decided to do it in public, it became everyone’s business.

    No, it just became public knowledge.

  10. Latigo Morgan Says:

    @ jj solari re: July 8th, 2014 at 11:33 am

    Post of the year, right there.

  11. Latigo Morgan Says:

    I know a lot on here won’t agree with me, especially when it comes to saving the patch, but it is still club business, not my business.

    I guess when they decided to do it in public, it became everyone’s business.

  12. John Deaux Says:

    Red & Gold
    Good to have you back, hope all is well in your world.
    Much Respect
    Support Your Local

  13. Ronbo Says:


    You know,
    sometimes you just make fuckin sense.

    respects to those who Breath it
    Bleed it
    live it


  14. Joker Says:

    As the law draws closer to screwing each and every one of us who ride a scooter and sport a patch, we sit by and kill each other with no thoughts of the future, only the past. In Chicago this past July 4th weekend, 80 people were shot and 15 died from gun violence. But, you know who will get the federal attention? The MC world. Again, until we put the past behind us and come to an understanding that “we stand alone, together”, we’ll be ripe for the picking by law enforcement.

    Ride Free or Die

  15. jj solari Says:

    Dear Westprick, cop in charge of Hollister, California; Listen, you monstrosity, there isnt a biker alive who isnt defending the Red White and Blue more than you are, you gob of spit. And none of them are barging into families’ homes and shooting the dogs and terrifying the women and children and hauling beloved relatives of the terrified out of the house and dragging them kicking and screaming off to detention centers, all in the name of “law and order.” Creating mayhem and misery and grief and injury upon strangers, kidnapping them and confiscating their property contributes NOTHING to anyone’s definition of “order.” And just because some bureaucratic lummox with a fondess for little boys’ asses composes an edict against a million people he never met that is called a “law” doesn’t turn it into something other than what it really is: a premeditated decision to fuck up someone’s life based on his having violated the created-out-of-thin-air law. Your idiot brain is about the size of the syph sore on your dick and your preaching your drizzling-shit-filled advice – to mostly combat warriors – that they would do well to fight for the Red White and Blue? They are, shit-for brains. They have. And they will again down the road while you’re feeding soundbites to some stenographic journalist who will – trained-dog-like – dutifully and sycophantically jot down every golden word dripping with golden shit that you utter and then pass it on to us. You’re the one whose fighting against the Red White and Blue, you viper, you idiot, you fucking dolt. Not bikers. And why are you doing this? Well, I’ll tell you why, because you’re an anti-American terrorist, basically, with a municipal-code book instead of a Koran to give you instructions on who to conduct mayhem and disorder against in the name of law and order. Just like the fucking Koran does. So the next time you feel a need to give a lecture on patriotism take a look in the mirror first so you can get some idea of what a traitor actually looks like before you start insinuating that bikers aren’t defending the Red White and Blue, or if they are, they’re not doing it quite-enough to suit you. They’re also paying your fucking salary, dipshit, even though they didnt hire you. Some bloated potbellied truck-sized ball of suet probably hired you, undoubtedly because of your gifted skills at distorting reality and – like all sociopaths are good at – your skills at blaming your victims for your attacks upon them. Yeah, i know: they left you with no choice. Hey, that’s what all sociopaths say, genius. All the sociopaths are making society safer by ruining some stranger’s life. And that’s all you are, Westprick: a fucking walking slaughterhouse of meaninglessness, fighting a war against Americans and then with one whopping load of gall and hypocrisy calling THEM unAmerican for not breaking down into tears and apologizing to you, you the great philosopher and social scientist and definer of right and wrong and arbiter of definitions in the English language. Your actually a preposterous clown who is -i’ll give you this – fooling a lot of even bigger clowns who take you seriously and assume you know what the fuck you are talking about. Your listeners are actually even stupider than you. But I’m not one of them. I gut you figured out pretty good. You’re a fucking weasel.

  16. Tooj Says:

    Shootings are never good news, particularly for those involved. I would hope that after Sonny passes that there won’t be this sort of thing.

    I truly do not know what any old timer who is dead would say. They’re dead. There’s enough folks fighting over Willie Forkner to last a lifetime. I won’t.

  17. Magoo Says:

    @Tooj – Well, I didn’t intend to be counterproductive, disrespectful or inciting. I’ll be the first to claim naivety, ignorance of the facts and some sadness over the whole affair.

  18. Tooj Says:

    Playing “what would Willie say?” is counterproductive.

    Respects, Red&Gold, DFW may have a hotter than usual climate.

  19. jrnr Says:

    This incident is about history, not money.



