Storm Brewing In Florida

July 2, 2014

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There are a couple of storms brewing in Florida. One is called Arthur and it threatens to rain out Independence Day for most of the East Coast. The other is the unholy alliance between an ersatz motorcycle club called the Iron Order and civilian and military police in northern Florida.

The Iron Order storm began last Thursday night when an unnamed Iron Order prospect killed a  Black Piston patch holder named Zachariah “Nas T” Tipton outside Nippers Beach Grille in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Jacksonville Beach police have been lying about what happened ever since. Police in Northern Florida have “investigated” the shooting by meeting with Iron Order club officers who are current or former police officers. The Jacksonville press has mostly magnified the police lies.

For example, Jacksonville television station WJXT, which has reported on Tipton’s murder almost daily, has yet to tell its viewers that the murder resulted from a dispute between a traditional motorcycle club and a de facto cop club over which club can claim preeminence in Jacksonville. It is likely that the WJXT television journalists are completely ignorant of the phenomenon of outlaw motorcycle clubs run by policemen so they are blind to what that implies. The Iron Order, founded by a former federal policeman, includes not just policemen in its ranks but federal policemen whose day job is to entrap and overcharge members of motorcycle clubs. The Iron Order has gone out of its way to provoke confrontations with other motorcycle clubs nationwide for the last five years. The Iron Order currently looks like the tip of the spear in a dirty war between crooked cops and righteous outlaws.

According to multiple informed sources, the shooter in last week’s homicide was a former cop. It is reasonable at this point to at least wonder out loud if some federal bureaucrat just green lighted motorcycle outlaws.

Tha Newz

Yesterday WJXT asked “Was Nippers shooting justifiable force” and speculated that the “State Attorney’s Office” might yet be “determining whether to file charges.”

The television station quoted a local attorney named Gene Nichols who provided a plausible sound bite. “If the State Attorney’s Office believes the shooter acted in justifiable form, he won’t be taken into custody,” Nichols said. “If he wasn’t arrested that night, then they’re probably not going to be arrested until a warrant is issued by a judge.”

WJXT repeated an amazing police lie that the details of the homicide can’t be known with certainty until local cops complete “interviewing more than 200 witnesses.”

“What they don’t want to do is have different entities interviewing other witnesses,” Nichols said. “We saw this in the (George) Zimmerman case where four or five come in, and after time there are changes in the stories.”

The local attorney told the television station “it could be weeks or even months until prosecutors make a decision.”

The Facts

The exact number of combatants remains unclear. The night of the murder police said the shooting followed a fight involving either five or six men. Informed sources have told The Aging Rebel that the fight was between three Black Pistons and two members of the Iron Order. Sources have also said the Iron Order members were in Nippers for an hour before the Black Pistons arrived and that they had anticipated the Black Pistons arrival.

The fight was an episode in an ongoing dispute between the Jacksonville chapters of the Black Pistons and the Iron Order over whether the Iron Order could simply appropriate the Black Pistons – and American Outlaws Association – distinctive colors without so much as a “please.” In the motorcycle club world, men fight and die for their colors and symbols. The Iron Order knows that and has gone out of its way to intentionally insult both the A.O.A. and the Mongols Motorcycle Club. So the “five or six men” fought last Thursday night in the parking lot outside Nippers.

Tipton bloodied the shooter’s nose. The shooter retaliated by pulling a pistol and firing four shots. At least two of the shots struck Tipton in the face. Tipton was also shot, execution style, in the temple. A bartender at Nippers who is also a combat medic tried to save his life but the head shot was too grievous to survive and Tipton was pronounced dead at the scene. His funeral is today.

Police Talk

While WJXT and the Florida Times-Union had all but given up trying to explain Tipton’s mysterious and apparently motiveless murder, Northern Florida police were busy speculating about a possible biker war. A law enforcement safety bulletin was circulating among police departments in the state last Friday. It began:

“A ‘kill on sight’ order was issued by Outlaws/Black Pistons for members of IOMC. Be aware as MC traffic may increase due to upcoming funeral. The Iron Order M/C officers I met with wanted to get the message out that they ARE NOT a 1% motorcycle club, nor do they aspire to become one or to be known as one. Normally, at least in my experience and interaction with the club, they are LEO friendly and most wear a Maltese Cross as an indicator they are armed. Of the club officers I met with this evening, all are former LEOs with the exception of one – and he is an Active Duty First Sergeant affiliated with Security Forces. So. the information I received today came from a VERY RELIABLE source.

“So far, what they have on the shooting in Jacksonville is as follows: Sometime on the evening of 6/26/2014, two IOMC prospects were accosted by numerous members of the Black Pistons M/C at a gathering in Jacksonville. A member of the Black Pistons was shot and killed. The IOMC shooter has been released without being charged, as the shooting has been ruled ‘self defense’.”

The bulletin continued: “In order to reduce the probability for problems, the local chapters of IOMC will not be wearing any colors or identifiers for a while. The date of the funeral for the Black Piston who was killed is unknown, but assumedly it will be early next week. A large contingent of Black Pistons/Outlaws (estimated to be 200+) were seen traveling from Savannah southbound towards Northeast Florida this afternoon (6/27/2014).

“Your safety is paramount and I want you to be armed with this information so that you can conduct yourself accordingly and respond appropriately should there be any issues…. This is a volatile situation and if you happen to respond to a call involving these groups, understand this could ‘GO SOUTH’ in a hurry, so be prepared, and ideally, don’t go alone.”

