Iron Order Murder Dead End

June 30, 2014

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There have been no charges filed in the murder last Thursday night of Black Piston Zachariah “Nas T” Tipton outside Nippers Beach Grille in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

Tipton was shot in the face and head four times during an altercation between three Black Pistons and two members of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club. The Iron Order identifies itself as “a law abiding motorcycle club.” Tipton is the only one of the five men involved in the altercation who has been officially identified.

The Black Pistons Motorcycle Club is closely identified with and supports the American Outlaws Association. Relations between the Iron Order and the Outlaws have been strained since at least 2009.

Police don’t want to talk about this case. Sergeant Tom Crumley, the public affairs officer for the Jacksonville Beach, Florida Police Department politely declined to comment about the case this afternoon. Attempts to talk to other federal and independent investigators who might have knowledge of the case have also been unsuccessful.

The Murder

The Aging Rebel has been told by multiple sources that the two Iron Order members, a patched member and a prospect, anticipated the arrival of the Black Pistons at the Nippers Bike Night event and were prepared for a conflict. According to the sources, the Iron Order members were in Nippers for an hour before the Black Pistons arrived and inquired about the Black Pistons estimated time of arrival.

Nippers owner Rudy Theale told the Florida Times-Union “the incident started and ended outside and neither the victim or the gunman were paying patrons that night.” The Aging Rebel believes Theale misspoke when he made that statement. It is unclear whether the Black Pistons had time to buy a drink before they became embroiled in a disagreement with the Iron Order members.

The disagreement was over the display of Iron Order insignia in Jacksonville. Both the Iron Order and the Outlaws wear insignia that is black and white. Generally, in the motorcycle club world, new clubs solicit the advice of established clubs about the display of insignia. For example, if members of the Iron Order committed a crime in Jacksonville, civilians and police officers might mistake the Iron Order insignia for A.O.A. insignia and erroneously assume the crime had been committed by Outlaws.

One of the two Iron Order members involved in the fight took responsibility for shooting Tipton. According to an eyewitness, when police asked who shot Tipton the Iron Order prospect answered “I did.” Tipton was shot three times in the face and once in the temple. Multiple, independent sources have identified the Iron Order prospect as a former Jacksonville area police officer. Multiple sources have also alleged that the actual shooter was the other Iron Order member involved in the altercation.

The same sources have speculated that the prospect assumed responsibility for the shooting because his status as a former police officer would lead investigators accept his ”confession” at face value. Although Crumley declined to confirm it, The Aging Rebel believes the unnamed prospect was released from custody over the weekend. Crumley denied that there was “any suspect” and declined to say whether the confessed shooter’s hands had been tested for gunpowder residue. Crumley previously stated that the investigation of Tipton’s death involved interviewing 230 potential witnesses.

As usually happens following shootings, police are not releasing the make or caliber of the pistol used to kill Tipton.

Iron Order

The Iron Order states it “was started by a few hardcore bikers in a garage on July 4, 2004.” The Iron Order was originally a motorcycle club for members of law enforcement and the club still has numerous members who are local, state and federal police officers.

The Iron Order incorporated in Kentucky on September 25, 2008 as “Iron Order MC Hopnmad, LLC.” The registered agent for the limited liability corporation is John C. Whitfield and the official address for the corporation is 29 E. Center Street Madisonville, KY 42431 which is also the address of a law firm named Whitfield Bryson & Mason LLP. Whitfield was out of his office and unavailable for comment today.

The LLC categorizes itself as a civic organization with annual revenues of about $110,000.

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83 Responses to “Iron Order Murder Dead End”

  1. Looking on Says:

    What’s funny is, I have no affiliation with any MC but every one of you ass wipes including IO are doing nothing but bringing that wonderful attention of the polic . Instead of you fucktards getting on with your business, here ya are announcing your war amongst social media because hey law enforcement don’t read these sites. Wow. How bout all you kiddies put away your tinker toys and play nice. This is why I don’t belong to a MC. Because you fools can’t help but to bring all this heat and stupidity from the man. So while you Nimrods are fighting to see who’s dicks bigger, I’m still riding and having a blast.