  20. Done Says:

    @Stevo: Agreed for the most part. My point was that when the shootong involves an MC it gets more media attention than when non-Biker types do similar acts when the truth is that the MC community represents a very minor portion of shootings when compared to Police & Civilian shootings. We get lumped right in there with urban street gangs and the TV reporter will often conclude their report on MC’s with something like “Gang related shootings have increased 25% over the same period last year according to the Federal Bureau of Statistics”. Gang related shootings may be up but that has nothing whatsoever to do with Motorcycle Clubs. Chicago & NYC had higher than average shootings over the 4th of July Holiday weekend none of which involved Motorcycle Clubs but chances are the Hollister and Chicago/NYC stories were back to back. When newspapers print corrections it’s never on the front page. Now, some may say they don’t care what society thinks about them however with the advent of VLAD in Australia & Germany’s new “No Colors” laws, neither of which could have seen the light of day without public support, it may be time to rethink this. I don’t think at any point I suggested that the Clubs were courting the media but perhaps we would do well to have at least some sort of ready retort when the media uses our collective names in vain. You have my respect regardless.

  21. 10Gauge Says:


    Gangsters fight over money…mostly these are related to blood debts and matters based on a code older than the west. Did you ever fight with or for you cousins, brothers, or neighbors when you were a kid? I did…and still do. Does that make me a sociopath or dangerous?

    If you don’t fuck around….you won’t find out

  22. Ronbo Says:

    Red and Gold,

    Been wondering how you are healing. good to see you posting again.

    Head on a swivel


  23. TwoFiddy Says:

    I was always under the impression that the BFMC is very much against this type of thing. I know a bit about the bad blood between these two clubs, but still, I’m shocked to hear about this. Can’t help but wonder what Willie would say…

  24. Dave Says:


    Perhaps it’s the things that happen when two or more clubs compete for the same cash flow that causes more attention than a few grown men slugfesting in a parking lot.

    When you get clubs to resolve those disputes without drawing the attention of anyone else, then this sort of thing might be easier to extinguish as well.

    Though I must add that much of what was news in the 80’s and 90’s, and even some into the 2000’s, has been reduced visibly. But I can’t tell if it’s due to a more restrained approach to handling things on the clubs part or that the media simply has more sheep to brainwash and has no time to spare.

  25. Oldskewl Says:

    I’ve read several reports regarding this incident and everyone is the same, Three Boozefighters were shot by Michael Richard Kich, a boozefighter from Reno.

    From the outside looking in and from everything I’ve read it sounds like Michael was just shooting at everyone and his own brothers were the only ones that got hit. That’s some fucked up shit….

    Here is the latest thing I’ve read;


  26. Rambler Says:

    So it’s honorable for me to fight for the country, come home then be unable to find employment, a place to live or even medical treatment for service-connected injuries. But if I come home, find a group of men who make sure I have a place to rest my weary grunt feet, feed me, offer me a shoulder to lean on and I’m dishonorable if I fight for them? Society’s concept of honor is fucked.

  27. 2old2ride Says:

    I bet they had just ridden there from Black Bike Week in Myrtle Beach.

  28. Magoo Says:

    I have to wonder what Willie (or any of the originals) would say to all of this. What I’ve read of the man, he wouldn’t condone this. Man, there’s no good news in this story for anyone (well.. except maybe LE. Really nice soundbite on that one. You should go fight for the red, white and blue. Oh my.. I’m tearing up. Never mind how many of those guys may have already fought for the red, white and blue. Geez, I feel like re-enlisting. Glad he could bring patriotism in it.)

  29. Paul Says:

    Mad Matt,

    Did you know a Jason Bogar, by any chance?

    When I first read this, I thought maybe it was an attempt at some kind of set up.

  30. Stevo Says:


    I just can’t agree with you there. Speaking for my club we’d rather boil our balls in oil than be in the papers. Other clubs have courted publicity in the past and some still do, but not the majority of us. The simple fact is that the general public are fascinated by us. Rebel has touched on this a few times, the story of the fat, useless, no-mark 9to5er sitting in traffic his cage and seeing us go past and wishing, fantasising-just for a moment-that he were a real man too. Sex sells, danger sells, rebellion sells. And newspapers report on things that sell to that man in the cage, to his bored wife who has different fantasies, to sons of anarchy and devils ride fans, and to the fascinated general public.