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  1. TheAnon Says:

    So.. sounds like these “Outlaws” like not cooperating with police, but then when something bad happens they wanna snitch on the guy and send him to jail. Real tough bunch there. Don’t pretend like you value a fair fight. At 3 on 1 that guy might’ve caught more than just a beating, and why should he trust a rival club to stop short of killing him? So he took care of business. So why don’t you stop bitching and move on?

  2. Bandidos Taz Says:

    I’d be willing to bet that all of you talking shit, do not know anything about the 3 piece patch world. You all sound like a bunch of 3rd graders.
    Get the the fuck out of here.
    TAZ el diablo
    Bandidos MC
    Rio Grande Valley Chapter

  3. mike p Says:

    if you jump on people for no reason and get killed …. to fucking bad! live like a animal and die like one! Do you dumb asses even own a bike. sorry but the 1% clubs have fucked themselves … most people think they are trash and they are not going to put up them any more. Its not cool to be a 1%er any more. Clubs that do the right thing .. that is cool .. not being a asshole and jumping on people 3 on 1 .. that’s called being a pussy or in this case a 1% patch holder.

  4. Phuquehed Says:

    Good fucking grief. Another fucking hypocrite dumbass stumbles its way in here and babbles inanities and puts a “sorry” in there yet still adds a “but”. fucking air-wasting fucktards. Kill yourself, johnny, you’re wasting good air.

  5. johnny Says:

    Got what he deserved they never fight one on one. And never will. Sorry for his family but jax is run by outlaws and there arm chair black pistons.

  6. StrategyIsZen Says:

    C/U Izod/Iron Order

    Interviewer (English): “Why do you think people do not take you seriously?”

    SOT, Izod/Iron Order, Reality TV star (English): “My career is so heavily based on social media and has become – I think so many opportunities have come my way because of Facebook.”

    Interviewer (English): “This is a game you’ve tried before, and it didn’t work.”

    SOT, Izod/Iron Order, Reality TV star (English): “Once we did the Strange Days with Bob Saget TV show, I started doing all these Facebook updates and everyone felt like, ‘Wow. You ride a Harley? And I’m in Florida on your game. And we’re riding the same motorcycle in the game.’ And I just had a photo shoot here, and everything I was doing, they were doing. They were mirroring that in my game. And even though that was kind of an accident of what-”

    Interviewer (English): “It’s also slightly freaky.”

    SOT, Izod/Iron Order, Reality TV star (English): “Yes, it is. We’ve realized that formula really worked.”

    SOT, Izod/Iron Order, Reality TV star (English): “I think that everything is moving into mobile. I mean, I see myself having, from my projections, a long career in this space.”

  7. panamaa Says:

    @Phil M…

    Where the fuck do you live that you see io everywhere? I live in the state where all you fuckers are suppose to be and I’ve never seen a one of you assholes anywhere,,,, Talk about bitch computer jockeys….. Gezzzz, your top gun there..

    Fuck the io
    Justice for Zach Tipton…

  8. fayettenamhoe Says:

    fuck florida, no coke involved

  9. Phil M. Says:

    You are just a punk bitch… I see I.O. everywhere riding and laughing at all the other clubs that spit words and text each other from the comfort of their trailer-park. m.c. is just that… how many miles have you put on this year? try getting on the road and quit playing bitch computer jockey. the m.c.’s from the 50’s n 60’s would surly kick your ass for being such a poser. now, go ahead and delete my message, you wouldn’t want anyone to know the truth. Philthy

  10. RtC Says:

    Ya know, I’m sure glad that Kansas is a free Urine Odor state. I recall
    Rebel stating he got an Email from some UO fuck from Wichita,Ks. Just ONE,
    I guess. hehehehehe Must have gone back to his rock in Oklahoma. Maybe I’ll talk to some folks there about them. BUT, there is a “SUPPOSED” Biker that owns a place called SPARKS AMERICA, has a website. Went 1 time & there were so many fuckin’ pigs on bikes, I left a day before I was supposed to. Was told I COULDN’T leave till Monday.
    I left Sunday morning. NOBODY tried to stop me either. I bet that this
    fucker welcomes these fucks! HE, the owner, wouldn’t let Clubs secure
    their campsites with tape! That was the most fucked up party I ever had
    the dis-pleasure to go to. I DON’T recommend it!


  11. 7of9 Says:

    Joker – The IO specifically and on purpose chose to go outside that idea of “brotherhood” by forming in areas without any interaction with their local CoC’s and adopting colors that were already being used by local clubs without even speaking to them about it. They did not want to be part of anything to do with the existing clubs and that’s pretty much what started all this.

    Other clubs do work together. The IO didn’t want to play by the rules everyone else does, but then decided they wanted to play the same game. What happens if you’re playing a game with someone and they’re using the regular, agreed upon rules and you pick and choose which rules you follow?

    Generally, they get pretty angry and call you a lying cheat. If you’re lucky, you just won’t be allowed to play anymore. If not?

  12. Phuquehed Says:

    @LENNY – (do you missy Squiggy, little feller?). At least RtC has seen the pics he’s talking about. You’re just pissed because you’re probably *in* one of those pics doing something gay. Fucktard.

  13. RtC Says:

    AW, poor Lenny, touch too close to home for you?! You can’t deny all the
    faggoty shit on your website!

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