  2. Pagan Rooster nomad 13 1%er Says:

    I been member of Pagan’s motorcycle club since I was 19 years old and Everyone knows who the big four 1%er our and I,ve been all over the world and you see how they treat us and any other 1% clubs or riding club that associate with the big four 1%clubs. back in the early 80’s the Blue knight were all police officers Ok and the would even wear a patch with 99%er on it cause they said your clubs our on the other side of the law.Ok maybe that’s what they were trained to say.Now everyday a new club pops up and your going to have that but this the big legal issue why now that these clubs that claim not to be 1% clubs. Why are they not with AMA OR sober clubs and lets not to forget the religious clubs.But now all these club want be like us but these Iron order member are above the law but want to in our world so then who ever started doesn’t matter bottom line is a criminal act was committed of Murder and if it was the other way around the member of the Black pistons had shot a member of Iron order half cops half what ever they are.He would still be jail waiting to go to court. is just me or has everyone forgetting a crime is crime and if anyone commits a crime they are arrest and a bond maybe set or denied.And the defendant get to have his day in court. Where the member of the Iron Order are being allowed to fall under DECRIMINALIZATION ACT Meaning :The adoption or repeal of legislation,the effect of which is that acts or omission formerly considered criminal are no longer characterized, and penal sanction for such acts or omissions do not apply to the Iron Order But if a former police officer shots is wife because he wants too. He would be arrested the law is the law Food for thought!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jim666 Says:

    Argo Nuya Says:
    July 2nd, 2014 at 12:01 am

    Let these IO cats play biker. Are they even a fucking threat to anything we do. Come on, I know for a fact there are bigger issues in the 1%er world then to pick a fight with a fucking Social riding club. Who gives a shit what they do. No threat, no worry. You dumb mother fuckers airing all this bullshit on a open media site like some fucking fools and then you wonder why you get RICO cases against you and your club. Fuck them. Get your heads out of your asses and start thinking smart. Why worry about a fucking ant.

    I have to agree w/ most of the above statement

  4. jj solari Says:

    bi-stander, you have the creepy, smarmy pseudo friendly “can we talk?” duplicitous facade of the fucking WORST infiltrator-wannabe in fucking history. i dont know WHO the fuck you think you are fooling with your idiotic “intellectual” debate society “mature aspect of wisdom” crap but it sure aint me. and i aint that bright. you’re creepier than harry reid in his underwear in a kindergarten classroom that he just gassed with sleep-inducing chemicals. just so you know. youre making the skin crawl on the microwave towers transmitting your shit. you have the lust of man-ass oozing from your every sentence. just so you know. you are so fucking copped-up they probly dont even want you cause your just TOO transparent in your need for testicle-ingestion and the yearning for gulletloads of sperm. take a fuckiing hike offa here, you aint even entertaining enough to be a proper pain in the ass. you’re not even good at THAT.

  5. Rebel Says:

    Dear Lil Sis,

    I expect you will hear from him soon.


  6. Lil Sis Says:

    DONE, very well said! Rebel is there a way that you can connect me and Done?

    Tina T
    Lil Sis

  7. PH BPMC Says:

    I will ride 1000 miles this weekend and bury my brother.
    We now live in a police state where it is “legal” to kill a unarmed biker.It breaks the heart. RIP NAS T BPMC. Much love and God Speed.

  8. Privateer Zee Says:

    If this was reversed you can bank on it every Black Piston and Outlaws club house would have been raided within 24 hours with the cops on the news claiming massive arrests on Bullshit fake charges. LL&R to the Black Pistons in their time of heartache and need. If you guys need it just say it PRIVATEERS MC 3%ERS

  9. BMW Says:

    First, please let me express my sorrow at the loss of Brother Zachariah Tipton to his Brothers, family and friends. I have not read how the fight started, but from the fact that the two sleazebags arrived early and armed, it looks like another planned ambush to me. From the obvious cover-up (really, blogs can keep the police from questioning witnesses?), it looks to me as if there is some sort of law-enforcement activity behind the scenes and perhaps BEFORE the ambush.

    I wish I could say I’m surprised by the ineffectual law enforcement follow-up. Unfortunately, that’s what we can expect. If the police were not involved in planning the ambush, they are certainly complicit in the cover-up. We saw this law enforcement set-up in the ambush of the three real Warlocks by the faux “Warlocks” in Seminole County.

    One surprise: I have met a few good men who passed through the Iron Order, quitting when they saw what was really going on. Few of them will admit the experience, and I can count the number of good former IO members on the fingers of one hand, but I have met two or three.

    Justice delayed is justice denied!
    L,H&R TO ALL 1% RIDERS!!!

  10. Bystander Says:


    WTF are you even talking about?