  31. Done Says:

    From subsequent media coverage it appears as if the two Clubs involved in this incident were indeed the Booze Fighters and Wino’s Crew. Looks like there was some sort of beef during the event and they happened to meet up again at a gas station while both were headed out of town around 10:30 AM on Sunday morning, at least that’s what the print and televised news are dishing out. So, we’ve got the Warlocks shooting, the IO shooting and now this one and probably before the summer’s out there will be a few more. From reviewing the comments section of this thread one would get the impression that there’s been some sort of up tick in this sort of occurance when in fact it’s nothing new or unique to the Bike Club culture. There was a fair bit of coverage of the massive amount of shootings over the Holiday weekend in Chicago, New York City and Washington, DC having nothing whatsoever to do with Motorcycle Clubs but when it involves MC’s it’s some sort of indictment of the MC world which is rubbish. On the contrary, MC’s have a much lower rate of use of fire arms than the general public at large by comparison. The fact is that American Bikers can and do carry guns both legally and illegally in no greater numbers than the rest of the public at large but tend to use them less often. Our magnification of this latest incident shows perhaps just how brainwashed some of us are. If you own a police/emergency band scanner try listening to it some evening. When they start talking about code 59’s (guns) you’ll seldom if ever hear a Club mentioned but if there is gun play between Clubs it gets splashed all over the front pages above the fold as if Bikers using guns is somehow more newsworthy than when the Cops discharge their weapons or private citizens do. And, we apparently are willing participants in this magnification of a comparatively small segment of the totality of it. I’ll consede that it’s never a good outcome when folks have to resort to guns in any situation however I won’t concede that the Motorcycle Clubs represent any greater propensity towards this regretable turn of events. I in fact submit that on the whole or in part, Motorcycle Clubs tend to have far less of these sort of incidents than the general public and I’m fairly certain that reported incidents of this nature would back me up. I think we do ourselves a great diservice when we throw gas on the fire of media propaganda thus enabling law enforcement to use such hyperbole against us. Many in our collective way of life are in fact convicted felons and therefore prohibited by law from carrying or using fire arms to the extent that the rate of us having or using guns is far less than the general public is. Most in our ranks seem to understand that it’s the ATF’s bread and butter to find a felon in posession of a fire arm, an automatic 10 year sentence if I’m not mistaken and so for that very reason DO NOT carry a gun of any kind. Thus, as a group we are actually less likely to engage in gun related violence than the average citizen. When we do right nobody remembers. When we do wrong nobody forgets. We do not represent any sort of majority of gun related incidents and need to stop feeding the media talking points to use against us. When the day comes that Membership in a 1%’er MC is a disqualifier for legal gun ownership (and that day is coming), we will unfortunately have ourselves to blame at least in part for fueling the frenzy.

  32. jj solari Says:

    every time i read that prick Westprick’s remarks I get more and more pissed off.

    “Hollister Police Chief David Westrick is quoted in the press release as saying, ‘Grown men shooting at each other over colors is in no way honorable or respectful to our community’s hospitality. Like I’ve said in the past, if you want to fight over colors, fight for our Nation’s red, white and blue.'”
    how do you know they WERENT fighting over the red white and blue, you fuck? maybe one of them was spitting on the flag. you dont fucking know. and you dont fucking care. and how do YOU “fight for the red white and blue,” asshole?….you arrest AMERICANS. That’s how you do it, you hypocritical amateur senator-in-training. I bet if obama reads your remarks he’ll hire your ass as an upstanding, up and coming first rate snake. you’ll be right up his alley if your not already up his big black ass with your slimy slithering forked tongue. he likes those especially.

  33. Red&Gold Says:

    Oh, by the way…as of now all involved have refused to cooperate with law enforcement…

  34. Red&Gold Says:

    Wino’s Crew and Boozefighters….if you are familiar with the history of the clubs, you may understand how deep this could possibly run.

  35. ocmouse22 Says:

    Are we not smart enough as a culture to see that we are our own worst enemy. What the fuck does it take to stop this bullshit. There is enough room for all of us.the people who are going to cause us to lose our patches are the same people who complain about shit after it happens when they could have done something to stop it. SAVE THE PATCH.

  36. willienelso3 Says:

    damn. I am so sorry to hear this happened. it is not good for any of us.

  37. Dave Says:

    Not related to the story accept by location:

    Sonny Barger, “People should ride what they’re comfortable on.”

    I agree 100%.

    Thanks for the video.

  38. Mad Matt Says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself; JJ.

    If you don’t stand behind our troops, please, feel free to stand in front of them.

    173d ABCT OEF

  39. jj solari Says:

    that Cheaptrick fucker that runs the police department is a riot. he thinks its shameful that grown men are fighting each other and not “for the red white and blue.” a cops total job description is to go to war against american citizens. never foreigners. and that piece of shit is talking patriotism? fucking mother fucking traitorous cunt. fucking mealy-mouthed sack of cop crap.

  40. Not Surprised Says:

    Major news source in the area musta fucked up…they just said the shooter was from the club of the guys who got shot

    Hope to read the facts here.

    One club I never even heard of

  41. Ol'LadyRider Says:

    I have to say I’m sad that the guns keep coming out.

    I’m not against guns. I’m not against using guns to eliminate a threat.

    I am against us killing our own.

    I’m just an ol’lady, but I’m a lifelong biker in my own right and I think the “Save the Patch” movement is REALLY important.

    I understand disagreements, drunken shit-talking, and fistfights. But in this world of “no justice – Just US,” killing each other off seems more than counterproductive.

    I know, CDC. I’m sad nonetheless.

  42. Paladin Says:

    Hollister Police Chief David Westrick is quoted in the press release as saying, “Grown men shooting at each other over colors is in no way honorable or respectful to our community’s hospitality. Like I’ve said in the past, if you want to fight over colors, fight for our Nation’s red, white and blue.”

    Well chief; the incident at the Chevron station has absolutely nothing to do with honor or respect, as it pertains to you town. It has everything to do with honor and respect as it pertains to the men involved.

    Besides; your town (like many others) that host these events are only interested in fleecing as many as possible, in as short a time as possible. So, screw your town, its (36) thirty-six new spy cameras, and its over priced everything.


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