  11. Vogs Says:

    Fuck you Bystander. Better yet go stand in the middle of the freeway and hopefully a pack of 1%ers run you down. Your club the IO has NO honor or integrity and not one real man amongst you. The only thing you clowns have is a badge. You think that you can do as you please without retribution. You have decided to step into a world and lifestyle that is filled with men who know the true meaning of honor, loyalty, integrity and who are a TRUE Americans. The people you put down and ridicule as scum are the same people you emulate. If you or your club had any balls than man up and meet with the club of whose member you murdered and deal with it like real men. Until that day comes you will all be considered ” punk bitches”.

  12. Tooj Says:

    Does anyone else notice? Rebel relates that five individuals were involved; two from IONC and three BPMC. So why are so many here trying to continue to pump up this “six versus two so it’s justifiable”??

    I guess you gotta lie about everything when you’re a coward.

  13. Viking 1%er Says:

    Fuckin A Rebel these fools should be on their knees thanking WHATEVER they pray to that these are NOT the old days. Some of us gray beards who survived the “good ole days” are thankful they are in the past. There was a homeless guy in Cal that got rat packed and beat to death by a bunch a cops entire beating was on video WITH AUDIO. Before the beating one cop is seen putting on latex gloves and heard saying “see these fists they are about to fuck you up” and then proceeded to do so. Two of the cops were put on trial for murder and skated Kelly Thomas I think was his name. A week after the trial it was pretty much forgotten except maybe to some activists and the family. My point being it’s reported IO has cops in their ranks and the shooter was an ex-cop or not but he took the heat. Well we ain’t homeless guys this victim was a member of a community that has a LONG ASS memory and is not known for forgiveness. I have said it before and will say it again ANYONE that has an IO patch and does NOT agree with what happened or want to support what happened DROP AND DESTROY THOSE CUTS!!!!! Continuing to fly them will be no different than stating you agree with what happened and support those types of actions THAT IMHO would be very very stupid and we all know STUPID HURTS!!!!!!! Whatever I have givin ya advice from an ole man who has been there and done that as they say take it or leave it. I am out.

    LH&R to everyone that’s earned it and IO you ain’t earned shit

  14. Numberz Says:

    I have been following this story and all the post’s here and at other sites and something about this did not seem right, until this morning then it hit me. This is what I think was supposed to happen.

    These guys show up at the bar with the intent of meeting with members of the BPMC, remember they were there a full hour prior to the arrival of the victim. They showed up armed and did not purchase anything or consume anything. To me this is odd no one goes to a bar or restaurant to not consume UNLESS it is for another reason.

    The victims show up, it is not clear whether they even made it into the bar. My hypothesis is that the victims did not know that the shooter was waiting to meet them. My experience has been when meeting other clubs for a sit down you are on time. So these guys are sitting in a restaurant for an HOUR armed not purchasing anything why?

    The victims shows up and a conflict is started (we still do not know what started the conflict or who started) There is a fight and it is one on one. I think this is where the setup went wrong, I am thinking it was supposed to be multiple individuals against 1 or 2 and it did not play out that way. Simple fight 1 on 1 guy gets a broken or bloody nose and it is over. No gang assault simple fight then it is over. The planned shooter lost a fair fight however he followed through with the narrative which was to use deadly force. The problem being it was not a multiple assailants (how it was supposed to be) it is 1 man who may have been leaving.

    LE show up and now they have a mess, a person who was supposed to be the villain in the narrative is now the victim. I think the shooter is an agent who screwed up. If they perform a legit investigation the details would point to an ongoing operation. Now they have no idea what to do…

    I think it was a setup that went wrong in such a way they will not be able to cover it up.

    Just because I am paranoid does not mean they are not out to get me.

  15. COS_Flyer Says:

    Like I said earlier, did you expect anything else from people who are apparently incapable of defending themselves from a miniature dachsund without resorting to deadly force?

  16. slycechyx Says:

    As I watched the morning news today, three seperate stories about cops in my state violating the law, using exessive force & under investigation for trumping up false charges for extortion. Three stories in my state, how many others out there in other parts of the country? Not one story about a biker breaking the law, if that happened, the news would be all over that.

    I’m with the others that think this was a set up. I also think this will be swept under the rug & untrue stories about Nas T will be fed to the public by the cops to validate the murder of him.

  17. cwb_j0ker Says:

    What a fuckin set up. There need to be retribution on part of the victims family.
    BP style an Outlaws. Hope you skip up and fall on a rusted pipe fuck boy dildo baggins. IO fight with cell phones for there county or local of and plan stupid ass
    Bitch boy status runs in every!state you mail your patches to!

  18. SingSing Says:

    Sadly this aftermath is a simple circle jerk. One man lost his life over STUPID nonsense. The otehr will certainly get his come uppance sooner or later. Karma is an inevitable in this world. Perhaps a more fruitful method of puttin the strong arm on these IO posers is just to ‘ask’ all neighborhing indy shops and dealerships to ‘be booked up” when any IO comes in for a repair or purchase etc etc. Granted this is a weak and limp wristed response but gone are the days when men can knuckle up in the back without gettin indicted. THIS is what the lifestyle has come down to. Somewhere along the way WE HAVE lost the original vision quest of what this life was supposed to be. We ALL share some degree of peripheral culpability in this… we all need to start individually fostering goodwill and peace and quit with the adolescent posturing and bullying and all this pretentious nonsense. Real recognizes Real. All that matters is that the REAL Bikers and REAL Prospects will see thru all this crap and IO will ice themselves out. Jesus is the ONLY way…Romans 1:25 ‘For we EXCHANGED the TRUTH of GOD for a lie and WORSHIPPED Created things rather than the Creator who is worthy to be created”

  19. Panhead Says:

    @ Done

    Well said.

    It’s 0533 here as I post this. I too am headed to the barn to fire up Black Betty and present myself as a target to the world.



  20. Done Says:

    0430 02 JUL 2014: Woke up before dawn, let the dog out, made a cup of coffee and powered up the computer. First thing that hit me was The Florida Times Union ( and an article from yesterday, “Motorcycle Club among those paying respects to Nippers shooting victim”. I read the whole article (wish I had the computer savy to post it or at least it’s website address here so you could click on it). It’s a sad article about a part of being a Biker that all of us have at one time, most of us too many times, have had to deal with. Grieving parents and grand parents, wives and children of the deceased, their family and friends, relatives from out of town and then us who stand in stark relief dressed differently, part of what no doubt some of the family and relatives may blame for the demise of their loved one whether we deserve it or not. There ain’t much you can do for them except express your sincere condolences, be respectful and know that while our life styles may differ greatly, we all share in the sad reality of a man gone decades before his time. Maybe it was his time and it could have been any of us and it could be our time today. It’s just that at my age when I see younger guys in that coffin I always feel like I do whenever a man in his 20s or 30s cashes in, what a waste. The Wife and kids are the hardest part and even the most seasoned amoung us, the so called hard core, well up at the sight of that and some of us see our own kids and grand kids in those inocent eyes. Given the nature of the way Mr. Tipton was killed I doubt there was an open coffin at what is referred to as a viewing. The newspaper goes on to say that several leather clad Bikers were in line to pay their respects but none would make comment. That sounds familiar. There was a time before cell phones with cameras when nobody in our culture ever made a comment to the press, never to the cops. This assemblege wasn’t about Club business, it wasn’t about laughter and the freedom of the open road, it was about a warm summer evening in Florida prior to the 4th of July that nobody had expected to be attending. There was a smattering in the article about how the Police had an “on going investigation” as to who, how and what happened. I doubt any cops were in that slow line of mourners that snaked around the funeral parlor although given the attendance of his Club Brothers and Members of other Clubs they probably weren’t too far away. I’ve been a Prospect at such gatherings standing on the sidewalk watching the cars go by and a Member standing in line or next to the coffin so that the dead Brother now riding in the winds of the night skies was not left unattended. I’ve been a slick back who stood in line saddened but not included in hushed tones that the Members used to comfort each other. Not everybody who rides with, parties with or holds esteem for the Club will become a Member, it’s a select and eliete group, a breed apart. These funerals or viewings never get any easier. Those of us who still pray offer silent requests for the Brothers, Family and especially the Wife and kids of the departed, some of us pray for justice to be done, some for the bloodshed to end, all feel an emptiness in the pit of our stomachs, some of us harbor silent rage but that’s for another day, just now we are all gathered together to pay respect for the dead and comfort those who mourn as best we are able on a humid summer evening in Florida where all too many of these gatherings have and continue to happen. No doubt there will be more such gatherings to come and none of us know when the one being mourned will be us. Funerals are a part of out world too. The movies have us burning our dead on a funeral pyre to a raucous multitude of roaring engines and drunken debauchery filled madness, they seldom show the slow snaking line of us as we await our turn to pay respects. It’s 0531 now as the sun turns the blackness of night into shades of deep purple and blue and many of us will ride again today to work or where ever we go, we will ride minus one.

  21. Argo Nuya Says:

    So you fucktard Black and white bitches are mad cause you try and jump 2 pussy IO prospects with 4 to 6 BP idiots and are mad cause he shot one of them. Yeah real fair fight there numb nuts. What the fuck is this MC world coming to. Cop club or not, why in the fuck are we even fucking with these idiots. You younger fucktard must love bringing unneeded heat to your club and chapters. Let these IO cats play biker. Are they even a fucking threat to anything we do. Come on, I know for a fact there are bigger issues in the 1%er world then to pick a fight with a fucking Social riding club. Who gives a shit what they do. No threat, no worry. You dumb mother fuckers airing all this bullshit on a open media site like some fucking fools and then you wonder why you get RICO cases against you and your club. Fuck them. Get your heads out of your asses and start thinking smart. Why worry about a fucking ant.

  22. UnaffiliatedObserver Says:

    I did not see this coming.

    I’ve been cynical – deeply cynical – for a long time.

    I looked at IO, and I expected a widespread insults and provocation, leading to violence, giving rise to wide-ranging civil-rights prosecution. I expected those cases to be run for all they were worth (and such cases carry heavy penalties – some older people might recall similar events in the past).

    The blatant homo-eroticism would have given the feds all they needed to take down entire groups for violating the civil rights of a protected class. It seemed likely to succeed.

    But… I did not see murder in their plans.

    I stand corrected. Sadly.

  23. Bystander Says:


    Thanks for the reply, but why so defensive ? All I did was point out that if you’re going to throw out claims of premeditated murder without sources to back it up, it simply comes across as biased opinion. Which is fine if you’re just looking to create a stir and drum up hits on your blog.

    Also, sorry about the second comment. It didn’t occur to me that it was probably an automated spam filter.

    Lastly, I’m not a cop, not a member of any MC. Just a rider with common sense and a touch of curiosity.

    Your pal always.

    Edit: just a suggestion, but your blog really needs a threaded comment plug in.

  24. RtC Says:

    I hope everybody takes the advice from Glenn S.& Oldskewl! They will
    surely use it to take you down. This is a situation that WON’T get swept
    under the rug, if we all pass along the links to Rebel’s articles.
    I’m truly THANKFUL that you do what you do, Rebel. Deepest RESPECTS SIR!
    RESPECTS to the REAL

  25. Done Says:

    That’s a first (at least for me), Bloggers are blamed for media & law enforcement witholding information and progress towards being accountable. We must assume that the self admitted shooter is not in custody. It doesn’t get much more obviously biased than this.

  26. Mag Says:

    @rollinnorth – “…the reason it’s taking so long is misinformation, witnesses not giving accurate information and rumors on blogs and social media sites. He said all of that has to be investigated and ruled out.”

    Excuse me, but the police statement is bullshit.

    What, in fact, inhibits them from releasing the name of the man who admitted firing four shots into another man’s face?

    Or preventing a grieving parent from seeing the body of their child?

    Call me cynical, but I suspect State has something to hide, as there is hiding going on and the State is doing it.

  27. Freeman Says:

    Sorry, didn’t see rollingnorth had all ready posted it, that’l teach me to start reading from the bottom of the page.

  28. Freeman Says:

    Misinformation delaying arrest, their checking out every tid bits of information on social media and blogs, that would explain the shitload of pro io/cop trolls in here lately.

  29. Oldskewl Says:

    This is a fucking mess. I sincerely believe that most of these guys have no clue what awaits them or what kind of shit storm is brewing. They may have well woken up a sleeping giant and for that, everyone will pay. Some with prison others with their life.

    Brothers, please refrain from posting remarks that could be used against you later, be smart and vigilant. The party is about to begin.



  30. Dave Says:


    You probably need to re-read that post. If you still don’t get it, go to any free dictionary online site and search “sarcasm”.

  31. rollinnorth Says:

    Lame excuse:

    “Misinformation causing arrest delay in Nippers fatal shooting case

    A spokesman told us detectives are still interviewing 230-plus witnesses and trying to figure out what exactly went down.

    He said the reason it’s taking so long is misinformation, witnesses not giving accurate information and rumors on blogs and social media sites. He said all of that has to be investigated and ruled out.”



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